Duterte telling Abe go fly kite

Abe went to the Philippines and wanted to sell submarines and missiles to Duterte.  Yasay said the submarines too expensive and politely turned down the offer. Duterte simply told Abe no one is going to attack the Philippines. No need for the missiles. Philippines do not want a Third World War on its islands.

This is a piece of wisdom that Duterte could teach the rest of the stupid Asean countries. Why keep on buying weapons and pay hard currencies for war machine just because the Americans hyped that China and North Korea are going to attack them? The sillies and unthinking in little Red Dot believe in these threats whole heartedly and everyday worrying that China and North Korea are going to attack the Red Dot. Go look at all the countries neighbouring China, anyone worrying about China attacking them? The only country that is claiming that and building ICBMs is India, just like the West, hyping that China is planning to invade India when China was there and pulled back without staying a day longer after they defeated the Indian Army in the 1962 border war. What, China want to attack or invade India? What for?

This is the 21st Century. Conquering or invading another country is no longer acceptable, permissible or the thing to do. Colonialism is no longer feasible as the Americans have proven many times, that they could not conquer and rule a country by force anymore.  But the Americans have not learnt their lessons well and still stationing Americans troops all over the world thinking of war.

Who would be the most likely aggressor country to conduct and engage in wars? China, Russia or America? Who have military bases and troops all over the world? The Americans have been accusing Russia, China and North Korea as the threat to peace when the real threat to world peace are the Americans. They are the trigger happy gangsters that have been engaging and still engaging in wars everywhere.

China going to attack Singapore, North Korea going to attack Singapore or the Philippines? Stupidity has no cure. Let Duterte teach them how to think clearly. Duterte is going to send all the American troops back to the USA. The American troops are in the Philippines to defend against who, or to hold on to the Philippines as a semi colony, like Japan and South Korea? Die die also would not leave.

The Americans are hyping all the threats to frighten the silly Asian countries to allow them to station their troops in their countries as semi colonies of the American Empire, to control them and to buy more American weapons.  Can understand that?

Stupidity has no cure.

PS. The Philippines filed a mild protest to China for putting anti aircraft and anti missile weapons in the SCS islands. The Americans were hoping to drive a wedge in the warming relations between the Philippines and China. The Pinoys are not stupid. These are defensive weapons, not offensive weapons like aircraft carriers, tanks and nuclear bombers. They would only be used against anyone who intrudes into Chinese territorial waters to challenge the Chinese. And the likely intruders would be the Americans or maybe the Japs and the little sheriff in Australia.

The defensive weapons are not to attack the Philippines, but to defend Chinese islands. What is there to protest?


Anonymous said...

//This is the 21st Century. //


Sombolee still holds absolute power like a monarch?

Policies are still shafted down the subjects throats like what ancient tyrants did to their people?

In l3gal cont3xt, when a man shaft his tinkie into a woman (qithout consent), it is rape?

When rulers do likewise with their policies, is it not tantamount to same violation of the people?

Anonymous said...

I got the impression that Abe is giving missile Foc to them. I wonder wether he offers

Missile to Indonesia or Vietnam when he visited them. Walau, Japan now also selling arms

Like the Empire.

Anonymous said...

So what if it is 21st century?


Everytime strip open yewr cpf account and take away or enslave forcefully need yewr permission, yewr consent?

Anonymous said...

Finally, we have a President who dares to speak the truth. Duterte has done the right thing to get rid of American soldiers stationed in his land. No sovereign country would allowed soldiers from another country to stationed as protecting force. Defence should be the sole responsibility of the nation alone.

Anonymous said...

Foreign forces in the country is there to control the local government and when needed to over throw the government. And the Special Forces are there to train and feed the rebels to be used against the government when the time comes for regime change.

Anonymous said...

Ah beh met Ah long far away at central america. They wanted to have tea but ended pee pee. Tea pee pee party was over with ah beh wanted to push it without US and ah long second it. Both ah bed ah long met again at ah beh s home town. They declared china should follow hague tribunal international laws. It was like ah beh gonna lead the movement to support hague tribunal judgment and tea pee pee party with ah long as second man leading asean countries as a train head by the rising sun brand.

It did not take off. A big blow to Obama was his plan in Syria to build up IsIs in Aleppo when bust. US first time had no say in UN on cease fire and final peace agreement. Obama back off. Dare not to talk about supporting anything to do with anti china scheming. He stopped telling Xi to obey international laws, he declared no longer pushing for tea pee pee.

Ah beh and ah long became dislodged from the US spiritual leader. Ah beh delivered the promised free karanguni police patrol boats to Duterte. In recent visit, Ah beh offered cash to Duterte. In the press party, Duterte called Ah beh brother, and Ah beh responded called Duterte brother. Both brothers now settle down to do nothing on South China Sea. Duterte is asean leader by rotation. He does not want to list South China Sea in agenda. Duterte has got cash from ah beh and xi rich man, also free karangui sea patrol boats. Ah long has got nothing free for his people. Not only nothing free, xi rich man s people refused to visit ah long s place in group tours. Some said the group tour drop by 90% in revenue. Where did the xi rich men and women went shopping? Malaysia saw the biggest surge in xi rich men and women tourist surge in Oct holiday seasons, between Malaysia and the city at its south. Ah long is super good politician in this region. Highestly paid. Performance to generate income to his citizens, i rate him lowest in this region. Many commentators like to use mudland on the north. I see their potential to drive cash from the xi rich men and women has just began to strike big. No wander mahatia and muidine partnership got worried. Both of these 2 said taking in china investment was wrong. So both are gonna join ah long s party? Gone with the wing, the party of these old fucking chaps dreaming of their own world to have cash and pointing fingers at their own people not deserving cash is just a dream and illusion to themselves. In reality, ordinary folks need cash to pay for the big bills dump out big bills each month. Ah long not only cannot help his people to get big cash to pay bigger bills, he went to india as hope. He already has a ceca to assure good jobs for indians, he might think of new ceca to open it bigger to beat Trump s plan to shut the doors to make their own cars, sell their own products in walmar. Ah beh wasted his cash and karanguni patrol boats. Ah long got zero, still dreaming to open wider borders to attract talents to strike it big for his little city, while his armoy cars got stuck and china never gave face. Bad hor, how come china never gave face to a rich man in asia, and important economy in asean. Why asean countries never support an important country being bullied by china. Why ah beh never say a word to help ah long as both are good friends. To ask even the north to help is infertile. They want china cash. To ask indon to help, They still remember the air show last minute cancellation for their officers and the tax avoiding indon living on it. To ask vietnam to help, They will stare at ah long and speechless. To ash cambodia philippines myannmar to help. They will go toilet to avoid ah long at meeting. Ah long has good time now. Nothing to rush.

Anonymous said...

Ah long has good time now.
10:44 am

Tiok. And also good time till next GE 2020 and beyond, but in Sinkieland only, but still good time and good enough liao, tio bo?

Can the Sinkie opposition spoil Ah long's good time? Can or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

"but still good time and good enough liao, tio bo?"
11:21 am

tio liao. good time forever for ah long until his own state funeral. There is no opposition liao. No party can spoil ah long s good years and more good years. He will be the leaders until his 101 year birthday then decide to pass to the heng ah, already 90 year old. Until then, which opposition can last that long? All xi liao except the 2 still good morning to each other. Why? they are rich mah. Poor folks die early. This is truth in sinkieland. cannot change lah.

Anonymous said...

Can the Sinkie opposition spoil Ah long's good time? Can or not, u say lah?
January 19, 2017 11:21 am

It's up to Singaporeans and not the Opposition lah.
- Can SINGAPOREANS spoil Ah long's good time?

Is this why we must make all Singaporeans become unemployed?
- so that they will be too scared to vote out PAP?

Is this why we must prevent Singaporeans from going to university?
- so that they will not become too smart and qualified and start joining the Opposition?

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Only Singaporeans can vote out the PAP
- therefore Singaporeans are the enemies of PAP

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

//This is truth in sinkieland. //

Tiok lah

Normal virgin gal need big spsce cos vert difficupt go in, need time foreplxy, stimulaxe slowly slowly, small space cannot de, very uncomfortable?

But now thr truth is somebolee already said no nid no nid big space, small space can liao?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dick-tator Duterte is actually cosying up to THE WORLD'S RICHEST MAN---Vladamir Putin, at the moment the smartest person in politics (i.e. biggest gangster, top of the food chain), bar none. This fucker is about twice as rich as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet COMBINED. 😳😳

In the shifting world of geo-politics, the man with the strongest hand is PUTIN. Plus he is really fit, strong alpha-male and VIRILE.

Like The Donald tells it as he sees it...without flinching, without the slightest hint of fear. (Putin's a world-renowned zero-fuck guy too)

Roy Duterte made a good move. He'll be hanging out with the best. If Putin is your bro', you will definitely rise!

Anonymous said...

//Only Singaporeans can vote out the PAP
- therefore Singaporeans are the enemies of PAP..//

Sinkies r not enemies of Miws Papies simply bcos it need both hands to clap.
The real enemies to Papies r the opposition parties, oppo activists, oppo bloggers & those who
voted against Papies Leegime.

Anonymous said...

"therefore Singaporeans are the enemies of PAP"
11:54 am

i tell u not true lah. Singaporeans are part of PAP. Automatic voting for PAP. For their leeders to have good pay and good lives, and not for themselves; for mumbai university grads to have good civil service jobs here; not for local grads. Ah long offer one year 360 millions to foreigners to study in local schools and unis to go home straight after graduations, that is to prevent locals studying in local unis to be local grads.

Singaporeans want to send their kids to local unis is against ah long s wishes. Singaporeans want jobs in singapore is against PAP s wishes. These are very few minority only. 30% families want these. 70% do not want jobs in singapore and do not want their kids to study in local universities. 70% families vote for Pap to keep ah long to have more good years.

U are outdated.

Anonymous said...

230 is playing the game of using the $$$ guven to buy weapons from another to use against the one who gave $$$?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "obvious lah" anon 1204:

»So what do you call Russia invading and annexing Crimea?«

I call it "entertainment". 🤓

or some may say it's "live-streamed history being made". War/ aggression/ hostility makes the most exciting human history. Peace, compassion, etc is boring as bat-shit.😴

Combat is alpha male sexuality writ large. Remember, we're still apes, and thus, as studies suggest, or propensity to wage war and violence are INHERENT TRAITS. 🐒

So as monkeys in circuses and village squares 🐵entertain us, human apes going to war and killing the fuck 🔪 🔫 🔨out of each other is definitely VALID entertainment🤡

Anonymous said...

/// The real enemies to Papies r the opposition parties, oppo activists, oppo bloggers & those who voted against Papies Leegime. ///
January 19, 2017 12:04 pm

Opposition parties and Opposition bloggers cannot vote out PAP.
Only Singaporeans can vote out PAP.
Only highly qualified and educated Singaporeans like Chen Show Mao can offer a credible alternative to PAP Ministers and PAP Generals.

Therefore it is advantageous for PAP to treat Singaporeans as enemies.
And to treat all highly qualified Singaporeans (who are not PAP members) as a threat to PAP.

Is the above true or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.39pm

//Therefore it is advantageous for PAP to treat Singaporeans as enemies.
And to treat all highly qualified Singaporeans (who are not PAP members) as a threat to PAP.

Is the above true or not?
You tell me lah.//

Answer: Sinkies r never enemies of Papies lah, at least 70% of them already cast their votes to Papies (& these include the highly qualified ones who r not even a member of Papies club ...) Therefore, its never AH LONG wish to classify Sinkies as enemies (cos they r with u, 4 u ...even to Hell they with u...even those who voted against Papies AH Long will also love to win them back, how can u say Sinkies r treated by Papies as though like enemies..u r seditious & promote hatred amongst Sinkies...).

Anonymous said...

"Is the above true or not?"
1:39 pm

Not true lah. Chen whatever can only threaten Low whatever to pull up his performance and nothing else.

The real enemy of PAP is money money money.
People have money is a threat to PAP who has a lots of money for all pap activists.

If other than PAP activists have money, they can threaten the positions of PAP in power itself. Therefore PAP s policy is to ensure people have no money. Pap policy raise cost, bring in indians at cheap labor price, give them free educations to block local children in schools and block more locals going into unis.

More graduates more money for non Pap. This is forbidden. So people have money are enemies of Pap. Money is enemy of Pap if not hold by Pap.

Anonymous said...


Anyone with money &/ or ability they feel threatened and need to "silence them tru bankruptcy etc etc"?

So sin(land) already a peesai and yew "silence the better ones" left (hollow) PLPs &/ or Nodding Parrots &/ or Pappies (female version dunno should call what name like beaches or what?)?

Anonymous said...

The resulting outcome is since 1990 economy heading south but noboLEE can turn it around?

By 2000 quite jiatlat le so 2005 "turned to vices to prop up economy"?

But now the steriod (vices) wears out le but cos the better ones still "caged &/ or silenced &/ or banished to siberia (not allowed to return?) so exonomy languishing in the doldrums/ moribund state and in medical terms "coma, icu &/ or life support system"?

Anonymous said...

It is a nation and its pple's MISfortune if its LEEders are paranoid?

It is a nation and its pple's MISfortune if its LEEders are schizophrenic &/ or having bipolar disorder?

The Taiwanese media was commenting on current China/ Sg relationship and attributed to lack of firmness and easily swayed left and right (by PLPs etc)?

Anonymous said...

The neighbouring countries (with vast lands, resources, manpower) are catching up fast and mostly pushing the right buttons and pulling the right levers?

Matland even has a China Xiamen University overseas campus and the scale is not small?

Going into many Indoland and Matland schools, even many indigenous non-Chinese are learning Chinese and are relatively fluent in Mandarin but the sin(land) banana culture is going (against the tide and) in the opposite direction?

Anonymous said...

Imagined botakchay non-chinese indoland and matland parents are far sighted and wise enough to get their children into Chinese classes in school?

Meanwhile the 1,000th storey iVory tower residents are very happy and relax in their comfort zone on the potato couch munching on chips?

They are probably waiting for fire to reach the door before they realised it and jump off their (potato) couch?

Anonymous said...

The system of parachuting ("blur blur") paper generals into crucial positions in the power struxture qould probably (prove to) fail monumentally down the road (or even in a few years time)?

That's what rot is all about?

Standards are atrocious and horrendous and on a downward spiral but everyboLEE just parrot like the msm?

No able sinkie in his right mind would want to step up and take over and run after pick up the shit someboLEE created?

KFC recently encouraged sinkie to go invest/ work in Laos and Cambodia?

That sounds goooooood?

Might as well do it now since eventually even such countries most likely would overtake sin(land) by many happenings around the region?

b said...

Many mps have nice big second homes and fat bank accounts in foreign countries so that they can quit sg once the island in danger. They do not care about the people and only want to milk them so they can buy more second homes.

Anonymous said...

In terms of KPI or Key Performance Indicator
- what is a PAP Minister's KPI?

Is it how much money they can collect from Singaporeans?

b said...

Duterte is smart not to buy from Abe. If want to buy weapons, must buy from super powerful suppliers. They will come to the rescue if their customers get banged as in the case of Russia and Syria.

denk said...

aneh xuan xiao chinese,


walan, the verifing process gone crazy,
took me ten rounds to get thru

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Denk, that's Mr Brown lah. He more likely a peranakan.

The adaptation of Vincent quite nicely done, I must say.

denk said...

hello RB

did you watch jack ma give the murkkans a piece of his mind, hehehheh ?


wow, verifying now very lachay hhhhh

Zelphlim said...

This is one article that the word stupid come across so many times. Yes, it's stupid. To leave a country defence based on theories instead of hardware. History, something we can learn from. Have taught us that no one is responsible for your own sovereignty defence. Especially when everyone is silent on a rising power of different governing ideology. Looking at the current situation, the Chinese are smarter than the dictators of the Axis during WWII.
Stupid, yes it's stupid. Taking the money and laugh it off. For being silent about the nine dashed lines in South China Sea. A protest? More like a show. No one will know the future, but leaving it to chance? Saving the money and pray for safety? Well, personally I believe hardware deference than faith.