Being stupid in a smart city

This morning was a horrible mess. There was a power failure and my computer did not get recharged. It did not wake me up in the morning as programmed. By the time I realized what was happening, I was half an hour late and in a big rush. I had so much trouble finding my way to the toilet as my GPS was not working too.

By the time I got into the toilet I was stuck and lost. My computer would normally instruct me to either wash my face or brush my teeth first depending on which one it thought would be of priority. I stood in front of the basin trying to decide what to do for the first time on my own. Then I had to decide whether to take a bath or skip it. My computer decided that for me too, by sensing the level of my body odour. If acceptable, it would tell me to skip the bath and not to waste water.

When I got out of the house, another problem cropped up. Which route should I take to get to the MRT station? This was the job of my computer. It would always choose the best path with the least people and most pleasant to walk. Now again I had to decide what I should do when I had long forgotten how to do it. At the traffic light again I was stalled. The computer would decide when I should cross the road safely and it was now up to me to take the risk to cross the road unaided by the computer. So risky.

At the MRT station I was looking for the traffic lights to tell me if the station was too crowded. But it did not as it was also affected by the power failure. And I was not sure whether to go into the station or take an alternative transport to my office. I did not know doing simple things like getting to the office could be so difficult without the computer. And I have programmed everything, spending on a small fortune on the computer and all the softwares. Now the computer had made me stupid and over dependent on it.

What about the other computer illiterate senior citizens? Can they afford to buy a computer to lug along wherever they go? And could they be as smart as me in using the computer? Maybe I should get someone to develop a chip that can be inserted into computer illiterate idiots to make them smart so that they can benefit from living in a smart city.

I am still stuck at Raffles Place not knowing which is the best route to take to reach MBFC. I need to get my computer charged first to be able to get my life back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

One question, must the population be smart to live in a smart city?

agongkia said...

Dun think computer illiterate like me gong gong must need a computer .
Smart Sinkies do not need computer to plan their daily schedule.

The said...

rb - your toilet bowl is also very smart - can determine whether it is a male or female user. For females, there is a tampon extractor. Unfortunately, there is power surge while you were seated doing your big business. Too bad, you got castrated.

Smart-arse toilet - too clever by half.

Anonymous said...

The smart people carry nothing except their eyes, ears, legs and hands.
If possible they would not want to wear anything.
Don't believe?
Ask Agongkia.
Agongkia should be right as logically speaking anyone assisted by others or machine must be pretty useless oneself.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is a khongcomekia.

Anonymous said...

A lot of rubbish but they hardly work.

Take the piece of rubbish board at bus stops, informing commuters of bus arrival times. Many a time the indications could be out by as much as 3 to 5 minutes. Once I was waiting at Ang Mo Kio going towards Thomson, and I wanted to know when bus No. 132 would arrive, and was informed that I have to wait for 7 minutes. As I continued to look at other bus arrival times for a minute or two, and turned around, bus No. 132 was there right at the bus stop. Had I not turned around, I would have missed that bus.

Yes, plenty of technology, but not all will work or is needed. For example, I think 3-D television is not selling that well. So is the curve screen TVs, which is just a techno gimmick that will flop.

Would you really need to switch on your home air-cond while still on the road, using your smartphone? Isn't it a waste of energy? Or switch on your rice cooker, with the rice soaking in it for one whole day, so that your rice is cooked upon reaching home? The rice would probably taste like mud after the soaking. And you probably still have to prepare other dishes to go with the rice.

So, are all these necessary or just money to boost our ego anc crow about being a smart city? Maybe just good for business and good for the economy and GDP once again. Like what someone said about the Malaysians using good money to buy paints to splash on walls just to show they have arrived.

Anonymous said...

Smart City? How original. Resorting to slogans is a sure sign of incompetence, when they are running out of real practicable solutions.

Anonymous said...

Who is the vendor who is going to be paid to deliver this Smart Nation project?

Who is going to own the intellectual property rights from all the new technologies that will be developed for this Smart Nation Project.

If Singapore's Smart Nation technology is subsequently used to develop smart cities in India and China, will Singaporeans be paid for our intellectual property?
Where will the payment money go?
To Singaporeans directly or to our reserves?
How will we protect our intellectual property and enforce compliance?

Will Singaporeans be paid if the intellectual property rights in Singapore's Smart Nation project is used to create other smart cities in India and China?

So many basic questions to ask.
I bet you won't find the information in the marketing brochure ... I mean Shitty Times.

oldhorse42 said...

In the smart nation envisioned by our smart PM and his team of smart people, RB aka as Chua Chin Leng's worrying days are over.
No need to ruch to work as his home will be his work place. His tools need not be charged.They do not run on battery or electricity. Probably will run on air.
All RB aka Chua Chin Leng need is plenty of $$$ to live in a smart nation.

patriot said...

Wow, making China a smart nation woh!
Without China, the trains that SMRT uses may cost much.
Without Huawei, 5G may not take off
here at all.

Third Class copycats are much smarter than the Leaders of Sin.


b said...

Smart city is a bullshit term to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. The gov will introduce a lot of 'smart' initiatives to transfer public monies from the gov reserves into private hands who are controlled by the youknowlah family.

b said...

Anything that the gov do is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Anonymous said...

Spending OPM very clever. Our CPF will be out of reach until they are stopped.

Anonymous said...

Really what is a smart city ????
Cities are a hangover from the old days when people needed protection because of lawlessness etc .
Now all that cities are, are consuming , polluting areas , with socially uneducated people , who do not even
know where their food and water come from , and care nothing about the problems of climate change , and the fact that their food and water sources will dry up in the future , and they will have been largely responsible.
Singapore is an overpopulated and unsustainable city which has no future