International Holocaust Day

An apology from the Asians that are too far away and detached from the Holocaust to remember this day. It is good that Jonathan Eyal wrote about it In the ST two days back to remember the cruelties inflicted on a people by virtue of their race and killing 6m Jews and 1m gypsies in the concentration camps in Europe.

The Jews have done well as a people since then, controlling many economies with many richest men and Nobel Prize winners. They even control the American economy and the USA. No doubt about it. And they also control the media. They can write all about the holocaust and get it remembered by the rest of the world, and if the world forgets, does not want to remember, they will make sure the rest of the world remember the pains and sufferings they had gone true under Nazi Germany.

The Red Indians of North America do not have this privilege. They were terminated to near extinction. According to American authors and archives, the number varies between 70 million to 100 million Red Indians butchered in the prairies. It was a continent far away from the rest of the world and the European invaders could do as they pleased, without world opinion sitting on them, with no media to tell the world of the genocide of a civilization. And today, they are too few and too inconsequential to be heard, like the American bisons, slaughtered to extinction.

Would the world or the UN remember the 70m to 100m Red Indians slaughtered by the European conquerors in their homeland now called the United States of America? Would there be an International Red Indian Genocide Day to remember the dead that cried for help and mercy but no one heard them?

Would there be an International Slavery Day for the African slaves brought to America? Would there be an International Nanjing Massacre Day? Would there be an International Comfort Women Day?

I don’t think there will be an International ‘Sook Ching’ Massacre Chinese Day. Only a few hundred thousand died, not millions, so not important enough. And the children and descendants of the massacred have forgiven the Japanese murderers. And no one would want to remember or write about them. There is no Jonathan Eyal among them, proud enough to want to remember.


Anonymous said...

The Jews have done well as a people since then, controlling many economies with many richest men and Nobel Prize winners.

Tiok. And that's what really matters now and for the future, not Holocaust or what not happened to them in the past, or what or who to remember them.

And similarly for the Sinkie opposition, what really matters is that they must be ready to be govt now or in the future, never mind they had not been ready all along in the past.

And Aung Juan Soon Chee must win this time, never mind that he lost 3 times in past elections and also disqualified for some time.

Anonymous said...

Repeating and repeating like a broken record each and every time when talking about the WP, even on topics that does not conern Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore this tape recorder lah.

Anonymous said...

.....talking about the WP...
Anon 9:03 am

Because WP is the strongest opposition party and yet not ready to be govt mah.

Nobody will talk and ridicule them so much if they are ready or if they are not the strongest.

Anonymous said...

Not ready to be govt never mind.

What is worse is that Teochew Ah Hia their leader did not even say he will try hard to make WP ready. And even more worse by saying he has no ambition to be PM and praising PAP govt as competent when they are not.

No wonder those daft and money no enough Sinkies were so thoroughly screwed and totally disappointed if they think the opposition can be better than PAP to help them.

Anonymous said...

Keep playing the broken record. Is this the only contribution to this blog in your record collection?

Anonymous said...

Is this the only contribution to this blog...?
Anon 10:16 am

Maybe, but it is also the most crucial one, so it is worth repeating and reminding lah. Because I go by quality, even if it is the only one, and not quantity.

Sinkies can ignore or do nothing about it at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

The 6 million Jews dies in WWII hoax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dda-0Q_XUhk

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! Why stop there? Human kind can combine all the bullshit racial conquests into one Entitled Non Victims Who Can't Get The Fuck Over The Past Day!

We can commission Bob Dylan to come out of retirement to write and perform his new song "Cry Mother, Cry Father, Boo hoo hoo" for this non auspicious non occasion.

Billionaire-niggerz Dr Dre who sold his crappy "Beats"headphones to Apple for 3 billion dollars can add new lyrics to his famous song "Fuck The Police", rapping about fuck the whitey supremacist global policeman, kill the white dudes, rape the white chicks and eat the white kids! (why not? Our wild ancestors did this stuff in Africa :-) )

...and then redbean and his kindred will be so happy, they'll be dancing in the streets in euphoric celebration!

Got victim entitlement?

patriot said...

Red Indians speak American English now, how many can speak their Mother Tongue?
They are used and may have totally embraced an alien culture with their very own completely disowned.

As for the Africans brought to slave in the Newfoundland. ONE HAS BECAME AND IS CURRENTLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Before him, there were Black Military Chief, Secretaries Of States and they were, are Black Dames. Descendants of African Slaves have made it big in USA. Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey,
Murphies and many more were and are idols of the World.

In the Africa Continent, only one Black Leader was well known, Nelson Mandela. Had the Africans not brought to the USA, none maybe known. Not to forget that had there been no White Settlers in Africa, Nelson Mandela himself could have been an unknown too.

As for the Japanese Atrocity in World War II, they have Chinese, Indian and probably Other Races working for them. The Japs cannot be pardoned for murdering kids, women, old and young of a particular Race. Those that worked, assisted and conniving with the Japs were and are even more despicable. BUT, ALAS, some had became successful and THERE ARE OTHERS WHO BECAME PRIME MINISTER AND PRESIDENT.



Anonymous said...

How to kill 70m to 100m Red Indians? It would be nice if Hollywood could produce an epic movie to show how the European settlers did that. Until today none has the conscience or gumption to put the genocide of the Red Indians on film. The small skirmishes between injuns and the cavalries were child play.

With the passing of centuries, maybe it is time for a producer to make such a movie on how to kill nearly 100m people in cold blood. What is the beheading of a journalist or gasing 6m Jews?

Anonymous said...

when people raise japan killing ,
the west blame you for promoting anti japanese sentiment

you follow communist party line

you are using nationalism to maintain power.

you divert attention away from domestic problem, rising dissent

japan is scapegoat for your legitimacy crisis

your action are unreasonable to demand japan to apologies everyday, every year

japan history is 60 years ago,
japan had offer apology
japan had change
japan become peacful
why cant you forget about such history.

you ignore MAO kills more people than japan aggression

you forget about 1989 massacre

this is western mentality.

only jew has a right to complain about holocaust.

Anonymous said...

people also forget about british atrocities ,aggression against the world.

British is asian version of hitler

asian dont hate hitler so much because
without invasion by hitler against british, france,

there is no way that british , France become much poorer, weaker in asian

they are forced to give up their colony in other part of world after ww2.

if there are not hitler attack,
british, france would still maintain their colony in asian
because " we had sign the treaty"

japan invasion against britsh empire, france empire in asian has added to such " power of balance"