Iron Rice Bowl Shield

I have an inspiration. I am inspired by a dream, perhaps a hallucination while meditating. I saw an elderly carrying a shield. The shield was so heavy that it was weighing down on him. He was breathless. And there were angels around him adding more shields on top of him. If they kept on adding shields on this elderly, he would definitely be crushed to death. But the funny thing was that the angels were all smiling. They quipped, the shields were there to protect the elderly, to protect the elderly. The angels were all hearts, to care for the elderly.

Now I got the point. This inspires me to think about another shield, called Iron Rice Bowl Shield. You see, the pioneer generation people have lived through and seen through many happenings in life. Kopi used to be 10c a cuppa. Now $1.10. Go to Starbucks or CoffeeBean it could be $6. A buffet lunch used to be $15. Now it could be $100 or more than $200 per head, just for lunch.

What I am driving at is inflation. Many of the elderly need help to protect them from this inflation beast. If not their CPF savings of a few hundred thousand dollars or a few thousand dollars could end up worthless, like banana currencies. The elderly need kind hearted people to think for them, to plan for them, so that they can continue to enjoy their 3 meals through their golden years. They could not think for themselves.

Here comes my Iron Rice Bowl Shield. Make this a compulsory scheme like all the other schemes. It is for the good of the elderly. Tell them it is free and they will be very happy to join. No need cash, just deduct from their CPF savings. Free!

And give them choices. The basic scheme is called Iron Rice Bowl Economy. Under this scheme the elderly can eat at any hawker stall for the rest of their life, free, no need to pay. They will be issued with a Iron Rice Bowl Economy card. Just show the card and they can eat anything in the hawker centre for free. Perhaps can called the card the Compassion Card.

For those who were once from the middle class, they can opt for the Iron Rice Bowl Premium card. Holders of this card can eat in any foodcourt, also for free, for as long as they live. The ultimate lcard will be the Iron Rice Bowl Luxury card. This is like the platinum card. Holders of this card can eat in any restaurant for free also, and for the rest of their lives.

This Iron Rice Bowl Shield scheme will remove the element of inflation and all the elderly would be able to live without worries on their 3 meals. See how caring and proactive I am. I think for the elderly, I plan for them, to take care of them. OK, I am also an elderly, so I have vested interest in this scheme. I confess. I take care of the elderly to take care of my own rice bowl. So convenient, so simple and so generous and kind and compassionate. My heart is gold.

Ok, there are some fine prints in the scheme. The elderly would by then all be ‘lau kok kok’, not many teeth left. And their appetite would not be too good. So they would not be eating too much. Many would pass away before they can use their Iron Rice Bowl cards. And there are also Exclusion Clauses like no guarantee there will be hawker centres or food courts or restaurants near the homes of the elderly. And there is no guarantee on the quality and quantity of the food. And the ‘lau kok kok’ must find their own way to the hawker centres, foodcourts and restaurants. No home delivery. Only self service.

Other than these few exceptions and exclusion clauses, the scheme is just fine. There is just a little hitch. How to get this to Parliament and get it passed as a compulsory scheme to help the elderly? I know once it gets into Parliament, sure to get passed. This is a very thoughtful scheme. Maybe I should get someone from the majority party in Parliament to propose this and get it passed. If not it would be such a waste. The elderly ‘lau kok kok’ would not be able to enjoy and appreciate this great scheme of mine. And I too would not be able to benefit from it.

Anyone want to help to get this Iron Rice Bowl Shield passed and become a compulsory scheme for the ‘lau kok kok’ that cannot think or no energy to think any more, given up? I promise if this scheme is passed I will think of many more shields or schemes for the good of the ‘lau kok kok’ and to make their CPF savings work for them, make every cent works for them. Every scheme or shield would be free of course, just deduct from their CPF savings. Why not, after all CPF is not their money what?

Just give you a peep to the schemes or shields that I have in mind. CPF Protector Shield, to protect the CPF savings, Golden Farewell Shield, to cover all funeral expenses, Lau kok kok Charity Shield, to donate the money in the minimum sums that the lau kok kok left behind.

What do you think? I caring or not?


Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean, The Iron Rice Bowl Shield Plan is an good idea to ease the elderly of their hunger needs during their golden years. What worries or short coming of this plan? Yep, the white Miws party will ask u wanna our elderly to be un-resilience & have a 'crouch' mentality? Papies will say u know our elderly deserve the dignity & most elderly dun depend on the gahmen as they wana to contribute to protecting the environment & enable elderly themselves to be healthy & do exercises by picking cardboards. And for this iron scheme where do the monies come from? Charity? CPF or taxes? One Minion-ster Ah Tan already said the charity already doing a great jobs as donations increased more than last year - meaning more underprivileged will be help. As 4 deducting elderly CPF from the scheme, most low income elderly ones have less cpf monies to deduct Leh. Raising taxes how bout that? The whites devils will say 'do u wan the GST to raise to 10%, 20or 30%? The young will scold u for that( as the young r competing with the FTs day in & day out)...

Anonymous said...

Schemes, schemes and more schemes. This is what the CPF saving is for, schemes and minimum sums.

Anonymous said...

Iron Rice Bowl Shield
a) PAP Minister Standard
b) PAP General Standard
c) PAP MP Standard
d) PAP's Foreign Talent Standard
e) Singaporean Millionaire Standard
f) Singaporean (Everybody else) Standard

Do you know where you belong in the hierarchy of Singapore's Natural Aristocracy?

Anonymous said...

@ January 29, 2017 10:33 am

Why not call a spade "a spade"
- introducing the "Collect More Money" Scheme

- it does not benefit you or our family
- it will take more money from you
- but at least it's honest about its real intention

Political parody
Any resemblance to any existing PAP government scheme is purely coincidental.

Anonymous said...

I would like the government to start a clothing shield where you could draw from cpf to buy clothings to hide your old body. Of course, we could subsidises those king without clothing which assumed that he have the best dressed Sabo by they jester.

Virgo49 said...

Let's me show you the Way Not only The Iron Rice Bowl Salvation.

You can choose your Salad Bowl, Steak Bowl, Steamboat Bowl of whatever Bowl you want.

Just simply stay in Malacca. The Gate Way to West but no East Malaysia. East got to take a flight there, aiya still Cheep, cheep like the Year of the Rooster.

Down there, apartments at only Sin 60 K, Condo at Sin 108 K facing the Straits of Malacca.

Nasi Lemak cheep cheep at Sin 1.00 or want more sotong, chicken wings then Sin 3.00

One Ton Mee at Sin 1.50 big bowl. 10 pieces Chicken wings at Sin 5.00.

Sick, need medical attention then rich rich go to Mahkota Medical Centre. Can use your CPF some more. Rest clinics less than Sin 15.00

There, can sojourn to all places in Malaysia at Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. Sin 3.50 to KL. Penang or further up pay more a bit lah.

Got one month stay at Matland. Very most come back off peak period, chop chop then have some coffee in sinking land at S$1.20 (RM: 3.60 plus) and go back lah.

Genting Highlands Resort can still have buffet lunch at S$15.00. Or Genting Points just 30 points for 2 persons some more.

Car rental at Melaka at only Sin 35.00 per day. Can always Parked at Tesco near Melaka Sentral Terminal for free and take coach up the City That Never Sleeps.

Go there RM1000.00, come back RM3000.00. Can go some more three more trips, free hotel rooms.

For those who still wants their Adrenalin to shoot up, at night Melaka Raya, many lounges mei mei to hug hug.

Those, who wants to lead a Amen celibate more lifestyle before the final screw goes into their wood can go to Nonya Bibik for dinner and lunches. Hopefully, Heavens forgive all your past sins of your younger days and still got chance to go to Tien Tang.

Those with vast shipping expertise like ships planners etc, Melaka Port needs your services. Away from Tuas cannot compare to the Matland ports in the near future and they treat you like VIPs. In sinkieland, you are leprosy. Pai Kuo.

There, you ungraded to Bungalows instead of pigeon holes. Drive 2000 cc cars and weekends can travel all Matland paying only on the Tolls, Cheep cheep as compared to Sin's ERPs.

Your children can have jobs in KL, Port Klang, Melaka, Semibilan, ajoined Malacca and have more meaningful lifestyles rather than under the Ah Neys, Bananas balls.

There, don't need worry your one one or two hundred thousand Sin S$$$ become bananas currencies. By the time the RM at par with Sin S$ you are already at Bukit China.

Oops, Bukit China no more burials. No worry they have Nirvanna, cheaper and better than Sinkieland CCK Nirvanna .


Anonymous said...

Let's me show you the Way Not only The Iron Rice Bowl Salvation.
You can choose your Salad Bowl, Steak Bowl, Steamboat Bowl of whatever Bowl you want.
@ January 29, 2017 11:09 am

Let me show you another even simpler and better way than Iron Rice Bowl Salvation.
GE 2020.
Just Vote Opposition.
5 seconds to put a vote for the Opposition.
That is all the effort you need.

You enjoy all the benefits Virgo just described.
In addition, you get the sweet taste of revenge.

Anonymous said...

Worry not! Worry not!

We have the best pension scheme in the world!

We are also very very fortunate to have a very very caring govt.

We are the world!


Anonymous said...

This is Your Future PM of Sinkieland Speaking:

Tuan Tuan Dan Puan Puan
Saudara Dan Saudari,

Fellow Singaporeans, today we are joined in a great national moment to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people. Together, we will determine the course of Singaporeans and Singapore, for many, many years to come.
Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams, will define our Singaporean destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

We've made foreigners rich while the wealth, strength, and confidence of our people have dissipated over the horizon. One by one our citizens lost their jobs and left our shores, with not even a thought about the families that were left behind. The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed to the foreigners and across the world. But that is the past.From this moment onwards, together we will create many Iron Rice Bowl Jobs for all Singaporeans & ensure no young & olds will be left behind, all young & old from cradle to grave will have be covered under the iron rice bowls umbrella, the olds need not collect cardboards or sell tissues & the youngs will be guaranteed an iron rice bowl jobs as they can work for as long as they r fit & no retirement age will be officiated.

Together, we will make Singapore strong again.
We will make Singaporeans wealthy again.
We will make Singapore proud again.
We will make Singapore safe again.
And, yes, together, we will make Singapore great again.

Thank you, Singaporeans. Thank you. God bless Singapore & Singaporeans.

Happy Rooster's Year.

Future Prime Minister ( Mr Tan Gu Gu)
Republic of Sinkieland

Anonymous said...


Anonymous 12.44pm mentioned about Mr Tan Gu Gu......

I was told that.......

Mr Tan Gu Gu has a younger brother, Mr Tan Chin Gu......

And their first cousin is also world famous, Mr Tan Ka Bow........

And, Mr Tan Ka Bow also has a younger brother, Mr Tan Ka Seow.......

You know them?

Anonymous said...

What I need is a shield to protect against the lightning logo.

Anonymous said...

This is Your Future Sinkieland Oppo Party Speaking:

Gor Gwee Ah Pek,Ah Hia,Ah Um & Ah Jees,

Ni Mai Tia Gang Lang Dang ruan ruan dar hor yi pian ker la...
...From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it's going to be only Singaporean First, Singapore First.
Every decision on jobs, trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit Singaporean workers and Singaporean families.

Dai Gay, Chia tau huan tui dang ji bio !
Huah ah!

Happy Rooster's Year!

Sinkie's Oppo Party ( Mr Tan Bo Ku).

Anonymous said...

What I need is a shield to protect against the lightning logo.
January 29, 2017 2:21 pm

Shield don't have lah!
Only got hammer or arrow.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Gu Gu
Mr Tan Chin Gu
Mr Tan Ka Bow
Mr Tan Ka Seow

You know them?

Singaporeans only know Gong Gong Tan.

Anonymous said...

@ January 29, 2017 4:04 pm

Haven't you heard of:

Tan See Mee?
Tan Lan Cheow or
Tan Chee Bye

Anonymous said...

Tan gee gek neh goh tan gee gek neh..tan Si mee ...goh chee beh...

Anonymous said...

Is this why our CPF Minimum Sum keeps increasing?

Is Singapore over-spending in its defence?


Anonymous said...

@ January 29, 2017 5:47 pm

Do PAP Ministers need a big space to have sex?

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore over-spending in its defence?

No country can be considered over-spending in her defence. Why? Because no amount of money is adequate or sufficient to buy, install, build, train and maintain a 100% sure-win defence/attack force.

Many a times, the success of any war or battle is dependent upon human factors, such as the quality of the generals or the courage of the soldiers.

If you have half-past-six generals - without experience, sheltered-and-protected good life and plain-sailing pre-destined career-path - it is highly probable that they will fail in battle and in war.

If you have coward soldiers in the battle-field, even without firing a bullet, they will shiver and urine in their pants, when they are confronted with real aggressive enemies. Most will be thinking of running away. How to fight a successful battle like that?

So, it is not the amount of money one country spent for its defence that is important, but the quality of her generals and the morale and courage of soldiers, not even the weapons, machines, air defense and surveillance systems or best military technolocy.

Anonymous said...

@ January 29, 2017 7:25 pm
/// No country can be considered over-spending in her defence. Why? Because no amount of money is adequate or sufficient to buy, install, build, train and maintain a 100% sure-win defence/attack force. ///

That's the point.
If you think we have a sure lose bunch of useless Generals.
Why waste so much money on defense?

Give these Generals a good MRT system.
They don't know what to do.
Give them a good bunch or fighter planes.
You think they know what to do?

Anonymous said...

Weather plays a very important

Part in wars.just pay x man storm

Same pay as def minister ok ready.

Anonymous said...

Chinese New Year ... Cock-a-doodle-doo

PAP Prostitute New Year ... Any foreign cock will do

Virgo49 said...

Hi The Dragon Fly,

Kong Hee Fatt Choy and All.

Soldiers fight feariously when they are defending their Motherland.

Tough Military Commanders are mostly in these professions like a calling with inborn military genes usually run in their families.

Soldiers on National Service fought with no choice when called upon too thinking of defending their families and friends. But with No Real Reason to fight, Courage is not built up. Fight for the Foreign Rufugees that ruin your Everything?? You must be from Buangkok Green.

But on missions to conquer others without real motivations, half the battle is lost.

Sinkie just a piece of rock or pee sai have more Generals than the Peoples Republic of China.

Most of them nerd scholar academic looks, unlike true boh tak chau gangster tough rapists look like Durute.

How to command Respect.??? Even changkul one metre of defence own grave fox hole hands bleeding like tau foo.

All these academic books worms studing in military colleges with no real ground military exercises of the Total Synergy of the combination of the three Services of Land Sea And Air.

Capitalist churn out soldiers cannot be compared to the communist run militaries. They have the manpower to really select the real ones that are suitable to don their uniforms.

Unlike our sinkie generals in for a inclusive career with few challenges from the outer circle.

Sinkie soldiers even with what PES E, not heard off in our time able to don the uniforms.

The maids now got to carry their packs. Faint in Parade Square within half hour.

See the Americans. No courage to send their ground troops. Only a selected group of so called Special Forces. You be surprised that these are Foreign Legion mercenaries on payroll donning their uniforms.

Military spending in all countries very orr amm ones. The most exclusive deals between the suppliers and the buyers with no third party to compare prices.

These are exclusive items not open in pricing in the open markets.

So many hanky panky hard to detect deals behind closed doors.

Who can query them as deemed Top Secret.

Ask why so many want to be Defence Ministers.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo

Do you think our PAP Generals are just expensive playmates for our Emperor?
You know.
When you are a parent.
And your son is an ass-hole.
You throw a party and invite kids to the party in the hope that your ass-hole son will have some friends.

b said...

When you give people money to safekeep , it is normal that they do not want to give you back. This happens everywhere. They will raise retirement age, introduce con schemes, poison your food etc etc so you never get your money back.