Fergusson, USA: To all the assholes that called Sinkies racists

There have been frequent attacks by some racists here against Sinkies, calling Sinkies racists for the slightest thing. The UOB staff was called racists for painting their faces black for a theme party.  The govt is called racist if they put up signs not in the four official languages. Scolding a rogue foreigner is a racist act and what else.

If these asshole racists want to know what racism is all about, please go to the USA. Go to Fergusson, Missouri, or to Cleveland Ohio or any part of the USA, to have a taste of racism when the policemen will feel very happy to shoot any black colour man, even boys, on the slightest pretext. And the excuse, the burly white policemen feared for this life in the face of a black man half his size or a child carrying toy gun. They simply shot them dead so that they could not tell their sides of the story. And 14 policemen surrounding a black man only found it a must to shoot and kill the black man as there was no other option to restrain the black man.

To all the racists that think this is a racist country, please fuck off from this island and go to the USA, the most friendly and non racist country that loves coloured people. And yes, they have a coloured man as a President to boot to make the blacks feel very secured.

Let me put it straight here. Sinkies are the most tolerant and colour blind people in the whole world. There would be the odd nut cases like in every city or country. But in general, Sinkies welcome everyone here. Some even said this country belongs to everyone. And only foreigners have the privilege to bully and beat up Sinkies, not the other way. How’s that for a ‘racist’ people?

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There is racism everywhere. It is part of our mammalian-primate nature. There are also level-headed colour-blind people everywhere -- this is part of our higher-cortical function HUMAN nature -- the part of our brains that developed abstracts like "human values", "reason" and "logic".

Painting on black face or making a racial joke DOES NOT make anyone a "racist". But assholes like to stick LABELS because they are too fucking lazy to think. Labelling is easy. Thinking is hard.

In the USA-context, one has to consider the other side of the coin. Anti-white racism from the black community is ALVE AND WELL. Just listen to rap music, for example. Anti-white sentiment is framed in ARTISTIC EXPRESSION.

However, singing a song against whites still doesn't necessarily make the artist or his fans RACIST.

Paul Mooney is a black comedian who used to write for Richard Pryor. Here he is Analysing White America (about 1 hr long). It is filled with racial stereotypes and anti white jokes. And Paul has been called, many times, a racist. But not to me. Just because you point out certain things about another race (aka culture) doesn't make people like Paul Mooney racist.

Russel Peter's riffs on Chinese -- but he's not racist...HE'S FUNNY!!

I just don't get racism. I don't understand. To me race, is actually CULTURE. every culture has silly things about it which make culture fucking FUNNY. As far as race goes, we all have 99.99% THE SAME DNA. There is ONE RACE: The Human Race.

If anyone accuses you of being "racist", just ignore them lah. Make sure if you're going to be racist -- BE FUNNY. :-)

Ferguson Joke: Black guy walks into a bar in Ferguson. Says to the bartender, "Give me a Michael Brown." Bartender says "Ok. Put up your hands." the gave him six shots.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Guy asks, "How much?" Bartender says, "Don't worry. There's no charges."

Anonymous said...

"Sinkies are the most tolerant and colour blind people in the whole world."

100% tiok.

Not only tolerant but also daft. And maybe unlucky too. Or both.

If not, how can the Sinkie opposition not be ready to be govt to replace the PAP which discriminates those daft and unlucky Sinkies and make them jobless and money no enough?

Anonymous said...

I would say Sinkies are not so much as tolerant or colour blind but rather they are kia si. (scared to die)

Scared to vote in a opposition which is not ready to be govt.

Scared to protest illegally.

Scared of this and that.

Anonymous said...

If you want to really see what racism is then look no further than just beyond our border up north.

JL said...

See peh swee
Very very well said
Tau li chi pio

Anonymous said...

"If you want to really see what racism is then look no further than just beyond our border up north."
Anon 11:53 am

But it is also a good thing for Sinkieland lah. Because in the past, a lot of those non bumis (talented and not so talented ones lah) came down here to work and supplement Sinkies no enough mah.

But for some reasons, the Matland pool was also later reduced and no enough so PAP got those PRCs, Ah Nehs, Pinoys etc to come here lah.

All because Sinkies no enough lah.

Anonymous said...

Singapore 'seriously considering' how to partner in fight against ISIS: PM Lee


I think PAP should organize a "Singapore Coalition of Billionaires" to go fight the ISIS.
- Since PAP seems to think billionaires are very useful people in Singapore

Millionaire Desmond Kuek can also conduct a training course for these Singapore based billionaires:
"The wrong way to protect and secure a train depot"
- this will help them in their fight against ISIS

But please don't call Singaporeans to volunteers.
We are too poor and busy looking for jobs to feed our families.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are colour blind. they only see one colour and that is white.

Anonymous said...

Singapore 'seriously considering' how to partner in fight against ISIS: PM Lee


The ISIS threat.
We fight Yew here so that we don't have to fight them there.

Anonymous said...

Singapore 'seriously considering' how to partner in fight against ISIS: PM Lee

Was Singapore ASKED by Unohu to seriously considering?

Anonymous said...

Vote wisely or maybe it's off to the Middle East with you and your sons.

Anonymous said...

Whichever smart ass wants to fight in the ME, please volunteer yourself or your children first, set a good example and others will follow. OK?

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition or go to the Middle East to fight and die?

How ah?
What is in my best self interest ah?
Please tell me lah!
I don't know how to vote wisely to protect myself and my sons.

Anonymous said...

When you vote so many generals into parliament, what do you expect?
Why are we surprised that we are looking at the possibility of going to war now?

Anonymous said...

How ah?
Anon 12:59 pm

Be smart lah. That's how.

If u are smart, u can even serve as a defence scientist and not combat NS, let alone sent to fight in the Middle East.

So still can vote PAP one, and also no need to fight in the Middle East.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 1151:

>> Scared to protest illegally.

Scared of this and that. <

Yep. Just watch today's "protest" (more like a lengang lengang on Sat afternoon) at HLP.

Come Monday, a new work week...everything same. No change.

But redbean will post plenty pictures and give his thoughts on why the protest "failed" again. Dunno whether this time some retarded kids and a bunch of Christian idiots will be blamed...or maybe police or the parks authority...or the govt...or whomever lah...suka suka, it makes no difference ;-)

Anonymous said...

If u are smart, u can even serve as a defence scientist and not combat NS, let alone sent to fight in the Middle East.
Anon 1:17 pm

U talking about the son of 35%KFC Tan, is it?

But seriously, how many can be like him? And how many can still be a sitting MP at 90 over years old?

Anonymous said...

What do are we going to call the SAF in the Middle East?
- Grandfather's army?

The said...

If there is a country in the world that is more cosmopolitan, it is Singapore. I say country (or in Matilahspeak, cuntry), not a city. Yes, London and New York may have quite a fair mix of races and nationalities, but as a country, the percentage of foreigners is quite small.

Which other country has more than a third of its population foreigners? (Excluding the oil-rich states such as Bahrain, UAE, etc.)

The isolated cases of anti-foreigner incidents are just that - anti foreigner, and nothing to do with racism. The acts are in response to the government opening its thighs wide open and letting in all and sundry to pillage and rape. It is not against the foreigners per se, but against the anti-Singaporean policy of uncontrolled immigration.

And the presstitudes are pressed into branding such protests as xenophobic and racists.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not racist as a whole. They are only so kiasu about others from foreign countries coming to their little island to compete for the jobs that they become paranoid. Singaporeans lack talent so the govt has invited all FT to come supplement the talent pool in order to boost GDP. Without the FTs Singapore will be in the gutter. So, to all Singaporeans, be thankful to ALL FTs, including maids and Bangla worker. Be kind to them, if not for them you will be doomed.

Virgo 49 said...

See the General in charge of SMRT.

Broke in three times by unarmed civilians.

Certis Cisco ex Police constables guard dome more not ordinary private company guards.

What’s happen if foreign saboteurs and terrorists???

Must send him ti jaga water

Anonymous said...

The thing is, there are Asians who want to look White, by artificially colouring their hair, using skin whitening cream, plastic surgery and why, even adopting fanciful western style names. Here's a riddle for you;
What do you call an Asian with blond hair?
Answer: an Asian.
Got self hate?

JayF said...

Chink pls,

You think Filipinos are pests and consider them subhumans. You think Vietnamese should bend over and take Chinese dick like you do and you basically consider Indian, Filipinos and Africans to be third world savages who should be thrown out of Singapore for some fat, pampered Singaporean PMET who failed to update their skills and remain relevant.

If Singapore can mine your irony into ore, we'd kick Brazil and Australia out of the market in no time.

Also, some facts about Ferguson.

1) You're right that the shooting was between a white cop and black teen. The one who was half the size however was the white cop. If Darren Wilson was a Chinese Cop in Xinjiang and Mike Brown was a Uighur, you'd condemn the West if they didn't outright join in the resulting reprisals against the Uighur whom the Chinese conquered and sidelined.

2) The 12 year old nigger who got shot? He held a airsoft gun which looks exactly like a real gun except made of plastic. US law mandates such guns need a plastic orange tip to tell they're not real. Little Jamal of course thinks he's gangsta and removed it.

Best part of the story? The cop who gunned him down was BLACK!

In short, you're a goddamn racist, Chua. Stop trying to project your own bigotry onto others.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I know Singaporeans are daft but did not know they can be as daft as you. Are you a new Sinaporean? The Xinjiang killings are politically motivated and terrorist in nature. The killings of the blacks by white cops is racism, nothing to do with terrorism or even gangland activities. But you can't see the difference with your dull mind. And you even believed that it is an isolated incident, maybe a once in 50 years incident.

I won't waste too much time with your kind.

Anonymous said...

Farking PAPig coming here acting high and mighty. Why don't you remove your mask to show your shameless face and see if you dare to act like a gangster in front of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your article Mr Chua. If anything it helped expose some of these hate preaching interlopers in our midst. They scream about Singaporeans being xenophobic but are quick to use derogatory remarks on others. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

You can smell these racists from a mile.

Anonymous said...

Though loxal born, I like and enjoy having lots of foregners around. They make the Culture so much more vibrant.
The Sin Culture without the foreigners, is bland and stale.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 1227:

>> The Sin Culture without the foreigners, is bland and stale.

There is no inherent Singapore culture. Singapore has been a cosmopolitan, multi-cutural society (the old INCORRECT term still in use only in Singapore: "multi-racial") slightly biased with the culture of the English speaking Straits-born Chinese, who make up the majority. Singapore culture is an integrated mixture of imported and local (Malay) cultures -- language, food, norms of conduct, family and societal hierarchies etc.

However I do agree with you: the recent influx of foreigners en-mass (Mass Immigration?) has racheted the level of AWESOMENESS of Singapore to ROCKING levels.

Have you noticed that our local gals look way hotter now than they used to in the past? The Singapore woman is SEXY lah. As are their counterparts from other cultures. There is no shortage of hot, available women in Singapore.

Have to hand it to the sneaky government: they want more babies...well the logical solution is to "encourage" the immigration of HOT CHICKS such that the local gals have to lift their game. (evolution: sexual competition and sexual choice).

A cuntry full of hot, fuckable babes is a govt policy I can certainly get on board with. This is a GENIUS WAY to solve the "lack of babies" problem: give the horny men (uncles and apeks--like myself included!) plenty of poontang to bang the shit out of--day in, day out, 24/7/365.

How to be happy in Singapore: fuck your brains out!

Anonymous said...

Now you know where his brain has gone to.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You jelly ah?

Anonymous said...

Fucked wit, who cannot even make his mind up about his identity image.
Got ancestors?

JayF said...

" The Xinjiang killings are politically motivated and terrorist in nature."

No shit Xinjiang is politically motivated. Racisim is a political ideology and Trotsky was the first to coin the term..

When Mike Brown was shot dead after assaulting a police officer, his family and lawyer got full access to the media, social media and the President and Attorney General voiced their support and the White House sent 3 reps to the wake.

When Xi Jinping sends personal reps and condolences to a dead Uighur before knowing why he was killed, the Chinese have zero moral standing to criticize America.

You know what, that's too high a threshold. Allow the Uighurs to burn down their section of the city without shooting all of them like the police in St Louis allowed the Ferguson protestors to do so. Easy enough?


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

@ can't get enough 229:

>> Got ancestors?

Sure, everyone has a lineage of ancestry--they fucked so that we can exist in the present.

We live in the present. Ancestors are dead, gone, kaput, finished. They had their time and purpose--like yesterday's meal. Yesterday's meal is today's shit--you eliminate, you flush, you clean your asshole (optional).

Similar our ancestors are the shit that the universe has flushed away. They are not important anymore.

If you so hung up on "ancestors" you have a mental deficit. You're not living IN THE present...where all the awesome FUN entertainment is ;)

Got "flush away your irrelevant dead relatives?"

Anonymous said...

JayF, you sicko or what? Racism is a political ideology, why not call it a religion that you can make love to?

Smoking too much pot or eating too many pcs of potatoes?

Anonymous said...

A typical daft Sinkie thinking he has read a lot and knows a lot but learning nothing except to parrot from the books, so and so said this you know, see I read so you know. But did not learn anything to apply.

So easy to photocopy notes to read to reproduce in exam. That is learning and being clever.

Anonymous said...

We got a couple of shit for brains giving unsolicited advice.
Got diarrhoea?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ I don't get it duhhhh 531:

Racism is definitely a tribal or collective way of looking at us vs them.

EG.: "I of race A, am better and superior to you of race B". You neglect all the positive individual traits of the other person and label them with stereotypes. This is the thinking part.

It follows that the action part is political. This occurs when one cultural group takes ACTION against the other, ie us vs them; bhumiputra vs non-bhumi;Singaporean vs foreigners.

And so the fun begins. It never fails to amuse. Hilarity guaranteed ;)

Got schadenfreude?

Anonymous said...

You sir just proved you've have shit for brain. Case closed.
Got nothing (in your head)?

Anonymous said...

I am totally in support of your view that Singaporeans are not racist.

But I am totally against your view that the controversial case that you quoted was racist.

If you bother to view the video, you will see that the two policemen were hesitant in approaching the boy even long after shooting him. In other words, the two of them were still of the view that the boy could fire at them. The policemen were not informed that the boy be holding a toy gun! The video footage supports the account given by the two policemen.

I hope you learn from this episode not to mess up your good points by throwing in unsubstantiated rumours.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:54, you are talking about the best trained policemen in the world. They are Americans.

They are not half baked village thugs in uniforms from the 3rd world. If those two turkeys, or was it one, could not differentiate a toy from the real McCoy, what are you thinking? Maybe the policemen were high on drugs, hallucinating?

And for hours, the child was walking around the same area without firing a shot, maybe shouting, bang, bang. And the best policemen in the world shot and killed a 12 year old child like Robocop. I can only say, steady lah, brave heroes taking down a 12 year old child carrying a toy gun.

They were not informed of the toy gun. They were at the scene, seeing it with their very eyes. Which is more real?