The daft are getting dafter

PMET: “I couldn’t agree more with Joshua. Firstly, if you want our government to do more, prepare to pay more taxes. Our taxes are currently among the lowest in the world. Any increase in benefits requires a huge burden of taxation, possible 40% income tax and 20% GST.”

“Secondly, if our government does more, you will accuse our government of over-meddling in the economy and society. Finally, if our government does more, will it not be going back to the era of Communism where the government takes a central role?”

“Think before you talk. The role of the government is to manage the supply side of the economy (land, rule of law, competition,infrastructure, health, education, security etc). The demand side (company investments, consumer wages & demand etc) is not the responsibility of the government. It is up to you to earn your own keep. The government does not owe you a living.”

Rebuttal to an Idiot
Comment appeared in: Rebutting DBS manager on asking God to manage SG

The above comments were quoted by ‘Rebuttal to an Idiot’ to the comments by a Joshua Chin. I would not want to be bothered with the full text of the PMET quoted and those who want to read the rebuttal can go to TRE to read the article titled, ‘Prepared to pay more tax if want Govt to do more?’
Does anyone really believe that the Govt is not being paid enough and needs to be paid more to do more? Does anyone stupid enough to think the Govt has not meddled enough of the people’s life and thinking that it should or could do more? Does anyone really believe that this govt owes the people a living and the people must be grateful to the govt?

The truth is that this govt is grotesquely over paid that every political leaders in the whole world is shocked into amazement. Only daft Sinkies think that this is the right remuneration to be paid to democratically elected politicians and should be more if they expect the govt to do more. Frogs boiling in hot water increasingly adjust to the temperature and would not know the difference.

The second truth is that this govt has over meddled with the people’s life, even refusing to return their life time saving, and even has the audacity to decide how to spend the money on behalf of the people. Now who is so stupid to think that the govt has not been meddling with your life?

And for the little crumps the govt is throwing out to the people while it is feasting itself with the best buffet in the whole world money can buy, and the daft people are thinking that they should be grateful and not expect anything from the govt? Hey daft, it is the govt that is suffering from extreme entitlement mentality, not the people. They are paying themselves crazy with public money as salaries and perks that are out of this world. Can you see that? No? Can you remove the blindfold they put on you? It is the govt that should be grateful to the people’s generosity to be able to live a standard of living many times better than the Swiss.

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Anonymous said...

The truth is that this govt is grotesquely over paid that every political leaders in the whole world is shocked into amazement.

Tiok. And they will be in greater shock when they found that there are daft Sinkies think that this is the right remuneration to be paid to democratically elected politicians and should be more if they expect the govt to do more.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I do think that Ang Tau is the only one Singaporean that is not happy with the Establishment.
Even jugglers told me that Sin is the best place to live and make money.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sorry I disagree. I've consistently defended the high salaries of the government.

All governments have absolute power of authority, granted to them legally by LAW. The can do anything at anytime for any reason -- even made-up reasons -- to anyone; this is the nature of absolute power. It is the govt courts which interpret the constitution, and the whole darn racket is LEGAL.

Since the people in government come from the very same CULTURE of the sheeple who voted them in, it follows that if the sheeple are ENTITLED ASSHOLES, the government chosen by The Sheeple are also ENTITLED ASSHOLES. <<== this is the point redbean fails to grasp.

Singaporeans, as a collective, aspire to earn Lotsa Bucks so they can enjoy spectacular lives at a standard of living which is the envy of the rest of Asia.

The local "I'm so good my shit don't stink" PMEs, now festering on the garbage heap of irrelevance -- enjoyed decades of earning Lotsa Bucks whilst paying their domestic labour SLAVE WAGES of $300 per month, one day off a fortnight, if they're lucky.

Now sporting black faces -- hurling tired epithets and writing TLDR screeds on various forums -- these ENTITLED FUCKS are incensed when they're replaced by...well, black faces. Once upon a time Pinoys were their maids.

Now Pinoys are their bosses or their replacements. The Indians formerly labourers now manage corporations like banks. The PRCs now own condos and landed property.

Shakespeare couldn't have written a better comic tragedy :-))

The idea of earning Lotsa Bucks is firmly rooted in Singapore culture. You are not a true Singaporean unless you are nosey and annoyingly interested in how much so-and-so is earning; hopefully less than you, because you--the only person in the world with perfume-smelling shit--is ENTITLED to earn more bucks than your peers.

Therefore, to pay the government obscene amounts of money is culturally congruent. How could you expect any less? Anyway, if there is a gangster, you'd be wise to pay him ALL THE PROTECTION MONEY he desires. Don't be a fool and piss off the gangster-- you will LOSE and it will cost you more in terms of personal pain.

So redbean, remember please, when you hurl the accusatory "entitlement mentality" at the government: When you point your finger at others, three fingers point back at you.

But don't freak out mate, it is quite human to do so...so go for it and continue to spill your guts and bile at "non-issues". :-))

Me? I'm entitled to a blowjob anytime I want one. I think the govt should tax people and give me "free blow job money"--fuck you, I'm Singaporean, I did NS so therefore I'M ENTITLED!!

If I don't get my way, I shall organise a group to protest at Hong Lim Park--"Gimme my free blow job money!!"...but that's just for starters. Later on we can organise: "Gimme my free car!" and "Gimme my free food and booze!" then "Gimme my free medical!"...do you get the picture, my dear ENTITLED uncle from the ENTITLED Silver Brigade?

Enjoy the Sunday. You're entitled to. :-)

Anonymous said...

The " entitled mentality " of Sheeples in Singapore is like a badge which is worn by those who think that the government owes them a living. Just because they have done their pathetic 2 years NS they think they are more deserving. Those irrelevant PMETs who are on the rubbish heap have themselves to blame because they refused or not intelligent enough to upgrade their skill. The FTs from Pinoyland, India, PRC, Indonesia or Malaysia are their replacements because they are better workers and are cheaper and work faster and more efficient. PMETs on the scapeheaps employ maids to slave for them at home and paying them peanuts are now holding the shitty end of the stick. Maybe now they feel what it is like to be on the wrong side of the fence.

The FTs are in Singapore in search of a better quality of life for their families either back home or in Singapore. They pay taxes and contribute to the Singapore economy just like any other true blue Sheeples. So please try to be kind to the FTs who have come to your little island. You have only yourselve to blame if you are not well equipped to compete. No one owes you a living. So get off your arses and stop bitching.

Anonymous said...

So get off your arses and stop bitching.
November 30, 2014 7:07 pm

Better yet:
Get off your arses and start voting Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Not happy with PAP?
Vote Opposition lah.
Talk so much for what?

Anonymous said...

If PAP government cannot improve the lives of Singaporeans;
Then it's time to change government.

PAP government does not owe Singaporeans a living.
Singaporeans do not owe PAP government a living.
Loyalty is a 2 way street.

Kaffein said...

North Korea, anyone?