Trading generals

Many must have heard to the Israelis offering their generals in exchange for American general when the Americans were all speaking in awe of the feats of the Israelis. And the Israelis were most happy to swap until they disclosed who they wanted for the exchange.

Maybe we can swap of our generals with the Americans. Ours are young and strong with many more good years to go, and highly talented, all scholars, very bright and brilliant. When they walk around the spectators need to wear sunglasses. The only thing the Americans may object would be their pay. They would not be able to afford to pay for your generals. And they will go bankrupt if we offer them 2 for 1 in exchange.

And all we are asking for would be the same generals that the Israelis were asking then, General Motors, General Electrics and General Dynamics. I think it would be a good deal even if we offer them 3 for 1 of theirs. We are producing generals like mass production in a factory. But these 3 American generals are difficult to duplicate.

Just a rehash of an old joke for a Sunday morning. There is something that we can do with so many generals in our armed forces. They should be put to good use. Trading generals is a good thing if it can be done. If not, in the next General Election it will really become a general election, we may be electing more generals into politics. And Annual General Meetings will be the meetings of generals. And the general public will be a public of generals too, generally speaking.


The said...

Talking about the Israelis and paper generals - was that you on TV last night? The programme about the Israelis helping to set up the SAF and the early air force (or air farce as there were hardly any fighters) - where a certain Chua Chin Leng was featured as among the pioneer aviators.

Anonymous said...

The PAP government is producing too many Generals and Admirals.
This PAP government is too expensive.
Singaporeans cannot afford so many expensive Generals anymore.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @10.12

Admirals should be Ass Admirers, just like our Liu lai lui!!!

Oil prices dropped to nearly 50 per cent and now they said must also consider land costs and other costs.

When price stabilise, every year fares go UP & UP!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The, that's me long time ago. I didn't watch it. Not sure which programme.

Anonymous said...

ok one more

Anonymous said...

Hey, why u all forgot about the many generals, oops! I mean party secretary generals, in the Sinkie opposition?

By the way, if there are too many generals, will there be enough soldiers to serve under each general? Or is there such a thing as One General Army?

Anonymous said...

I think Brigadier General (retired) Lee is very happy that there are many generals in the Sinkie opposition, especially the newest one on the block, the Secretary General of the Sinkie First Party.

The more of such generals, the better the chances for General Lee to win the battle for the control of Sinkieland and Sinkies, or rather the money of Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

General Chee, out of action for a long time, is now back and ready for the coming battle. So there u are, one more general to make BG (retired) Lee happy.

Anonymous said...

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Hence in the coming cooking contest with the PAP "cooks", the Sinkie opposition "broth" is in greater danger of being spoiled by their "cooks" than in the last contest.

Anonymous said...

Or is there such a thing as One General Army?
Anon 11:25 am

Yes there is. The closest I can think of is General "son of JBJ". And the late JBJ himself was a fearless general, but being fearless was not enough because he lost most of his battles. Perhaps, just like General Chee, he used more brawn and guts than brain to fight his battles.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In Thailand, the generals are currently running the cuntree.

And they're doing a damn good job. They've even managed to curb the police from their well-known "shake downs" and corrupt activities (aka bullying unarmed citizens).

Indonesia had Sokarno and Suharto -- both generals.

And we have our dear Übermensch of Singapore :- Heil Harry Hitler!

Anonymous said...

Do Singapore generals come with a Disclaimer Notice or a Profit Warning Notice?

In USA, at least their disclaimer is written using regular font sizes and not fine print.

" Resources Kingdom Limited was paid by non-affiliate shareholders who fully intend to sell their shares without notice into this Advertisement/market awareness campaign, including selling into increased volume and share price that may result from this Advertisement/market awareness campaign. The non-affiliate shareholders may also purchase shares without notice at any time before, during or after this Advertisement/market awareness campaign. Non-affiliate shareholders acted as advisors to Resources Kingdom Limited in this Advertisement and market awareness campaign, including providing outside research, materials, and information to outside writers to compile written materials as part of this market awareness campaign. "


The said...

Generally speaking, General Lee is generally speaking.

patriot said...

Soldier Generals do not make good political leaders.
The Military Commanders are only interested in compliance rather than reason and fairness.



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I'll have to disagree:

>> Soldier Generals do not make good political leaders.

Actually in the Asian context, they do.


Asian culture is collectivist, not individualistic. In the western cultures based on individualism, every one is treated "equally", so as an individual you have to earn respect from your peers---whether they be above or below you in social rank.

In Asia, automatic respect for AUTHORITY is part of the culture. The authority could be totally inept or brutal, but they still command respect, and they'll get it.

In Asian culture "respect" has some undercurrent of FEAR in it. In western culture "respect" is a measure of ESTEEM one has for another individual.

Singapore culture is many things, but it is primarily Asian with western influences here and there. Respect for authority is nurtured from young. In the west, skepticism of authority is taught from young. That is why western kids argue openly with their parents and Asian kids generally do not.

It all begins in the home.

b said...

Generals? Most generals betrayed their own country and people. The fall of ming dynasty was caused by a handful of traitor generals. Han chinese were all betrayed by their own generals that eventually caused the regress of great china and having to wear pigtails. Generals are bad for the people.

Virgo 49 said...

Right, the Western kids called their parents by their names whilst the Asian still called theirs daddy and mummy even they are ninety years old.

The Western barbarians pointed their middle fingers and throw their bicycles on your car bonnets if you horned at them.

The Western red necks do their stuff as what they like painting graffiti on mrt trains saying they are creative and am different from you wimps Asians

The Western devils cane home dead drunk in three in the mornings and banged in your apartment saying I do as what I want and that's not your fucking business.

The Western barbarians conquered and killed the other human species saying it's our rights.

The Western Hero Serpent and their black counterpart Snake both same in features only different in colour do a BEAR HUG when they meet each other with their middle fingers in each other's ass holes.

Anonymous said...

Modi hugged Obama like a baby girl hugging his daddy coming home.

Obama was somewhat taken aback, 'Uh, what's this?'

Look at the pictures in Today and MyPaper.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
Modi hugged Obama like a baby girl hugging his daddy coming home. ///

Exactly. I squirmed when I saw that photo. Modi was prostrating himself - so unbecoming of a head of state, let alone, a big power-wannabe. And he broke protocol in going to receive Obama instead of Obama coming to him to be received.

virgo49 said...

Mama snakes will do anything just to con you lah!

They can even kneel and call you Ah Kong if they can gtet something out of you.

After that, prepare for the worst.

Anonymous said...

The picture also on ST front page. Look at Obama's expression and his left hand. Doesn't know what to do. To touch Modi or not to touch Modi.