Johore Mentri Besar to seize back Malay land

‘(18 November 2014) – The Johor government will seize Malay reserved land which had fallen into the hands of the non-Malays.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said several action plans will be enforced to seize the land which rightfully belong to the Malays.’ Quoted from an article in TRE.

What does this statement mean? How could Malay reserved land fell into non Malay hands? In Malaysia, no non Malay would have the audacity or guts to take away Malay land illegally. They must have paid for them legally, with good money, or risk their heads being chopped off. Cheating the Malays of their land in Malaysia? How dare the non Malays do that?

Maybe, the lands they owned were cheated by someone from the Malays and then sold to them. The non Malays would not know that the land was acquired by foul means. And how many of these non Malays owning land or properties are Singaporeans? Could these non Malays be genuine buyers but got cheated themselves thinking that the land they bought were legal? How could this be proven? Even if there are legal papers, all the ex Malay owners need to do is to claim they were cheated and the non Malays can kiss their land and whatever properties sitting on the land good bye.

How many pieces of such land are in the Iskandar zone? How many non Malays who have been staying in their properties and waking up tomorrow to be told they were Malay reserved land and they have to return them to their rightful Malay owners? I can see money flying away.

An ugly nightmare is awaiting all the non Malay property owners. Hopefully not many Singaporeans are affected. Pray hard, pray real hard. Would it make any difference if the Singaporeans are Malays? I think they are safe as the report talked about non Malay hands. Sleep well?

Anyone still thinking of Iskandar? How to make sure the properties will be safe 10 or 20 years down the road when another Mentri Besar is going to do the same and the papers turned out to be fake or told to be fake?

Malaysia boleh!

Don’t think this kind of things can happen in Sin City in the future. There is no reserved land here.

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Anonymous said...

Even if cheated, like victims of Mobile Air, the law over there will also say they cannot do anything, as it is a private business deal.

I hope they really do what they say about taking back Malay reserved land in non-Malay hands. It is against the law for Malay reserved land to fall into the hands of other races. I mean, why designate such land as 'reserved'' if it is going to be otherwise?

The PAP leaders already warned Singaporeans about buying properties overseas. Were they told by Ali Baba that this was going to happen and discreetly told to warn our citizens? Since Singaporeans have been warned, and the Government already done its job of warning them, would Singaporeans pester the Government for help in the event that this nightmare comes true?

We have a show on our hands.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia Forever Boleh!

If not wrong, SOMEONE up there did warned Singaporeans that with a stroke of the pen, laws governing lands can be amended suddenly/surprisingly there.

One needs plenty plenty plenty of luck investing properties there.

Think about it. Are U always lucky?


Anonymous said...

What use warnings?!

Many of them are like that :

No See "coffee" No Shed Tears!

Anonymous said...

Lessons are never learnt?

How many got burnt during the 'clob' saga?

You can't fool around with Matlanders. They change their minds, their laws, their faces at their whims and fancies.

Anonymous said...

Not common knowledge but the mosque and land opp Sentosa Gateway belongs to the Johor royal family. The sultan still sore about ICJ recognising Pedra Branca as belonging to Singapore so looking at ways to screw us. First the artificial island in the strait and now this shit. Sore loser!!

Anonymous said...

Greedy and daft Sinkies need to pay for their greed.

Anonymous said...

'Sore losers' says Anon 11.19.

That strikes a chord with Hougang residents getting punished by the PAP for voting opposition. Just the same everywhere, it appears.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia damn slow lah!
Singapore already seize back control of land many years ago.
Singapore government already own 80-90% of land in Singapore.
Biggest landlord in Singapore ... is this true?

Anonymous said...

Land titles cannot even be trusted in some cases. They could declare invalid the land title and re-possess your land. It has happened before and the rich dispossessed it from the poor.

Anonymous said...

If the land are legally acquired, what is there to seize?
Malays owning land selling to non -Malays for $$$ in early days and now tak pakai? Must take back?
For who?
After 60 years of independence, no wonder they are so far behind in everything and still practising economic apartheid.

Anonymous said...

There is supposed to be 3 million hectare of Malay Reserve land. However, only 1.3 million hectare remain in 1965 and believed to be significantly lower today. Non Malays can only acquire a grant from land office with express approval from the menteri besar's office. Now this fellow is saying he wants to seize back Malay reserved land?

How is that possible? Even if one is able to pass a new enabling act to do so. It would muck up the national land code act to such an extent that it will cause more problems that solve the issue.

Besides 90% of Malay reserve land is arable in nature and I don't really think the government of the day is going to run the risk of locking horns with the planters. Without the kampung votes! BN is a dead duck.

This is just a ploy to gazette more forest reserve land under the guise of Malay reserve land, that's all it's ever been and will ever be.

Politicians in Malaysia all speak in code. Nothing is ever what it seems.

Darkness 2014

Anonymous said...

I believe they are capable of seizing the land back from dump non-bumi. In Malyasia, law can change overnight and no one is gonna to explain to you the reasons.

b said...

what is malay? someone living in malaysia is a malay whether bumi or not.

b said...

better to deal with the 'communistic' chinese than the 'democratic' malays.