GE2015 – Latest surprise!!! 3 Champions in the Reform AMK team

Just heard that Reform Party has confirmed 3 candidates for Ang Mo Kio GRC. They include Roy Ngerng, M Ravi and Gilbert Goh. The names of the other 3 candidates to make up for the 6 member GRC have yet to be announced.

Who are these 3 gladiators in the dragon lair?

Roy Ngerng is the famous champion of CPF money. And for digging too much detail on the flow of the CPF money, he strayed into some sensitive areas and was sued by Hsien Loong for libel. Roy went to the public for financial support and within days nearly $200k was raised from total strangers to pay for his defence.

M Ravi was a human rights lawyer and had fought many high profile cases like the appeal to spare the life of a drug addict, the controversial by election in Punggol East and many other cases that other lawyers shunned. For his high profile work, Ravi had been dragged to court and also had tussles with the Law Society, got his name struck off from his law practice under charges of suffering from bipolar sickness.

The third champion is Gilbert Goh, the owner of Transitioning Org for fighting for the cause of PMETs losing their jobs to foreigners. Singaporeans who lost their jobs or could not find reemployment would go to Gilbert to seek advice and counselling.

It is a strange coincidence to have 3 champions of social issues to come together to contest in Hsien Loong’s GRC. They call this a confluence of events. Now everyone would be eager to know who would be the other 3 candidates to partner the 3 champions in a battle royale in Ang Mo Kio.

Would the 3 champions be able to slay the dragon in the dragon lair? Would Leong Sze Hian and Kenneth Jeyaratnam be in the team? That would be a something to watch.

PS. I did a quick calculation with my abacus. The possible votes going to this team, just on the merits of the 3 champions: 30% of CPF members will support Roy. Ravi will get 10% support from the human rights group and another 20 % from all his relatives in Ang Mo Kio. Gilbert will get 20% from all the PMETs and their families and relatives and friends. After flipping the abacus counters, these added together will be about 25% of the votes in Ang Mo Kio. And add this to the 30% hard core anti PAP voters, wow, 55% in favour of the Reform Party team. What about swing voters?

PS. The other members of the Reform team announced last night are entrepreneur Osman Sualaiman, former banker Jesse Loo and ex NTUC club media producer Siva Chandran.



Goh said...

Oh no..Jialat leow.I dun know what to say.

Anonymous said...

Ho sei leow. Leong Sze Hian must join the force. If Kenneth also join in, the force of his father would be with him.

patriot said...

Time Sinkies give our younger Singaporeans a chance to participate more in nation building.

My Best Wishes to them and may my Fellow Countrymen vote the Alternative Parties for us to end


Anonymous said...

Finally! Finally! Finally!

This must be the RP Dream Team for this GE!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Well Done! Well Done!

Never say......."it is impossible"!

Yes! Just Do It!

Yes! You never know!

All the BEST!


The said...

Sorry, hor, your nomination papers not in order........

Anonymous said...

I know a person with bi polar disorder is confirmed unfit by the Law Society to practise as a lawyer.

But as a candidate to stand for election, can or not hah?

Anonymous said...

Ex IMH patient can also stand for election meh?

Even if can but you dare to vote or not?

Anonymous said...

RB go, faster go and fill up the balance. I 101% support you.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely wish RP all the very best in the coming GE. These 3 will certainly give the PAP food for thoughts. Lets hope there will not be any mis-spelling, or wrong punctuation mark, wrong semicolon, wrong ink used or forgotten full stop in submitting the nomination papers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

You better get out your abacus again. You forgot to factor in the "new" citizens, many I suspect will be diehard PAP supporters---you can identify them from their chafed knees resulting from kneeling for extended periods whilst sucking oblong dick.

Also, I think you underestimate the popularity and respect for the Brigadier General...which is understandable, given your enthusiasm for the contenders.

Oh my my, what would happen if the PM of Singapore lost his fucking seat?

WAH. My dick getting hard. I need some porn...

Virgo49 said...

Bro, one hour only from 11 to 12

Pap docs throughly scanned by them long long long time ago
If mistakes also can say no mistakes

Opposition docs will be scrutinised with a microscope

One comma' one full stop not in place disqualified without hesitation

Time ticking away and pap always go in first

Will stalled for fifty mins
There you have it

Virgo 49 said...

Leave 10 mins for you already give you chance

LKY famous quote not our job to help the opposition

Now pap got brave men to fight in aljunied

The victor lye wants to cut Amos penis

Haha after own penis kena Potong

Anonymous said...

This is good news indeed, great, great news!

I've said before, LHL has done nothing of value and is a liability to PAP and to Singapore. Kicking him out will do wonders for Singapore and will even make PAP stronger than before, assuming that PAP still rules without winning AMK GRC.

And if PAP loses the whole election, they will serve as a strong new opposition to check the winning coalition.

Finally, do not discount that the PAP will partner some of the other parties to form a ruling coalition - this is one sure way the PAP will lose their arrogance.

Note what I've done here - I've demolished the foolish concept that LHL=PAP, plus I've demolished the propaganda that there will be chaos if PAP loses the GE.

Anonymous said...

This will be the first time in Mr. LHL smooth, protected army & political career, he will be tested by "MARKET".
Good for him. Hope he is not having butterflies.

b said...

AMK people love LHL. Its very difficult to contest.

Anonymous said...

This team looks like a suicide squad trying to take down the emperor. I admire their courage and believe the rally will be intense with key issues raise. It can only be good for the country to have such an exchange, just a pity that it can only happen during election time.

In the meantime, I want to remind the opposition parties that the should not forget about the grc/smc that NSP is supposed to contest. Should they fail to show up, please send a team over. I would HATE to see so many walkover grc/smc due to some bumbling opposition that fail to show up on nomination day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The other members of the Reform team announced last night are entrepreneur Osman Sulaiman, former banker Jesse Loo and ex-NTUC Club media producer Siva Chandran.

So far this is the strongest team that the opposition has ever fielded against Hsien Loong.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the last GE, Nicole Seah alone took on the PAP team led by Chok Tong and almost topple them. This team has 3 key players in Roy, Ravi and Gilbert. Roy could be the equivalent of a Nicole Seah with his own appeal and his story to boot. He will gain a lot of sympathy votes and also those angry voters who want their CPF money back.

Do not underestimate the power of Roy, and with the strong backing of Ravi and Gilbert, there are not pushovers. The other 3 candidates are decent and mature enough to hold their own ground.

I can bet their rallies will fill up every stadium.

Anonymous said...

I can bet their rallies will fill up every stadium.

Aiyo RB, if only these can translate into votes for Roy and team on 11 Sep 15.

I think u should be old enough to remember WP rallies also filled up every stadium in past elections what.

But how many seats did WP win?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

OK. I go with EVIDENCE.

All the Hong Lim Rallies which got progressively poorly attended, failed to light a raging fire onto those so-called "key issues": CPF, PMET employment, cost of living etc. THis "dream team" were key people/ speakers at these events.

No doubt, they have a following---that is bound to happen as these are issues in some peoples' minds, and of course they have been vigourously discussed on the internet.

LHL is well and truly ensconced in AMK. And he is exceeding popular there (more than 2 to 1 with an approx 3% swing). In fact, for many AMK residents, it is a matter of "residential pride": "Wah, you know ah, here in AMK, our PM is also our GRC! Wah, I very proud leh!" (yes, people who think this way really DO exist!)

LHL is also a high achiever lah. That contributes to a "sexy" image. Let's face it "success" is sexy, it is APPEALING, it works in your favour

You might not like LHL, but facts are facts. And there's evidence to back those facts up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Reform AMK team, fighting !

BTW, just as there are people in AMK who are proud that "our PM is also our GRC! Wah, I very proud leh!", there are also people in AMK who are too embarrassed to admit "our PM GRC also so dirty, still can go and huntam aljunied, so lau kui".

Anonymous said...

Matilah said, "..." - Oh well, never mind what he said. The best thing he does is to constantly remind us of Amos, I keep looking at that photo that he provides.

It reminds me how all the PAP demons (o.k. MPs) stood silent and watched as the police tortured the young boy in prison and the so-called doctors sexually molested that boy in hospital.

Torture in prison = 24 hours lighted prison cell, sleep deprivation
Sexual molest = expose sexual organs for all to see in an open hospital ward

These people are monsters, not leaders. How can we ever forgive PAP for these heinous crimes against our defenseless kids?

So Matilah, thank you for the constant reminder. Ha! Ha!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 956

>> thank you for the constant reminder. <<

Not at all. Happy to be of service.

>> These people are monsters, not leaders. <<

Some of the biggest "monsters" in history were also mankind's greatest leaders. Alexander, The Khans, ... etc...

Don't kid yourself, violence, fear and ruthlessness are EFFECTIVE political strategies---i.e. they do achieve RESULTS.

Granted what Singapore did to Amos was unconscionable. But it was LEGAL.

But in spite of what was done to Amos, I still maintain that THE BEST political system for Singapore and the asshole Singaporeans is some form of Benevolent Dictator, who is willing to slam the people into "conformity" whenever it is required for national solidarity and sovereign "power".

I don't expect you to agree. So go fuck yourself. ;-)