Asean unity is important to all Asean states

Singapore has been shouting and screaming its heads off in every occasion and opportunity to tell the Asean members that the unity of Asean is vital for the survival of small states. Somehow this seems to be like a lone voice in the wilderness. I have yet to hear another Asean country head coming out to echo this same concern. China is dividing up the Asean countries. So, why aren’t the other Asean countries panicking and shouting back at China for doing so? The fear of a disunited Asean seems to be the concern only of Singapore. Or at least none of the Asean country is voicing this fear. Why?

Is it that the other Asean states are not small states but big states or mid size states and so did not share the same fear as a small state like Singapore? The next smallest state in Asean must be Brunei, though its physical size is also much bigger than Singapore. Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the rest of the Asean states are not small states. This could be one of the reasons why they are not joining Singapore as the chorus boys and girls to hype this fear of a disunited Asean.

A corollary to this point is that these are bigger countries, or at least some, have aspirations to be regional powers or leaders in the region, leaders of Asean. How would they take it when a little red dot keeps climbing on top of them to shout to the world as if Singapore is the leader of Asean? Would they feel embarrass or feel that Singapore is usurping their roles as the natural leaders of Asean and thus feel offended. Could this be the reason why they refused to join in the shouting game as if the one that shouts the loudest is the leader and let Singapore shout for as loud and as long as it wants, alone, a voice in the wilderness?

Is Singapore sensitive to the aspirations of the regional powers, the bigger states in Asean to let them take the leadership role instead of trying to be the leader, acting as the leader, trying to call the shot and to set the agenda? Has Singapore really taken a look at what it is doing and whether the other Asean states are behind Singapore? Maybe they also share the same concerns of Singapore but just did not like to be led by Singapore and thus just keep quiet and refuse to say anything?

Maybe it would be wiser for Singapore to share and communicate more with the other Asean states, say its peace behind closed doors and let the bigger boys to front out, to take the lead and still getting the message across if the intent is to get the message across like in the NAM. It is good to know one’s own place and not to be ‘boh tua boh suay’ even among equals technically. The leaders and people of Asean too have their pride and do not want a little red dot to lead them around, acting like the top dog of Asean. Got to be sensitive I think.

What do you think? Would the Asean leaders fall in and allow Singapore to lead them in the charge in the international stage using Asean as a vehicle?


Anonymous said...

Singapore foreign ministry jittery after siding with U.S. against China on the South China Sea issue, and then kena abandoned by the yankees . . .

Anonymous said...

Let that PeeSai shout Lah..PeeSai can kpkb but nobody is gonna b crazy to listen to this small spoilt brat who thinks he is somebolee..think that the ASEAN leaders must have great compassion & pitiful to this PeeSai Leeder as he is now an orphan. Do u think that the other big states of ASEAN think that PeeSai can walk the talk? Do u think other big States of ASEAN leaders still think that PeeSai can be a Big Bro shouting loudly on then to unite? Who need who more to unite? Unite against who & for what purpose?

Anonymous said...

Rb, we have to lead if we wanted to punch above our weight. Hence we need to behave like a big state Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Singapore tua kee.

Anonymous said...

Would the Asean leaders fall in and allow Singapore to lead them in the charge in the international stage using Asean as a vehicle?

It depends. If it is in their interest to do so, the Asean leaders will allow Singapore to lead them.

Perhaps now Singapore shouting is not. That's why they did not echo Singapore's shouting.

Just like the WP's party. They only shout during election campaigns but keep quiet after that, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

There cud be some misreadings by folks here at MSN.
The hue and cry of Singapore are signs of desperations; they are SOS Calls.
So, contrary to the view that
Singapore is wanting to lead Asean may not be accurate.
Duterte, the current Philippines President is setting the tone for Asean and it so happens that the Philippines will be tge xhair of Asean.
The other misconception is that Singapore is lsrael like
or even more powerful than lsrael. Can it be possible ?
How many missiles can Singaporeans stand ?

Anonymous said...

The other misconception is that Singapore is lsrael like
or even more powerful than lsrael. Can it be possible ?
9:17 am

Can, if America thinks it is in their interest to make it so. In fact Israel would not be so powerful if not for American support.

And although I think Israeli soldiers are better than Sinkie NS soldiers, but in modern warfare, it is technology and weapons that count. America is very strong in this, especially air power. China still no fight in this area. Ask yourself, did China sell any aeroplanes or fighter jets like what America or even Russia did?

virgo49 said...

Sinkieland leaders are swell headed when the World praised Singapore as the Miracle of Asia even surpassing China and Other Asian countries.

So, they thought that they are smarter, richer and the rest must look up to them as Leaders.

That's because we progressed by having a sheepie population who are extremely obedient as lectured by our Great Leader to cultivate a siege mentality. So we expend all our energizes just in monies making and leave our fates to them.

Whilst the rest have had stormy politicial climates, and we progressed peacefully with a headstart.

So, we are now in a quandary as we have no more magic tricks in our hands and been betting on the wrong horses that even came.in the loser.

Antagonized the wrong dog and now been bitten by it. All the years believing in the shits of the western leaders that lead them to their and our ruins.

Lean too much to the Americunts and now with change of leaderships and instead of cultivating an better relationships with China, tried to teach them how to suck eggs.

As once China used to listen and learn the ropes from us. A newbie worker learning from his mentor can surpass him in no time if he is smarter than his mentor.

So do not always bully your newbies interns under you.

This is life's lessons.

The Wheel of Fortune now turned to Sinkieland's fate to be always bankrupt. The other Asian countries now had strong political leaders and they are fast catching up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans are so daft and would believe in any bullshit. The Israelis are the best fighting soldiers in the ME? That is a joke, is a myth. Historically the Jews were the slaves of the Arabs. During WW2 they were terminated like hapless sheep by the Germans.

Oh they won many wars against the Arabs! Really, who did the fighting, who provided the weapons? And who strangled the Arabs, tied the hands and legs of the Arabs? The Arabs were defeated by the American Empire, not be the Jews.

Remove the American factor and Israel will be gone tomorrow, flatten by the united forces of the Arabs. This is the hard truth. Stop believing in half truths and myths. The Jews are no match for the Arabs without the evil Americans.

The pathetic fate of the Arabs is determined by the American Empire. Learn to be critical and analytical and look carefully at the real stuff.

Anonymous said...


In total, the Earth has more than 16,000 nuclear warheads, each of which is more than 100 times the destruction and effect of those two Atomic Bombs dropped onto Japan, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945.

If only one-tenth of these nuclear weapons were to be activated in a Nuclear War, the Earth would be totally devastated with no humans, animals, insects, plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. etc. etc. There will be a Nuclear Winter and a Period of Darkness for many, many years.

Even if humans were to survive underground, there will be shortage of food and drinking water and they will die of starvation within a matter of months.

The Dirty Dozen - Twelve countries in the World possess the following, officially known to the public, nuclear weapons:

1. Russia - 8,500 and counting; 1,600 of which are capable of launching within minutes in response to any threat from NATO or USA; deliverable by land, air, sea and space.

2. USA - divulged as 7,700 but at its peak in 1976, USA had 35,000 warheads. Some of these are deployed in the NATO region in EU and the Middle East; most are carried by nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers and airborne platforms; land-based silos are dispersed throughout the whole of USA; and many of these are in Hawaii, Japan and Australia. US nuclear weapons can be delivered via land, air, sea and space.

3. France - more than 300 warheads, most of which are carried by nuclear submarines, ready to launch at any time.

4. China - openly known to have only 260 warheads, but could be much more; deliverable via land, air and sea.

5. UK - openly known to have 225 warheads, with 4 submarines carrying 16 warheads each, ready to launch at any time.

6. Pakistan - 120 to 130 warheads, but could be more.
7. India - 110 to 120 warheads, but definitely more than
8. Israel - neither agree nor deny that they have 80 to 100 warheads, but could be more.

9. North Korea - more than 10 but less than 15 warheads, but whether they can deliver the the weapons is still unknown; still testing missiles capable of delivering the warheads to the US.

10. Japan - whether already has nuclear weapons is still under suspect; but Japan definitely has the capability to produce at least 1,000 nuclear warheads within one year's notice. However, it is suspected that Japan already has some nuclear weapons in Okinawa and in Space.

11. Iran - could already has at least two nuclear warheads bought from North Korea and Pakistan, and also another two supplied by the Obama Administration through a third country under NATO. US helped Iran to start her Nuclear Program during the Shah's Reign.

12. Saudi Arabia - it is suspected that Saudi Arabia could also have a few nuclear warheads bought through the black-market, with the help of the CIA.

Countries under the umbrella of the US Nuclear Weapons Sharing Program are Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey. What does it mean? It means the US has deploy nuclear weapons in these countries, to be used in the event of a Nuclear War.

Fifty-nine other countries have the capability to produce nuclear weapons. These include Belarus, Belgium, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Syria, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and Ukraine.

None of the the 59 countries include any of the ASEAN Countries Perhaps Singapore is thinking of developing Nuclear capability and arming herself with nuclear weapons?

Anonymous said...

Sin is like
the Boy that
cries wolves
all the time.

virgo49 said...

Right, Mr RB, Israel is NOTHING without the Americans support.

They what Chinese said Hang Low Tau..

Put fears into others that they are Invincible. But on fact they are just blood and flesh beans with fears in their hearts.

DT may want to abandon them but His Evil Advisors will advises him against that.

Now the surest and the only way that the Americans can still have their daily bread are through the sale of their military wares to those suckers who brought and killed each other and their neighbour's.

So they still got to create chaos and earned the suckers hard earned monies buying their wares of destruction.

See what Boeing And Lockheed profits of billions if not trillions of dollars.

President Xi called for Nuclear Disarmaments.

You think the Americunts will second this? ?

The farking whites wanted to have an advantage over others so that they can bully them.

They will just agreed on terms to their advantage. Why allow the countries of India, Pakistan to have these nuclear whist they objected to the North Koreans.

You think India and Pakistan can be trusted???

They are the worse devils more than the North Koreans.

Snakes safer than dragons? ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In this case, over the question of "leadership", the wealthy city state of Singapore should take a leaf out of European history, namely the time of The House of Medici.

The Medici were the wealthiest family in Europe. Florence and the Tuscan region flourished. Regional economies boomed. They minded their own business and had strong networks.

The moment they had ideas of extending their political influence beyond "minding their own business", that's when the House Of Medici began to decline and eventually go bankrupt.

Singapore, mind your own fucking business. Don't get entangled in parochial pissing contests. In other words, shut the fuck up and DON'T lead.

virgo49 said...

Just to add : A soldier can be trained for donkey years and so called super fit but one tiny weeny bullet can just kill him.

So even a small kid or a peasant soldier can just squeeze the trigger to send you to Hell.

So do not have the myth that they are Invincible.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. The importance of a "United" ASEAN is a grand motherfucking MYTH. As long as states are not fighting with each other, they can engage in their own private networks with each other. No need for a Big Club like ASEAN.

The moment you form a big club and start thinking "leadership" and "direction" means some cuntries will have to sacrifice a chunk of their sovereignty for the sake of the Big Club.

Be wise Singapore. Play the LONG game. Stay awesome, keep on rocking!

Anonymous said...

Singapore's leadership has made two strategic errors in 2016.

1. As Asean Chair, Singapore leaders thought they could make use of the position to unite Asean against China, thereby having self-imagined upper-hand started to slam China left and right regarding the South China Sea, which Singapore does not have any claim to any of the islands and sandbars. So, the South China Sea territorial disputes have nothing to do with Singapore whatsoever. But Singapore leaders coughed out the "Freedom of Navigation" shit to be in line with US assertion as an excuse to interfere in the South China Sea affairs. So, they went all out, using the temporal leadership as Asean Chief to whack and antagonize China till China could not take it lying down any more. Singapore leaders still think this is a small matter to China. It is not. To China, it is a matter of national pride, sovereignty and integrity. China will never, never, never take such thing lightly.

2. During the US Presidential Elections, Singapore leaders were so cock-sure that Hillary Clinton would be elected as the 45th US President because they bought into the False News that Hillary Clinton had a 88% chance over Donald Trump's only 12% chance, generated by the US crooked mainstream media such as the CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, The Guardians, Washington Post and two others. PM Lee purposely visited President Obama in August 2016 and from White House and carry Obama's balls and Hillary's old pussy, and thought he could get away with it. What do you think Donald Trump will do? Do nothing? Business as usual?

Now Singapore is feeling isolated by both China and US, so this little rat tried to punch above its weight has nobody to turn to but pretend to tell Asean to unite. The Philippines is now the Chair of Asean. So what will President Rodrigo Duterte do to those who have been sucking up to the US? What will Duterte steer Asean towards? Go against China? Fat hope!

Wake up! Little rat, stop dreaming like a little school boy!

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is good to see PAP govt. getting whacked by America and China?
- then PAP has less time to bully Singaporeans ??

Anonymous said...

Singapore's leadership has made two strategic errors in 2016.
The Dragon Fly 1:32 am

Doesn't matter, because despite the PAP govt's two strategic errors in 2016,

1. the opposition is still not ready to be govt. So majority voters will continue to vote PAP next election. And outcome maybe PAP 80% Opposition 20% like what one bro here said.

2. the US will continue to sell high tech and powerful weapons to Singapore as there is money to be made. And Changi Naval base will continue to serve American Far East Fleet. This will serve as a strong deterrent against a military attack on Singapore so Singapore will remain peaceful.

So good life goes on for smart Sinkies, and daft, money no enough Sinkies will continue to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is good to see other ASEAN countries NOT cooperating with PAP government?
- did anybody notice how closely Singapore and Malaysia have coordinated their increase in charges for cars crossing the Causeway ???

Anonymous said...

Wake up! Little rat, stop dreaming like a little school boy!
January 26, 2017 11:32 am

What color is the Little Rat?
White ?
Blue ?
Red ?

Huk Pui to the Little Rat.

Anonymous said...

Most recently we see many ASEAN countries moving towards China. Not for the love for China but where the money is.
I am surprised Singapore did not see it coming.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised Singapore did not see it coming.
January 26, 2017 1:44 pm

PAP gahmen already collect so much money from Singaporeans.
Don't need China money lah.

Anonymous said...

@ January 26, 2017 1:44 pm

20 years ago.
When our PRC relatives visit us in Singapore, we all want to run away
Scared they want to borrow money.
Now we visit China ... all the PRC want to run away.
Scared Singaporeans go there to borrow money.

Do you think we should thank PAP for our descent into poverty?

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think that countries in Asean do see this "pee-sai" up?

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should thank PAP for our descent into poverty?
2:17 pm

Who are the "our" u referring to? 70%? 30%?

If it is the 70%, why would they want to vote for PAP when they already descent into poverty? Doesn't make sense, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think that countries in Asean do see this "pee-sai" up?
2:47 pm

Doesn't matter, if their people want to come and work in "pee-sai", and even want to be "pee-sai" citizens.

But do "pee-sai" people want to work and live in Asean countries?

So seriously, who see who up or no up, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is investing heavily in China.
lt has been taking rides
on the China Gravy Trains
since the Suzhou Days.
Now Sin is into the North
West and Coastal Regions,
in fact where there are
monies in China, Sin will
be there.

Anonymous said...

/// .... in fact where there are monies in China, Sin will be there. ///

Who is the Singapore making all the money in China?

Certainly not me.
As a Singaporean I do not get any money or benefit from investments in China.

b said...

Another hallucinating papist idea. The meek shall inherit the earth not the leader. Leaders always get destruction. Learn from EU, EU is in complete chaos because it is trying to be to be what it is not. It is trying to be number one when it is not. It will be destroyed. Stop thinking so much about the world, us or china. Papist should just think singapore. Learn from the Swiss. They are happy where they are - in the mountains and valleys - and kept to their own business of doing well what they are supposed to do.

b said...

No sinkies benefit when papist invest in china, us or other countries. Sinkies only benefit when papist invest in this island.

Anonymous said...

Reality vs False News and False Hopes - Part 4A

Though it is correct to say that long-term bi-lateral relationship between countries is not decided by a single incident, what Singapore's leadership has done in damaging the good relationship, enjoyed in the past between China and Singapore, was a series of concerted and consistent public belittling, provocations and slamming of China and her national interests, labelled as "punching above her own weight".

When China responded to the "punching" with pain, Singapore screams out loudly that China is a big country bullying a small city-state. One can't have the cake and eat it, can you? One can't be on the win-win all the time, can you? In any geo-political game you play, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This is the reality of the real world we are living in, not the fantasies and childish imaginations of school-boy-book-worm, paper-generals-turned-psuedo-politicians. School boys may have intelligence but the ability to make good decisions come from wisdom.

Intelligence does not equate wisdom. Wisdom comes from the spheres of experience, common sense, intuition and acute perception weathered through series of valuable experiences accumulated over a long period of time, with an open active living mind of deep-and-far-reaching vision.

If arrogant and insensitive Singapore leadership has turned Singapore into a threat to China's national interest, integrity and sovereignty, then one can expect China to make sure this threat is removed in the long run.

First, China would have to assess whether it is a real threat or just a "pain-in-the-neck"? If it is the later, then diplomacy has a role to play. If it is the former, then a definite long-term plan and scheme of actions would have to be carried out.

What are the options opened to China vis-a-vis Singapore? Many.

Continue in Part 4B.

Anonymous said...

@ January 26, 2017 3:53 pm

All these Singaporean investments in China.
Where did the money come from?
And where are all the profits going to if Singaporeans like you do not benefit?

b said...

Papist should reconsider whether to have a muslim as president. We may all end up being ban from US.

Anonymous said...

Normal reaction 2wards

A show off.

Anonymous said...

Normal respond 2ward

A show off

Anonymous said...

Normal thing 2do

2ward a show off

Anonymous said...

CNY = country not yours

Anonymous said...

"Lie yean" city.

Anonymous said...

To many, ASEAN, AFTA, AEC are "weird" organisations that exist in names and forms than actual essence?

What kind of AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) when vehicles entering and exiting each other countries are subjected to heavy "taxes and tariffs"?

Where real free trade area and economic integration and cooperation involves tearing down of exonomic barriers and tariffs between borders, Matland and recently Mr Cow chose to erect "high walls" (taxes) for vehicles travelling through the borders between both countries?

Now, which region in the world established a free trade area (and worst an economic community) yet BUILD more exonomic BARRIERS between their borders?

What kind of exonomic community is that?

Can yew even call it a free trade area, much less an economic community?

When yew cant even have tariffs free (for as BASIC as) vehicle mobility between two borders, what kind of economic integration are yew tawking about?

Mr Cow reacted with tit for tat and recently announced (no less) in paLEEmong that peesai does not hesitate to "trade punches" when kena "whacked on the cheeks" (and therefore Matland vehicles will have to pay an equivalent of Rm20 vehicle tax when entering gg fwd)?

Now, this is "SPECIAL"?


Is this an "APRIL FOOL's joke"?

Peesai is shouting at the top of its voice that it (opens its legs big big and) fully embraces free trade and globalisation despite ah Trump misgivings about TEE PEE PEE etc?

But peesai cant even get "tariffs free" mobility next door with its immediate and historical neighbour?

What are peesai, ASEAN, AFTA and AEC demostrating (to the world)?

What kind of exonomic integration and cooperation with "protectionism" (read HIGH and PUNITIVE vehicle entry taxes) even between close neighbours?

SomeboLEE must be quite "SICK"?

Anonymous said...

After the old guards gone, its gone case now?

Now offended China and even its close ally ah Trump led usa is asking tee pee pee go fly kite?

If peesai scholars dare offend china (publicly and blatantly?), would yew believe they din do it to their (perceived) "lesser neighbours" countless times previously ("poking their eyes, slapping and spitting their faces".......)?

Enough is enough?

The latest "diplomacy and communication" are "showing the middle fingers" (to each other)?

Anonymous said...

Peesai scholars ah, peesai scholars ......

What are u doing?

Punching (poking, spitting, slapping, throwing tantrums .......) above your weight?

Managing a national icon (shipping line) and a nation is NOT a game of cards (or War Games)?

Can just mismanage, lost billions and billions, pat pat the ass holes and walk away?

Worst, still (NOT SACKED but) given high post, "gazillions" in remunerations?

But (70% daft) sinkies must be CBF (cheaper, faster, better)?

What kind of (shxt) examples (and LEEdershxt) are u showing?

(Dunno whether the old guards are feeling damned disgraced)?

(By a silly bunch of immature 40+, 50+ and 60+ years old ncc type sch boys?)

virgo49 said...

When you imposed 30 to 35 Sin $$$
to the Malaysians, They are paying 90 to 100 plus RM.

That's hefty. You money grabbing money faces.

MALAYSIA just levied RM20. Sin.6.20.

And can tell them to impose at all borders. Wah piang telling others what to do.

Peesai telling Giant to obey their ruling.

Wait till Sinkies about turn go to Matland for employment.

They gonna skin you alive