Private grads advised to go for accredited degrees

The issue of getting a recognized or accredited degree is raising temperature. How frustrating it is for a young guy who wanted to get a degree desperately, cannot get into the local university, cannot afford to throw a few hundred thousands to go overseas, and ended up in a private university here, then only to find out, after spending a couple of years and money, that the degree is not recognized?

Even going overseas, even in supposedly reputable universities in Australia, many of them are not recognized, not good enough. I hope the Aussie govt is not amused or insulted by our refusal to recognize their good universities. Singaporean students must be very careful in applying to study in local private universities or overseas. They must double check to make sure that they did not waste their time and their parents’ money on something that is not recognized.

There have been several forum letters to the msm talking about the plight of Singaporean students trying very hard to get a degree and ended in a very difficult position, degree not recognized.

What I thought would be an easier option, a failed safe option, is to take advantage of CECA and go to India. If I am not mistaken, under CECA, all Indian universities are recognized. Why got into all the trouble to go to Australia or local private universities when India is beckoning, come, our university degrees are all recognized and guaranteed of a good job in Singapore?

Singaporeans are simply daft and any how spend money when they could get a good degree in India with no problem of being recognized. Please correct me if my information that all Indian university degrees are recognized here is erroneous. I could not find an authoritative source to confirm this. But all the foreign recruiting agencies are very happy to accept and recommend graduates from Indian universities and the employers too are very happy to employ Indian graduates in top management positions, not low paying low level jobs, mind you.

Go where you can get value for your degree, go India.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


agongkia said...

Be a mechanic ,construction worker ,cleaner or garang guni man oso can become tua towkay and can boss graduates around.
Why must die die go for paper.Daft Sinkies are spoilt .Nia Tee primary four nia.Though poor and dialect speaking but many times can decide for those khongcumTua or sheng .

Anonymous said...

Not Recognised or Less Recognised?

No one is saying that degrees obtained from "real" universities are not recognised.

They are merely LESS recognised.

When applying for jobs and when everything else being equal, LESS recognised degrees will fall out.

Never mind. Try harder. Cheers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Definitely, Indian universities are the best 1000 times over! There, you can demand your legitimate right to cheat in exams also; it's the accepted thing to get your degree, no need to study. Optionally, you can obtain your real & recognized certificate with a few lakhs.

Anonymous said...

This idea of "recognition" is very funny.
Who is the PAP person who has been endowed with the knowledge and wisdom to pass judgement on which universities are good or bad?

Judging by words and deeds from our PAP Millionaires.
Degrees from India and Philippines are better than Singapore university degrees.
Since all these FT grads create so much jobs for Singaporeans.

Why not send our Presidential Scholars to India and Philippines universities?

Anonymous said...

Not recognised or less recognised is not the Issue.
Take Geylang for example, when one can get cheaper, younger, prettier whores for less. Better still they are more expert and tender, do You think educated and proud Sinkie Gals can compete? Actually can, if Sinkie Brand cost much lessand more ccustomers orientated.

Who cares when degrees are as common as Today or Mypaper Newsprints which are only good for doggie poos. The Newsprints are not even good for wiping arse.

Anonymous said...

"recognized degrees" is same type of mind games as "well qualified political candidates"

Wah! PAP candidate is so 'well qualified".

But stupid Sinkies never stop to ask.
"Well qualified' - so what?
Can help me and my family or not?
If cannot.
Please fuck off.

b said...

No need to go all the way to india, just need to buy one from the internet.

Anonymous said...

India can be a good place for a degree.
Cost could be much lower.
There could be unconventional
Specialization, get a Phd in Kamasutra, Hinduism or study the latrine habit and rape culture theses. The Degrees for these Specialization should put the Graduates in good business or reputation.

Anonymous said...

Among all the cultural groups in the world our Sinkie Chinese are the least proud of their given names. Just look at all the fantastical fanciful names they gave themselves - Tommy, Dickie, Fanny and who can forget Harry. You don't see our Malay or Indian brothers and sisters ditching names their parents gave them. It's call pride. Wonder what's Mati man's real given name.

Anonymous said...

How about Lee Hsien Loong (father)
and then son;
Li Hong Yi

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Yammy Tony.

agongkia said...

Anon 6.21pm
In the womb before see sunlight oredi got such name on standby leow.
Could be the reason why these Sinkies are good target of abused.They make them feel tuakee.Blame who.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are taking "advice" from strangers without doing yur due diligence and extensive research, you deserved to be cheated lah.

One more time for the audience: CAVEAT EMPTOR

Just because you cannot afford an over-priced degree from an overrated educational institution full of rich entitled kids, doesn't mean you can't "succeed".

On Aussie unis: Many more rich people in Aust now. Many of these rich Aussies now send their kids to the US for tertiary education. Going to the us is especially popular for post grad study.

BTW, Indian Unis are getting better an better. But the same thing happens there: Bachelor degree or diploma obtained in India, further studies go USA.

The world is changing: bosses are placing less importance on degrees and more importance on ABILITY, ATTITUDE and ENTHUSIASM. Today's workforce -- more emphasis on individual responsibility and less micro-management.

Accreditation varries from cuntree to cuntree lah. Australia doesn't recognise medical degrees from most places -- you have to get "accredited" by the AMA.

Anyway "accreditation" is an attempt to define "education" in cookie-cutter terms. It is inherently FLAWED.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When you take a puff, it is ok. It energises and revitalises. When you smoke too much, you get clouded in your own bull shit and got lost in your own smoke screen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB--talking shit again about stuff he has no idea about:

>> When you smoke too much, you get clouded in your own bull shit and got lost in your own smoke screen.

Eh Uncle Kotek, that's the idea lah. If you can write twisted illogical shit, so can others!

Please lah, you don't own all the bullshit in the world. Others also have lah.