Sim Lim Square – Singapore’s Wild Wild West for shopping experience

A woman who bought an over-priced phone at Sim Lim Square demanded a refund and was given a bag full of $1,010 coins.

The woman, Miss Zhou, bought an iPhone 6 Plus for $1,600. She was shocked when the shop demanded that she pay another $2,400 for a two year insurance for the phone. You only get this in some unique shops in Singapore.

The shop, Mobile Air, was only willing to give her a $1,000 refund. The Small Claims Tribunal ordered the shop to refund Miss Zhou $1,010.

Miss Zhou was given the money in a bag full of coins. The bag was thrown onto the floor and the shop staff embarrassed her with nasty remarks when she was picking up the coins.

This is the kind of shopping experience one could enjoy from some shops in Sim Lim Square. The Tourist Board should promote this as a new exciting and unforgettable shopping adventure in Singapore’s Wild Wild West shopping centre where anything goes. There is no overcharging of course and no crime committed. Shoppers visiting the centre would have a memorable trip and a memory they would not forget, and will remember the exciting Singapore for a life time.

The full story of Miss Zhou is covered in a number of articles posted in The Real Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

That's why must shop at Sim Lim Square with your eyes open lah.

If not, u expect PAP to help u is it?

Anonymous said...

aiyoh .. y my china bui so stupig?

Anonymous said...

Sin is a country manage by Rule Of Law.
For consumers of goods and servives, there are additional protections in Lemon Law, Consumers Association and Small Claim Tribunal.
Sin is a corruption free country and
is recognized to be a most safe place on Earth.
Be it Sim Lim Square, Orchard Road and Anywhere in Sin, it is very safe. Rest assured no cheating and no bluffing in Sin

Anonymous said...

For a country said to be first world, so good in this and that, yet there are people continually running foul of the law. just like 'boh cheng hu'.

What is the point of having watchdogs for everything but in the end just a bunch of sleeping dogs?

I am sick and tired.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ rb:

>> Singapore’s Wild Wild West for shopping experience

Actually, the "wild west" is a myth. Life in the early America was kinda boring. That figures, since fucking boring christianity was a huge part of the culture.

However Sim Lim Square is one of my favourite shopping places. It is full of liars, cheats and gangsters...like it was in the old days. But if you are seasoned -- like me -- to the "dark side" of life, a trip to SLS can be a worthwhile experience because there's stuff there you cannot find anywhere else (because it is illegal!). And the ChIndian techies are awesome -- can fix just about anything electronic.

BUT you must engage your "caveat emptor" brain module if you venture there. For e.g. I would be very careful about buying a phone there. I bought a China knock-off HTC and it came pre-installed with TROJAN virus.

Sin Lim is great! If you are a blur butoh or expect "consumer protection" and "honourable trading", fuck off and go somewhere else, you dumb shit!

Anonymous said...

The tourist will get fleeced, but they go there on the recommendation of their tour guides, who will get a cut of the loot. It happens everywhere if you trust tour guides.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a law that limits the amount of coins that can be used as payment?

I believe there may be sufficient basis for a complaint to be lodged with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Today' s Spore is like bo cheng hu. Anything goes. Survival of the fittest. It has become a city of cheats and lawlessness.

Anonymous said...

Didn't mai-hum LHL say openly and unashamedly that he was pro-business. So, shops out to make a quick buck or a thousand bucks from gullible customers have no fear. It's the wild wild west of the east alright! To avoid bad publicity, they simply change their shop names later, or switch location. But, don't innocent residents step on the wrong toes, in particular pigs' toes, or "justice" will be swift and unforgiving.

Anonymous said...

Crooks, cheats, conmen, tricksters, gangsters, loan sharks run around like they own the island. Some pretend to be govt and went around bullying the people until the people also not sure if they are govt or not govt.

Anonymous said...


If true, I am very very surprised that
such thing happened in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of tactic you can only expect from sore losers. The sad thing is, now it's trickling down to street traders. The whole system has gone to the dogs. No wonder there is now severe punishment for dog mistreaters

Anonymous said...

More serious punishments like Hyena

devours Dingo?

agongkia said...

Luckily not my mei mei else i will distant myself from her.What so special about this phone that she is willing to spent thousand on it.My made in China phone is less than 90 nia.
Works wonder.
Too much money go donate charity.
Expensive phone for what.

Virgo 49 said...

That's why they got so many number one George Street mafias investment companies with burly whites pushing the investors away when they went to claim their dues.

That's why where you have Lehman Bros and Sisters. The Authorities watchdogs suppose to protect investors and consumers.

Brazil land sales conmen. MAS- Mana Ada System, they just want to have robust industry and economy.


The said...

Under the Currency Act (Chapter 69), coins issued by MAS shall be legal tender up to their face value in Singapore as follows:

a) in the case of coins of a denomination exceeding 50 cents - for payment of any amount;
b) in the case of coins of a denomination of 50 cents - for the payment of an amount not exceeding $10; and
c) in the case of coin of a denomination lower than 50 cents - for the payment of an amount not exceeding $2.