When would you consider losing your country?

Every country guards their independence and the right to live according to what they believe is the best way for its citizens zealously. They built a strong military force to keep foreigners out of their country so that their people can enjoy what they have built and what is in the country. And every citizen has a duty to fight and die for the country, to defend the country and its people and its way of life.

We have gone down this hazy road of filling our country with foreigners. Other countries also have done so for different reasons and under different circumstances and conditions. The European powers went on a path of conquest and colonisation, to own countries and people. After WW2, many of the colonised countries were returned to the natives who declared independence from their colonial masters, to decide the fate of their countries and peoples.

In some countries like Australia and New Zealand, and some islands where the natives are insignificant in numbers, the colonialists seized the countries for good and imposed their own laws on immigrations. Australia and New Zealand have been very careful in letting the right type of people they want into their countries and at a number they are comfortable with. They ensure that they are the owners and the dominant people in the new countries they seized from the natives. Countries like Australia and New Zealand would never allow immigrants to swarm their countries and turn themselves into a minority.

The colonialists conquered countries by forced and ruled the natives with the gun. They may be small in numbers, but they controlled the population as their subjects and with lesser rights than them. The end of WW2 found that colonialism was no longer acceptable as a way to conquer and rule over the natives of the land. But in countries like Australia and New Zealand, and the USA, their overwhelming majority allowed them to continue to be the masters of the land and with the natives existing as a subgroup in the country.

We gained independence and we called ourselves the people of a country called Singapore. We are the majority, the four major races as one people of a nation.

The unrestrained immigration policy in recent years by the govt has filled the island with so many foreigners, that in absolute numbers, the Singaporeans are now a minority. The govt thinks it is ok. The people did not think and did not care if it is ok or nor ok as long as their lives are not too adversely affected.

It is not too far wrong to say that there are 50% foreigners here or more, if new citizens are included. This seems ok for the moment. What if the percentage of foreigners goes higher, 60%, 70% or 80%, will it be ok? What if the foreigners turned citizens seized political power and become the new leaders and start to change the rules of citizenship and discriminating against the original Singaporeans? Not possible?

Take a hypothetical case for a mental exercise to see if it is acceptable and putting aside the question of possibles. Are Singaporeans comfortable with the foreigners turning new citizens cum PRs forming more than 70% of the population. This is not counting the transient workers and Employment Pass holders. What about 80% or 90%?  If Singaporeans are not bothered with the numbers and percentages of foreigners and new citizens here, and if the govt also thinks it is a good thing, a right thing, and this state of affair really happens and Singaporeans become like the insignificant natives of Australia, New Zealand and USA, is it ok? Would it be too late to rewind the clock?

At what point, at what percentage of the population becoming foreign/new citizens would it be considered that the country has been taken over by foreigners, invaded?

Or does it need to reach a stage when the new citizens/PRs start to discriminate against the original Singaporeans and with the latter unable to resist anymore, would it then be called an invasion and the lost of the country to foreigners?

As it is today, some foreigners have already started to practise discrimination against the Singaporeans and with the Singaporeans unable to do anything about it, hapless, and the govt not sure what it is thinking and doing about it. Are we already invaded and on the verge of losing our country to foreigners? There is no need to invade a country by military forces or to raise a different flag to take over a country, especially if the people are willing to give it away freely, or did not know what is happening.

What is the definition of an invasion or a country taken over by foreigners? Or is it something that is not important, no need to think about, will not happen or let it happen, a natural trend of globalisation.  Some tweets are crowing about globalisation, states being irrelevant, and borderless. While they are blowing their loudspeakers, they are raising barriers against free immigration. But silly countries believes this propaganda and went head in, opening up their countries to foreigners and allowing foreigners to take over their industries and countries in blissful ignorance of what lies ahead. Leave it to market forces? Globalisation is the in thing. Borderless is the way to go. We are just a hotel and so be it?

What do you think? Have we lost our country or on the way to losing it?


patriot said...

' We have gone down this hazy road.....'.

It is not hazy. IT IS CRAZY AND GREEDY.



Anonymous said...

Have we lost our country or on the way to losing it?

Yes, in the long term we may lose our country or on the way to losing it to foreigners, if we continue to rely totally on foreigners to supplement and replace Sinkies no enough and Sinkies birth rate also not enough. But at least there is still Sinkeiland, although with mostly instant Sinkies but so be it lah.

Because and very unfortunately, any other alternative will result in Sinkies becoming extinct in the long term, and of course with that not even Sinkieland.

So which is the lesser of the 2 evils, u tell me lah?

patriot said...

My Apology




Anonymous said...

Voting for PAP to continue as govt is also the lesser of 2 evils.

Unless voting for opposition to be govt will make Sinkies not only copulate more, but also give birth more.

Because if Sinkies copulate more but no give birth also no use.

So can opposition as govt ready to make Sinkies copulate more and give birth more also?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is the root of the problem?
Do you think PAP has made it too expensive and stressful for Singaporeans to have children?
Do you think that voting out PAP is the first step towards solving our problems?

I answered YES to all of the above questions.

Do you think Singaporeans should vote for and support traitors?

agongkia said...

No need to conquer a cuntree by using weapon or using force to occupy it.
I consider my country is half lost..to the west.
Its now more of a western country .
Take a ping pong and throw down from Chinatown building..Guarantee will hit a Reuben Tan, Justin Lee or Rebecca Chua....
Out of 3 invitation i receive for those new born full moon celebration, all born with western name even the father not angmo.
Unknowning we are losing to the west.Indirectly occupied by the west...going to become angmo country liao.
Sinkie culture may oso be gone slowly..
Sinkies ' fault.
Bring in more FTs from other non westernize countries citizen to balance it.

Anonymous said...

"When would you consider losing your country?"

redbean has asked the wrong question.
Because Singaporeans don't own Singapore.
90% of land in Singapore is owned by Singapore government.
Singapore government is PAP and PAP is Singapore government.
Singaporeans are really landless peasants.

The question should really be asked of PAP and PAP Leeder LHL.
"When would YEW consider losing your country?"

When PAP gets voted out.

Do you think the above is fair and accurate comment?
Or do you think the above is just the autistic ranting of a bipolar Singaporean?

patriot said...
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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> 1. Leave it to market forces? ✔︎
2. Globalisation is the in thing. ✔︎ Not just "in". It is THE thing!
3. Borderless is the way to go. ✘ No. Open but secured borders.
4. We are just a hotel and so be it? ✔︎ ☛ Only for some---those who have personal resources to achieve this

>> What do you think? Have we lost our country or on the way to losing it? <<

That would depend on whether you see yourself as a "victim" or not.
Playing The Victim is a convenient ploy for entitled assholes (yes, that's you Singapore) to blame their circumstances on someone or something else, thus alleviating the need for them to take one micro-gram of responsibility for their lives.

Like most things "ownership" of a cuntry is based in MERITOCRACY. as I've said before you don't "own" the cuntry just because when your mother's smelly puki shitted you, it just so happened to be---on her back, legs spread like a 5-dollar whore waiting for the horny Navy to bang her silly---in Singapore.

If you want your cuntry, you will have to COMPETE for it. Hey man, it's a different world now. People can live anywhere---sometimes by choice sometimes simply to escape death.

As long as people are in Singapore LEGALLY, you xenophobes should just shut the fuck up and mind your own business---like, for e.g. "upgrading" your value-adding abilities to compete in a meritocracy with people who are hungrier, just as smart and capable but more motivated than you, and who are willing to deliver what you can deliver for less than what your over-valued self demands from the boss.

Got your "game face" on?

Anonymous said...

'Like most things "ownership" of a cuntry is based in MERITOCRACY. as I've said before you don't "own" the cuntry just because when your mother's smelly puki shitted you, it just so happened to be---on her back, legs spread like a 5-dollar whore waiting for the horny Navy to bang her silly---in Singapore.

Talking bad about your mother again. What a misfortune to your mother for giving birth to you.

Anonymous said...

"When would you consider losing your country?"

If PAP is elected to be government again in GE 2015, I think I would already have lost my Singapore.

patriot said...

The People are fighting to keep

to keep their Homeland from

Aliens in this Coming General Election.

Failing which means surrender without

a fight.

Hence Sinkies deserve their Rulers.


Anonymous said...

Matilar, Knn have some respect for your mother. Just because u abused and banged her does not mean you should demean her in the Internet. Your constant bragging and a man with a tiny canon on two flat tires does not make u to be in a position to continue to abuse all females especially your mother, wife and daughters that u constant banged and abused!

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, how is the country lost to the west when the dominance is of Bangladesh ,PRC's and Philip asses.
RB exclaim is, who will defend when Sin city has lost its worth.
But honestly, this infiltration was not just yesterday.....it happened decades ago but the urgency and increase is only when under pinky loong, this garmen deflates any thinking out of the box ideas, instead what his father did, he's still following....so letting them run or those that can't get thier figures rite rule.....whats the freaking difference.

If you build billion dollars shrine, then tell everyone that there's a need to increase prices, gst, implement coe's...makes sense???
Chee Hian said, "we must vote reliable people to lead????? Minister that resign???? Reliable???

Anonymous said...

At the next Workers' Party election rally.
Can we all Singaporeans please stand up together and give a mighty shout:

We need to let Yew-know-who know that we no longer welcome Traitors in Singapore.

Anonymous said...


How many seats is Workers' Party contesting?

Have Teochew Ah Hia, Hainan Ah Ko and Aung Juan Soon Chee even publicly seen, meet and talk to each other as one, let alone able to form a better govt if PAP is voted out?

So please 脚踏实地 (feet step on real ground). Anyhow shout no use one.

Anonymous said...

" Anyhow shout no use one. "
August 23, 2015 6:45 p.m.

Got. Anyhow shout got use one.
We want to tell every Singaporean out there.
We will not tolerate anymore Traitors in Singapore.

At every Opposition rally all over the island of Singapore.
Let this be the rally slogan of all Singaporean patriots.


Anonymous said...

Please do not be so anti-immigration Redbean. FTs are here to help grow your economy and boost your GDP. Be thankful for the hard working foreigners who are here to help fill the CPF pot so that retirees can get their monthly allowance. Be kind. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Be a Singaporean patriot.
Curse a Singaporean traitor before you sleep tonight.

@ August 23, 2015 8:37 p.m.
I curse you and your family tonight.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.37

Recession and depression descending soon with world turmoil.

North and South Korea bracing for war.

World economy in doldrums. Shares wiped out by billions and trillions.

Soon, as you wish, the FT will replace you as you said they are help to grow our economy.

Good Good, see you kena replaced or the F/Talent been replaced.

If you have two or three below ten years old kids, GOD helped you.

Put them in monastery or you yourself had to sell your back side and your womenfolk their front sides.


agongkia said...

@anon 5.42
Majority of those you seen are here for jobs that Sinkies shun.
In fact, I am more concern on FT (foreign towkays) here which to me may pose more threats than foreign talents .
To me, invasion may not necessary mean being occupied by more foreigners.There are other factors which are more serious to look into which I believe many , including so call local talents and Sinkies will not realize or able to foresee., digging their own grave.

Aiya.Who cares?Bortartcheh like me has difficulty expressing myself and can never make one understand .
Time for me to hug my foreign mei mei.

agongkia said...

Aiyo lau chek.Dun be pessimistic lah.
Recession is a very good thing that we should look forward to daily.
If there is recession,FT may be jobless first. Local Sinkies will wake up and can no longer be choosy n lazy if they need to survive.
Those kheow khar redundant chia leow bee so call pmets will have to kwai kwai take up jobs like cleaners, waiters , gardeners or screwty or drive taxis.
No more headache for our local towkays.
No more kpkb of FTs.Mom less complaints..Many benefits to have recession once a while .

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:44am - TRAITOR

Anon@12:42pm - TRAITOR

Matilah@2:06pm - TRAITOR

Anonymous said...

they still don't get it:
August 24, 2015 at 11:51 am they still don't get it(Quote)
how many times must the people keep reiterating that we are not against foreigners coming in. What we are against is why and what for are these foreigners are coming in.

Bringing in foreigners into help with our construction of buildings, roads etc, we applaud you.
Bringing in foreigners in controlled small numbers (after background checks and that they have the necessary “skills” that we have a shortage of) to grow the economy, we silently agree.
Bringing in foreigners without proper checks and control, that is where the whole deck of cards come falling down on your head.
Bringing in foreigners en masse, without checks and control, and freely throwing PR and citizenship certificates to them, this is where you are asking for a full scale revolt.

Anonymous said...

Under propaganda techniques 101, one of the strategies is black and white fallacy/false dilemma: present only 2 choices, with the one being propagated as the better choice.

Eg: Without foreigners, our economy will tank.

Many of you have already pointed out that between 0 foreigner and infinite foreigners, there is a whole spectrum of possibilities which might work better in our small country. Whoever who persists in treating the population issue as a black-and-white topic is guilty of using this tactic.

How to counter: Once you spot a false dilemma, just make it clear that the attacker is artificially narrowing the choices down the choices and trying to deceive everyone. This will go quite a ways to shatter his credibility.