Why Sin City has no talents?

Simple, the answer is very simple. It is like COEs. When your car reaches 10 years old, no matter how good is the condition, it is no longer allowed on the road. Our seniors, other than a handful specially favoured yodas, the rest will reach their COEs at 55 if they are lucky, after which they will be immediately written off as unworthy, unable to contribute anymore, or no more talents. Yes, Ngiam Tong Dow and his cohort are no longer able to contribute. They must either have sold their brains or they just took out the chips inside their heads. And yes, all the boys and girls are smarter and wiser than them. And disagree kee chiu.

But they are lucky. Many of the younger seniors, before 55, were already written off by their organizations and were told they were no longer able to contribute. And they would be immediately replaced by chapalans from little villages and even fakes, that are claimed to be the new talents to bring Sin City to greater heights. Or to dump Sin City from where it is to the abyss?

The silly boys and girls in charge have written off several generations of talented and experienced Singaporeans, rich in the heads and full of wisdom and replaced them with infants and lunatics. Who is this criminal or bunch of criminals that decided to write off our real talents and replaced them with craps and fakes?

I simply cannot understand this stupidity. The delusion of superior talent is at its peak. To the super talents this is superior wisdom and intelligence, to get rid of the old and replace them with unknown adolescents from God knows where. And everyday without failed, they kept bringing in more fakes and half bakes to slap the Silver Brigade, to tell them, see, more talents and more talented than them.

On the other end, the local young were kicked aside on the excuse that they have no experience, no skill sets. Only 3rd world villagers got the right skill sets. Only super talented idiots would believe this kind of ideas. My goodness, how long would these fools continued with their foolishness, to be conned by 3rd world snake oil sellers?

Now you know why Sin City has no local talents? You got the answers right? We just write off our own talents like 10 year old cars. Just take away the COEs and turn throw them into the scrap yards.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Reallee daft.

PGP voted for shits for past decade,
now they suffering the karma

Even the little cpf left will be sucked dry thru medical expenses n soon, the forced medishield life premium.

Fuck lee hsien loong

U bastard know who I am! Thru the teleco n spy agency

Anonymous said...

Sin City has no talents because our PAPigs have no talents.

Anonymous said...

When the emperor is stupid, it's not safe to have smarter lieutenants.
This is Singaporean meritocracy - a continuous dumb-ing down process.
That's why it's logical to tell young Singaporeans they don't need a degree.

Anonymous said...

If papigs no talents.. how they rule the country 4 fuckty years?

Give those old farts citizens orgasms every four years?

Anonymous said...

In the land of the blind the one eyed jack shines. Now many blinds have opened their eyes, except you, and the one eyed jacks would look just like one eyed jacks, nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

RB, the daft believers would just want to believe that their gods are smarter than them.

See how happy they are with their gods and how angry they are with you when you pointed out the ugly truths?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah, fellow members of the "Silver Brigade" (not me, I'm fucking bald, but my pubic hair is still black and always smells of pussy :-) )

...the world doesn't owe you a living lah, not when you are 15, nor when your'e 55 and over. There is no such thing as "job security" -- it is a myth.

In this world, there is competition, there is unpredictability and there is unfairness. At age 55 you'r not expected to ACT LIKE A BABY anymore, crying like a pussy-bitch just because someone ate your lunch.

At 55, you have hired and fired people before -- people older and younger than yourself. So don't become a wimp because someone younger took your cheese.

At 55 showing your entitlement mentality is showing how much you lack in character, and that you still have long ways to go become MATURE IN MIND, so that you are emotionally and psychologically fit enough to handle the vagaries of life.

Now would be a good time, to start growing a much-needed pair of balls, you fucking losers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

To the MIW the real talents are the foreign talents who know to vote for them.

agongkia said...

If we got no talent then how come we can come out with idea of 10 year COE,minimum sum of CPF or affordable housing and transport?
COE can generate tax for road management and improvement which is the right way to go.

However they need a talent like me to improve on how to provide free healthcare .
Given a chance I will propose for all CPF to be Cheongkong immediately to provide free healthcare to all local born Sinkies.
Minimum sum should be raised to 1.5 million dollar.
All medical consultation ,hospital stay or heart bypass etc all free.,paid by this pool of CPF.
No need paiseh and increase the minimum sum in stages.
Dun waste time protesting for cpf withdrawal.
If uncle can see far instead of showing chart he will stop going to hlp.
Do you want our poor to withdraw 50 k at 55 and pay 500k for hospital bill in future?
Or do you hope to see their 50k kena cheongkong but enjoy free healthcare for life.
The rich got so much cpf to withdraw.But the poor with less cpf keep shouting for early withdrawal.Rich will not share their wealth with you but will boss the poor around.
So CPF should be cheongkong.

I am a super talent.No pakay but at least my Ah Kong recognised me that years ago:-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For a moment I thought you were brilliant. But after reading a bit more, your tunnel vision is very clear. You must not be trapped by the false premises laid all over you to think inside a box.

The only thing good about this is to show how daft Sinkies have been made to become, thinking within the OBs set by the supertalents and did not know anything about it.

They are so used to the constraints and false reasoning that they think those are real and legitimate, like the foreign talent crap and the need for more population to fill the shortfall of low birth rate when the input exceeded that shortfall by tens of times over.

Anonymous said...

Hi redbean
For your enjoyment.
Video of 3rd world talent showing Singaporeans and PAPigs how to increase productivity.

Bizarre Video Shows A Chinese Worker Demolishing An Industrial Chimney Brick-By-Brick