Can Abe be trusted?

Abe went to Pearl Harbour to lay a wreath and the Japanese made it very clear that he was not there to apologise for the sneaky attacks against the Americans. Actually he needs not apologise for the Americans believe the Japanese are honourable warriors living by the samurai code of honour, no sneaky attacks. This is what the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshida Suga said of the visit, ‘The visit to Pearl Harbour was to console the souls of the war dead, not to apologise.’
What does he meant by making an official visit but still refusing to apologise? Japan did not do anything wrong. There is nothing to apologise about. Get the message?

And during the visit Abe pompously said, ‘We must never repeat the horrors of war again. This is the solemn vow we, the people of Japan, have taken.’  No more wars, no more atrocities! Then why did Abe and his cabinet tore awaiting the pacifist Constitution that forbid Japan to go to war unless being attacked? Why is Japan so eager to engage in wars overseas, to support wars overseas, including fighting alongside the Americans?

How to believe someone talking about peace and no war when the same person tore away a pacifist Constitution that would not allow Japan to go to war, remilitarize his armed forces with bigger defence budgets and happily sending his soldiers to theatres of war all over the world.

Is Abe a liar or an honourable man to be trusted not to conduct war? The refusal to apologise to the victims of a sneaky attack in Pearl Harbour speaks volumes about what is inside Abe’s head, what he stands for. He did not see it necessary to visit the war memorials of all the countries that Japan invaded except this one in Pearl Harbour, all because Obama had to visit the memorial site in Hiroshima first. He has never visited the memorial sites in Koreas and China, two countries that took the worst blow from the invading Japanese Imperial armies. But he had in many occasions visited the Yasukuni Shrine that honoured the war criminals of Japan that invaded Asia and South East Asia. 

What did all these said of this man Abe and of the Japanese people?


Anonymous said...

Abe san, The current Japs leader can't be trusted, when neighbouring countries start to believe & trust Abe san or Japs is like courting with death & the end result will be 'habis'. Which part of world history shows that the Japs r pacifist or peace maker? Even if Sinkieland leeders think that the Japs can be trusted for trade, China will not give in & will undoubtedly skin this Sinkies cat. Sinkie Leeder had a habit of going to the Sunny Land to take photos & selfies every end of the year, what's the agenda (no one knows)? Abe san visit to the Pearl Harbour is only to mean one thing- Japs will one day come back & strike again ( like the Stars Wars Empire Strke back), & China is going to prepare & response to this with another 'Great Wall' & military build up ..look like the world is alot more unrest...

Virgo 49 said...

Simple, when these Politicians and Scoundrels speak

Believed the Opposite

What they saying not doing means they gonna do again.

That's why THEY are even Ranked LOWER than the garbage collectors and prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

"He did not see it necessary to visit the war memorials of all the countries that Japan invaded except this one in Pearl Harbour, all because Obama had to visit the memorial site in Hiroshima first."

It's like that one lah, because Abe see the other countries "no up" mah, for obvious reasons.

Just like PAP also see the WP "no up" mah, and for obvious reasons, and even despite WP Teochew Ah Hia even praising PAP as a competent govt some more. But WP still kena whacked jialat jialat by PAP all the same, tio bo?

Politicians everywhere are like that one lah, and Abe is no exception.

Anonymous said...

It's like that one lah, because Abe see the other countries "no up" mah, for obvious reasons.
9:37 am

Tiok. I remember it was reported that SR Nathan ever visited the memorial site in Hiroshima but I did not recall Abe or even other Japanese ministers visiting Sinkieland War Memorial site.

You can be friendly to someone but you may also see that someone "no up".

Anonymous said...

In the ring they bow in front of their opponent, the moment the opponent turned his back, they strike, your trust you die first!

Anonymous said...

Abe is the infantry foot soldier of Obama and Hillary s plan. The plan is to stir up china. Another infantry robot woman is done. She had to follow Obama s plan to put Thaad somewhere. Trust Abe for what? He has no real weapons. The buttons are held by US at Okinawa and Yokohama. There is no need to put up the show of cat crying for dead rats at Pearl Harbor. US citizens should know. Obama is working for big corporations. Hillary s election s donations are from these big corporations. It is well known Hillary giving talks and taking millions dollars in exchange. Obama after giving dinner to someone, he said this some little dot could then buy F35. Abe had 9 F35 delivered.

Abe has no soul. Japan is fully dependent on US. Obama s whole 8 years was spent on manipulating Abe and one woman s every step. Obama used EU to threaten Putin with sanctions and forcing Putin to lean on Xi in china for money. Putin became the biggest seller on weapons: su35 to Indonesia, S300 to Iran, S400 to china. That made Abe more scared of china. China also scared of Obama. Obama s shadow Hillary was likely be president after him. China speed up weapon making. 12 months last year made 30 warships of 20000 tons to 150000 tons. Abe cannot catch up with china s speed. He becomes more scared of china s threat and dependent for Obama for support. The TPP was his hope to export to US. He was played out as Obama was powerless inside US.

Abe is left out now and will be left out by Trump. Trump likes Putin to have less problems for US. It is so simple to read the game now. Abe want US to poke at China. Will Trump help him to poke china for no reason? Not so for a billionaire businessman who was once a salesman. I think Trump will keep Abe away because Abe can drain US s cash. Trump instead will ask Abe to pay US cash. Cash lai, or get loss.

Trump hates china because china earned trillions of cash from US. For that, Xi had no choice by to pop up RMB. He used up lots of cash reserves to buy back RMB. Current china cash reserves is close to the floor china can take. It left only 3.1 trillions.
Trump also hates US has no high speed rails. China has the world most high speed rails, top in the world.

From this current scenario, there is no chance Abe can ask Trump to attack china. Trump will stir up south china sea and taiwan to force china for more trade give away. Trump want cash flowing back to US. Certainly if US allow, Trump will want china to donate high speed rails. Poor US citizens being short changed by politicians. One little dot politicians also joined the fun on south china sea. China is in deep trouble going broke for holding on the fire. If Xi were to pull the trigger at Scs once for all last year May when 3 US carriers assembled there, he might not need to waste so much efforts to keep proving to Philippines and US that Scs islands are china s assets. Too bad, Xi wants trade with US and lose billions to support the RMB now to please Trump. The money loss should be small sums if US carriers received the missiles and ran off last year.
That will also settle Abe s ambitions to use US to fix china. Too late.

Anonymous said...

Trump instead will ask Abe to pay US cash. Cash lai, or get loss.
10:29 am

Tiok. Just like PAP will ask Sinkies to pay their (CPF) cash. CPF, ERP, GST lai, but Sinkies will not ask PAP to get lost and instead still vote for PAP. Wonderful isn't it, for PAP?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:48am
Tiok. Pap not only asked Sinkies to collect less and less cpf cash when more PR must collect 100% cpf to go home. Pap also ask Sinkies to tahan hunger and earn less so that Pap can honor the blank cheque for ceca to draw on jobs and PR cpf.
Sinkies like to draw less cpf as they live longer to 100 year per life. They like to eat one day a meal when old. They love to have less or least cpf while seeing PR going home at sunny land as land owners like rajas. Sinkies must continue to vote for Pap so that they will "be" appeared on tv as "suicided" old folks with $100pm cpf as world news. Some may live at changi airport for free water and floor space. You name it. They must vote for Pap for this kind of endings.

Anonymous said...

First thing first:

Number One - Japanese can never be trusted. The Chinese have had a very long (five thousand years) historical records of experiences with the Japanese, in terms of business, commerce, diplomacy, general negotiation, personal relationship, trade and war. From these experiences arrived a very famous household must-remember (forget at your own peril) saying:

"Sleeping with a human-eating tiger is safer than trusting the Japanese Devils."

Number Two - Abe is worst than his predecessor JunichirĊ Koizumi. Both of them are pro-war, pro-aggression, anti-China and pretentious pro-US. Abe had to resign in 2007, less than one year after taking over from Koizumi, because of poor rating due to his a row over pensions and a series of financial scandals involving some of his cabinet ministers. Read this and you will know who Shinzo Abe is:


Anonymous said...

Abe, just like Hsien Loong and Najib, were born to politically prominent families lah.

Abe's grandfather, Kan Abe, and father, Shintaro Abe, were both politicians. Abe's mother, Yoko Kishi, is the daughter of Nobusuke Kishi, prime minister of Japan from 1957 to 1960.

Anonymous said...

What a slave like logic? When US slaves were released. They refused to leave the master s families. There were tons of such stories.

Born by politicians couple must be prominent politician?

Born by the emperor but ended up as a gardener. This was real truth.

Anonymous said...

Saw TOC said, average sinkie owe housing debt 54+k =* 55k.

If this debt extend 25 years at 4 to 5%, the debts will take away 185k with interest.

As this is housing debt mainly at 75% of them, guess should be on 3 room flat. Average income for such household should be below 3000pm or 36k per year. CPF at 40% is 14.4k =15k. Any future value cpf cannot catch up with the current debts without paying cash.

I saw a thumb up speech by a big gun saying in globalization middle class is affected and he believed regeneration is better than redistribution. It literally means to many, redistributing someone doing manager job is not right, but retraining someone to be taxi driver or engineer or doctor will be better solution. By the time after the retraining, the garment will tell him to go for regeneration change job course. How can be have cpf to pay for his debts?

Globalization means immigrants taking away local jobs. No one has misunderstood it now as US voted for Trump and Brits voted to leave EU to avoid immigrants. Little dot is heading for suicide to have voted for the current team going for globalization and keep asking middle class to re adjust jobs to different kinds to help immigrants to take up the jobs locals used to do and excel on. The local s debts will be huge problems.

Current consumers debts is 306billions as per TOC. ie 1GDP year round figure. If to pay back means 1 year no gdp. Still has the illusion to keep changing jobs doing jack for all trade kinda trade. One year engineer one year accountant one year doctor. Can meh? Globalization can only be properly benefiting sinkies when these stupid ministars are voted out.

b said...

No one whatever the race can be trusted. Trust have to be earned.

Anonymous said...

Sg media overstated Japanese product quality. Think faulty car air bags !