MacDonald reviewing its non halal food policy

Read about this on the news and recalled another piece of news about this policy over the weekend. Cakes or food that is not halal cannot be brought into MacDonald restaurants. I felt guilty as I used to buy takeaway char kway teow or roast pork for dinner and then queued at MacDonald restaurant to buy hamburger, or actually beef burger with the takeaways in plastic bags. I did not know that MacDonald has such a policy and that I had unintentionally violated this policy. My apologies, would not do it again.

For MacDonald to announce that it has such a policy is a good thing so that its customers would know and would not break the policy unknowingly. MacDonald as a business should have its right to have whatever policies to make its customers happy. Just make the policy known, put up big banners at the main door so that no one could miss it and would not bring non halal food into the restaurants.

Now, why is MacDonald reviewing this policy? I have no problem with MacDonald having no halal food in its premises policy. I either don’t bring non halal food into MacDonald or just don’t patronize MacDonald. No big deal. There are other choices available.

What is the point of making a policy public and within a week and starts to talk about reviewing it? We used to have the very popular Banquet Food Court that sold only halal food. It was their policy and preferred choice of doing business. I used to patronize the Banquet Food Court too. Unfortunately all closed down.

Let the restaurants make their policy choice and the customers make their own choices who to patronize or where to eat.  Everyone happy.  Singapore is a multi cultural and multi religious country with plenty of choices for everyone with each free to do what he pleases.


patriot said...

Religion is a trouble maker

everywhere and not just in


Where there is religion,
there is trouble.

lt is religion that should
be banned at all public


Anonymous said...

I suggest Singaporeans open their eyes that Macdonald in sin city and the north are Saudi s assets. Macdonald in HK and China are China s assets. They belonged to the 8th largest bank Zhongxin.

Macdonald should not allow non hala foods inside a Saudi s space. In future, i would suggest only women wearing head dress can buy the bread stuff products. Otherwise, all must buy from the take way outlets and eat along the streets.

The world has to be like this if hala laws were to apply. In a delivery truck, there should not be non hala food inside the truck. Therefore, if Macdonald is hala, there should not be non hala foods inside Macdonald. The staff should chase away people like to eat pork stuff inside Macdonald and ban them from entering.

However, there is no hala super mar at this moment. Saudi bought over some stalls but they are losing money seemed. Still want to cut off customers from non muslim foods. They are at the wrong place. There was some eating place sold hala foods only. Only to see them close shop eventually. Doing business is different from doing priest business. Even doing priest business must be able to sustain. Huat ah by donating to them as much as possible may not work for life time. Want money from non hala food eater to follow hala food custom can sustain for how long? I for one i will not walk in as a form of respect. I have never bought a cent from a coffee shop branded as solely hala. Not to stain a holy coffee shop as my preference is beer. But not all are so what what lah. Once in Beijing i ate at a muslim mutton soup shop near the train station. I was cold night. After eating i said to the owner who liked to sit next to me to chat as he had no customer that night. Asked me what s hurry to go. I said i want to buy beer. He quickly said. "I had beer here". He said he was not allow to drink, it did not say he could sell beer to non chingzhen zioa ie non muslim. I like him. Its business for survival, not Preaching lah. Correct? I think so.

Anonymous said...

Let the restaurants make their policy choice and the customers make their own choices who to patronize or where to eat.


Let the PAP govt make their policy choice and the majority voters make their own voting choice on which is the better party, or rather the less bad party, to be elected as govt in an election.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, is a pork eater halal when his body is filled with pork and smells like pork?

Anonymous said...

Living in this very tiny and very crowded city state
can be very very very confusing!

There are too many many many rules, regulations, schemes,
laws etc etc etc....from both private organisations and
especially from the govt (very very frequent!) to remember!


Virgo 49 said...

Just one simple denomination - the Ever Mighty Currency Notes.

Everybody loves them especially the MIWs. Without them, you go hungry. With them can have lots of earthly pleasures.

These currency notes goes round the country of circulation plus the whole World. They circulated into the hands of the pork sellers and onto the breasts of call girls.

Are these notes halal? ?? Everybody loves and them and some will commit murders because of them.

At a market a pork seller once grasps dollar notes in his hands from a customer and gave her change also with his greasy palms. The housewife exclaimed aiyo so dirty.

The pork seller replied. Aiyo, the more dirty things, the more people want you know? ??

Understood what he meant. Men, paid sweat monies to further sweat and used energy to look for something dirty to have pleasure with.

So what is halal and what is not???

Anonymous said...

There are too many many many rules, regulations, schemes,
laws etc etc etc....from both private organisations and
especially from the govt (very very frequent!) to remember!
11:03 am

Agreed, but don't forget it is the choice of 70% voters.

But if this is bad, 70% think not being like this will be worse. If u were to be executed and given the choice, which method will u prefer? Hang, beheaded, shot or by injection?

Anonymous said...

//What is the point of making a policy public and within a week and starts to talk about reviewing it? //

In (ancient) monarchy, the monarch no need consult or bother (much) about public or old 100 surnames opinion lah?

In modern days, if a LEEder has absolute monarch powers, any (public) consultation is worst than ancient monarch of absolute no consultation?

At least the ancient monarchs didn't waste precious resources to (pretend) consult the public?

Seems like ancient monarch is more efficient (and better) in economics too?

At least they dun (wayang and) waste taxpayers $$$?

Anonymous said...

11.13am //If u were to be executed and given the choice, which method will u prefer? Hang, beheaded, shot or by injection?//

For the oldies, probably none of the above?

The way "chek ark" policies are enacted to "rob" what little they are left with, it is worst than "wu ma fen si" (5 horses tie with ropes and tearing the oldies bodies apart in different directions, ANALOGICALLY, of course)?

Mb some "chek art" policies are like "yao zhan" (literally chop the bodies into 2) to the oldies (again ANALOGICally, of course)?

Anonymous said...

Wake me up when Singaporeans review our "Say NO to Opposition Political Parties policy."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Religion---based on untestable "data", myth, superstition and just pure bullshit---is given too much of a pass in our society.πŸ’©

No one will kachau you if you keep your religion to yourself. However the moment there is "social pressure" to FORCE other people to adhere to YOUR RULES, that is the time I say Fuck you, fuck your religion and FUCK YOUR GOD!🀑

At this time I would like to give a shout out to young Amos Yee πŸ‘for his now famous, viral treatise πŸ—£ Refuting Islam With Their Own Quran, πŸ‘‹πŸΎ an attack on IDEAS for which he was UNJUSTLY charged for.

❗️ Islam ===> A body of IDEAS
❗️ Quran ===> A book (inanimate object) containing those IDEAS in CODED written form.

πŸ†” Muslim ===> a human being who embraces and follows the IDEAS of Islam. πŸ†”

AMOS ATTACKED IDEAS, NOT PEOPLE. Apparently under unenlightened Singapore Law administered by a neurotic government kept in power by a neurotic people, there is no distinction between IDEAS and the PEOPLE who adhere to those ideas. To ATTACK THEIR IDEAS is exactly the same as attacking the people directly and physically. FUCK YOU, FUCK YOUR RELIGION, FUCK YOUR LAW, FUCK YOUR GOD. 🀑🀑

McDonald's food is shit. It's food that will eventually KILL YOU.
It is designed to make children FAT and ADDICTED to extremely unhealthy eating habits. McDonald's is best avoided, and now their stupid stance on 'halal' just gives you one more reason to hate McDonald's and hope that they burn to the ground.

But you know who I really pity and feel sorry for? MUSLIMS. (Human beings)

Say what? 😳 Yes, Muslims---the peaceful ones. The ones who really do keep their religion to themselves. People we are friends with and work with.

Now because evil McDonald's has publicly stated that they are HALAL, they will attract more Muslims. Many of them come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and now are incentivized to consume more UNHEALTHY and potentially DEADLY food, available at such low prices.

Do you think that evil MacDonald's didn't do the math? Of course they did. These are tough times. Business needs customers who are easily mislead and cheaply ADDICTED to profit-making products...even if those products are potentially LETHAL (like cigarette🚬 companies used to do)⚰️⚰️πŸ’€πŸ’€

Also many people---like myself---avoid most fast food as if they were deadly poison. So clientele may have decreased....gotta find "new suckers to con".

Have you noticed the rise of obesity and Type 2 diabetes even (and especially) among children. These rates are correlated with the availability of food high in fat, sugar and salt.

And yes, ethnic Indians and MALAYS are at greater risk of getting diabetes than ethnic Chinese or other ethnicity. REFERENCE HERE. Anecdotal observation: do you see many more fatter Indian and Malay people than Chinese? Mostly women? Bearing in mind that Singapore has a Chinese majority and Malay and Indians are in the 10-15% region.

FUCK YOU MCDONALDS.😑😑😑 You are incentivizing more Malays (mostly Muslim) to eat your DEADLY☠️ SHIT☠️ FOOD.

Worse still, you are using peoples' RELIGION to CONTROL THEIR FOOD CHOICES You are taking their money, and sending them to an early grave, and needlessly incurring HUGE MEDICAL BILLS along the way.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Research: Ethnic and gender specific life expectancies of the Singapore population, 1965 to 2009 – converging, or diverging?

It's quite a read. But I'll give you the gist right here:

Chinese---longest life expectancy (F=86.6, M=79.8). Indians life expectancy (F=84.7, M=79.6) has been converging in relation to Chinese life expectancy, i.e. Indians are living longer.

Malays: remained nearly constant (flatter curve). (F=78.7, M=74.8)

In years past we used to have TB, cholera, malaria, dengue....etc...communicable diseases which used to kill many people. However now the biggest cause of death by far are the non-communicable diseases: cancer, heart disease, stroke...all of these correlated to excessive fats and sugar in the diet.

McDonalds food contains excessive amounts of fat, sugar and salt. Together these "unholy 3" super-stimulate our ancient biological triggers for survival, and eating these foods can be highly habit-forming. Fast food is also very cheap to make and distribute and is highly profitable.

So how to "boost" sales? Simple. Target a group which adheres to the tenets of their religion, FOCUS ON A PARTICULAR TENET OF THAT RELIGION, and use that to lure in the "faithful". Since many of them will come from lower socio-economic backgrounds, this adds to the "driving force" for sales.

As a result of this deadly corporate policy, we may see a DIVERGENCE of Malay life expectancy in 10, 20, 30 years time. i.e. Malay's will die sooner because of Mcdonalds USE OF RELIGION to increase sales of potentially deadly products. πŸ”➤➤➤πŸ’€⚰️

⚠️ I hate you McDonalds.⚠️ 😑😑 πŸ”➤➤➤πŸ’€⚰️

Anonymous said...

The most difficult part to follow hala is the delivery and storage. The delivery truck delivering hala materials must not also delivery non hala material. Can delivery do that?

Storage storing hala stuff must NOT have non hala stuff like pork. Get it right pls.

Its not pork that cause hala or non hala problem. Let say salted egg. It has to be certified hala other wise it is non hala. Century egg is not hala.

If Macdonald want to go hala, it must make a lot of adjustments as i stated just a few examples above. Close shop better than paying for the changes, at the end still close.

May be as the new president to eat there, business will be rolling in as Pap may make it a must eat there shop to promote the presidency. hala president seat.

Anonymous said...

Halal papers will sell well. Newspapers must go halal to increase its 43% decline profit.
Next few years Pap news papers will go belly up before 2020GE. Need to appoint a ceo who is similar to president type to increase support.