Vote for candidates with good credentials

This seems to be on the minds of many thinking Singaporeans. They want good candidates to serve them in Parliament, no matter which party. How to fault such thinking?  So many candidates, including those of the opposition will be credibility tested, maybe even mentally tested if they could run a town council as a prerequisite to run a govt. This type of things only happen in Uniquely Singapore. Running a town council means can run a country. George Bush ran a football club and was good enough to be Presidente USA. Ronald Reagan was an actor.

Apologies, I got carried away. Where was I? Oh, good candidates. What is a good candidate? A medical degree, a lawyer, a general or a police commissioner or a civil servant or a corporate executive or someone early million dollar salary? Where is the relevance, where is the skill set? Would an animal lover make a good politician to run a govt?

What if a team has all the right qualifications, the good looks, the desired qualities that would make them good enough to run a govt? Ok right?

What if they come from a party with a manifesto that is bad for the country or people? What if, hypothetically, the party boss is a mafia boss or a loan shark or a drug lord incognito, would the credentials and qualifications of the individual candidates be important?

What should the voters be looking for? Should they not also be looking at what the party stands for, what kind of leadership is behind the party and then the individual candidate’s character and qualifications?

A good candidate, a highly qualified candidate, is not the only thing that the voters be looking for. Look at the whole picture before deciding. Do not vote for an angel hired by the devil to show that he has a team of angels when the devil is calling the shot.

The voters must be savvy and street wise, to know what they really want. A very good example is the by election of Punggol  East or for that matter Aljunied GRC. In both instances, there is a bigger objective to determine who they should vote for.

What is the bigger objective in this GE? It is not individual candidates, it is not about municipal matters or about town councils. It is about Singapore and Singaporeans and their well beings. It is not about a 50 year dream and a promise of mansions in the sky. It is about the real things, about the livelihood of the people, now when they are living and trying to survive and make a good life for themselves and their families.

Who cares about 50 years time when one is struggling to live today and putting food on the table tomorrow?  Look at the whole picture and understand what this GE is all about. The voters of Punggol, Hougang and Aljunied GRC were very clear on what they want. 

Do you know what you want and what would you be voting for? A highly qualified candidate with a strong heart? Or a candidate with a good heart in the right place?


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, cannot breathe here as well as in Malacca and Genting and KL. All because of a JOKER, what name Jokkikko or Joker??

Before he becomes President of RI. (Not Raffles Institution) he warns that he would go all out to prostitute or prosecute all those who sets fire to the forests.

See what happened now????

Chue kong, lampar song.

Same, same, with the PAP candidates. They will check the PAP Government lah. No need opposition.

When they went in, all became Yes Men and Women.


Sinkies stupid and daft to vote the Elites to rule over them as peasants.

Better get your own kind, they understand you and your family problems better.


Anonymous said...

What are good credentials for a Member of Parliament?

Nelson Mandela was a terrorist leader (by definition of the racist South African government) and spent 27 years in prison.
He subsequently became much loved world leader.

Do you think Nelson Mandela is a better qualified leader than Lee Kuan Yew?


+ warded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom[394] and appointment to the Order of Canada,
+ he was also the first living person to be made an honorary Canadian citizen.
+ Mandela was the last recipient of the Soviet Union's Lenin Peace Prize
+ and the first recipient of the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights.
+ In 1990, he received the Bharat Ratna Award from the government of India
+ and, in 1992, received Pakistan's Nishan-e-Pakistan.[400]
+ The same year, he was awarded the Atatürk Peace Award by Turkey;
+ Queen Elizabeth II appointed him as a Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order of St. John (upon the recommendation of the order's Honours and Awards Committee) and granted him membership in the Order of Merit (a personal gift of the monarch).

Nelson Mandela never served as a translator to the racist apartheid South African army.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know what you want and what would you be voting for?"

Yes, majority (aka 60%) voters know what they want. Or rather what they do not want. They do not want to accidentally vote PAP out of govt. But they also do not want a all PAP Parliament.

So how? Make Teochew Ah Hia and team win again lor. Or else if even Ah Hia also lose, it will be a all PAP Parliament, which majority voters also do not want.

Anonymous said...

WP not even want to talk to the rest of the opposition. Like what Wooden Goh said, very arrogant indeed, despite contesting only 28 out of 89 seats. If they have contested 100% seats, I would not have mind their arrogance and will even cheer them.

Like that how to form a strong and better govt than PAP, even if majority voters make opposition win 93% of the seats?

Just thinking on this alone I already can predict opposition will lose big big again this election.

Anonymous said...

天天会更好! 天天会更好!

What I want is 天天会更好!

But, who to vote to have 天天会更好?

You tell me lah!


agongkia said...

Aiyo.Please la Lau Chek.Miss you so much but why drag my idol of other country into the picture.He manage a big country with a reasonable salary. The fire may not necessarily cause by someone setting fires but due to hot weather.
Joko is a humble one who even meet citizen without causing alarm and without mobiles or escort.
An ideal candidate.

Anonymous said...

10 Singapore political parties were represented by their leaders or representatives at
Political Dialogue @ NUSS: General Election 2015


PAP was represented by MP Sim Ann.
WP was represented by Gerald Giam

It was quite interesting to watch.
Gerald Giam spoke, Sim Ann spoke.

Not once did Gerald Giam use phrases like:
"Low Thia Khiang say ..." OR "I cannot speak for Low Thia Khiang"
So at least I know I was listening to a real person who can think and speak for himself.

Sim Ann from PAP was very different.
At least once, I caught her saying something along the lines of;
"I cannot speak for the Minister" or "Why don't you ask the Minister"

Look at: 1:18:56 of the video as an example.
Do you think if we voted Sim Ann, she is capable of getting us the answers that we want from LHL's PAP government?

Watch Sim Ann and Gerald Giam in the video.
Between Gerald Giam and Sim Ann.
Which MP is more likely to be independent minded in parliament?
Which MP is more likely to be a nodding parrot in parliament?

In fact, contrast Sim Ann's performance versus any of the other people sitting on the NUSS podium.
Everybody seems capable of having their own minds in parliament except one person.

So out of the 10 people on the NUSS podium, who do you think does NOT have the credentials to represent Singaporeans in parliament?

patriot said...

The. People most appropriate for MP Posts must be the People that come into contacts with others in their daily livings.
Amongst them are taxi and bus drivers, retail, food and other service frontline service staff. Even those working in vice industries know the People much better than aristocrats coop up in their ivory towers and fraternize only with those in high society.


Daft Sinkies are like peasants of olden days who blindly worshipped their lords. They have no idea about all men are born equal and are duty bound to seek justice, even if it means having to face powerful abusers.



Anonymous said...

At $16,000/month salary, I don't want a nodding Parrot-In-Parliament.
Vote out the PAP MPs.
It's cheaper to replace them with parrots trained to nod on cue.

Anonymous said...

Getting more and more exciting!

Is PAP "Too-Big-To-Fail"?

As caution by GCT to his MP voters, the residents there would
have to "pay a price" if they voted the wrong party in.

Is PAP "Too-Big-To-Fail"?

Will Singaporeans also have to "pay a price" if they voted the
wrong parties into parliament?

"pay a price"? "pay a price"?

Will PAP instead "pay a price"?

We shall see on 12 Sep early morning.

Hello 12 Sep 2015!


Anonymous said...

A very good article, Thank You Redbean.

"Do you know what you want and what would you be voting for?"

I would be voting to stop the 10 million population, to decant the overwhelming foreign population now in our midst, to get back my own money in CPF.

If you vote for any PAP candidate, you will never, never, never get that. That's short and sharp, enough said.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Do not vote for an angel hired by the devil to show that he has a team of angels when the devil is calling the shot. <<

Hahhaha...RB's lack of math skills shows itself yet again. (Fuck, i hope MoE is doing a better job educating our kids properly in math....sekali come out like RB, chia lat lah!)

Your ONE LOUSY VOTE is not going to determine the outcome of an election lah. Especially when there are between 2-3 million voters---made up of mostly assholes just like your self-interest-driven self, who believe in all their heart that their voter actually "matters", completely IGNORING the numbers and the MAGNITUDE of those numbers.

Dig the moronic claims, all sides are filled with idiots:

PAP Oblong dick-suckers: "Don't sink the ship! The PAP is the best choice for prosperity! If other people govern our cuntry, the ship will sink! We'll be 3rd world!"

Opposition LGBT Hallucinators: "Vote them out! The PAP have destroyed the cuntry! They are overpaid! They are traitors! They stole your CPF!! They sold your job to the lowest bidder!!"

HAHAHA...Happy choosing!

For me, I don't give a hard smelly SHIT on whether this or that person or party wins and forms govt---ANYONE who wants the job of governing a cuntry of cunty assholes is welcome to "apply" for the job.

Elections are a form of "job application" or "tendering" process where the ultimate outcome is determined by voting-age citizens acting on their "belief" of so-called "facts" presented to them by the various hopeful (and hopeless) candidates, who are also citizens themselves---voters and the voted come from the same cultural stock.

Whoever gets voted in, are paid by the citizens themselves, collected as TAXES. However, whoever gets voted in also gets ABSOLUTE POWER. So the VAST majority of a cuntree's citizens vote in a TINY minority of the same citizens and hands over ABSOLUTE POWER and the legal ability to levy TAXES.

Assholes voting for a a bunch of "top" assholes to tax, regulate and govern them.

What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

Anonymous said...

For me, I don't give a hard smelly SHIT on whether this or that person or party wins and forms govt---ANYONE who wants the job of governing a cuntry of cunty assholes is welcome to "apply" for the job.

Very good advice. Just spend more time under your mama's skirt.

Anonymous said...

I vote against putting all eggs in 1 basket. In case the basket falls, I vote to have another hand to catch it to cushion the impact.

To the thinking voter who scrutinizes the credentials and background of a candidate, don't you think you should do the same?

Obviously that's not what the basket will tell you: they can check on themselves. Sure or not? Can we pay ourselves in our companies? Can students mark their own papers in exams? Can we issue our own summons? LOL.

So, vote to create a political safety net for yourself, your family, your job and your assets. GE2015 is shaping up to be a no-brainer election.

Anonymous said...

Would you vote for someone to squeeze you and take your money away?

Anonymous said...

I vote OPPOSITION to get my cpf money back at 55 years old.
I vote OPPOSITION so that I won't get sacked by an Alien Manager.
I vote OPPOSITION so that my children don't have to drive taxi or be a hawker.

I vote OPPOSITION because there is no future and no hope for Singaporeans under a PAP government.