$12 million for Korean comfort women, debt settled

Abe is insisting that the South Koreans removed the statue of a comfort woman placed in front of the Japanese embassy in South Korea. The Koreans cannot remind themselves of this insulting crime against their women but the Japanese can continue to remind themselves of their war criminal heroes in Yasukuni Shrine when Japanese leaders regularly went there to pay homage, respect and to honour these war criminals.

And this is what Abe said, ‘Japan has already paid 1 billion yen($12 million) as we sincerely fulfilled our obligation. This statement by Abe is belittling the Koreans even more and a new insult to them as a people.  I think it is now South Korea’s turn to show sincerity in an unwavering manner.’  Why were the South Koreans furious and wanted the statue to be there again when it was removed earlier. They were provoked by Japanese ministers visiting the Yasukuni Shrine to honour the criminals that abused the comfort women. But the Japanese would not want to understand this. Now Abe is accusing the South Koreans of insincerity.

Mind you, the $12 million was what the Japanese believed is the worth of the hundreds of thousands of South Korean women forced to be prostitutes to satisfy the sex starved Japanese soldiers that invaded their countries. And the payment was not to repay a debt but just an obligation! What, an obligation?

The Japanese and the Abes all thinks alike, that the abuses and crimes against the South Koreans can be repaid by a few million dollars. The insults, the humiliation, the rape and looting of both Koreas are nothing. The payment of a few million dollars, oops, not payment, but some handouts are just obligations that they owed to the Koreans.

Can this man be trusted? Is this man, Abe, and the Japanese be trusted and are they honourable people? After what they had done to the Koreans and the rest of Asia, no remorse, no repentence. They believed that they have paid for their crimes. Maybe some quarters in Singapore would think it is over, water under the bridge, and even think the Japanese are honourable and trustworthy people.

How many here believe so? How many believe that the rape and insult and humiliation of the South Korean comfort women is worth only $12 million dollar, debt settled?

Unlike SE Asian countries, the Koreans are not going to forget the invasion, colonization and humiliation of their country and people so easily. The rootless people of SE Asia would not mind the massacres of their forefathers as they could not see any link to their past. They have no past, no cultural roots to look back to.


Virgo 49 said...

Why settle only for 12 millions??

This Dumb President Park HYE is gonna be investigated by the Special Prosecutor.

How much goes into the Congressmen pockets??

These Japs once they paid that's the end of their crimes. These Rich Bums think that monies can settle every thing.

Ooops, sorry, spite our very own.

Sinkieland MIWs will settle everything Including our lives and liviehoods for the MONIES.


Wonder how much they settled? ??


Anonymous said...

In the past, it is the Japenise(s)?

Now, the ah neh, balnga, peenose, mya mya, ang mo, etc are invited in by leg open big big policy?

Many ww2 comfort women passed away or quite old le but now many (modern "comfort women") quite young kena until leg walk big big (so open) David Beckam can (free) kick a ball through their legs (when they walking/ standing) 30 metres away?

Anonymous said...

For as long as the Japs minister keep on visiting or praying to their ear criminals in Yasukuni Shrine,'the South Koreans will put the Statue of Korean Comfort Woman in front of the Japs Embassy to remind the Japs of their insult & inhumanity stain on the South Koreans, its SK's God damn rights to tell the Japs monies can't solve everything, the physical & emotional hurt is too much for the past SK women to bear..Sinkieland whites MIWs think that monies can solve whatever things that's why they have no guilt in collecting monies from the Sinkies..even the leeder of Sinkieland wan to tell others who were once rule by the Japs to shut their mouth so that the Japs can invest in their country, Peesai & Ah Long has no shame & national pride, only monies is their national interests & above all others including humanity..

Anonymous said...

/// The payment of a few million dollars, oops, not payment, but some handouts are just obligations that they owed to the Koreans. ///

Now who usually give handouts before General Elections???

Anonymous said...

Rb, I remember the Malysia blood debt was paid by the jap giving Malaysian two ships I think valued at 50 million at that time. Did the jap compensate Singaoore at all for the blood debt?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ƴou Cannot Move FORWARD If Ƴou Keep Looking BACK❢❞

The Japs did not HAVE TO give one lousy cent or even a sympathetic word. They CONQUERED the Koreans...it's war lah, anything goes, especially here in (collectivist, tribal) Asia.

12 million is a small amount. So what? Take the money or refuse it....
most NORMAL people will give ZERO FUCKS, because whatever bad shit happened, happened a long time ago---it's not even in the memory of most people living today...

Especially younger Korean people---I can tell you most of them don't give one single FUCK because there is just so much cool and sexy stuff in present day Korea to focus on instead of wasting time in the past.🍾🍾

Anonymous said...

It was invasion, aggression, conquest, not war per se.

Anonymous said...

The new President may not honor the deal if there is evidence of corruption by President Hye

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I am not sure whether you are connected to the Korean ground. But if You checked most Korean women would not marry Japanese because their parents already educate them on the history. So you don't anyhow make conclusion based on your imagination. Better focus your expertise on sex and incest thingi

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "aiyoh so picky....typical Singaporean who can't even keep a toilet clean but engages in pointless pedantry!" 🤠 anon 1127:

⟫ It was invasion, aggression, conquest, not war per se. ⟪

OK lah, you win. However, conquest is conquest. This is Asia lah...no fucking rules here. You make your own rules. You want the sea? Just claim it. You want an island or a cuntry, just take it.

@ "living in the dead past, wake up asshole!" anon 1201:

❯You checked most Korean women would not marry Japanese because their parents already educate them on the history.❮

Adoi...tambi, uncle, Ah Chek, what fucking year are you living in? Most Korean kids don't give a fuck what their parents or whatever arbitrary authority tells them. They have their own "thing"/ "culture"/ peer group going on, with gaming and social media and K Pop.

Ah Kor ah, please go and attend a K Pop event either here or better still in Seoul. It's a different universe lah. Those kids are in another existence, and you and your silly ideas of "living in the past" not welcome there.

In Asia, there's plenty of inter-racial fucking going on...some times marriages too. Pinoy's fuck, Indons fuck, Malaysians fuck, Thais fuck, Indians fuck, Japs fuck....and of course our bro's here in Singapore FUCK LIKE CRAZY.

Did someone say "Laksa Boy"? 🤡🤡

Virgo 49 said...

Korean Tourist Tour Guide Rules.

If whole bus all Japs ah peks, ah gongs, ah tees, ah hiangs, ah lau kows Japs.

Then Tour Guide either a Man or Ahjuma over 50.

No Arasi lady guide. If not back side all bruises.

Also, no ropes allowed for tie hands and legs.

And silencer for mouths.


b said...

Japs and Germans have to pay for their war crimes. They have to pay everyone a free car. They only sell their cars but do not buy from others. They are still trying to revive their empires. They are still dangerous.

Anonymous said...

//And the payment was not to repay a debt but just an obligation! //

Just like (a) retirement fund?

Giving back in dribs and drabs is (also) an obligation?

How much to pay, when to pay, when to shift the goal posts, when to enslave how much when (like a sex slave?), how much to deduct at will (with every possible scheme?) etc is at someboLEE's pleasure?

Anonymous said...

//What, an obligation?//


Yew heard it?

It is just an obligation?

Anonymous said...

//They have no past, no cultural roots to look back to.//

Are yew tawking about some chiap cheng?

One bastadised pple?

Dunno their father is an ah neh or blanga or peenose or mya mya or ang mo or ......?

Anonymous said...

//Can this man be trusted? //

R u referring to a quiter?

R u kidding?

Do u know how many he has called master (in the past year)?

Anonymous said...

//How many here believe so?//

About GOAL 2010?

About Swiss Standard of Living?

About getting back their hard earned sweat, tears, blood, retirement, coffin monies at 55 (as originally promised at inception)?

Anonymous said...

About "TLLM" will make sinkie students the best and guaranteed them jobs when they graduate?

About the saying that it is good for oldies to (get some) exercise rampaging rubbish bins during lunch time (at MBFC, RP etc in front of the ah neh)?

About the quality and authenticity of the foreign degrees from 600++ ranked uni from nehverland, bangland, fantasyland ......?

Anonymous said...

//How many here believe so?//

About the reliability of the MRT not breakdowning when u r otw to attend an important meeting, exam, work, school, appointment, interview etc?

About market value of the JLB is commensurate with the (astronomical ) amount they are remunerated?

About the morale of the teachers and kids are getting the best, all rounded, holistic education that will prepare them and see them in good stead for the challenges ahead?

Anonymous said...

About the reasons (and excuses) for the lost of NOL (and not due to incompetence)?

About the best way to garment sinland is to parachut military men who have no working experience in the real civilian corporate world into important positions?

About the wisdom of competing in labour intensive industries using cheap foreign workers in resource scarce peesai and the saying that foreign labourers bring more high paying jobs for sinkies (mb thru becoming taxi drivers, secoority guards, housing agents, insurance agts, MLM, car dealers, etc)?

Anonymous said...

//How many here believe so?//

About the ability of botak to practise what he preached?

About botak's over simplification (and non realistic) pinning of the hope for a solution on life long learning?

About Botak's ability to lead by example and embark on his life long learning motto by going into a 5-year Artificial Intelligence degree course himself to prove it can be done while still holding on to his full time job and fulfilling all his duties?

Anonymous said...

About NS for sinkies and scholarships and good jobs for foreigners is the way to (mis)treat sinkies?

About (Botak-nomics wisdom of) making construction sector to be the biggest and overtake manufacturing sector and the export industries in a peesai with less than 10% available land left?

About the sustainability and wisdom of Botak-nomics and Laogoa-nomics to massively and indiscriminately import foreign labour (to the tune of 2 over million between 1990 to 2016) to grow the peesai economy?