2017 – Return of The Age of Singularity by Michael Heng

In the Age of Singularity from 2017, know that:
There are only ONE Truth, only ONE Happiness, and only ONE Destiny.

Yesterday, an epoch ended, and another begins today.
Today, we enter the Age of Singularity once again.

This is the next stage in my life journey
Towards the destination at eternity’s edge
At the end of all the times
And to where time shall begin, again.

The past 366 days living at the edge of tomorrow,
And the 22,230 days of my life before today,
Were a continuous daily struggle in the ether of change and hope;
Navigating the pitfalls and milestones of errors,
Avoiding the tombstones of reluctant heroes,
To escape the end of otherwise meaningless existence. 

Of the pilgrimage towards life’s inevitable destination,
Guided only by the longing of one’s heart.   

2017 is an exceptional Year of unique Singularity;
It possesses the emergent power of “One”,
From 2017=(2+0+1+7)=10=(1+0)=1.
In Mathematics, “1” is an axiom as the self-evident truth;
Indeed, “1” exists as the very first self-evident truth without need for proof.
The Singularity “1” is thus Truth manifested.

2017 is also a Prime Number divisible only by itself and 1.
Prime numbers are the building blocks of numbers or knowledge,
And they exist independent of any logic or circumstances;
Basically, they are truths in themselves.

My past 22,230 days combines (2+2+2+3+0=9) into the number “9”
To signify the highest level of
Change and transformation happenings in 2017
From their unique confluence today and here forth.
Incidentally, the resultant “10” in 2017, (2+0+1+7=10),
Reveals the rebirth essence of the Age of the Singularity.

Further, ignoring “0” and assuming 1=A, 2=B, 3=C … 7=G,
2017 also translates into (B+A+G=Bag, or Baggage);
And so the Prime 2017 Singularity shall pack the inevitable baggage
Of the past into itself as the BAG;
All the paradox, ambiguity, chaos, absence and silence
That was central to the human condition,
Thus providing singular clarity with crystal vision
To empower a deeper understanding through the lens of its power of “1”.

There is only ONE Truth

The first Singularity appears at the time of creation.  It is the primordial force of the Big Bang to give life to mankind’s existence. Singularity repeatedly visits mankind throughout the ages to provide the light of truth so that we will live purposefully by choice, without any delusions and illusions of false religions, myths, superstitions, man-made beliefs, true lies and more half truths, or the false promises of competition and domination, man-made celestial hope and the empty promises of economic exploitation....


Anonymous said...

U very Long winded leh so I only read half of what u wrote then give up. But I do believe that since you are 9 u have the blood of the emperor so u should take over sinkie land and rule as The wise one! Go to parliament and declare yourself to be the legitimate ruler our wise one,

Anonymous said...

When i studied science, the lasting story can never erased from my mind was the inventor of telescope Galileo was burned alive by religion authority. Galileo saw moon in its original image should be same as what we see now. Religious leaders that time insisted moon was shadow of some super nature.

For those who do not see the significance of human s greed for power will say i was foolish. They can explain whatever reasons with religious support which i experienced. I told the religious friendly souls, put your finger on the burning stove fire, then come tell me it was so good in feelings. I will believe what u said to me has truth in it.

Science is one major thing i have discovered that it is our compass to future. I insisted my kids to learn science, though they have shown talent on arts. I have this to contribute to readers.

Happiness is within you and it is surrounding you now. You can only feel happy when you feel secured, not hungry of course, and you family is with you. When you are surrounded by you family, the members whom you trust most, you can derive happiness from seeing them. You can derive deeper happiness when you offer your family foods, drinks, rest place. There is no happiness when you are living in a camp alone with darkness. I did guard at camp and felt that kind of urge i want to get out. In one word, no happiness when you are awake and alone as singularity. haha, i dont use those multiple sound words, i hate them as they cause brain damage.

The will be time when one has to be alone and in darkness similar to a guard in a deserted camp at night time deep in the mid night. Meditate could be a scientific way to overcome the fear of ending. It means concentrating on the breathing in and out.

Readers must remember the world is still go round. Singapore might be disintegrating. With influx and infiltration of multiple millions foreigners to make your children feeling alone and helpless. Seeking happiness from family thus cannot end without efforts to fill the stomach and efforts to make this place more secured for our children. This is something we living human beings here have to feel they have that duties towards defense against invaders. The multiple millions foreigners will not feel for our children whom we derive happiness from. You and me still have to vote out the authorities that bring breaking up of the group concept called singaporeans. Without casting the vote to save the families from poverty, do not die now please.

Anonymous said...

Though you meant well and probably most who read it will generally see that the message is positive and even constructive. Problem is, it may lead to another religion, something we don't need of in today's world.

To the second comment. Too much emohasis on family will cause society to implode. Singapore's mistake. We are a very insecure society.

Anonymous said...


I must not agree with any projection such as another religion could happen when studying scientific results. Scientific results that formed science subjects are no religion. Put it simply, medical science for example, is based on cutting off the real body to study the theories in the process of transmitting the results of texts. It is not based on words of a book that someones worship.

The suntec city religion was close to me. My ceo friend asked me to join it to learn motivation to earn more. He thought i might be too detached from company affairs as sunday i do not bother to go back office while he spent time at suntec. When things happened on sunday night, they still asked me why. Its a matter of communicating money earning activities on sunday from those inside, and watching children growing at home.

I do not think people understand the needs in family if they are living with no family members at heart. The ceo friend was detached in heart to family. He spent time frequently on sunday in office while his family was living overseas. However, being a suntec religion member himself showed me, even educated with money, did feel lonely and need company, even though, going there meant spending money for someone to enjoy living at sentosa landed property. He liked it.

Readers must understand human beings made of meat, bones, have souls. The soul is to feel either fulfillment or deprival of it.
My ceo friend went to that suntec religion, felt satisfied. He asked for more. I stay at home to see kids grow up, to see they playing, to interact with them, to correct them, to feel satisfied they will contribute to singapore as they progress. How to implode singapore for putting efforts at home to help singapore s future, to guarantee someone will secured singapore?

Seeing family members grow in the direction that obeying laws, moral, ethics, will not implode a society, dont know which one, but guarantee not imploding singapore. Being lonely and joining the wrong adults may implode the society in terms of illicit sexual relations, illegal activities such as scamming money from the unsuspected worshippers, and intoxicating each others causing social unrests such as riots and commotions.

Anonymous said...

You need to figure that out. I see it, I call it. No need to agree with me.

Mikospace said...

The Age of Singularity is NOT a religion. As mankind ventures to understand the world around him, numbers develop and evolved into disciplines like physics, astronomy, social relations and the other sciences. The digital revolution is not another human invention; it is a natural outcome from deeper understanding of the knowledge empowered by numbers.

Nothing spiritual or religious ... unless some self-proclaimed "holy" men/women want to claim some "special" or "secret" insights so as to impose their control and dominance over others. DO NOT grant power to such people. Anyone willing to study natural numbers shall embark on the wonderful journey towards joyful enlightenment ... without any need to fast, pray, wear special clothings or funny pointed hats, hold beautiful ornaments or figurines, meditate, read books in ancient and dead languages, follows some daily or weekly routines, build expensive temples or worship places ... and than some.

The beautiful part in all these is you can still continue to believe in your failing Gods or gods! There is also no necessity to kill or harm or bomb anyone who do not agreed with you. Believer or not, everyone lives by the numbers .... and they tell us that our days are indeed numbered and expiring. In the Age of Singularity, begin to live by the numbers, and feel the sensation of true freedom!

Anonymous said...

There is a certainty about numbers. One way, one truth and one life..united in one common obsession...does it not sound familiar?

Share the gospel, and It has become a religion or a lost cause.

Unknown said...

To understand Existence, one must bear in mind the following:

1. The basic, fundamental bloc for anything is a pair, or opposites, never singular.

2. Variety is the spice of life - every living and non-living thing multiplies and exist in multiple varieties, never singular.

3. Most life forms appear as male and female, in order to multiply; not to remain singular.

4. Most of the human organs appear in pairs - your brain, eyes, ears, nose, arms, hands, legs, feet, kidneys, testicles or ovaries, and breasts; even the heart is divided into two-halves and the intestines are divided into small intestines and large intestines. Except the stomach, liver, pancreas and bile are singular.

5. Human beings have many colors, races and creeds; not singular.

6. A look into the clear night sky immediately tells us that out there in the Cosmos are numerous stars, suns, planets, solar systems, etc.; not singular.

7. Even the numbers are from One to Zero; never singular. Many people are fixated on the notion that the numbers begin with ONE. It is not so. The numbers begin with ZERO! So, if you discard the Zero and simply focus on the ONE, you have already erred in your initial premise. Therefore, your Theory falls apart!


b said...

Its all power and money. We will not evolve if things are so ideal. All colors and numbers are equal, each for a different purpose. Do not believe anyone that tell otherwise because it is a divide and rule plot.