Tan Su Shan, the world’s best private banker

DBS’ group head of consumer banking and wealth management was voted the world’s best in private banking. This Global Private Banking Awards 2014 is presented by PWM and The Banker, a wealth publication by the Financial Times Group. It was reported that this award is for the best private banks in the world based on growth and performance. This award is certainly different from the World Best University rankings and would not be the subject of credibility discussion.

It is good to know that a Singaporean banker is good enough for such an award. The big question, would she be good enough for the Top Job as CEO of DBS or any local banks? Traditionally, over the last few decades, no Singaporean banker is found to be good enough to be CEO of a local bank, not even thinking of foreign banks. UOB is an exception for exceptional reasons.

Singaporean bankers are noted to be good enough only to be number 3 or 4 or 5 or 6, definitely not good enough to be number one. When Piyush’s time is up, would Tan Su Shan be the next CEO of DBS or would they go around the world, or to the 3rd world to hunt for another CEO? It would be good if she makes it to the top and bring back some dignity for daft Singaporeans, better than gold medals in sports won by foreigners.

My guess is quite pessimistic. Tharman has acknowledged that we lacked top bankers among the Singaporean breed and they had taken measures to start to train them yesterday for the future, maybe another 20 years to see the fruits. The current ingenious formula is to bring in a foreigner, issued him with a pink IC and called him a Singaporean. Instant tree, instant talent, instant Singaporean.
How long would the dearth of top Singaporean bankers continue to plague this island that is the financial centre of the region and with big dreams of being the financial centre of Asia, but only capable of producing half baked Singaporean bankers that would lose out to bankers from 3rd world villagers?

This is another Uniquely Strange feature of this strange island with 1st world pretensions but suffering from a disease known as ‘no local talents’, but a nation of daft. Something is seriously wrong with the gene pool.

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Anonymous said...

"The current ingenious formula is to bring in a foreigner, issued him with a pink IC and called him a Singaporean."

Ya lah, but this can be good, bad or both, tio bo?

But even if it is all bad (I mean to true blue Sinkies lah, of course), what can Sinkies do, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

.....what can Sinkies do, u tell me lah?
Anon 10:05 am

Then talented Sinkies like Tan Su Shan should join the Sinkie opposition lah, at least to provide talents and numbers to make the opposition stronger and ready to be govt mah.

Of course that's unlikely lah, so hence there is nothing much Sinkies can do, other than kpkb in blogs and HLP.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Have to admit lah, she's one clever woman.

Hmm...I wonder if she'll go out with me ?!?

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

"Then talented Sinkies like Tan Su Shan should join the Sinkie opposition lah, at least to provide talents and numbers to make the opposition stronger and ready to be govt mah."
November 01, 2014 10:11 am

According to the gospel of our 90 year old forecaster;
- there are no talents in the Opposition
- if you join the Opposition, you are not talented

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually "talent" is vastly overrated.

best selling book

Matilah_Singapura said...

BTW if you noticce somethings about TSS, you'll realise she's extremely passionate about banking and finance, a hi-energy and "in-the-moment" boss, and can work damn fucking hard.

I would say she's earned her accolades fair and square.

Still, I like her MILFy looks. I would like to take her out for a fun night...or three ;-)

Anonymous said...

Talent can also be relative. Talent in one aspect or field may not necessarily cover everything else.

A person born with a talent for art or singing or music may not be good as a banker, lawyer or doctor. So, who do we call a 'talent'. Beats me sometimes!

Anonymous said...

So, who do we call a 'talent'. Beats me sometimes!
November 01, 2014 3:48 pm

That is why I vote PAP.
PAP will tell me who is a talent and who is not a talent.
So I don't have to think so hard anymore.

Anonymous said...

How big a fish can one finds in a well?

It will be gobbled up the moment it swim into a pond, not to mention the river, lake and sea.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> So, who do we call a 'talent'. <

Exactly. No one can come out with a single definition which everyone else will agree to.

It is a case of perfect 'suka-suka'. Use any definition you like, pull one out of the dictionary, pull one out of your asshole, get an "ex-spurt" to pull one out of their asshole -- it won't matter! No one will agree.

Government rhetoric is full of words and phrases which have no meaning, and are specifically created to confuse you, and ensure that you're living in fear so that they can control you.

Serves you right, you automaton motherfuckers!

Keep voting for the same party. When they tekan you, you'll deserve it!

Anonymous said...

This Tan Su Shan is one hell of an SPG, ok? She got the whole works, including fat balding ang moh husband.

b said...

Nothing is wrong with the gene pool. The world is still controlled by the 1% royal people. The revolution in the west did not change anything. They just become smarter and operate behind the scene using curtains like ministries, political parties, democracies etc.

b said...

All bankers are fishy.