TTSH Singapore Hospital Status Update – 10 Days After

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)
– 10 Days After Human Contagion Dismissed
By MIKOspace

No new cases has been reported. It has been just over 10 days since Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) dismissed a Radiologist Nursing staff, one Ello Ed Mundsel Bello [Facebook ID: Edz Ello], after he had admitted to a pattern of derogatory anti-Singapore remarks made last year (2014).

Nonetheless, Patient “Zero” remains at large since there has also been no report that he has been removed from Singapore’s shores and never to return.

The more serious and recent signs of his possibly criminal, inflammatory threats to “kick out Singaporeans” and “prayed for Singaporean deaths” were not factored into its decision to release the human contagion into the general population. Its Statement particularly mentioned that this dismissal decision was NOT related to the more serious threats to National Security posted by the Staff on the 3 Jan 2014.

The need for this Caveat by TTSH is baffling since the death threats is not a laughing matter and could signify an escalation of the Staff mindset from desire to possible action.

In fact, the pattern of derogatory anti-Singapore and anti-Singaporean remarks on his Facebook was discovered only AFTER expose of the inflammatory death threats.

TTSH had earlier wrongly placed the Staff on administrative duties, pending police investigations of the recent Threat instead of the standard HRM practice of suspending the Staff pending the police investigations as well as an Internal Inquiry.

The purported Police investigations appeared protracted. It is unusual for the highly professional and efficient Singapore Police Force to have investigated the Staff, and his presumed accomplices and co-conspirators, over more than 10 long days without reporting significant progress, and/or made arrests. Granted, the Staff had initially pleaded that his Facebook account was hacked into. The veracity of this defense should have been validated or dismissed within a couple of days.

At best, it was all a storm in a teacup and the Staff should have been reinstated at TTSH. And we can add his “joke” to other colourful ones from visiting foreign talents and try to appreciate and add their dark humour to our otherwise lack of or dry sense of humour to enrich our mundane existence.

At worst, our law enforcement and homeland security forces have stumbled upon an unbelievably nation-wide conspiratorial net of associated human contagion plotting ill-will and death to Singaporeans and Singapore’s demise on cyberspace and communicating via social media. There is also no unusual or sudden mobilisation of our NSmen to their assigned national defense positions. This is quite a relief. It could mean that the associated human contagion is quietly and efficiently being “sanitised”, or they were never here in the first place. If the latter, please see the previous paragraph.

And should Patient Zero be found to be the one and only contagion with a mental defect or illness against Singaporeans and all things Singapore, swift efforts should be deployed to remove him like a virus from the environment that “caused” or “fed” his affliction – Singapore. Patient Zero should therefore be disinfected and thoroughly scrubbed of Singaporean micro-materials. He should thereafter be deported and barred from entering Singapore for his own mental health recovery.

It is not enough for TTSH to merely dismiss the human contagion and release him as a potential walking threat and time-bomb among the Singapore population. As Singapore’s premier Communicable Disease Centre, it has the duty and responsibility to remove and eliminate the human contagion beyond its harmfulness, no matter how remote, to Singaporeans and everyone living in Singapore.


patriot said...


Silence can be best answer sometimes.

Sweeping the Dirts under the Carpet can be just as good.

And the Best is to treat others as invisible or non-existing.


b said...

This guy must be considered a serious threat to singapore and singaporeans. He should be monitored under potential terrorists list of all secret police in the world. The border must prohibit him from entering any countries.

Anonymous said...

I think for such cases, even if it involved death threats, are handled on a case by case basis.

For instance a person of unsound mind who issue death threats will surely be treated differently from one with a sound mind, tio bo?

Perhaps depending on who the threats are issued to, this may also be treated case by case.

b said...

Imho, petty man lee is a chicken. He only isa sinkies and not foreigners.

patriot said...

Just deny any problem exists.

Problem solved.