Without FTs our economy will tank – Hsien Loong

In an article in the TRE with the above title, Hsien Loong was quoted to say this, ‘If we close our doors to foreign workers, our economy will tank.’ Is this a myth or is this real? As far as the govt is concerned, this is as real as it gets. No FTs, no open door policy, we will be finished. With this kind of thinking and planning parameters, you can expect the influx of foreigners to continue as long as the PAP is the govt. The question is how many more foreigners? And there will be many reasons for more foreigners.  If the economy expands, there will be cries for more foreign labour. If the economy tanks, there will be more cries for foreigners and population growth to generate economic growth. Either way, the one trick pony can only resort to this trick.

If this trick is the only trick in the books of govts and economists, why wouldn’t other countries jumped into it to generate growth for their people? There are many big and bigger countries that can take in more and more people for growth. Why are these countries and govts refusing to take this path? They cannot be stupid or less clever than our politicians. They must know what this solution entails. They must have seriously deliberated over it and come to the conclusion that this trick will cause more harm than good. Europe is going to pay a price it cannot afford to pay for their silly immigration policies. They are regretting today but too late. It’s a done deal.

What harm? There is nothing harmful in this trick? If it does, the govt will tell the people surely, and unlike Greece, will not hold a referendum to pass the buck to the people. There is absolutely no harm and the deaf frogs knew it is the best solution and the right thing to do. So they will pursue this policy at all cost, like zealots.

Did anyone say taking drugs is bad? Ask the drug addicts and they will tell you there is nothing wrong. Drug is good. Steroid is good.  Ask the drug lords they will tell you taking drugs is like heaven. Where got problem? Where got side effects?

But we are an immigrant country! We are today because our parents were immigrants. If they did not come, we would not be here and there would not be a prosperous Singapore today. Tiok. In the past the policemen wore shorts. In the past Two is Enough. In the past there was no country. The island was more or less seized by the colonialists, like a no man’s land to them. Then the immigrants were imported as labourers to serve the Empire.

Then we got independence. Does anyone know the meaning of independence? Does anyone understand the meaning of the song ‘Home’? This is our Home. This island is no longer a no man’s land. It belongs to us, to every Singaporean, not to everyone from anywhere. We built it from nothing, oops, from a fishing village, to a jewel of the East.

Today everyone wants to come here to make his fortune. There is no objection to that. But be careful. This is our Home. We the Singaporeans own this piece or rock. We welcome foreigners for as long as our existence is not harmed or compromised. When it does, when our well being, our children’s future is in danger, we must say No. We must not sell out or give away our island to foreigners. We earned the right to this island and our children must be the beneficiaries to our hard work. Remember the saying, ‘the pioneers planted the tree, the future generations enjoy the fruits’?

There is just so much foreigners that we can take in. We must never lose our country to foreigners, NOT by giving them pink ICs. This is betrayal of the people, some may want to call it treason, if we ever got booted out from our Home. Do not just blindly fill the country with foreigners without knowing the consequences.

What are the risks? Got harm or no harm?

Population growth is not the only trick to our survival as a country. Period.

Economy will tank? Whose belief is that?


Anonymous said...

Without PAP, do you think we can finally develop into a proper country; independent of PAP linked entities like maybe AIM?

Anonymous said...

Without LKY, do you think PAP and LHL is also tanked and finished?

Anonymous said...

"Population growth is not the only trick to our survival as a country."

Tiok. But this is the only trick that can show results very fast, maybe every quarter can see result already.

And based on the results, PAP ministers and top civil servants bonuses are determined half yearly and annually, u know.

Now if I were Hsien Loong, I must be really daft not to use this trick too. More so when majority voters are very scared to even accidentally vote PAP out.

Anonymous said...

Without LKY, do you think PAP and LHL is also tanked and finished?
Anon 9:43 a.m.

Not at all. PAP and LHL will only be tanked and finished when the opposition, just like PAP, contest 100% seats as one party and announce they are ready to be govt.

Contest 100% seats with many parties? Sure lose big big one, because majority voters will see them no up for not being ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

/// PAP and LHL will only be tanked and finished when the opposition, just like PAP, contest 100% seats as one party and announce they are ready to be govt. ///
August 27, 2015 9:56 a.m.

Are we sure 100% of PAP candidates are of good quality?
PAP got quantity.
Not sure if PAP still got quality?
Was LKY very good at quality control during his old age before he died?

Anonymous said...

So vote wisely this 911 or else we are tanked!

Anonymous said...

RB said" If this trick is the only trick in the books of govts and economists, why wouldn’t other countries jumped into it to generate growth for their people? "

Because Singapore, unlike other countries is unique. Singapore has no land and no resources. Singapore needs to grow by becoming a New York of the East. Infrastructure and financial growth need FTs and foreign labour. Without this current immigration policy, Singapore will not be what it is today and the future will not be too rosy.

Anonymous said...

@ August 27, 2015 12:14 p.m.
"Because Singapore, unlike other countries is unique."
- every country is unique.
- this is just PAPig nonsense

"Singapore has no land and no resources."
- no land and still want 6.9 million people?
- no resources and still want 6.9 million people?
- Another psycho PAPig repeating LKY's books without any understanding.

"Singapore needs to grow by becoming a New York of the East."
- where is your proof that Singapore needs to grow?
- Grow what? Grow PAP's Millionaire salaries?

"Infrastructure and financial growth need FTs and foreign labour."
- where is your proof?
- Australia and Scandinavian countries got plenty of infrastructure and financial growth with Aliens.

"Without this current immigration policy, Singapore will not be what it is today"
- where is your proof?
- I say without this current immigration policy, Singaporeans and Singapore will be even better off than what it is today.

"and the future will not be too rosy."
- without this immigration policy, for sure PAP's future will not be too rosy
- but the future will be rosy for the rest of us Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

To Anon August 27, 2015 12:31 p.m.

You want proof, look around you to witness Singapore as it is today. This is proof!!

Anonymous said...

"You want proof, look around you to witness Singapore as it is today. This is proof!! "
August 27, 2015 12:50 p.m.

All I see are a lot of disadvantaged Singaporeans and unemployed PMETs.
How can Singapore be strong when Singaporeans are not strong?
How can Singapore be strong with a 2/3 Singaporean core?

Do you see an Australian Minister saying he wants a 2/3 Australian core?

Singapore = Singaporeans
When Singaporeans are disadvantaged, discriminated and bullied, Singapore is weakened.
I know PAP cannot understand and accept this.
That's why PAP has to be voted out.
For the good of Singaporeans.
And as a result, Singapore will be strengthened.

Anonymous said...

To August 27, 2015 1:23 p.m.

Do you honestly think that come Sept 12 toy will see the opposition having a majority in parliament. I do not think so.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> Economy will tank? <<

People who are drawing a salary (cunts who "need a job") or are retired or still in school should EXCLUDE THEMSELVES from this conversation. People who run enterprises---notably PRIVATE enterprise should be the only one's allowed in this conversation, if it is to be taken seriously.

>> Whose belief is that? <<

Doesn't matter "who". The ONLY THING which matters is if this proposition is EMPIRICALLY TRUE or FALSE, and what are the specific conditions necessary for it to be true or false.

You want belief, go to the temple and pray to the motherfucking Jade fairy or whatever...you want objective truth, do some fucking science.

But that's setting an unreasonably high standard of expectation for redbean. Redbean excels in talking rubbish, but he sucks dead dogs balls when it comes to science. Oh well, you can't have everything...such is life!

Anonymous said...

PAP signs CECA and MRA with India
But even Indians and Indian Prime Minister does not say he wants a 2/3 Indian core.
Only stupid PAPigs will say they want a 2/3 Singaporean core.

But PAP Ministers never say they will take only 2/3 their salary.
PAP Minister never say 1/3 their salary give away to Singaporeans.
- I wonder if they will allow me access to their wives 1/3 of the time?

Anonymous said...

Matilar had enuf of licking his mother's smelly cunt and getting bore again.

Anonymous said...

Matilar is firing his blank again from a small tiny canon rested on two flat tires. Knn

patriot said...

Lee Kuan Yew had clarified before he died that
Singapore is NOT a
And he was supported.
in that opinion by
Minister Shanmugan.


patriot said...

Some Sinkies are worry and warn other Sinkies NOT TO ROCK THE SAMPAN,



Goh said...

Sinkies are just too dafts not being able to see the benefits of having foreign workers here .
How many are willing to take up jobs that these workers do.
PM is talking about foreign workers here.Only those towkays understand the situation.
Situation can improve only if those so call retrenced pmets are willing to take up the jobs of these foreign workers .Even though we still face shortages.
If its me I will say the day when we see no foreign workers here we are doom.
Too bad.Majority here are salary man and are unable to understand what our towkay experienced.
Vacancies for cleaners , gardeners or screwty gards....Any takers .Register with RB.
I can recommend jobs.Commission for RB .

Anonymous said...

Yes that's true now, because of PAP short-term and easy approach of getting high economic growth from FT Human injection of labor.
But this means no productivity growth, and limited skill growth for Singaporeans and higher replacement of locals especially males.

This opium, once taken will ensure when taken off there will be a short-term withdrawal pain...economy will tank.

Nevertheless, Singapore must cut off this opium addiction. You may use a little opium for enjoyment, but not of this quantity. It is a sure way to destroy Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Low cheap labor like maids & construction workers no problem...more merrier.
The issue is PMETs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

Why are you behaving like the PAP? Everyone is very clear about this foreign worker issue. Singaporeans are not against the foreign workers but the foreign fakes and dubious degree PMEs.

Please don't act like the deaf frog and keep evading the issue that the people are angry with. The more they tried to deflect from the real issue, the angrier would be the people and the more disgusted they will become.

Goh said...

@anon 8.09pm
Even if its FTs we do need some to wake up Sinkies.
Without them Sinkies PMETs will not work harder.
Sinkies are spoit with so much benefits and tend to be lazier .Many Keng here and there as if their towkay owe them a living.
With another 2 weeks paternity leave situation will be worse.
Time to stop these unnecessary leave just to appease them and stop spoiling Sinkies unless the purpose is to create more shortages of talents so as to increase population.
I feel Sinkie workers are a lucky breed contributing lesser working hours.
My Ah kong take up many jobs day and night and treasure his jobs.
Present generation need to motivated to work harder and longer hours and one way is to bring in talents to spur them.
Go..go look for 2nd job if we really want to stop the influx of FTs.I oso 2 hands and 2 legs.I can work long hours.Why can't you.

Goh said...

Uncle RB
The words foreign workers are mentioned in TR and your blogs so I am just referring to FWs that you mentioned above. See above 1st para.
I am not talking about fakes and I have confidence that MOM will be more careful.
Who are these in MOM who overlooked?
These likely are the so called local PMETs who are Sinkies.See.If these local PMETs in MOM are negligent than we need more FTs to replace them.
That explain why we need them so that Sinkies can be more responsible.

patriot said...

There is a tiny group of lucky Sinkies. Some are fed using gold spoons, some born to natural aristocrats. Others born clever and healthy.
In here, there could be one or two showing how outstanding and versatile they are in making it in life. They travel the World and stand tall anywhere.
They are indeed praiseworthy.
But for them not to empathize with the Down Trodden and even sympathize the Young, Weak/Frail, Sick and Old, is very lamentable.

Chinese has a Saying 花没百日红, 人没百日好 implying no one is always strong and healthy not to mention those born with disability. Even if one is healthy, he, she cannot avoid getting sick and old生老病死 before dying.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to talk down on others, worse jeer and snide at the less successful or even unfortunate folks.

Hopefully, the Conceit Folks themselves do not have any grouse when they get sick, old and incapacitated. That they shall remain stoic and proud even when they lie in their beds and not blame the High Costs of Healthcare, Transportation and Everything else.
May You enjoy the Pain that the Less Fortunate Folks are suffering.



Anonymous said...

agongkia, Sir ...I defers with you...as an employer I find Singaporean graduates are the best. Hardworking. But lack good leadership.

Those with initiatives are exceptional. Middle & back office like accounting, risk management, admin, etc Sinkies are the tops.

Problem is kaisu and kaisi. That is understandable due to PAP years of indoctrination and bullying.

Those who graduated from overseas though in Singapore they are not the top of cream, they tend to be more entrepreneurial and better at risk taking.

Our forefathers migrated to Singaporeans in view of extreme poverty and great dangers to travel by junks and boats at that time to reach Singapore.
Yet despite their poverty, they sent money to help their relatives dying from hunger during Sino-Japan War & Cultural revolution.

Our forefathers have GOOD genes & generally caring hearts. What a good combination!
We are descendants of "good" genes Chinese.
Don't let the late LKY talked down us and our children, so as to elevate his own small circle of children & relatives to be kings of Spore.

Goh said...

anon 9.15
Agree with you.
Majority of Sinkies are the best as they originated from certain group that are recognised to be among the 4 most intelligent people in the world.
But many need to be call daft so as to make them realize that they are not.The intention to call them daft is good but many still think they are daft just because someone say so.
We must encourage and motivate our local to work more harder and be loyal to their employers.Be proactive and with positive work attitude. FTs are mostly needed because of shortage and not because they are better than Sinkies.PMETs who lost their jobs shd know their shortfall and not claim or think FTs are hired because they are necessary cheaper.
Sinkies must be reminded not to have entitlement mentality and treasure their jobs.

Goh said...

Aiyo uncle Patriot.
Every human are consider lucky when they are born as human as they are among the millions of sperm to meet one of the many eggs.
生老病死 is natural lah.
I consider myself the less successful one or even a failure. ... but who cares.
Important is whatever one does..must 對得起良心。

patriot said...

Mr Agongkia;

Point taken.

Like to say pigs are also born lucky,
till they are on the Way
to the Abattoirs.



Anonymous said...

In a televised interview on 3 August, LSL said Singapore has “maxed out” all the easy ways of driving economic growth. And one of these ways is importation of foreigners.

On 23 August, he said that he would continue to increase the number of foreigners.

In additional to the our Active Aging Cardboard Collection National Exercise, now flip-flop is our new national game. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Pigs also
born lucky.

Hahahahaha.. .


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agongkia said...
@anon 8.09pm
Even if its FTs we do need some to wake up Sinkies.
Without them Sinkies PMETs will not work harder.
Sinkies are spoit with so much benefits and tend to be lazier

Agongkia, I believe you are a sinkie and not a lazy one. I too is not a lazy. I blog for free.

I hope you don't behave and act like some people or you are part of that gang that said all Sinkies are irresponsible with their money and would waste it in Bintan and Batam because a few did it. Why don't they say because Agongkia and redbean are hardworking, so all Sinkies are hardworking?

See the slant to serve their selected agenda?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, you twit.

Singapore is built by the Singaporeans, not the foreigners that came to pluck the low hanging fruits our pioneer generation planted.

Other than the few very talented foreigners, many are useless foreigners from useless countries cheating their ways here.

Anonymous said...

The pig slaughter house


like heaven to Agongkia.

Anonymous said...

I blog for free.

Because, unlike the IBs, nobody willing to pay you to blog what.

Anonymous said...

The IBs are paid because of bloggers like RB.
And you get paid too because of RB. Be grateful.

Anonymous said...

What price a good man's blog? Well, it is priceless.

On the other hand, you, Anon 9.32am, how much are you paid?