China must not take it lying down

The Americans are putting their fingers into China’s internal affairs at every opportunity they could find. China is building its own air port in its own territorial island and the Americans also thought it their right to tell China to stop construction. China should do the same and meddle with the American’s internal affairs as a tit for tat. The racism of white policemen against the blacks is a good point to start. The recent series of white policemen killing black negoes must be condemned. The killing in Ferguson is not a single incident. The whole thing is blowing up. China should support the black and coloured Americans and demand that Washington not to discriminate against them. The white policemen must be arrested and charged in court, to face justice for murder, racism and abuse of police authority.

In the case of the Philippines, China should increase coastal patrols in the South China Seas and arrest Filipino fishermen in the area, including uniformed pirates. If China does not do it, the Pinoys will think it is ok to arrest Chinese fishermen and even shooting and killing them.

The Chinese Navy must stand up and take actions against the Pinoys to show that the seas around the islands belong to China. Not doing so is a sign of weakness and the Pinoys love that and will go crazy arresting and shooting Chinese fishermen. China is asking for more trouble of appearing weak and inaction. Dealing with thugs must use the hammer. There is no other way. Thugs are only afraid of being hammered.

How can a super power allow its citizens to be arrested by another country on fabricated charges and worst, in the same waters that China claimed to be its own. This is China compromising its own position on its claim to the islands and territorial seas.

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Anonymous said...

The Chinese Navy must stand up and take actions against the Pinoys....

Not really lah. There must be good reasons why the Chinese Navy did not do what RB had suggested them to do, even though they are more than capable of doing.

And for the same good reasons why not enough smart Sinkies want to join the Sinkie opposition, even though they could join easily, and stand up against the PAP.

Anonymous said...

regional countries rely on China for trades and US for security. Take Australia, do a lot more trades with China than US. Militarily target China as the simulated enemy in US-led war games. Is this arrangement sustainable?

Anonymous said...

Maintaining strong economic ties with China and security ties with US are not two parallel lines. These are convergent lines and might collide someday.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> This is China compromising its own position on its claim to the islands and territorial seas.

China is one cool cat. It plays the long game. China still needs to sell cheap crap to stupid fat indebted Americans.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyah, these chow ang mohs in their DNA after makan full full just look for fights and fuxxks.

Guns trotting killing each other. Kill blacks and colour no case. Kill whites, F35, artillery and what have you rained on the victims.

Even the bloody Brit last governor tried to stir shits in the HK protests.

Social media criticism of Chuck Hagel as like lau ah kua scorned by the chinese general got him the sack.

Anonymous said...

PRC use their coast guards to play safe. When PLA Navy turns up, it means war. Already, the Chinese coast guard ships dwarf the Pinoy Navy. [The former USCG cutters were refurbished as naval frigates i.e. name change.]

Same with the ships patrolling Diaoyu.
[Tread softly but carry a big stick - Teddy Roosevelt.]

Anonymous said...

The Chinese in Malaysia everyday got threatened by the Bumis as if they want to kill them or chase them out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Without the foreigners they will still be fishermen and farmers. No rubber plantations, no tin mines, no modern facilities. Bloody parasites.

b said...

Race and religion are tools for the ultra rich to control the naive population. Every commoners should unite against the ultra rich and not fight among themselves. Divide and rule is an old game.

Anonymous said...

Farmers, fishermen, hunters, forest, rivers and conservation of natural resources are not backwardness. A conservative culture augurs well for every civilization. Modernization does not stand for peace, health and happiness which are the desires of being.

Those that developed and depleted their resources and those that invalidate the usefulness of labour using high techs are the fools that will destroy nature and the World.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fully agreed. We have many fools in this island destroying natural resources by overpopulating this island but pretends to go green.

Anonymous said...

China does not need to deal with the small fries.
Btw, Obama shall have his most challenging time as the USA goes topsy turvy as all can see now. However, it is just the appetizer, the worst has yet to come and it shall come soon.

Co-incidentally, Sin too shall share the Fate of the US, some leaders shall be taken home by their maker soon. Not necessarily only the Old and Frail. Social ills shall befall on most in Sin, medical services will not cope with crowds, so too will enforcement agencies be.

It is going to be very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Sin$8 can saved or extended life and there shall be time when no amount of money can save a breath.
For the Pious or superstitious, guilt can be lessen by being good and kind to others. As for agnostics, doing good will make one feels good when the senses are still working. Most importantly, succeeding generations will not get tarnish by ill reputation.

Actually, humans all know the Aforesaid, however greed and vanity are always the Culprits
that overwhelm the sanity and sensibility.

To err is human, but being evil is not. A person without conscience is not human.