In praise of Fools

Many people have used the phrase 'Stupidity has no cure'. And I have used it many times, just can't resist it when there are so many stupids around screaming from their shit holes. A new way of dealing with the stupids and the fools is to agree with them. It is pointless to reason with them as they are beyond reasons. So in this piece I will fully agree with the fools on what is more sticky and hard in their heads.

The USA is a benign and peace loving super power. And here are the facts that the fools believed in as their justifications..

1. In the last 30 years they have engaged in more than 30 wars, and wasting US$14 trillion dollars on wars.

2. They invaded Iraq, Libya and Syria, under fabricated info or false premises.

3. They murdered two Arab Presidents, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

4. They are still fighting wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and several countries in the Middle East.

5. The grow, breed and feed rebels and terrorist organisations all over the world.

6. They built 1,000 military bases with offensive weapons of wars the fools believed are for peace.

7. They have 4,000 military bases in the USA, also for peace.

8. They have the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world that could destroy the earth many times over, but for peace of course.

9. They have 10 aircraft carrier groups armed with hundreds of offensive aircraft and nuclear weapons, for peace too.

10. They have military forces, special forces, some in civilians all over the world training and feeding terrorist groups and organisations.

11. Their military budget is US$600 billions annually, for peace.

12. They formed military alliance everywhere.

13. They conduct provocative war games at the door of countries they labelled as unfriendly or hostile.

14. They called names and branded countries as evil, aggressive, expansionist except themselves.

15. They arbitrarily imposed sanctions, blockades and arrested ships of other nations in international waters and called for freedom of navigation.

16. They placed offensive military weapons and soldiers at the borders of other countries.

17. They threatened smaller countries with wars and regime change.

18. For many decades they have been assassinating heads of states and govts with their covert operations all over the world.

19. They are the biggest arms merchants, selling arms everywhere by provoking and raising tensions for that purpose.

20. They are the biggest smugglers and traders of drugs.

21. They are the biggest money launderers.

22. They committed the most crimes against humanity all over the world.

And they are the most peaceful, friendly and benign super power that only the fools could believe in. Please do not disagree with the believers of these myths. The facts are indisputable. Please do not dispute these myths that the American Empire is the most peace living Empire in the world. Please beg them to come and protect you and maintain peace. Please beg them to come to Asia to balance against the China, to the Americans and the fools, are the most dangerous rising power, not now but tomorrow.

China is belligerent, aggressive and waiting to conquer and rule the world. If only China could match what the Americans did above, then China may qualify and be seen as peace loving, peaceful. Alas, China can never match what the Americans have and had done over the last 70 years. So China is bad and the USA is good.

Amen. God is so loving and kind. Let's bow and praise God.

PS. Many American intellectuals and righteous Americans have seen through these myths and are denouncing and rejecting this evil Empire. They have set up their own news platforms to educate the American public and the rest of the world, to remove their blinkers and stupidity, to see the real and ugly American Empire.


Anonymous said...

USA do it all for money and oil lah. And most important, they have the power to do it and nobody can hit back at them.

Just as PAP sacrifice Sinkies for the sake of money (GDP growth and more bonuses for ministers). And most important, PAP has the mandate from Sinkies to do it and Sinkies will continue to give them the mandate. So why not?

Even individuals can do bad things for the sake of money, if they can do it and think they can get away with it, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

No Kingdom can be great 4ever. No Kingdom can be a Police State 4ever. No Kingdoms can be Great Police State & become a bully 4ever. Since WWII to 1990s the USA has been recognized as Police State, however, after tat, the US become erratic -- killing many innocents in the name of 'terroists' or 'weapons of mass destruction' & even conspired to topple governments that were against US interests, US has lost the respect of many nations, His Power might one day be taken away from God Almighty ( if there is one or He is ever watching from Heaven). It seems like China now commands more respect particularly how it handles the neighbours of SE Asians, EU & Africans..China's economic & defense might is increasing year after year, in near future it will overtake the USA & become World Number 1, the US don't want it to happen & accept this reality..in the 70s there was a Historian in the UK whom predicted that the 21st century will belong to China as only China has the wisdom of tackling & handling world affairs peacefully ( base on Chinese history & her wisdoms, China had the experience b4 in the warring states & being conquered by foreigners b4 has got the wits & wisdom in solving the current mass..Dunno Trumps dun have tat kind of a wisdoms to solve world issues but will only make it worse)..

Anonymous said...

I am trying to compile a similar list for Singapore.
Do you think the following is true?

1. LHL's PAP Ministers are worth every penny of the million dollar salaries we pay them.

2. We have a world class MRT system

3. Our PAP Generals are managing Singapore's assets very well.

4. Singaporeans are legal owners of "our" HDB flats
4a. Therefore Singapore has the highest rate of "home ownership" in the world.
4c. Because Singaporeans "own" our HDB flats, that is why we must get permission from HDB if we want to "rent" out our flats.
4d. Because we "own" our HDB flats, we can give our HDB flats to our children as inheritance and HDB's approval is not required.
4e. Because we "own" our HDB flats and not HDB ... our PAP government is "subsidizing us whenever there is a HDB lift upgrading.
We are not subsidizing the PAP government when we co-pay for the HDB lift upgrading because the HDB lifts belong to us and not HDB.

You guys can join in and add other items to my initial list if you like.
After all:

5. Singapore is a free country and not a kingdom.
You are free citizens living in a free country that belongs to you.
You are not slaves living in a kingdom that belongs to an Emperor.

As citizens, you can expect and demand help from the PAP MP because he is a civil servant of a government that serves you.
You are not a slave begging action from a PAP MP to serve you.

The big crowds and long queues at a PAP Meet-the-People session means that the PAP government is working very well.
It is not a sign that the civil service has broken down and that ad hoc appeal to a PAP MP is the only way to get things done.

virgo49 said...

Please come to Asia to counter the Power of China.

For China men are evil that's we know for sure for our forefathers also from China and when China men holds POWER, they are evil with us as living examples trampled on our own but loved the whites and the blacks.

Yellow is evil, be ware of the YELLOW PERIL.

After been so called educated to be WOGs,we became yellow bananas and DONT like the colour Yellow.

For we feared the YELLOW as they may be smarter and usurped our positions and no more millions salaries.

So the Whites must not leave Asia.

Please come and bashed the Yellow for us. Including Sinkies who are yellow actually yellow what the whites called Chickens

So this CNY please the not recognised to be yellow boh lean chor, DONT be hypocrites and celebrate CNY.

Anonymous said...

Slit eyes yellow bananas are not Chinese and did not have the same evil threads in them. WahHHHaaahahahha! That's what they believe.

The yellow banana sinkies are the sickos of the Chinese race. No other race hate their own colour more than this disgraceful outcast group in this little island.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are inherently a bad race. The yellow bananas are not Chinese so they are not bad. Ya? Ya?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

First one must accept that there is no such thing as fairness of logic when it comes to HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.

America can bomb and kill and do all sorts of other shitty things, like borrow excessively and print toilet paper to pay debts, bully cuntries and install corrupt dictatorships, assassinate sovereign leaders...and be loved and hated at the same time, but also ENVIED, COPIED and alluring to people who'll risk their lives to enter ILLEGALLY. This is why America is AWESOME. It can do unspeakable shit, and still be A-Number 1.

China? Fuck spider lah. Who the fuck wants to sneak in there? Most people think the Chinese are still plowing the rice fields and shitting into holes in the ground. And China is perceived to be EVIL...

You are trying to make a black-and-white argument about the US and it's "crimes" and the "unfairness" levied at China.

Good luck to you.🤡🤡

All those "clever fuckers" (aka academics and intellectuals who have never had a REAL job, like for e.g. Bernie Sanders) can slam America all they like. Good luck to them too 🤡🤡

Meanwhile in the REAL WORLD, it's business as usual. America rules, America rocks. It's about money, sex, power, guns, 24/7 "pleasure"..., yes, fantasy, unrealistic expectations...and HOPE.

Meanwhile in China and the rest of the world, they are looking at the TV and at YouTube LUSTING AFTER THE "HEAVEN" that Americans happen to have. 😂🤡🤣

Silly right? All based on illusions....and my god, how people LUUURRRVE their illusions.

Virgo49 said...

President Trump and the China Man

Trump walked into a restaurant in New York. As soon as he entered, he noticed a China man sitting in the corner. So he walked over to the counter, removed his wallet and shouted,
"Waiter, I am buying food for everyone in this restaurant, except that yellow China guy over there"

So the waiter collected the money from Trump and begun serving free food to everyone in the restaurant except the China man.

However, instead of becoming upset, the China man simply looked up at Trump and shouted "Thank you"

That infuriated Trump. So once again he took out his wallet and shouted, "Waiter, This time I am buying bottles of wine and additional food for everyone in this bar except for that yellow guy sitting in the corner over there"

When the waiter finished serving food and wine, once gain, instead of becoming angry, the China man simply smiled at Trump and shouted, "Thank You"

That made Trump more furious. So he leaned over to the counter and said to the waiter.
"what is wrong with that China Man? I have brought food and drinks in this bar for everybody except him, but instead of becoming angry, he just sits there and smiles at me and shouted "Thank You"

Is he mad?? The waiter smiled at Trump and said "No, he is not mad. He is the OWNER of this restaurant.

May your enemies work unknowingly in your favor.

Learn from the China Man how to get business from friends and enemies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "wishful thinking" Virgo49:

🤣🤣 Please lah Virgo...we all know in reality it would be different. Consider the more likely scenario that the Chinese fella was not the owner. If he was the owner, he would have introduced himself to Trump and personally welcomed Trump to the restaurant...This is GOOD BUSINESS lah...c'mon lah Virgo, you got blain or not? 💀

In reality, if this happened as mentioned by Virgo49 the Chinese fella after being INSULTED will lose face...after than any thing can happen. He might call gangster, he might call up his friend redbean and complain about how "evil" Americans are, crying like a schoolgirl on her first period🤡...anything lah

Anonymous said...

The Pathetic and Tragic Story of the Little Red Dot - Part IX

Little Red Dot's New President's Speech continues:

The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to My Grandfather, the First King of Little Red Dot, the one and only Hee Con Ewe, whom many had shamefully claimed that he single-handedly built and developed this tiny swampy, fishing village into a 1st World City, without any natural resources and without any other capable men and women to help him, except his subservient rich wife, My Granny, who was actually his think-tank behind all his so-called speeches.

Though my title has changed from "King" to "President", I am actually your New "Emperor", who will continue to protect the legacy of King Hee Con Ewe and execute the plan he had cunningly engineered during his whole life, based on 'playing-mantism' and 'my-need-to-be-crazy', actually derived from Machiavellianism and Hitlerism combined.

For five decades, we've enriched foreign industries at the expense of you, my daft and idiotic Reddotians/Sinkies; subsidised the military and corrupt politicians of our Biggest Brothers from the United Queendom and the United States of Americunts for them to protect our tiny island, while allowing for the very sad meagre pocket-money to pay our conscripted men and women in our own Good-For-Show Armed Forces. We have joined the Disunited Nations as part of the Coalition Forces to invade I-rug, A-gun-istan and Labia, to protect the strategic interests of the United States of Americunts, while refusing to defend our own; and spent billions and billions of dollars overseas in buying up failed businesses and toxic financial conmen-instruments, while Little Red Dot's infrastructure has fallen into serious inadequacies and break-downs, due to the rapid, mass influx of the foreign Dragons, Dragonflies and Flies.

Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) used to invest and set-up factories on our tiny island state and many of you had become wealthy, strong, and confident. With the Opening-Up of the Communist Dragon Country, one by one, the MNCs shut down and left our shores, with not even a thought about the millions of Sinkie workers that were left jobless. Our own small-and-medium businesses dwindled and dissipated into thin air and our Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) had to become our pathetic and under-employed taxi-drivers and security guards. While the wealth of My Family and My Get-Rich-Quick Instant Multi-Millionaire Ministers grew in quantum leaps and bounds, for you and by you, but not with you because you are a pathetic and tragic lot of losers without balls, guts, brains and wherewithal. If you have, you would have emigrated to greener pastures. But that is the past. And now we are looking only to the future, My Future, NOT YOURS!

Every decision I will make on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit Foreigners, My Cronies and My Family.

We must NOT protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making your products, stealing your companies, and destroying your jobs. Protectionism will lead to great disasters and therefore, I am opening up the flood-gate even bigger to allow more Dragons, Dragonflies and Flies to come in and increase our population to at least Ten Million. I have already conceived of a Population White-wash Paper to justify the need to increase our population and to stupify you daft Sinkies even further.

Don't worry, these foreign talons are and will be here to create more jobs for you; otherwise, your wives and daughters would have to go overseas to become maids and prostitutes. With the PWP faithfully executed, your wives and daughters can become maids and prostitutes in their own country, in Little Red Dot. You should all be exuberant and grateful about it.

In this respect, I will fight for you with every breath in my body - and I will never, ever let you down. The King has passed, long live the Emperor!

To continue in Part X.

b said...

Cowboys (aka capitalism) rule is better than Communist rule. Communism is feudalism in disguise. Communism is created by evil germans. Communism is making chinese killing chinese but chinese elites decided to adopt it. The world is better without a. mohamad and k. marx.

b said...

US do not need to create wars or sell more if germans/japs are restricted. They are the real problem (still want to revive their imperialistic empires) otherwise everyone can mostly live in peace. Their trade is only one way. They sell you stuff but never import much so they always enjoyed trade surplus at the expense of us.