How poor or how rich are Singaporeans?

Leong Sze Hian quoted some numbers from the MOM. Let me quote below:

Median gross income of all employed residents (excluding employer CPF) is much lower?

However, if you look at the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Yearbook of Manpower Statistics 2016 – the median gross income of all employed residents (excluding employer CPF) is much lower, at $3,125.

407,400 earn less than $1,500?

There were 407,400 residents (about 19.4 per cent of the total workforce of $2.1 million) whose median gross income was less than $1,500 monthly.

After CPF = less than $1,200?

If we deduct the maximum employee CPF contribution of 20 per cent – the net take-home pay may be less than $1,200.

Arguably, most of the 407,400 people with take-home pay of less than $1,200 may be struggling to make ends meet.

47,000 earn less than $500?

I am stunned by a few numbers from the above stats. 407,400 or 19.4 per cent of the residents earned less than $1,500.  This is not much different from the pay of our top cleaning supervisors. My God, so many earned the same salary as cleaners! And after less CPF, the take come salary is only $1,200, the salary of ordinary cleaners.

This is jiat lat man. How to survive in this most expensive city in the world, or among the top few most expensive cities in the world? But there is one comfort, the govt has made home ownership so cheap. With $1,000 they can buy a 2 rm flat to stay. At least this is a consoling point, got a roof over the heads. Not sure how much left for food and other necessities.

But aren’t Singaporeans the richest people in Asia? Very high income, asset rich, highest quality of life. Putting the two together, this must be another Singapore miracle. Earning less than $1,500 and can afford to live well in one of the most expensive cities in the world when some complained that their family life would be affected if they did not earn more than millions in annual income. I really respect and admire those earning less than $1,500 pm and living well. I am still wondering how they could do it? They must be switching to eating fish when meat becomes too expensive.


Anonymous said...

//But aren’t Singaporeans the richest people in Asia?//


They are "playing" with statistics lah?

But many people especially bortakchay blind ox, those semi-literate or illiterate (as one oldie mentioned) who grew up in old man's era are ignorant about the intricacies of statistics lah?

Anonymous said...

Politicians who majored in exonomics or mathematics mostly are well versed in statistics lah?

Ok ok?

U dun think so?

Anonymous said...

Ok lah

Let mee do some "free public service" in msn by doing a fundamental "statistics course" here?

Who not in favour, pls kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

Those not in favour, just (kee chiu) voice out and ai will stop (doing) it


In the field of statistics, there is this tinkie called "Measures of Central Tendency" ......

Anonymous said...

Rb said:

"But aren’t Singaporeans the richest people in Asia?"

Why did he make such a statement in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Yew see,

In terms of "exonomic performance", politicians and their (plp) msm usually will use the statistics that will most "flattered" them (for what ai dunno but could be to mislead pple lor perhaps?)

So when rb said "richest", which statistics did he base on to make that statement?

Anonymous said...

400k++ residents earn less than S$1.5k is a no surprise in a Sin City with probably the most expensive city in Asia if not the entire planet. The Papies will be happy as these vulnerables will keep on vote for the Miws Papies & they will rule this Sinkieland 4ever! To keep the pay in check & not to let the citizens become rich or overly rich is the main goal of this whites ruling party...but how many of this residents r Sinkies ( meaning true blue him grown ones) earn less than 1.5k a mth? When u consider the unemployed, underemployed, unemployable, self-employed & freelancers, the numbers can be horrendous & one will be astonished or fainted to see so many r below the 1.5k salary mark...many r being squeeze out ..so many elderly unable to retire & even become a tissue seller..look at the cardboard collectors & our minion-ster can say they do it to protect environment or to exercise..it's a pitiful employment scene in this Sin City.

Anonymous said...

Now yew see the picture?

Technically, the "most accurate" metrics to measure SOL (std of living) is using "median salary accounting for PPP (purchasing power parity) and COL (cost of living)?

But such statistics will nvr see "daylight"?

Anonymous said...

Worry not! Worry not!

Just walk into the casinos.

Play baccarat...player or banker.

You can double yr pay.

Get rich fast.


Anonymous said...

What data will politicians and (plp) msm use?

The most (in)accurate figures to reflect the average income of citizens?

In statistics, the 3 measures of central tendency are:

i. Mean

ii. Median

iii. Mode

Anonymous said...

So in terms of average income, which measure of central tendency do politicians and their (plp) msm use?

No prize for the correct answer?

Ok, why dont they use the 3rd measure: "mode"?

Anonymous said...

"Mode" is the number that has the most occurances

That is say if out of everybolee, $800 salary has the most number of pple, then this is the "mode"

But no politician, not even the most kongcum or siao ting tong will use the "mode" as measurement of the SOL cos it will "throw" out a very "unflattering" number?

Anonymous said...

So it is a no brainer that politicians and their (plp) will use the other extreme measure of average income (to reflect a flattering number)?

And in statistics, as far as average income in a population is concerned (especially a cuntry with a small peesai tiny population and a disproportionate number of billionaires in the midst), this measure of central tendency is the 1st measure which is the "MEAN"

How does it (the "MEAN") skew the numbers?

Anonymous said...

Then how to explain for the 70%?



Anonymous said...

Economists, mathematicians, statisticians etc who are (mostly) well versed in Statistics know what "outliers" (extreme figures) can do to the average number (especially if the total population is relatively small such as that of a peesai)?

Lets look at a very simple example:

Say there is this cuntry called Patriotic nation and there is only 2 residents:

a. Patriot earning $7200 per year;

b. AhGong65 earning $36,000 per year &

b. Li Car Siang earning $6 billion per year

So using the "Mean" to measure central tendency, it is computing the average income (per capita GDP) of the 3 residents namely Patriot, AhGong65 and Li Car Siang which is (7,200 + 36,000 + 6,000,000,000) ÷ 3

which works out to be a per capita GDP of $2,000,014,400 in this hypothetical nation called "Patriotic"

Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans's riches are been SUCKED dry by the PAP and their cronies.

They earned, make their monies legally or not so legally but most goes to the coffers of the PAP with just a few strokes of their pens into laws.

Just pieces of recycled papers, they made you cough up thousands, hundreds of thousands in some cases where the Daft Sinkies think that by paying this, they are high class and had arrived.

Cheap stuff you buy in sinkieland, you got no class. Only expensive things you pay thru your noses and in most cases many actually cannot afford to, they struggled thru with their smiling faces everyday you see them in public blaming you for their woes.

Many daft sinkies looked down on their so called poorer cousins up North Matland and further NORTH the middle Kingdom.

But little do they know that these poorer bums are laughing at their stupidity of paying anything 100 or eveb 1000% od what they pay.

Not realising they are not only daft but thinking they are smug and smart.

Their poorer cousins stayed in at least 1500 sqft terraces at a fraction of what sinkies stayed in a shoe box of 500 sqft prison wall. Only the developer forgot to give you a free Concrete Ball with chain to cuff on your leg like they doing in the Thai prisons.

A car struggling to go just uphill at Cantonment Tarffic junction can get you three at 2000 cc and above at Matland. Now recession time and they not enough coffers for punting, LTA said next few months got 116% increase COEs.

Next, sinkies monies goes to the Conmen with full approval from the Authority of scams in land sales and what bullion trading, etc.

They said file civi claims if these scams were exposed. Firms demand paying upfront swindled many sinkies monies with impunity.

Just file small claims tribunals or civil cases if you can afford them. They recommended that these dubious companies buy insurance to cover all these frauds.

Telling insurance companies to bear the costs.

What a joke!!!

Thus this is how sinkies are laughed at been the so called rich men living as princes but actually they are worse than papuers.

But you can see so many of them so smug thinking they are Atas with paper figures of so many ZEROS in their CPF'S statements. Not realising they are really OOOOs in their accounts after paying off their shoe boxes apartments or whatever pigeon holes apartments at 10000 % of the costs.

Pathetic sinkies. The youngdies looking down on the oldies who had more dough than them in their pockets and banks and in overseas properties which they can land there in dry land in case sinkieland become sinking land.

You have to tread waters till you are exhausted and drowned.

Good bye

Anonymous said...

So instead of (actually) earning $7,200 per year, this hypothetical resident called "Patriot", under the cuntry's statistical representation comes from a cuntry that has an average income (per capita GDP) of $2,000,014,400 in this hypothetical "Patriotic" nation

So when this hypothetical resident "Patriot" go holidays overseas, he should feel very proud cos others will look up to him cos he comes from the richest nation with a "HIGH" per capita gdp (though actually his monthly income is only $600)?

In this example, taking the mean show a per capita gdp of $2,000,014,400 wheareas the most "honest politics" measure is to take the "median" (which is the 2nd measure of central tendency) salary of ahgong65 ($36,000 annual income or $3,000 monthly income).

"Median" means "mid" in statistic, (in the middle)

wheareas "Mean" computes the average income of everybolee by adding up all the (national) income (GDP) divide by the population

Anonymous said...

So, many oldies laugh at their youndies, their offsprings bcos they manage to buy a private apt in River Valley road for $30,000 in 1970 and under laogoa-nomics monetization and asset inflation scams ..... oops schemes, these oldies have a lot of doughs in their pockets and banks

But forgetting when they voted old man into power, the youngdies are not born yet or of voting age?

And now the oldies very smug laughing at the youngdies (their offsprings) and say "orpee good orpee good" cannot buy half million $$$ 500 sq ft shoebox pigeon?

And these oldies so happy the youngdies will tread water till exhaustion and die (under the policy of the garment that the oldies put in power)

Well done oldies

Well done!

Virgo49 said...

Well done oldies, the young dies comprises also nearly fifty percent of the daft 70% who voted the PAP into power.

Thinking that they giving them good lives in Starbucks, Zouk etc.

Everyday swinging days.

Me young dies got a string of degrees. You oldies boh tak cheu.

Disgrace me.

Now me minimum condo. What 3 room room hdb. No class. See oldies in singlets wah siak sua.

Not knowing oldies got one thousand in pocket. You not even ten dollars after paying your three months belated car installments and drinking pub gin everyday.

Your degrees can use toilet paper. Even the Bangladesh earns more than you when he goes home.

Prepare to cut grass from your ckass condo downstairs and boiled soup for your lunch and dinner.

Me Another round of roulette. Thinks chances better than baccarat.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 10 am, sorry, I only play baccarat in casinos around the world.

I find roulette with 36 numbers and 0/00, difficult to win!

Anyway, CNY next weekend, all the best!


Anonymous said...

Singaporean citizens are poor enough that our elderly parents have to work as toilet cleaners to feed themselves.
But Singaporean citizens are rich enough to keep voting to pay the PAP government more and more money after every General Elections.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's PAP government is so poor that our elderly citizens have to collect cardboard boxes for a living in their old age.

But Singapore's PAP government is rich enough to invest billions of dollars overseas to benefit foreigners.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's PAP government is so poor that our kids have to borrow money from banks to pay for their tertiary education.

But Singapore's PAP government is rich enough to give away hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit foreign students.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Ccl //This is jiat lat man.//


Transport alone will wipe out more than 25% of their income for themsleves and kid (assume only have 1 child, but many low income have more than 1)?

(Privatised) Utilities wiped off another 15%?

Minus toiletries etc left less than 50% or $500 (to pay) for whole family food, clothing, festivities, books, pocket $$$, handphone, computers, internet, ipad etc etc?

Need the world best (ex)Finance Minsiter to balance the budget?

Where is Botak?

Anonymous said...

Botak said through education can reduce poverty and income inequality?


Can the poor afford tuition when electricity also kena cut and their kids got to study/ do homework under candle light or the (available little or dim) corridor lighting that shines into the low income earners' flats?

Anonymous said...

.........but when you look around you......everyone is smiling.....happy.....

.....where got poor ppl here..............

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro baccarat, if you what some roulette gambling bros said in gaming terms, "Chua" or catch the style of the roulette swings and the Groupier style of throw or roll the goon do, you can win big monies.

Just observed the lines of certain numbers drawn after a series of rounds. That's why they got Cold and Hot numbers as displayed in some boards.

Single digit pays 35 to a dollar. For five dollars bet you get 175 plus your own five making a return of 180 per strike.
Thus, if you able to "chua" the frequent hot digits that you instinctively thinks is coming up.
And just with 10 to 15 $ bet on that digit, you have returns to even cover whatever lost you had punted in the last ten to twenty rounds.

Not every round you loss all..Cover returns of payouts 35 to 60 or 90 in columns of six, four or even two digits spilt.

When you able to instinctively forecast the single digit that is likely to appear next roll, just punt extra on that digit.

For example, the Green "0" not rolls yet last ten to twelve rolls.
Likely it gonna be roll soon. The Banker will Makan all bets except those who punted on.it.

Sometimes you see the same digit rolled after two or three rounds and can be rolled again in succession of appearing three or four time in rolls after each other.

This single digit is likely to be roll in frequently as the Groupier's style or strength of throw is about the same.

The goon do will always come to the where about same spot.So study the graph and placed numbers on these few spots. Most of the time is not wrong.

For every round you have winnings of 45 to 90 or even 180 returns.
Within one hour you can make a pile.

Until they change the Groupier and you have to "chua" again.

Or take a break for Keno.


Anonymous said...

//.........but when you look around you......everyone is smiling.....happy.....//

Yew must be a siao ting tong?

Or eyes paste stamp?

Go take pic or video in mrt trains any time in the day, morning, afternoon or night

Where got pple smiling?

Yew see ghosts arghhhhhh .......?

Anonymous said...

Botak said through education can reduce poverty and income inequality?
January 20, 2017 10:46 am

I say by Voting Opposition can reduce poverty and income inequality.

What do you think?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Be careful with how you interpret the numbers. Using "median" or "mean" can paint a false picture.

I'd rather see the data represented in some kind of VISUAL presentation---for me anyway, I prefer to "see" the data.

When you look at the numbers of "poor" compared to the numbers of he HUGE "middle-class", you might realise that 400k + compared to a workforce of 4 MILLION + is only a low single digit percentage, and can be solved TOMORROW if people had the will to do so.

I also take issue with the word "rich" to describe the fortunes of people. You can be a billionaire with crates of gold stranded on a deserted island. You might be "rich", but fat lot of good that's going do you. Also no one has bothered to define what being "rich" is.

So I'll use an arbitrary standard. A rich person is one who can write a cheque for at least USD500k, and still continue their lifestyle as if nothing's happened.

I prefer the use of the word WEALTH, as a measure of people's fortunes---which will include more "existential" information (and states of mind) like access to quality healthcare, whether their kids are being educated properly, that they have a feeling of SECURITY in their lives, that their homes and estates are attractive and comfortable, that there is culture and a vibrant pulse to their cities---everything and anything that makes one's life a lot better.

WEALTH depends on PRODUCTION or the ability to produce. "Someone" has to produce those goods we enjoy and are so abundant we can naturally take them for granted and focus our energies on pursuits like "self actualization". Or just taking off on one of the hundreds of cheap flights and spend days or weeks cycling around Kyoto, surfing off the Gold Coast, eating and drinking in Spain, or rocking out in Shanghai.

We can call our friends for virtually nothing. Almost everyone has access to cheap powerful computing and communications. Lifespans have increased. Most of us are upwardly mobile for most of our professional and working lives

Our forebears never had this kind of WEALTH. They lived and died and mostly struggled through life---working much longer hours and physically HARDER than we will ever do.

If they got sick, there was a good chance that they'd never recover, or die. To travel to Europe meant that the average person had to save money for many years, forget about calling your friend in London and talking cock for an hour.

There is little doubt that THE GREAT MAJORITY of Singaporeans are (collectively) among the wealthiest people in the world. Although some might argue the middle class is shrinking, it is still HUGE.

For more, I suggest a read of Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Workweek.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is experiencing a downturn. Projects like building more MRT, High Speed Rail and other government buildings are one way to boost consumption and keep the economy flowing. This is only one aspect of help. What about others like cutting down funding to foreign students and give more discounts to students whose parents had been retrenched and old folks who are sick and need financial support?

Anonymous said...

//Virgo 49January 20, 2017 11:01 am

Hi bro baccarat, if you what some roulette gambling bros said in gaming terms, "Chua" or catch the style of the roulette swings and the Groupier style of throw or roll the goon do, you can win big monies.

Just observed the lines of certain numbers drawn after a series of rounds. That's why they got Cold and Hot numbers as displayed in some boards.//

Angkor oldies Virgo69,

Think blackjack easier lah?

In Blackjack, it is favorable to the player when there are more Aces and 10 Value Cards (10’s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings) remaining in the shoe.

Just "track" the cards of the ratio of low cards to high cards.

The casino can use single deck or multiple decks?

Lets start with single deck?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1055:

» ....but when you look around you......everyone is smiling.....happy.....«

That depends where you go and what the the situation is. You won't see many smiling faces in the intensive care units at hospitals, but if you go to Orchard Road or the Suntec/ Bayfront area on a sunny day when there's music blaring and lots of cute girls in shorts milling around, chances are people are smiling like they're stoned and just had wild sex.

Anyway, it's up to you to smile. If you do, it's more than likely ☛☛☛Y O U ☚☚☚ will be the one who benefits even if your smile is not reciprocated.

Anonymous said...


give every card a value?


For cards with 2-6, give a value = +1;

For 7-9 cards, = 0;

For 10, J, Q, K, Ace cards = -1;

Anonymous said...

Firms like MNC, Civil service, Army in total plus the generals cannot afford to pay more head counts and adding equipment if the lower level of labor in the economy earns $1500pm. The figure should be lower and lower for these labor and should not go further under the Pap model.

Pap s model is high structural taxes on business economy. Tax on activities like purchase is 7% including buying a unit of space for shop or factory. Tax on transport vehicles is much higher depending on the bidding demand. Then the property taxes again will take away a big sum.
How can a firm afford to pay higher salary than $1500pm? It is increasingly impossible.

Do not blame the employers. Many may not make money under the present Pap model. That s why u see many shop are closed and many factory buildings are empty unoccupied.

Have you ever ask why employer need to throw in big capital and lose all the money?
Pay employee $1500pm is a sin in sin city.

Anonymous said...


Add or subtract as each card is dealt?


When dealer gives out a "2" card, then add "1" to the value;

If dealer gives out "8" card, then nothing cos "7-9" cards value = 0;

If dealer gives out "J" card, then minus 1 from value

Can follow so far?

Anonymous said...

President Trump believes in pivot towards America.
- no more pivot to Asia

Isn't it time for Singaporeans to pivot towards Singaporeans?
- no more votes for PAP and their Foreign Talents
- time for a more pro Singaporean policy
- time to vote Opposition

Are you so rich that you can afford to vote pay more money to the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

Q: How rich do you think you are?
A: I'm rich enough to afford a PAP government.

Do you think PAP is the most expensive government on a per capita basis?

Anonymous said...

Angkor Oldie Virgo69,

R u there?

Yew have any qn?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb,

Before mee goes further into "revealing" the "winning formula" to "play Twenty-One (Blackjack)" (with yewr frens during coming cny), can yew verify whether it is "ilLEEgal"/ "against the law" to write such things in yewr blog?

Mee dun want get yew "into trouble"

Can pls let mee know before i con't "revealing" all the rest of the "secret formula of playing blackjack"?

Anonymous said...

Trump went to Lincoln Memorial to pay his respect and spoke to the crowd outside:
We want change ... i see u tomorrow.
Latter today local time, Trump will be the president of united states.

I look forward to see this pragmatic president change usa to make it great again.

Is US not great now? I hope is: US people recover its purchasing power by going into a NON globalization model that drove US people poor. The poor US is also the poor Singapore in export, Singapore lose out, in jobs, Singapore see shops factories close. All on the blind belief that cheap labor from sunny land will boost singapore s economy.

Trump s surge is the signal of failure on globalization. The failure of those supporting TPP which Trump and his support threw out. Not only Trump s supporters did not support TPP, Hillary and Sanders both did not support TPP.

This globalization concept is a lazy politicians excuse not to work on an economy s comparative advantages.
Trump is more hardworking. He pins on US comparative advantages such as on firms like Fords, GM, Carriers, Walmar, and eve Bayer SG. It needs efforts and bargains. Not all politicians are hardworking. agree? That s why we see shops and factories closed everywhere. Jobs are hard to come by. There still have blogs asking to have more than $1500pm salary dreamers. These are lazy voters who vote for the lazy politicians.

Anonymous said...

1 F and B with 50 seats operated 20 years went belly up. The big space at the familiar mall was empty for so many months.

This F and B hit well on the middle class customers for the past 20 years. In week days recent years, it had regular customers at lunch or dinner. The number of seats occupied were lesser and lesser. The nearby hawker center food stalls become more and more crowded even though the parking system changed to auto. In week ends, the hawker center food stalls are even more crowded with large cars and branded types parking there. The mall outlet eventually closed.

Readers can see from these facts that purchasing power under the Pap is not growing. The people going out for family outings is going to hawker centers for foods. Can reader imagine hawker foods are better than F n B outlet foods?
Not true and not possible.
But people are rushing for hawker foods while driving big cars. It tells us, businessmen are not doing well. They are committed to big cars, but their earnings can be far less. Their sales revenues could be far less than the past. But their costs and taxes have gone up. Can they offer higher salary to low lever who have no bargaining power? See?

Low level workers especially foreigners can easily take salary lower than $1000pm and they try to steal on overtime. For same type of labor, local citizens have family and they cannot hope to increase on overtime, they cannot afford to accept $1000pm as their home cost is increased each year by the Pap on increased flat price installments, conservancy charges, food prices, property taxes, medical charges etc. Pap politicians need to reduce taxes on people in order for them to have higher purchasing power. Then businessmen can increase the salary.

Got the picture? Low salary is caused by who?

Anonymous said...

There is no sure win in gambling.

It depends on luck. Yes, luck!

What you can best hope for is to win more than losing or breakeven

The two casinos will be 人山人海 during the CNY period.

All the best!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "premature ejaculation" 1218:

Alamak, the man hasn't even started work and you are already sucking his cock and allowing him to cum all over your hair. 🤡 💦🍌

»Trump s surge is the signal of failure on globalization. «

Yup, from bloody fools who are in denial over the FACT that Trump has done exceedingly well from globalization. The stuff he sells on his e-commerce website is mostly sourced from CHINA.

Trump Tower Manila. Trump Tower Mumbai. Trump Tower Beijing....and so on. Yet his "anti-globalization" dumb-fucks continue to lick Trump's 70 yr old asshole like Geylang whores.

» This globalization concept is a lazy politicians excuse not to work on an economy s comparative advantages.«

Nigger please.... Firstly, the more you allow politicians to tinker with the cuntry's economy, the more trouble you invite.

The globalization concept is much much more complex than you care to even think about.
Billions of Chinese and Indians (and SE Asians...etc etc ) have BENEFITED from globalization.

OK, some fuckers lose their jobs, some businesses wind up and go bust...but you cannot just look at the situation from the "negative" side and expect to make a fair argument.

Globalization will continue with or without Trump. Anyway, I don't think he will "deliver" on his promises. (Thank gods for that)

And I don't think he'll last the full 4 year term. I reckon he'll be out---voluntarily or involuntarily---within 2 years.

....but....the man hasn't even started work yet. We shall see.

Virgo49 said...

Bro blackjack, tks your revelations but too difficult for old man always failed even elementary maths.

Knows only 4D and roulette numbers.

Anyway, to each his own. Don't turn mr Rb blog into casino gaming.

That's why sometimes casino operators reported this year profits not so good due to the luo ching bro baccarat and roulette ang kor punters good luck than the bankers.

But actually, need lots of luck to beat the bankers. Cannot beat them.

Must sar kar a bit or else no more free rooms.


Best of luck coming CNY.

Monday- 4 millions and Feb 12- 10 millions..

Anonymous said...

"An economy that does not actively build around the social fabric that binds people together is nothing but a machine, and the future economy will succeed only if it helps us figure what living a “good life” will mean for Singaporeans. Economic development for its own sake is pointless."

how can you ask idiots to figure out the good life? With idiots around, even if you figure out the good life, you will never be able to implement the good life. So first, rid the idiots from society then they shall not have the monopoly of the "good life" many have stupidly accepted. Can or not?

Cannot right?

So...you deserve to live like slaves.

Anonymous said...

"economy that does not actively build around the social fabric that binds people together"

The statement u put up there has no meaning to singapore. Binds people together around social fabric means that, he wants to stitch families in one bundle to form an economy. He does not want an engine with parts that is changeable. U understand the who statement?

This author is a dreamer and never lived in singapore. He thought singapore is made up like china. The same chinese population listen to one single language and sing only one single anthem: chilai chilai.. Why he bother about singapore while he thought singapore is china?

Singapore has 3 millions native singaporeans served NS and 3 millions or more foreigners NEVER wanted to serve NS run together to compete for rice bowls out of poor paid jobs in a small market.

The author wanted to "binds people" these 2 big groups together? How many people really sing singapore national anthem loudly and proudly? Foreigners never want to. Citizens have newly joint citizens will still want to sing his home town anthem.
There is no such economy possible unless a new government sack those foreigners and PR who hide their sons away from NS.
This is the first step to get rid of the potential 5th column when singapore is attacked by some country. NS men are expected to defend this island, may see big groups of "locals" actually supporting enemy s invasion of this island.

The time will come any time to test what i suspected can happen. Remember the little idia riots. It was real. But started internally, not from external force. The dream tries to "bind" strangers together is like mixing oil with water. Can try until 100 year old, it sill never mixed completely.

Anonymous said...

"In the interest of securing Singapore’s future, it may be timely to form a Committee on Cultural Confidence, which would study closely the deepening concerns around racism, religiosity, nationalism and belonging, and how best to ensure Singapore continues to develop as a fair, just and secular society, where its residents truly feel respected, included and wanted, not just as cogs in the economic machine."

Speaking through AH. Well, these are scholar material who wrote the above.

Anonymous said...

You should listen to what ex grc chief economist Yeoh said about one day internally the large foreign population may just said they have enough and decided to flatten this place. They are one million able body men. I dint think the police can handle them.

Anonymous said...

Who is stopping them from building more homes and for who?
Nobody is stopping them so you know where it is heading. Continue to talk through your ASS because no one is going to believe these elites.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.06pm Angkor Oldie Virgo69: //But actually, need lots of luck to beat the bankers. Cannot beat them.//

Tiok lah?

That's why when Lim Boon Boon "cried crocodile tears" in April 2011 that there is no "Groupthink" in the sin(land) version of (Marina) Bay of (PA)Pigs (Fiasco II), do yew believe it?

In the past 6 years and gg fwd, how many families (& businesses) destroyed, how many lives destroyed?

Anonymous said...

What is good life defined by mediacorpse....two old folks who had lived and laboured through the modern economic miracle of Sin and now looking like dried up kiam chai eating can food and porridge in a rundown HDB flat while the old man..exclaiming to himslef about being happy and blessed to now live simply at his age...they looked happy on their way to the grave..that's all that matters when your children take their places

Anonymous said...

And bcos such vice industry is a steriod-like injection of short term effect (& boost) and thus NOT sustainable in the long term, the damage over long run is incalculable?

As the steriod effect wears off, the boost to the exonomy tapers off as seen in last few y3ars but the damage is long term and permanent?

The (astronomical) inflated costs in fixed assets erodes businesses, exports competitiveness as & work ethics as the (lazy) asset owners and (many) related sectors bank on the rent-seeking economy to (endlessly) return them good profits (but unfortunately there is no such eternal feast & party in the real world)?

The hit on many businesses (& business owners) is almost irreparable and many had failed, folded and some even bankrupted?

But the potential economic fiasco unfolding is the cascading effect on the many other interrelated sectors as the economy head south, globalisation threatens to recede and reverse, free flow of trade and capital face protectionist headwinds (think Brexit, Donald Trump's Brexit+++) and most concern of all impending foreseen 3 to 6 rounds of interest rate hikes by the FED (think white hair "scary" auntie "Hellen")?

There are several other worrying factors but better not mentioned ........?

"Groupthink" or naught?

"(Marina) Bay of (PA)Pigs (Fiasco II)" or naught?

Time will tell?

And possibly as early as 2018 onwards?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bwahaha...many Singaporeans are DOOMED to be in, and remain in tormented mental states, thanks to their ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY and VICTIMHOOD self-image.

Notice how well toed up together these 2 mental/ emoonal mechanisms are. For e.g.:

"I lost my job to a faster, better, and NICER cheaper foreigner!" It's the end of the world, boo hoo hoo or woe is me..." Grown-up version of VICTIMHOOD

"I'm a special snowflake. The govt OWES ME a great job at great pay and has to PROTECT ME from faster, better, cheaper, nicer, and better motivated FOREIGNERS. This is OUTRAGEOUS! I demand JUSTICE!" Grown-up version of ENTITLEMENT

The above are classic examples of the same-o same-o conversation that's been on the net and continues to be added, ad infinitum.

This is why there's widespread discontent, torment and dissatisfaction in Singapore. It is self-imposed. The existential crisis is none other than the fault of the individuals themselves. i.e. you are to blame for the shitty way you feel.

The more ENTITLED Singaporeans think they are, the more unhappy they will remain. The more they think that they are VICTIMS, the longer they will suffer.

Please continue folks, for me that's WONDERFUL ENTERTAINMENT! 🤡🤡

Definition of 'entitlement': thinking that youdeserve something that you didn't pay, sacrifice or work for, or done so hard enough that someone else beat you, and you lost.

b said...

Sg is just a good stopover. Sinkies will learn that if they cannot have house and cars then they must let their future descendants have chance to have house and cars by encouraging them to go to the right place. Get a professional degree (3/4 years) and migrate. The world is your oysters and not this small little island which cannot even sustain itself. Have a wider horizon. Our forefathers did that so we enjoyed a bit step ahead but now it is time to move on to better sustainable place. Putting head in the sand will not help to achieve anything. There are many types of politico regime in this world. Some allowed people to have house and cars and some allowed people to have nothing. All have pros and cons. People must make the right choice that suit themselves. Doing nothing will not change anything.

Anonymous said...

Have yew just described yewr bosses (paymasters) than sinkies in general: //The more ENTITLED Singaporeans think they are, the more unhappy they will remain. The more they think that they are VICTIMS, the longer they will suffer.

Please continue folks, for me that's WONDERFUL ENTERTAINMENT!//


if some words in yewr (apt) description are substituted and paraphrased as below, do yew not think it fits like a T about ........:?

"The more ENTITLED PAPER GENERALS think they are, the more unhappy they will remain. The more they think that they are SUPER TALENTS, the longer they will suffer.

Please (do not) continue JLBs, for msn & oldies, that's WOEFUL MISERIES!"

b said...

Politicians everywhere are robbers - they came , they saw and they plundered.

(Watch sadist hillary - we came, we saw, he died) - typical model of what politicians are.

But Trump is quite different. He loves america and hope he will achieve what he set out for and he provides great entertainment already.

b said...

Globalism = neo feudalism. It is not something the world should try to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Minister Josephine Teo: Singaporeans should change their mindset and give birth first


Singaporeans are rich enough to pay Josephine Teo a million dollar salary.
So that we can listen to her tell us to fuck early and to fuck often.

But Singaporeans are too poor to have children.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Will the Minister volunteer her daughter to get pregnant first?
Lead by example?

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, I have been under the firm impression that majority of Singaporeans are quite comfortable. Most Singaporean friends of mine are quite rich and many family members own multiple properties. Take home pay of S$1200 is definitely insufficient for a comfortable life in Singapore. Maybe handouts from the government helps such families.

Anonymous said...

Maybe handouts from the government helps such families.
January 20, 2017 7:38 pm

We don't want handouts.
We want jobs.
Fuck Yew.
Vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Yes..you want to be...Just Ordinary Butt Slaves

Anonymous said...

Rb//How to survive in this most expensive city in the world, or among the top few most expensive cities in the world?//

What's Wrong
Check Ownselves,

Anonymous said...

Rb wondering with a facepalm: //With $1,000 they can buy a 2 rm flat to stay. At least this is a consoling point, got a roof over the heads. Not sure how much left for food and other necessities.//

Wimps and Pimps,
That's What They Are,
By (Their) Name,
In Their Roles,
As First Officers and Chief Pilots,
Leeching on Taxpayers Every Month,
But (done) nothing that matters and of worth,
Since 1990, All The While The Land Sliding Nearer Abyss,
Gone Are The Days of Glory,
Of Hopes and (Grand) Dreams,
Beans Are Distraught and Disheartened,
Sensing a Land Soon No More,
Wrenching Hearts That's How It Feels,
To See Their Lifetime Work of Tolls, Blood, Sweat and Tears,
Disintegrating Right In Front of Their Eyes,
In Their Last Days and Twilight Years,
Eventually Departing,
With Heavy Hearts, Unfulfilled Wishes and Some With Tears Flowing from Unclosed Eyes,
Standing At The Edge of A Clift,
Looking Up The Sky With Open Arms and A (Big) Sign,
The Sight of A Soaring Eagle Appearing in The Sky,
Alas, A Sight Reminiscent of The (Glorious) Past,
The Moments of Time In The Present Land,
No (Majestic) Soaring Eagles,
Only Wimps and Pimps,
Happily Gnawing Away The Remaining Glory,
Fading Away .......
What have they done,
The oldies asked (themselves) "innocently",
They got what they want,
Doctors, nurses, attendants, pharmacists, specialists,
A pound for a penny,
A dollar for a dime,
That's the deal,
A blatant deal,
The deal oldies snatch with no blink of the eyes,
The penny deal paid with a pound (by their kids),
The dime deal paid with a dollar (by their grand kids),
Looking at the oldies,
The (grown up) kids are (fully) aware,
But not even a mutter,
If that's the way,
So be it,
If that's what they want,
So be it,
Deep in the hearts,
The kids know Heaven knows,
And Heaven shall judge.

Anonymous said...

And Heaven shall judge.
January 21, 2017 5:55 am

Maybe Heaven will judge someday (tan ku ku)
- but Singaporeans do not know how to judge ... or vote wisely.

GE 2020
- PAP will win again.

Virgo49 said...

Why the young dies kept lamenting that the oldies "hai" sabotaged the youngdies???

It's their own youngdies PAP Ministers and MPs that they themselves voted them who slaughtered them.

Youngdies today group of misled materialistic yuppies who only knows just how to enrich themselves without thoughts for the society at large.

Just look at Grace disgraceful and a few of her cohorts who think too highly of themselves.

Without pulling the strings, you think they worth a dime in the private sector??

It's your own generation of youngdies who are useless that led you youngdies to your demise.

Our Generation of Oldies brought enough food and clothings to you lot of ungrateful youngdies.

If not many of you would be running around with pants without shirts or vice versa in the Streets.

You think the Oldies comprises of the 70% Daft PAP voters. ?????

By now, most already returned to see their Makers. It's you 60% youngdies who are just foolish to vote your own Masters to torment you.

Thinking you are much wiser and educated but most turned out to be DUDs.

2020, whether there be a brave Young die who dared declared Singapore for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

GE 2020
- who will become the new Millionaires in Singapore?
- PAP politicians/Generals or Singaporeans or redbean & friends?

Anonymous said...

/// 2020, whether there be a brave Young die who dared declared Singapore for Singaporeans. ///
January 21, 2017 9:20 am

Why would the Youngdie want to fight PAP when he can become the new Millionaire in 2020?

- now all of you can appreciate how far into the future ... the old fart can see ... when he increased Ministerial salary in the 1980s

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We must make Singapore great again.
We must make Singaporeans proud again.

patriot said...

Just for the Sake
of reminding Sinkies
Old and Young that
Sin is sold and
Singaporeans are pawned.

l agree that the Oldies
in Sin had got the Younger
Sinkies into the Prevailing
Situation by blindly believing and adulating a
greedy horrible man. The
Older Sinkies refused to
take his nepotic and
despotic characters into
ONLY a handful of his dissenters stood their
ground and got themselves
badly treated infront of
the Sin Oldies who care
not that the Dissenters
were brought down one by
one right before their(Oldies) eyes.
So much foresight the
Oldies now seem to have.

l say it again that the
Many Vocal Oldies today
were very Pappies themselves
in the Past Old Days.
Similarly, some youngdies today are no different from
their forefathers, simply
because they are fawning on
the Leeders because they are
benefitting greatly from nepotism.

How about becoming Leeders
in grassroots and then parachute to hold political
appointments doing nothing
but sweet talking around to
be paid so very handsomely.

Sinkies are beyond salvation;
salvation is only possible whence one leaves Sin.


Anonymous said...

We must make Singapore great again.
We must make Singaporeans proud again.
January 21, 2017 9:51 am

I agree Mr redbean Sir.
But if I get invited to a tea party.
And I get an offer for a million dollar salary.
You are own your own.

They don't call it the Prostitutes' Action Party for nothing.
For a million dollar salary, I will gladly be Ah Long san's prostitute & bitch.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 454:

Changing words around to play word games only strengthens my original premises which I've been touting for years.

1. The people get the government and the cuntry they DESERVE.

2. The government is ALWAYS the MINORITY. They get their power from the people, who have chosen them to lead/ manage the cuntry.

3. The government is made up of flesh-and-blood PEOPLE. They are people who come from the exact same cultural and genetic stock as the people who voted them into office.

In that respect there is really NO DIFFERENCE between the voting public (The People/ Sheeple) and the government.

So as you waste your valuable life complaining about the govt this and the govt that....you do so under the delusion; a state of denial that the govt and the people, and their CUNTRY are somehow "separate".

No, they are not. Anyone has a fair chance of getting into govt by political means. Just like everyone has a chance to be voted into executive position at their club, or to become class monitor or prefect...or any other situation where the majority people choose a minority of people FROM THE SAME GROUP /TRIBE / GATHERING to BE IN-CHARGE.

If the govt is a bunch of ASSHOLES, it is because the asshole people for put them in-charge. Afterall, people vote for the govt who REPRESENT the same values, culture and sense of nationalism🤡

Who the fuck would vote for someone they don't "connect" with (culturally) or don't like or disagree with?

Anonymous said...

'No, they are not. Anyone has a fair chance of getting into govt by political means. Just like everyone has a chance to be voted into executive position at their club, or to become class monitor or prefect...or any other situation where the majority people choose a minority of people FROM THE SAME GROUP /TRIBE / GATHERING to BE IN-CHARGE.'

What a piece of shit. Don't talk about just trying to win an election to be MP, you are not even qualified to stand to be an EP. You think you so easy to qualify?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "anger management and brain transplant required", ENTITLED anon 1154:

» Don't talk about just trying to win an election to be MP, you are not even qualified to stand to be an EP. You think you so easy to qualify? «

You're right...I don't qualify.😜 Nor do I believe it should be EASY.

But if you read me correctly I said everyone has a fair chance---which means no one is stopping anyone from "having a go".

Ultimately it is ☛☛☛ Y O U ☚☚☚ who has to CONvince:

1. Your own party to stand for election ✓
2. The electoral commission to let you stand for election ✓
3. The Sheeple and (real) People to collectively give you enough votes to beat your opponent, and get into office. ✓✓✓

Hard enough yet? No. Good, because it gets harder, than you can possibly imagine. (probably because no one voted for your sorry ass-soul before 😥)

Trying to convince people that "you are the right person for the job" is exceptionally difficult. It's one of the most difficult things in the world to ever do. It is the ULTIMATE Sales🗣 👥 Pitch. You have to have steel balls, and a rock-solid constitution, confidence, 100% emotional control....and the goods to back up what you claim.

Most people don't trust strangers. And people have their own cultural/ racial👳🏿/ gender etc. biases which they keep to themselves, but will play roles in making their voting choices.

So, is it easy? No. Is the opportunity OPEN to EVERYONE? Definitely YES. If you think you can “make it”…try lah. Who knows? You might make Malaysia Great Again 😳….I mean, make Malaysia Great (they’ve never been great before 😜)

How would you do this? By getting voted into office in Singapore, and thrashing the country back to 3rd World Status, and running away with all the money. (aka fuck the peoples’ trust)🤣🤣

Unknown said...

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