S&CC fees, pay only to the party you voted for

Below are the conversation between two bloggers on why they should or should not pay S&CC fees.

I am an Aljunied resident living with my parents. Lately, due to some disagreements I had with the TC, I have been asking my parents not to pay the S&C fees. My reasoning is simple. Why should we pay to an administration body that we did NOT vote for??? Let those people who voted for them pay for them.
I can only imagine the sheer number of people who feels the same way. I hope these people continue to withhold payment and hopefully we can shame the Workers Party out of parliament.
Why can’t Aljunied have a “normal” and competent town council like other constituencies??  Lim 11 November 2014 at 8am

Hey, @Lim, I just love the pure logic of yr reasoning. I think it’s worth its weight in implementation on a nation-wide basis.  Why don’t you bring this up to PM Lee himself to propose such a bill in his PAP-dominated parliament? Truly, someone yr calibre, so thinking-out-of-the-box type, is wasted just writing comments here. Don’t waste it, dude. Serve the country as a PAP candidate.  Let me know when you do. I’ll be following yr speeches and writings most closely. Thx.
2econdsight 11 November 2014 at 2pm

I also agree with 2econdsight. The comments by Lim are worth its weight in gold. Everyone should think about it seriously and decide whether to pay your S&CC fees. Sinkies are getting smarter by the days. If more Sinkies are as smart as this Lim, there will be a better tomorrow for every Sinkie.

Just a word of caution, before you stop paying your S&CC fees, make sure you got a mountain behind you. People who so ‘kar si’ and refused to pay S&CC fees must surely got a mountain behind them, or they would not be so garang and ‘kong cum’ to think this is their grandfather’s country.

This is looking like the Americans telling the Pinoys to fight with China with them carrying the big stick in the shadow. What kind of world is this turning to be? Gangsterism or mafiadom?

Our kiasi, kiasu and kia chenghu daft now acting like the mouse sitting on top of the lion's head.

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agongkia said...

This Ah Lim is definately a Poot how kia.Boh Tua Boh Suay.
The parent is a failure for bringing up such children.
How can he tell the parent to pay or not to pay on something that everyone need to.
Which ever party that run the council,conservative charges should be paid .My TC may have some shortfalls.That does not give me the right to decide whether to pay or not,irregardless whether I voted for them.
Another case of ugly Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

When netizen vigilante went after Jover Chew, some minsiters got so angry and came out to warn them not to break the law. I am waiting for some ministers to come out to warn those saying publicly that they would not pay SCC charges.

Maybe this is not breaking the law and no one will come out to say anything. Maybe some will say good, don't pay good. Doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, the Lim above would not be so "Boh Tua Boh Suay" if Teochew Ah Hia had not publicly declared that WP is not ready to be govt.

U don't see such a Lim in a PAP ward who did not vote PAP saying such a thing to PAP Town Council, do u?

Anonymous said...

So does this mean if I do not vote for PAP in next elections, I can say that I do not need to pay my:
1. income tax
2. road tax
3. no need to do my reservist
4. no need to pay GST
5. etc

Hopefully the recalcitrant PAP voter is not representative of other PAP voters/supporters.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that the One telling the Parents not to pay the Conservancy Fee is a grassroot member or even a PAP Supporter.
In Sin, there are currently only PAP and WP running Town Councils.


Anonymous said...

What proof does Lim 11 offer that he voted PAP?
Maybe he just does not want to pay because he has no money in the current PAP economy?

Anonymous said...


This is indeed a SMART idea in
our SMART city.

It sounds good and SUBSTAINABLE
and should be implemented nationwide.

We should quickly get the
parliament to pass the law to
allow households to pay the S&CC
only to the party they voted for.


Anonymous said...

I support. Pay conservancy to the party you support, pay income tax, road tax, GST and whatever to the party you voted for.

True democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.38am 9.39am & 10.07am pls note......

GOOD Suggestions! GOOD Suggestions!

Since your good suggestions involved a few govt depts, why not put forward your suggestions to our PM office to follow up.

Well Done! Keep your suggestions coming!


Matilah_Singapura said...

The guy s talking cock lah. You live there you pay, simple as that.

Plus you don't own your HDB. All you do is own the LEASE on the HDB.

This is a classic case of "I don't want to pay so I'm going to pull any reason out of my as to JUSTIFY my position".

Has this asshole graduated from kindergarten yet?

Anonymous said...

What do you know? This guy is a gangster. Belongs to a very powerful gang. He refused to pay what can you do?

Virgo 49 said...

Stay with parents, some more old folks pay SC & what CCC???

Must be a real parasite. Good good, many of us would not have to pay all these charges as we also do not vote for PAP.

We fo not even have chance to vote in Tanjong Pagar GRC.

Anonymous said...

By Ah Lim's argument, if I do not vote for any party, I do even have to pay any S&CC fees.

If they pass such a law in Parliament, the majority will surely support it.

Actually, boh chenghu is even better. No GST, road tax, levies etc.

b said...

We live in a world that is operated by 'elected' mafia. Even if the gov goes against the people, the people still have to pay tax (direct/ indirect). Democracy is a scam to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

b said...

Anyway to Lim, do not vote and no need to pay any S%CC? That kind of logic does not go very well with the mafia. Everyone has to pay protection money whether or not they are protected.

patriot said...

We should all thank lim for his great idea.

But, that is provided his parents are indeed immune from paying the Conservancy Fee legally.