Nicole Seah – I am back

The darling of Marine Parade, Nicole Seah, is back from Thailand to help out in the GE. It is a pleasant surprise for everyone who loves this girl with a heart. Her presence and her positive comments on WP’s candidate He Ting Ru  have already caused a stir and are very encouraging signs that she could be in the WP’s team. Nicole was quick to dismiss the suggestion that she could be a WP candidate citing WP’s stringent criteria on not parachuting superheroes in an election. She also said she would not be running in the GE.

I hope the WP would not be so regimental and to rule out completely the opportunity to put up this hot favourite of the last GE in Marine Parade. Nicole singlehandedly lifted up the NSP team of minnows to give Chok Tong a fright of his life. And surprise of all surprises, Chok Tong would never thought of a return of Nicole Seah and to give Nicole a second chance to take him down in Marine Parade.

The popularity and draw factor of Nicole cannot be underestimated and Low Thia Khiang must be thinking seriously to use this trump card if he wants to win Marine Parade and Nicole is crucial to the WP team contesting there.

The Nicole factor may be the deciding factor in Marine Parade and I believe the voters of Marine Parade would warm up to her and show their support for this girl with a heart of gold. There is a new buzz and a new optimism in Marine Parade and the WP camp.

There you go girl. I really hope Low Thia Khiang would make a rare exception in this case. This is the eastern wind he must be waiting for. With He Ting Ru and Nicole Seah in the bag, WP is getting to look very exciting.


Anonymous said...

If they field her, woody is as good as gone case

Anonymous said...

WP may needs a last minute "replacement" if the breaking news
about its candidate turns ugly!

Timing may be just right.

May be it was planned for Nicole Seah by HIM?

As my friend Simon like to say.......人算不如天算!


Goh said...

Use knee cap think oso can know she will be back at this moment.Besides longer leg and fanciful angmo name, personally I dun see anything special.
Nothing surprising.
Of course Chok Tong is prepared. Sub sub water lah.Whats the big deal.

Anonymous said...

Chok Tong will win lah, Nicole Seah or not, breaking news or not, last minute replacement or not, or what not.

Simply because there is no advantage at all for Marine Parade residents even if WP win, as long as PAP will still be the govt with at least 2/3 majority or even more!

And PAP will be the govt with at least 2/3 majority or even more simply because majority voters do not want a not ready opposition with Sinkies like Teochew Ah Hia, Hainan Ah Ko, Aung Juan Soon Chee, etc as ministers.

So argue so much and talk other things is of no relevance to this, which is the crux of the matter.

Anonymous said...

If Nicole joins WP in Marine Parade, Woody wood be petrified!

Anonymous said...

Teochew Ah Hia never talk (or is it don't want to talk?) to Hainan Ah Ko. Will Ah Hia want to talk to Nicole Seah? Not sure leh.

Hainan Ah Ko no trust Aung Juan Soon Chee party after Ah Ko under Soon Chee party lost in GE 2011.

So for sure Ah Hia, Ah Ko and Soon Chee can never work together even if majority Sinkies make them all win.

But majority Sinkies also do not want them all lose, because they also do not want a all PAP Parliament, so maybe only Ah Hia will win. And Ah Hia will win is because his party is the strongest, so at least can serve voters better than the rest lah.

Anonymous said...

A healthy and young wholesome girl versus a piece of expired furniture not fit to be antique yet, who would you vote for?

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
If Nicole joins WP in Marine Parade, Woody wood be petrified! ///

From wood to rock! Let's rock and roll - Woodstock style.

Anonymous said...

Who would want to vote for a useless piece of wood?
Remember who allowed so many foreigners in to replace PMEs with CECA.

Anonymous said...

Should Nicole join WP in Marine Parade, the happiest person would be GCT. He can 理直气壮 and lose the election and be on his way to his Swiss standard of living.

Go, Nicole! You must not let an old man down!

Anonymous said...

Since Nicole Seah does not want to run in GE 2015.
And since WP does not parachute people into a GRC or SMC.

Why not Nicole just be a volunteer for the WP team in Marine Parade?

patriot said...

Sinkies are just hoping for Goh Chok Tong to take his fortune and migrate to Switzerland to enjoy the Balance of his existence.

Do not forget that if he goes to Switzerland to enjoy Swiss Standard Original, how much money will Sin loses out?

Anyone knows or care to tell?


Virgo 49 said...

LTK will stick to his party's rules

Stiff china man principles like LKY

Best party SFP with Ah Ko

Goh said...

Worry not.
Goh Par See Bo Chow.He is a stayer.How I know?
I oso Goh.

patriot said...


Please do not be too sure.

You forget or overlook that
his Daughter is also Goh. She
is married to Angmo and migrated hor.

I wont blame her, think she is wise to satay aqay from Sin and her father. Otherwise, she may become a collateral damage due to his father's

Wish she can have a happy
blissful life.


Anonymous said...

Goh, Goh, go, go, go away.

Goh said...

Please lah.
According to Chinese tradition , daughter who are married are to follow where their hubby stay.
This has got nothing to do with quitting.

Anonymous said...

Goh go go

Goh stunned

Oops! It's goes stan, local
slang for reverse or backpedal.

patriot said...



Just be reminded that there
are many male Gohs who left Sin to settle elsewhere
Thank You


Anonymous said...

Sweet Nicole. Singaporeans want you to be our MP.

Good for the NEW SINGAPORE. Young with heart & vision. Please kindly be willing to take on old rude self-centered, played-out-Singaporeans' goh Goliath.
Please join the Singaporean Blue WP.

Top Singaporean political strategist Mr. Low Thia Khiang, the Chu Ke Liang of today, remember once in a blue moon to win, "You break your own rule".

When the East wind blows, send the flame Nicole to burn the mouldy Wood.
Marine Parade on fire!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole Seah Versus goh Goliath..I like it.

b said...

They should not contest stronghold. Attack from the weakhold then will have chance lah.

Anonymous said...

Marine Parade & East Coast are weak holds of Puppies now unlike in the 90s.