Honest dishonesty at work

I saw this runner on the TV screen. ’99.9% O level students passed at least one subject’. Wow, what a great achievement. Our education system or the teachers have done well, very well. Or is it the students have done exceptionally well? 99.9%  passed! Wait a minute, passed at least one subject? What does this mean? Passed one subject also passed? I have left school for so long and I know that in my time passing one subject is as good to repeat in Sec 4. Passing 3 subjects also considered failed in my time. You need to pass at least 4 or 5 subjects and with some decent grades to pass and get a Grade 3. Now passed one subject can already, passed?

I am out of touch. Is this the reason why the employers have no faith in our education system when passing one subject is considered passed and something to rejoice, to shout about? What is the truth? Would the student with one or two passes go home and announce to papa and mama, ‘I passed, one subject’ and get rewarded?

The statement is very honest or very dishonest or honest dishonest? Ok, there was another banner that stated something like 84.3% passed at least 5 subjects. Though we must not embarrass or discourage those that did not do well, but we must be honest with them, that one pass does not qualify to pass the whole examination. Or maybe nowadays there is no such thing as pass or fail an examination. Just count the number of passes good enough. What a merry world of semantics and make beliefs. Yes, say the right things and hear the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Master Chef (of Ckg up a storm): //The statement is very honest or very dishonest or honest dishonest? //

In China, 1 pile of dough the chef master pull here, pull there, twist until like towing ropes till become delicious hand made noodles with superb chilli oil and all kinds of yummy source?

The (shameless) xxxxxx also try emulate lah?

But with honest words?

Anonymous said...

Promphet of Honesty: //Honesty is infectious and the foreigners have also become honest like us, and for that we accept their degrees with grace and generosity. //

Tiok lah?

If not how come so many working as DOGters in public polyclinics?

Some more they (polyclinic foreign DOGters) so hardworking until think sin city multiple edusave scholarships recipients students (who are) very, very sick also being suspected of trying to malinger for asking for MCs?

Then have to go sch coa not given MCs so sick until collapsed in sch and sent to hospital in ambulance?

The foreign DOGters in polyclinic so honest in their jobs?

Sinkies children die die very sick also must go sch but foreign students very pampered no need NS and given free scholarships and fully paid lodgings, generous living expenses, thousnads of $$$ FREE teztbooks allowances, free thousnads of dollars atas airplanes return tickets ..... etc etc?

So (sickeningLEE) honest?

Sin city (JLB utterLEE useless) LEEDERS?

And bring in so many so honest foreign DOGters in sin city polyclinics and hospitals (to make sure sin city sons and daughters push themselves till collpase, even if seriously ill?)

Salute sin city (JLB) LEEDERS?

How many (gazillion) facepalms?

YEW decide?

Anonymous said...

What is honesty dishonesty and honest mistake?


Anonymous said...


Many foreign DOGters treat sinkies sons and daughters like sxxx lah and think they want malinger?

Next time let those kena stroke or faint (halfway through their speech) be treated by foreign DOGters lah?

Let the foreign DOGters label them try to malinger lor?

Even whether faint or kena stroke?

JLB means JLB lah?

TOtaLEE lost touch if ground?

Dunno the deep water and extreme fire heat sinkies sons and daughters gg thru?

Next time faint or stroke better let foreign DOGters attend to them lah?

What MC?

No need lah?

Next day straight away go back to work mah?

Honesty what?

Super honest and lumber talent (& LEEDEDSHIP)?


Anonymous said...


Practise what yew preach lah?

If eveLEE doctor (local or foreign) is gooooooooood doctor, next time kena stroke or faint on stage let the foreigners treat yew lah?

Anonymous said...

HOnestLEE, mb the foreign DoGters think yew faint or stroke "pretend one lor"?

"Act act lah"?

Try "to malinger and extract sympathy lor"?

Yew wont suffer in their hands (foreign dogters) de?

Next time be brave and honest lah and honestLEE believe yew has brought in verLEE "gooooooooood" foreign dogters and get them treat yew lah?

Scared what?

Anonymous said...

'99.9% O level students passed at least one subject’....Passed one subject also passed?

Hahahaha. Imagine the headline:

"Opposition won the general election, with at least 1 seat."

Anonymous said...


JLB means JLB lah?

EveLEE time must wait some (non-aristocratic) sinkies sons and daughters serious things happened then react to it lor?

Hon3st lah?

Proactive (mind food)?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha?

Very far-LEE meh?

Sinkieland (balik kampung toothless) lions "won" and "passed" the test by socring at least 1 goal in the sookookee tournament?

Kena 10 goals in our goal posts but (managed) scored 1 goal also "win" mah?

Got scored at least 1 goal what?

Sxxx times journalism std?

Msm and soccer fighting in world ranking?

154th vs 159th?

See who can get sink deeper (& QUICKER into ABYSS).

Anonymous said...

Lao hero: //Honest dishonesty at work//

Tiok lah?

Last time 100% sinkies soccer team FIFA ranking 91?

Now ant 70% inducted "foreign talents" LION CITY SOCCER TEAM FIFA RANKING falling cliff like maciam diarrhea, lao sai?

Latest FIFA ranking 164th?

After millions, billions squandered?

After LaoGoa big boast and Marbodo Tan in charge GOAL 2010?

Still paid themsleves milliins and milions?

Honest 101% JLBs?

Yee decide lor?

So many "foreign tal3nts" come in but ranking very soon going double liao?

From FIFA ranking 91 (last time with 100% sinkies) to soon 182 (with foreign talents)?

Heng ah?

Anonymous said...

Economy also getting better lah (with influx of foreigners)?

From number 1 Asian tiger (with indigenous sinkies) to number 1 (new) Asian sick man (with foreigners influx leg open big big "chap cheng bastardisation") ?

Heng ah?

Anonymous said...

All they want is a pat on the shoulder. 99% is as good as ALL passes. Education Ministers can all stand up tall and receive praises from admirers. Wait, only one subject passed? Aiyah yes lah but who cares. 99 is as good as 100%.

Anonymous said...

What does passing a state exams means? That you are smart in learning? Ok now you are a learned person. Learned for what? Get a good job mostly? Your job must commensurate with your learning. Your learning must then meet market needs. So you learned to serve the market. But what is the market? A market is a place where you buy and sell. So you have learned or were prepared to meet market needs - a place for buying and selling. You can't buy or sell if you are not qualified or marked for the job.

In other words, you have been marked for that purpose. To be precise, since learning is mostly head stuff, then the head would be the place where it is rightfully marked, naturally.

Have you checked the marking on your head? Is that good or bad?

Anonymous said...

/// Our education system or the teachers have done well, very well. Or is it the students have done exceptionally well? ///

Our private tutors have done exceptionally well..

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Imagine the headline:
"Opposition won the general election, with at least 1 seat."
January 12, 2017 9:53 am

Hahahaha. Imagine the headline:
"$X$ party passed the CPIB investigation with only one member going to jail."

Anonymous said...

Eventually, all the "brilliant" guys will decide your fate. In fact, they have been doing it with impressive results.

Fine judgmental skills. The rule of law.

Anonymous said...

@ January 12, 2017 10:54 am

Eventually, all the "brilliant" guys will bring war into Singapore's doorstep.
In fact, they will do it with impressive results by picking a fight with the biggest power after Russia.
Fine judgmental skills. The rule of law by scholars

Anonymous said...

You filled up the blank spaces well

Anonymous said...

The market also highly imbalance and skewed.

Anonymous said...

A lot of casualties in the market place. A lot of blood.

Virgo 49 said...

If I am.not wrong,we have a Police Ex commissioner or Big Shit to be our Education Minister.

Other democracies appointed same level of professionals to hold similar posts.

We we have square pegs in round hole appointments.

There is a sick job when the.boys do badly in exams.

When.you grow UP, either you be a.police man.or gangster.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry! Not to worry!

Education system here is world best!

Yes! Is the BEST!

Sure can find a decent job.

So......not to worry not to worry!

Anonymous said...

11.28am //So......not to worry not to worry!//


Cos all know sinkies will be screwed hard hard in the end?

Heng ah?

No need worry ah?

The fate (to be screwed until skin tear, blood ooze out, intestines dangling) is preordained?

Anonymous said...

What are you educating these people for? Kill more people?

Anonymous said...

Kpkb until cow come hm (also will not hara kiri): // What a merry world of semantics and make beliefs. Yes, say the right things and hear the good stuff.//

When other sys rotten, can still survive lah cos ctry bug mah?

Kpkb got use meh?

From 60% kpkb so much become 70%?

So obviously kpkb doesnt work but even backfired?

Einstein said it is extremely kongcum and insanity to do same things over and over again and expect different results?

Mee has given up regular blogging cos no point le.

Just blog randomly when absolutely necessary to hint hint sthg here and there but dun think the JLB can catch the ball exactly what problems on the ground?

If not taught in sch or in lecture notes or hardtruths they are lost lah?

So how to depend on kpkb to save a (rotting) sys?

Old fart already said aloud in Arsetailia once that he not sure sin land will survive once he gone lah?

So simple still dun understand?

Means in his hearts he no confidence lah (cos not his choices and picks lah)?

The rest (of the story) already quite obvious to see lor unless eyes (again) pasted stamps?

The world is so big

Why worry so much?

Rot then let it rot lah?

Rejoice when it happened?

Means no need stuck in a peesai land anymore lor?

Blog everyday also no use?

As if it will change the outcome?

Mt Buttock blog until vomit blood also got use meh?

Can imagine Chee Bye election also cannot win?

Means what?

Still have use meh?

Accept sys beyond hope le?

Standby abandon sampan bah (anytime liao)?

Kpkb proven totally useless de?

Just a platform for not so old oldies to pass time (& live out their fantasies)?

Meanwhile the rotting is unstoppable and will continue until nothing left to rot?

Then game over le?

So simple?

Meanwhile sxxx times say 99.99% passed 1 subject great achievement then also join in celebration lah?

Toast to the "great success" of the new JLBs in charge lor?

Just like in the dying days of the Qin Dynasty, they said a "donkey is a horse then so be it lah"?

1 pass verLEE good sxxx times say so then so be it lah?

Why pour cold water and spoil the group thinking and joyous mood (even if the end is near)?

Donald Trump believes in Norman Vicnet Peale's sermon that is why he so unfazed by even the greatest rotten apple (9.58 million sq km) on earth?

Peesai rotting but so what?

Just a small peesai apple only and will be forgotten soon by the tide of history and evolution?

It is inconsequential?

Cambridge examiners see the sxxx times hilarious twsitng news laughing until tears flowed like a flooded Yellow River over running the banks?

It si only time (when) such a (rotting) sys will collpase and not if?

So sad.no more?

Rejoice in the rotting process?

The more smelly the (rotting) peesai apple is, the better?

b said...

Blame it on too much globalism. It is destroying our society, harmony and peace. Must act like Trump now. No production factory, product cannot sell here.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on too much PAP ideology and too many PAP Generals. It is destroying our society, harmony and peace.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

patriot said...

Virgo Elder;

Sin, a 700 sq kilometre lsland with about 5 million
citizens, has 2 Education Ministers.
Both are recently appointed.
One of them is an ex-3 Star
SAF General, which surprisingly l find him to
be the Most Humble in the Cabinet. Just my personal opinion.
BUT, to see him speaking in State Media at times, gave
me the Impression that he himself will make a better
person if he goes back to
a sabbatical to learn the
Art of helming an education
ministry. Currently, he seemed quite like a primary
school boy himself.

Anyway, l am not bother about
the Honesty of Politicians.
l am always of the View that
good and wise leaders are a blessing to any nation. And that such leadership will always share the Woes and Weals with its people.
and more importantly, the People must not be DAFT to
be mesmerised by flamboyant
and charismatic
politicians liked the Late Horrible Man of Sin or the
Outgoing US President. These
Men with lots of charisma tend to draw lots of fan who
enjoy form but not substance.

Can Sinkies imagine themselves throwing facts out of their minds to accept personal claims of such politicians even when their
claims were not true or fictitious.

Many Sinkies do get very high
with make believe and self gratification with so-called positive attitude.


Anonymous said...

//Many Sinkies do get very high
with make believe and self gratification with so-called positive attitude.//

In some ways, a positive attitude (even if in self-illusion) is quintessential in sin(land)?

How to feel excited after years of rigours to tkss among (blind) oxes and lau kok kok?

Yew need huge doses of positive thinking not to feel depressed and bleak?

Without positive thinking, even the next second is a grind and torture?

Especially this period?

Yew drop by Sago Lane?

Yew go upstairs to the level 2 hawker ctr beside Sago Lane?

The shallowness is worst than the dark dungeons of the hade?

Without positive thinking, all hopes to live (even for 1 more second) is lost (when living among the shallowness of the lau kok kok especially those milling away their time in Sago Lane, the Level 2 Hawker ctr upstairs and many parts of sinkieland?


What is there so gratifying to walk past a bunch of lau kok kok drowning themsleves among buckets and buckets of beers and bottles?

To continue to have hope living among such lau kok kok (as fellow sinkies), a sea load of positive thinking is a must?

It is these dafts that dashed the hopes (of the next generation)?

Anonymous said...

Very much so


the younger generation

is not any wiser too.

Anonymous said...


Especially mingling in msn with (blind) oxes and lau kok kok?

So better be wise and stay away?

Ha ha ha

So (verLEE) LO(OOOOOOOOO)NG .........

The next time (hopefully) will be 30 Feb .......

Anonymous said...

The young generation is chip of the old block lah.
You can see them at MPS
carrying the balls and whatever between the loins
of the MPs.

Anonymous said...

@ patriotJanuary 12, 2017 5:32 pm

//Virgo Elder;

Sin, a 700 sq kilometre lsland with about 5 million
citizens, has 2 Education Ministers.
Both are recently appointed.
One of them is an ex-3 Star
SAF General, which surprisingly l find him to
be the Most Humble in the Cabinet. Just my personal opinion.
BUT, to see him speaking in State Media at times, gave
me the Impression that he himself will make a better
person if he goes back to
a sabbatical to learn the
Art of helming an education
ministry. Currently, he seemed quite like a primary
school boy himself.//

Uncle RB is probably right to write this article about some crazy journalist crowing about "passing" 1 subject at "O" Level when even passing 5 subjects but missing out on the aggregate points cant even qualify to go to the most unpopular poly course?

Which brings to the comment by 5.32pm hinting that even as a (blind) ox (himself), (somehow he is able to detect that) the newbies are not up to ....... and education being a critical and integral part of sin(land) survival could spell (further) trouble in the erosion of the quality of students being churned out ........?

The fact that uncle rb pointed out some crazy desperado journalist even go to the extent crowing about a substandard and non-passing "1 subject passes" at "O" Level is a sign of the times and how bad and rot the (education) system has degenerated?

Otherwise why even crow about passing 1 subject at O Level when even passing 5 subjects might not qualify a student to even the most unpopular course in poly?

Another troubling tell-tale sign which may have been missed by many (cos not to their advantage so crazy journalist nvr crow about) is the terrible morale among teachers right from the start till the top?

So being an ex-3 star he surely knows what poor morale among the troops means and implications in the outcome of a war?

So the outcome of the quality of the students churned out is written all over the wall?

All these so call improvement in each cohort are just exercises to pull wool over public opinions, what the chn termed as the (daft) old 100 surnames?

Poor morale among the troops but outcome improvement over preceding year cohort every passing year? Conflicted out already? Doesn't gel? Right?

Think one suggestion mee can suggest to one (blind) ox so he can (write in and) suggest to the newbie to reform (the sys and) so that sin(land) has a fighting chance and arrest the erosion of students quality is to ditch the Cambridge system?

Graudally migrate to the IB system?

This is not anyhow say but based on deep thorough research ......

As usual, with the millions remuneration, high positions, perks, authority, power etc given, the newbies are happily settled in their parachuted jobs and therefore (totally) out of touch with REALITY?

So if an army churned out soldiers who are ill trained to fight a real battle and war, how to win?

Enuf said?

Nothing will be done in the end?

Cos newbies or naught, their real competence are all the same (JLBs)?

Cos they blur blur like what (blind) ox labelled him "maciam primary sch student" so (sinland) future eat grass liao?

How to have hope?

So need positive thinking lah (to survive) while the system continue to rot unabatedLEE?

Everywhere rot rot rot, can see one, unless yewr eyes paste stamps lor?

Unknown said...

It is not a matter of honest dishonesty, or dishonest honesty. The article/report was written by a person with a crooked mind making use of statistics to influence the general public with his twisted logic, probably with the intention to subtly embed a sense of greatness where there is none.

Such people are everywhere and we encounter them everyday - especially unscrupulous sales personnel, crooked politicians and self-deceived preachers. But when an article/report like that is published in a mainstream media, it becomes a matter of great concern because it reaches millions of people with the intention to influence the minds of those readers.

Therefore, it is good that you picked it up and expose such unscrupulous tactics. There should be more people like you to expose such crooked/twisted minds.

Virgo 49 said...

Already suggest just to have two or three A first class BOMBs.

Just have the Bomber and some fighter escort planes and you can disband the whole of the SAF. Saved trillions of dollars every year.

Monies can spend on welfare of all Sinkies. Free education, health etc. No need to pay protection fees buying their military wares from Uncle Sam.

Monies earned so hard spend paeng paeng playing stupid war games on these never seemed to grow up delinquent boys.

Armed Forces waste of monies on these parasites.

One subject pass joined the Armed Forces and the SPF.

You see our time. AGGREGATE Score must be how many credits and subjects passed to obtain Grade I/II or III. No pass Eng Kok just GCE.

See our Mr RB, daily article Eng Kok so powerful and concise. Attracted thousand of readers and even the millionaire ministers.

If not you think got what changes like Benji's case. They recommend an adult in the interview. Without the KPKB in the special media, you think they rectify changes.
WP already PAP second team like their fat cats MIWs. No voice already.

For the last few decades, so many square pegs in round holes Eucation Minister who confused the whole student population with their trials and errors guinea pigs games.

Must get those on the Education Field to find the solution.

Not Chiak liao bee soldiers and policemen. Know only paeng pageng waste monies.

One stupid hand grenade cost 50 bucks can feed five uncles and aunties. No need collect crockery at Hawker centres.

Virgo 49 said...

Forget to add : These square pegs in round holes Chiak liao bee ministers know only how to find the the correct round holes.

Look alike abalone in New Moon cans.

Even Woman Minister with round hole knows the.square pegs type and can said you no need find the holes in.big spaces.

Small space will do.

Don't believed? I DEMONSTRATE.

Anonymous said...

$1000 pm income can buy HDB flat.
1 O level pass can get degree.