Taking national security for granted?

Magdalene Choo, a research associate at the Institute of Policy Studies conducted a survey on Singaporeans’ attitude towards national security. She was concerned and so was the IPS about our national security. She may want to relate the thinking of Singaporeans and how it would affect out national security. This is a very serious study and I believe the relevant national intelligence agencies would also have our national interest in their minds and would have been monitoring the threats to our country.
It is a good effort to raise the interest of our peoplke with regards to our national security and not to take our national security for granted. This is our country and if Singaporeans are not interested or concerned with our national security, then it is an area of grave concern.

We have spent a lot of money and resources on our national security and defence. Our young men have devoted their whole life to the country and paying a very heavy price for it, including family members and compromising their career development.

The question is, what is the point of worrying whether the people are interested or concerned with our national security when the Trojan Horse in inside our country? And it is not just one Trojan Horse but many. What is more important is that people who should be concerned with our national security must be thinking about our national security and not compromising on our national security? How safe are we as a country when more than half of the population are foreigners with questionable affiliation, loyalty and interest to our national security? How safe are we when our economy and vital professions and installations are run or dominated by foreigners?

What kind of joke is this? I can remember the joke about the British pointing all their big guns at the sea when the Japanese came in from the Malayan mainland. We are concerned that the people are not interested in our national security when we don’t mind sleeping with strangers or inviting strangers into our homes? Do we have any intellect? Do we know where the threat to our national security is coming from? It is like the sheep all up in arms guarding the pen when wolves made up half of the flock in the pen.

How stupid can Singaporeans be?


Anonymous said...

It is like the sheep all up in arms guarding the pen when wolves made up half of the flock in the pen.

Tiok. And it has already happened and will continue to happen.

That's why those sheep up in arms are fighting a losing battle, even if it is on internet.

And those wolves need not even kill the sheep, because due to the low fertility of the sheep, eventually and naturally there will be no sheep left.

And also that's why the leader of the sheep (actually wolves in sheep clothing) respect and take care of those wolves much more than their own sheep.

patriot said...

When it is already INVADED AND OCCUPIED, what National Security is there to talk about?



Anonymous said...

"I can remember the joke about the British pointing all their big guns at the sea when the Japanese came in from the Malayan mainland."

The bigger joke is;
Singaporeans worrying about the competence of an Opposition Government when all the while we have the incompetent PAP government in power ... with all their incompetent policies.

Anonymous said...

don't play play lah.....

we are SiNGaPorEanS.....

we are the world........

Anonymous said...

We have about one million work permit holders in Sinkie land and even a 10% go rioting, it means 100,000 men and we have 7000 police officers. U think they can control the riot or we call in our 18 years old army boys to contain them?

Anonymous said...

"不 见 棺 材 不 流 泪 !"

"不 见 棺 材 不 流 泪 !"

Anonymous said...

It's still not that late I hope?
2016 is around the corner

Anonymous said...

To Fernvale residents:


Anonymous said...

Yes, 2016 around the corner.

Every 4 years I voted but after that nothing happened.

I can wait until 2016 and vote again. After that, I may have to wait 2020 and 2024. Even then I am not sure they will do anything.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The reason people take national security for granted is because people in general just FEEL SAFE in Singapore.

So why the fuck worry about it? As if civilians can be made to give a shit. Most of them are on their cell phones yakking away or eyes buried in FaceBook.

If they aren't doing any of the above, they'll be engrossed in discussions one where the best price is or the latest foodie hangout from Makan Sutra or Hungry Go Where.

Once in awhile the intellectual supporters of government---the tenured academics must come out and say something so that the world will believe that Singapore is PROACTIVE about security, especially national security which has a calming and appeasing effect on the owners of that USD1.3 trillion in managed private assets the financial sector is carefully looking after.

All the shit about "report suspicious activities", and other wild expectations by the government for citizens to be "vigilant" is all BULLSHIT and designed primarily for the purposes of marketing The Brand.

For fucks sake lah...look at all the terrorist attacks in cities: no member of the public let alone security forces HAD A FUCKING CLUE beforehand. These days terrorists are all well financed, well trained and well resourced lah. They are expert at being UNDETECTED, i.e. they don't engage in "suspicious behaviour" and thus don't get caught.

The Singapore Brand. It's worth protecting!

Anonymous said...

So, what are you saying?

Anonymous said...

When your own leaders are Draculars, why are you worrying abut Wolves in your pens?

Sooner or later, all the sheep will either turned to become Draculars or they will die of loss of blood.

Sheep are only good for their wool, milk, blood or the slaughter house, nothing else.

So, either you stop being a sheep or you go and destroy the Draculars with a stake driven into their Hearts come this GE.

The said...

Two million sleeper fifth columnists already in the country.

Nurses who declared they want to get rid of Stinkaporeans already infested our hospitals.

All our buses will grind to a halt in the foreign drivers stop work - how to mobilize our NS men for war?

MRT depots that can be broken in so easily - just place some IEDs - what security are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

What can one expect?
Even a Singapore politician prefers to "laugh away" death threats to Singaporeans, during the recent Facebook threat by a foreign nurse working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
And so far, still no news whether he has left Singapore after TTSH sacked him.
Are we just chicken? or cowards?
I am a Proud NSman. Do you want me to fight to defend the Honour of Singapore, or just throw down my SAR100 when the "enemy" appeared?
Please be SPECIFIC in your Orders, Sir!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> So, what are you saying?

That this whole "focus" on security is a drama-mama creation. It is crap. It is a way to show investors and potential investors that Singapore is SAFE and SAFETY/ SECURITY aware...so come on folks, dump your billions here for "asset management".

Sure, there'll be a few incidents here and there, but generally speaking, Singapore is so safe it is understandable why people take it for granted.

So everyone relac lah. Sit back and observe how The Benign Dictatorship sells The Singapore Brand to the world, especially the world's wealthy---potential "customers".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

remember how republic of lanfang disappear from this world?

a first republic nation in the asian region

a successful and rich, powerful state

dutch invader destroy such republic.

today, we know nothing about these republic.

Anonymous said...

Talking to someone with a perspective tat he only needs to protect a prick and two balls is a futile waste of time.

b said...

Agree that sinkies very stupid to vote for this party who introduced mandatory ns again and again. All the monies on defence are spent unnecessary. A new flu virus can prove deadly to any great army. This is the world we are living in.