Another Little Brown Brother got insulted

It has to take a Duterte to wake up the Pinoys that no matter what, they are just Little Brown Brothers to the Americans, to be used to serve the Empire’s business, to fight proxy wars, to challenge the enemies of the Empire with the masters shouting from behind, providing arms and vocal support.

Indonesia just found out, my goodness, they haven’t woken up yet, that the literature and military doctrines of the Australians used them as enemies and were insulting their Pancasila, including their belief in God and inciting Indonesian Papua to be independent from Indonesia. Quoting an Agencies’ report ‘Indonesian military spokesman Major General Wuryanto said, “all forms of cooperation”, including military exercises and education and exchange programmes, have been suspended indefinitely.’

Who do the Indonesians believe were the ‘enemies’ in the Australian military exercise materials? China? The Australians rehearsing all their military exercises in anticipation of a Chinese attack on their territories? But it is not all in vain. Indonesia has started to question the increasing presence of American forces stationed in Australia, for what purposes, to prepare for an invasion of China?

Little Brown Brothers must always remember that they cannot morph into anything else, not into white brothers. The historical experience of the Australians meddling in Indonesian affairs, particularly in Timor, in Papua New Guinea, would not go away and would be repeated at the opportune moment.

This little deputy white sheriff is meddling too much in a region that it should not and is not behaving like a little sheriff, thinking that it is a big regional power. One day it would be overrun by Indonesia to put it in its rightful place.


Anonymous said...

Well it is not a zero sum gain. By having a master behind, one get to enjoy a lot of goodies including funding and loans. The Philippines and Indonesia know this. It is always a trade-off. What you think Taiwan is doing to woo African nations? Both gain lah.

Anonymous said...

All small or weak (under-developed, undeveloped, neglected) countries needed a big brother to protect them.

Once there was the Roman Empire. Then there was the Mongolian Empire. Then there was the Middle Kingdom. Then there came the British Empire. Thereafter, came the US Empire.

Now, there are three big brothers - USA, Russia and China. Of course, the US is still the most powerful but Russia and China are catching up fast and furious.

It is only a matter of time that Russia and China would want to exercise their power and influence to have direct control over their immediate area of interests and sphere of influence around their regions, instead of allowing the US unfettered full reign at will.

Under the Obama Administration, the US has declined the fastest in all fronts. Obama has accumulated the biggest national deficits in the history of USA - $20 Trillion, an amount more than all the past 43 US Presidents combined. Millions of US citizens are jobless. Thousands of US factories have moved to other countries. The economy is faltering and heading for a big disaster. The Middle-East has been destabilized and weakened to such an extent where ISIS could grow and operate with impunity and atrocities and spread to 35 other countries. Obama himself has been snubbed by the Queen of UK, the King of Saudi Arabia and the airport staff of China, and accused of committing Treason by his own countrymen and by other leaders at the United Nations. US-Israel relation is at the lowest ..... etc. etc. etc.

On the other hand, Russia and China (even India and Brazil) are getting stronger and stronger steadily economically, diplomatically, militarily, technologically and scientifically, by the days.

With a world scenario like this, wise leaders with foresight and vision would see ahead and realign their own national interests with the big brother whom they think would benefit them in the long term. Those who are to slow to make changes, when the time is ripe, may have to suffer in the long run.

b said...

Must change and adapt. The west is going down hill. Thanks to Soros and his army of islam extremists. The east will be great again.

Anonymous said...

The little brown bros & ASEAN bros & sis got to wake up -- the Western Whites ang mohs can't be trusted anymore. All the military build up in South China Seas is to counteract the rise of Chinese forces. The Dragons has awaken & the 21st century of social & economic powers belong to China, should shout "wan shui" or banzai (in Japs) when XJP of Chinese leader arrive.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Indonesia should be surprised as the immediate danger to the Australian is the 230 million Indonesia that can swamp
Australia. May be the Malaysian also should not be surprised that sg doctrine is aimed at them too.

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