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How  would Trump deal with a trigger happy North Korea? Jeremy Koh

To tackle social and political issues, return to 'honest politics': DPM Tharman

Above are two headlines in Channel News Asia on 8 Jan 17. In the first headline, the mindset of the author, Jeremy Koh, is that Kim Jong Un is a trigger happy man, or the North Koreans are. How did he come to this conclusion? What did the North Koreans did to be branded as trigger happy? Did they go to war, commit terrrorist acts? Or they were testing their missiles and nuclear weapons? If testing missiles and nuclear weapons are considered trigger happy, would the USA be branded as trigger happy, the most trigger happy as they have tested the most missiles and nuclear weapons and possessed the most and threatened to use them in the most occasions? Or is conducting military exercises considered trigger happy? Which country is conducting war games all over the world? North Korea?

What about countries engaged in wars under the slightest provocations or fabricating false information like WMD, would they be considered trigger happy? Which country has been conducting wars all over the world? Not trigger happy?

Or North Korea is trigger happy because the Americans said so? A little critical thinking and common sense would easily identify who is the real trigger happy country. No prize for the correct answer.

Singaporeans are not called daft for no reasons. Their daftness is legendary.


The second question is an eye opener. Returning to honest politics. Who have been indulging in dishonest politics and who needs to return to honest politics?  See the halo over my head?

Ok, let’s not engage in speculations, allegations or name calling. Let those honest people engaging in dishonest politics to start to change to honest politics. No need to ask them to own up and confess that they have been engaging in dishonest politics. That would be asking too much.

All those engaging in dishonest politics please kee chiu.

Thank you Tharman for saying the darnest thing. I know that you are referring to the international players and this is not meant for domestic consumption.

PS. Any cat wants to declare it does not eat fish and wants to turn vegetarian?


Anonymous said...

Who have been indulging in dishonest politics and who needs to return to honest politics?

Please lah, politics, even if dishonest, is a privilege of ruling parties lah.

Why privilege?

Because they can indulge in dishonest politics and still get away with it mah.

How? Because despite their dishonest politics, they can still win big in elections what.

Good privilege or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Because despite their dishonest politics, they can still win big in elections what.
8:57 am

Tiok. And honest politics is totally no use if the party is not ready to be govt and so lose the election.

And worse, the party with honest politics but lost the election may even kena tekan jialat jialat by the dishonest ruling party which won the elections.

So what to do?

Anonymous said...

The other day, a friend mentioned to me how disappointed he was with his former classmates from Raffles Institution, a premier school in Singapore. Many have climbed to high positions in business and the professions since they left school. At the last general election, they told my friend they were leaning towards voting for opposition parties, but at the last minute, in the polling station, they changed their minds. “They said they were concerned about instability,” my friend told me.

Virgo 49 said...

North Korea trigger happy???

Got see this morning Fox 702 or not????

USA naval ships fired at Iranian ships.

Who is.more trigger happy?????

Sinkies brainwashed PAP and USA are Angels.

Rest devils.

Anonymous said...

please lah please lah singapore is like that......

singaporeans are like that lah......

many many many kpkb and kpkb....but at last minute, they changed their minds......

you dont know meh......

wont be surprised next ge pap 80% vs 20% opps......

so do not be too serious......

be happy and worry less............


Virgo 49 said...

Right bro 9.35

Where got PAP 80% Opposition 20%????
PAP 90% opposition 10%
Fear factor only PAP created jobs for Sinkies.
Opposition no talents.
Next few years recession and depression.

Sinkies will vote only PAP. Whether honest or dishonest politics.

Time for another round of roulette

Life's too short.

Anonymous said...

I m not a fortune teller.

But, it is very very likely at the next GE, PAP will recaptured H and A GRC!

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

“They said they were concerned about instability,” my friend told me.

January 10, 2017 9:10 am
The rich and successful non-PAP voter is much smaller in number than the poor & starving PAP voter.
- please stop blaming rich & successful Singaporeans for voting PAP.

- a Holy Book counsels that a camel has a better chance of squeezing through the eye of a needle than a Millionaire has of entering the kingdom of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Its lucky or unlucky to Pap that readers read non main media. I still scan through main media. There is no need to buy news papers. I have saved alot of $1. There are second level support for main media. I just need to scan what they write if i have missed out those they think are useful for promoting Pap politics. I encounter a surname Yaw. Hey that was a long long lost friend of WP. They bother to find him in Yangoon. But my heart is with a pretty face Irene or something if i lost in memory. She got involved with an mp and last i read was some lawyer sought by her husband. I forgot what s the mp s name except remembered him as botak head. "Thaman" said hot politics yet the main media brought old cold potatoe just for the purpose to divert attention on terex and cpib investigation. Will it work? On hot politics, i like Thaman s statement not as distance as Yaw: Thaman said $1000pm income was enough to buy HDB flat. I wander Thaman has since tracked those followed his advise to buy flat while making $1000pm. Are they still alive similar to Yaw whom main media like so much. That Yaw was never proven to have done something beyond moral code. He was expelled from WP because he failed to attend an order for inquiry. The last i read about Yaw was he had a baby waiting at hospital. His marriage should have done well and sealed with concrete. Not at Pap camp, the woman with botak. Was she ok or not?
I analogize Yaw similar to North Korea. North Koreans live with their own lives. Though with sanctions, i saw pictures they made good shoes like some new balance brand and they use handphones. They have lives lah. Not for little dot. It s atmosphere is like moaning for death. The street shops have so many empty units. The new year stuff are not new and exciting. There is no excitement about new year 2017 or Cny. Its because Thaman s spelled $1000pm is still around $1000pm after so many years.

Keeping $1000pm for employees for so many long years, is good for the employers? The employers now learn the hardway from Pap s depressed salary policy. People s buying power turned from good to bad and bad to worst. Pap still has clown IB to promote 3 millions foreigners influx to "capitalize" on White Papers. Can readers imagine what kind of hot politics can Pap bring to voters? Death nails. Wanna attack Yaw to bring down WP? I doubt Pap can do that as botak s attack on a decent supporter's family is still fresh in my memory. I will vote for opposition. No matter who and how it happens to cpib investigation or the terex case. I serious hope Pap took its IB clown s advise to get influx of 3 millions foreigners. Lets sell off everything and move for Pap to have 100% popular votes. Opposition supporters move to Yangoon or somewhere so that main media will trace where are the opposition supporters now. Hey that is fun. Hot politics leh.

Anonymous said...

@ January 10, 2017 10:35 am

The tussle between Communist China and the "democratic" western alliance is a war of ideologies.

Does greater freedom and democracy result in more riches for the citizens?
Or do citizens have to exchange freedom & democracy for riches?

Or are both systems corrupted beyond repair and the libertarian ideology is the only salvation for daft Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

New panel to certify ethnicity of presidential hopefuls


As usual, daft Singaporeans do not see anything wrong here.
And we continue to dig deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Anonymous said...

Mischling Test
Mischling Test refers to the legal test under Nazi Germany's Nuremberg Laws that was applied to determine whether a person was considered a "Jew" or a "Mischling" (mixed-blood).


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The war in Syria is coming to an end. The evil Empire must start another war to raise tension and to sell more weapons.

The daft Sinkies will still be chirping the Americans are the most peaceful people and country in the world. Always ready to start a war. Oops, my apologies, always there for peace and stability.

Anonymous said...

The daft Sinkies will still be chirping the Americans are the most peaceful people and country in the world. Always ready to start a war. Oops, my apologies, always there for peace and stability.
January 10, 2017 11:21 am

The daft Sinkies will still be chirping the PAP are the most peaceful and progressive people and political party in the world. Always ready to help Singaporeans achieve "happiness, prosperity and progress" for our nation.

Anonymous said...

To Jeremy Koh,

To know which country is really really trigger-happy, all one needs to do is to go back to history.

When China invented gun-powder, she did not think of using it to make guns to kill people and invade other countries. She merely used it as fireworks for entertainment and celebration. Likewise, Korea (at that time only one Korea) also use it as fireworks.

When the West and Japan stole the knowledge of making gun-powder, they use it to make guns, cannons, missiles not only to kill the helpless defenseless people in their own countries but also to invade and plunder other countries and killed, massacred and murdered millions upon millions of aborigines and native inhabitants in cold blood and took over their lands and keep them until today. Who invented the trigger and who squeezed the trigger first? Were they not trigger-happy to have invented the trigger so that they could squeeze it and kill someone else?

How many countries invaded China? There were 13 countries. Who were they? Were they not trigger-happy? Did Korea participated in the invasion of China?

Who started the First World War? North Korea?

Who started the Second World War? North Korea?

Which country continues to invade other countries, even after the Second World War had ended? North Korea?

Jeremy Koh, if you are reading this, go and knock your head against the toilet wall and rub some sense into it.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the 154. Today in the shit times about 10 articles

on HongKong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and China all with wonderful headlines excluding

the two from the ministars. China must be important to Sin. Why so many articles?

Anonymous said...

There is no such a thing as honest politics.

Since time immemorial, when human beings began to socialize, politics began. Since then, politics has never been a honest endeavor. That is why we have the saying: Politics is a Dirty Game, or Politics is Dirty. So, since when politics has been honest?

Who made politics dirty? It must be the politicians, right? If the politicians are the ones who made politics dirty, they themselves are dirty, right? If politicians are dirty, then how can politics be not dirty?

As long as human beings are not perfect, they will lie (black, white or grey lies), covert or steal in order to persuade someone to do the deeds for them. Lying, covetousness and stealing are the most fundamental faults of human imperfection.

Politicians are engaged in the art of persuasion in order to win votes. They have to convince the voters in one way or another. They will say anything in order to win votes. Most of them will lie, cheat, covert or steal. Some even stooped so low to indulge in gutter-politics and character-assassinations. Some are so ruthless and debased that they have no qualms in employing whatever means within their power (detention, imprisonment, law-suits, courts' orders, police-muscles, military-muscles, covert operations, blackmails, assassinations, etc.) to "persuade" others to comply and submit to their will.

As long as there are politicians who go all-out to win votes, there will never be clean, honest politics.

Can Mr Tharman show us how politics can be honest? Leading by example?

Anonymous said...

Sg state-media cna get the locals to report on Japan ,SKorea but not for China for North east Asia region.

Anonymous said...

Can Mr Tharman show us how politics can be honest?
12:42 pm

If you have the chance to ask Tharman that straight to his face, he will probably tell you that it is honest politics that make PAP, including himself of course, win every election.

And doesn't matter whether you agree or not, or kpkb for all you want, but fact is PAP indeed won, which is what really matters, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


Pap always win? Not true lah. Pap always lose in Hg and Aljunied.
Always lost in Hg and more will be lost in coming election.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am going to write a piece titled, Singapore is a beacon of honesty.

I know you people sure cannot tahan this title. But I must be honest and say the honest thing for social and economic progress.

Anonymous said...

If you have the chance to ask ANY Politician straight to his face, he would probably tell you that he is honest and it is his honest politics that would win him votes.

Words, words, words ... are useless. Politicians have to show by actions to prove that they are honest. Not words, which is no different from KPKB.

Wining elections does not necessarily mean honest politics. Most elections in the world are won by DISHONEST Politics. Only daft Sinkies continue to be mesmerized by liars and call them Masters and lick their boots!

Anonymous said...

No wander on IB wrote to ask Pap to implement White paper. Its about urine to save lives in Singapore. More urine is needed. This ex malaysian said Singapore need 3 millions foreigners. I dont know how many condos he gets stuck on hand.

Looking forward to water rationing. The weather is hot. I hope condos sales will run like hot cake again, and all shops will opened for business under the honest Pap.
Haha honest has to be redefined by botak. This time increasing population to use up the Johor river. Its dried up with soil cracks seen.

5th column foreigners living here is no joke, this is honest word, and honest politics from opposition supporter. Pap s days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

//Singapore is a beacon of honesty.//

Uncle RB, i want to LOL ( laughing out loudly) when i read this titled. Since, when Sinkieland & Sinkies r the beacon of honesty? Our nations pledge never say so Leh..however, lets not forget being honest is part of human virtue & morality. Being honest sometimes is a double edge sword sometimes being mis-used/mis-lead by dishonest beings to trick the honest beings. And sometimes being honest is a disadvantage, eg salesman selling stuffs, ft seeking jobs in Sinkieland etc..can the gahmen being honest disclose how much of monies or reserves we have to the public or other countries? Maybe u can say it's politically correct or true or fact ( true / fact)..but the daft Sinkies r the honest ones as they can't identify whose is right or wrong but will always vote the MIW's party, ..these dafts Sinkies r the most honest in this planet ( if not the entire galaxy) but not Sinkieland ( bcos it belong to everyone of the planet sold away by the most honest leeders)..

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Not only is "honest politics" impossible to attain---because you may be able to have honest individuals but honesty as a group or group-mind has never been seen in human history---honest politics is also VERY FUCKING BORING.

Let's face it. We all have schadenfreude. We relish the idea of people who are higher up the socio-politico-economic ladder falling from grace, because they got caught doing naughty things.๐Ÿ‘€ It makes us all feel morally superior, ๐Ÿ˜‡ even though that's total bullshit. We know deep down are all flawed and broken, but we all love that shot of dopamine which causes us to feel pleasure (almost sexual in nature) when we discover some "elite" has been caught and exposed in some scandalous situation.๐Ÿ˜ผ

I surrender to my schadenfreude. ๐Ÿ™ I just love my selfish entertainment at the expense of some asshole's suffering. Man, it makes my cock hard.๐Ÿคฃ

I want to see minsters plotting each other's ๐Ÿ”ช murder ๐Ÿ’€ ⚰️ or framing each other for heinous crimes ๐Ÿ’ฃ in order to erase them from political competition. I want to read about how upright religious MPs were ๐ŸŽฅ caught fellating transsexuals and snorting drugs off their anuses, or caches of kiddie porn discovered on their computers๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿ‘ฎ.

I want to get the dirty stories of how party cadres are colluding with their opposition peers, embezzling ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ party funds, doing under-the-table deals, committing acts of treason....I want filth, dirt, blood and corruption in politics, simply because that is the status quo, the Gold Standard.

C'mon motherfuckers, let's have some fun and 3 cheers for dishonest politicians! ๐Ÿคก

Anonymous said...

"the water level at the reservoir stood at 27 per cent as of Jan 1. Should it drop to zero, this could cause "severe problems" for both Singapore and Malaysia,"

Time to add 3 more millions foreigners from sunny land to 7 millions population White paper planned for. Urgently need urines to process to water to cover the shortage of water from reservoir at Johor.

Pap s plan always work out so well. 7 millions population can help to provide water and also cash to buy properties. Do it now.

b said...

Kim must be feeling very great again. Imagine, a small country like NK can scare mighty america all the time. Kim deserves an oscars/ golden globe award.

Anonymous said...

Mati, you talked so much about what you like but never breathe a word about what is happening in AMKTC. You don't know or you pretend you don't know? Or your little thing cannot get hard anymore?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry about not enough water for Sinkieland. The Marina reservoir (created by the Marina barrage) is enough to supply water from the sea. Through the barrage, some sea water can be added to the reservoir and the mixture can be processed cheaper into drinking water instead of totally by desalination of seawater.

That's why PAP knows there will always be enough drinking water, even if population go up to 10 million.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "use your brain lah kotek" anon 853:

»» Mati, you talked so much about what you like but never breathe a word about what is happening in AMKTC ««

Eh tambi, I only concentrate on my selfish enjoyment ok; mainly about (as you say) what I like.๐Ÿค 

AMKTC? Who gives a fuck? My kampung is Holland V lah. Why should I kaypoh about other people's kampung? If they can't get their shit together, their pasal lah. AMK got PM Lee HL as member? You tell me you motherfuckers cannot fix up your shit ah? Wake up lah cheebye! ๐Ÿคก

๐Ÿ‘ฎ The feudal serfs get the kampung they deserve ๐Ÿ‘ฎ