Peaceful protest against PWP - 31 Jan 2015

Press release: Peaceful protest against 6.9 million Population White Paper (2 years after) – Sat 31st Jan from 4pm to 7pm.

A permit has been granted by NParks and we will abide by all the rules and regulations related to the protest.

Two years have lapsed since the government introduces the population white paper in January 2013 – passed in Parliament without a whimper of a complaint due to the majority rule of the PAP.

Gilbert Goh - Organiser


Anonymous said...

Besides protesting.
What is your action plan to gather more votes for the Opposition?
You can only overturn the Population White Paper by voting out the PAP government.
Protest no use.
Only votes matter.

Anonymous said...

Protest no use.
Anon 7:38 pm

Ya lor. That's why the turnout become less and less the more and more protests are organised. Economics speak, it has past the point of diminishing returns. Gilbert better learn some basic economics, and not just organising protests after protests like a daft Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

The new Greek Prime Minister is smart.
After 5 years of Pay and Pay policies from the EU and ECB.
The new Greek Prime Minister is re-aligning Greece towards USSR and away from Europe.

But Singaporeans of course not as smart as Greek people.
Greeks learn this lesson after 5 years of Pay and Pay.
It's already 50 years and Sinkies still not yet learn how to vote wisely.


So Gilbert.
How are you going to pivot daft Sinkies towards Opposition and away from PAP?
What is your action plan to get more votes?

Anonymous said...

Gilbert was also part of the Sinkie opposition which contested the last elections and lost even to one of the most hated PAP fella Mabok Tan, who caused Sinkie pigeonholes to shoot sky high.

I don't know whether Gilbert is still an opposition member or not, but whatever lah, with Sinkies like him, u think the Sinkie opposition got hope to win in coming GE or not?

Anonymous said...

I not sure got permit got use or not . After also kena charge then u know.

Anonymous said...

"Peaceful protest against PWP - 31 Jan 2015"

This is a national issue and cannot
be just Gilbert (or NSP). He must get the leaders of the other Opposition Parties involved and let them speak out on their stand. They cannot stand on the sideline as though there is no PWP issue.

Anonymous said...

You cannot change PWP unless you vote Opposition.
So if you want to change PWP, you must gather enough votes to Vote Out PAP.

Anonymous said...

He must get the leaders of the other Opposition Parties involved and let them speak out on their stand.
Anon 9:09 pm


U mean can get a MP or its leader Teochew Ah Hia from the strongest Sinkie opposition party to speak meh?

Hahahahahahaha and can't stop laughing. Must be the biggest political joke for 2015.

Anonymous said...

Being kaki lang and a winner, how can Teochew Ah Hia speak at Hong Lim Park? Unless he want to be a loser or to commit political suicide lah. Do you see any PAP MP, except attending functions, speaking at Hong Lim Park?

Hong Lim Park is only for losers. And Sinkies who had spoken there, like Aung Juan Soon Chee, Hainan Ah Ko, Tan Kin lian, son of JBJ, Gilbert, Roy etc etc is testimony to that. Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Can sheeps learn even though they know they will be slaughtered after getting fed on leftovers.

After 50 years, ignorance is still bliss for the 60% true blue sheeples. Those who grew rich on rental of their houses will want a bigger population. The more the better.

Now, who cares the hell about productivity at work when passive income is already so lucrative.

Anonymous said...

Divide and rule. Population divided, self interest. So how to win?

Anonymous said...


Losers would one day be winners and winners would one day be losers. That is life. What goes up must come down.

Anonymous said...

$2billion ... can pay for many years of bus/train fare increase. Government only give $1.1 billion to Comfort Delgro for 10 YEARS to buy and maintain several hundred buses ... !
Why spend so much money on foreigners when locals need financial assistance for medical and housing?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wasting time lah.

For me, it's better to seek out and initiate opportunities for filthy, selfish profit by the "free kick" the govt. gives.

Anyway, no point: the population will increase whether you like it or not. The "seeds" have already been planted....foreigners have come in and have raised kids and families. Those kids are growing up and soon will themselves raise families and children.

Whether you like it or not, Singapore is socially engineered and will continue to be so.

I used to care. Now I take the other side and support social engineering policies for one reason: I like my Hotel to be AWESOME. If a few heads have to be chopped for that to happen, so be it lah!

patriot said...

I cant help but just got intrigued by the Words Matilah Singapura which is actually Malay/Indonesian Language to mean 'Die Lah, Singapore'.
In my own understanding, Matilah Singapura is not a swear nor a curse, it is a most realisable prophecy. I think ONLY those with great understanding of Sin are capable of seeing such a destiny in their minds.

I should add that ironically these seers who see the Destiny are the Folks that will not want to be buried in Sin, they are the Very Folks who will make the Most out of this Destined Land. Whilst exploiting whatever possible here, they back up themselves with havens in foreign lands which they can scoot to and live in luxury.

This Hotel is indeed awesome to some who know how to enjoy it.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

My monicker MS is extremely nuanced in meaning. Essentially it can mean whatever your brain tells you it means.

In the early days---as a hot-headed much younger, doctrinaire libertarian it was based on the idea that the PAP and its social control (The People) and economic control (the growing capital base of the GLCs) would swallow up the people and their freedom. You'd be working for a GLC. You'd buy all your services from the State.

The private sector would dry up like a nun's cunt. I'm not talking banks and big corporations --- they'll be doing fine, being run and owned by some GLC---I'm talking about SME, and even smaller economic production units like your grocery store or hawker. Nope. Food courts will be owned and run by a GLC, and all the employees will be govt wage slaves.

Then one day I thought: "Hang on a minute, The people get the cuntry they deserve.". Therefore any destruction of Singapore---to oblivion---will be caused by the people themselves.

Got self-sabotage?

I just don't get "protests" in Singapore. Everything is there already, and working fine. Sure, there is some dissatisfaction, but then again, you can't expect everyone to agree or to be pleased. So the CHOSEN PEOPLE running the show have to be pragmatic.

Patriot, I think I also understand Singaporeans: they love their stuff. They love quality stuff. Like it or hate it, Singapore is a very materialistic society. There is nothing wrong with this---although some religious/ spiritual fuck nutz think that there is.

We live in a capitalist, market based world. So to those people who like to dance at Hong Lim---Deal with it lah. Many Singaporeans work their guts out to be able to afford a nice life---the old "5 C's" idea . Probably more than 5 C's by now ;-) So please lah, your sing song at Hong Lim---no one who has a real job earning real money gives a flying shit lah.

I'm just telling it the way I observe it. I'm good at my job (professional asshole and immoral manipulator) because I think, definitely in my potentially flawed opinion, that I know Singapore culture---culture guides automatic thinking and action---quite well, but that's always lots more to figure out.

Will Singaporeans render their cuntree into the scorched earth and smouldering ruins of Armageddon?.

Who knows? Eventually some of us will experience some form of consequence---ut no one can say what.