Time for a little frivolous thought

There is still a bit of time before the pressure of the GE comes to bear for me to indulge in a little frivolous activity, but with a subtle message for the people as well. Before I begin, I would like to quote Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar of Johore. He said, ‘The rakyat (people) today are a generation of smart and learned people who can dissect the information they receive, so please do not take them for fools by feeding them rosy news and information to hide what is really going on.’ This comment is equally applicable in the Singapore context without a word and comma out of place. Yes, Singaporeans are also being fed with misinformation that calling it frivolous is being polite.

While foreigners of undisclosed authenticity, many from dubious universities that are equivalent to junk bonds in the finance world, are touted by the govt as talents, and brought in by plane loads while Singaporeans with their genuine degrees from some of the best universities are condemned as talentless, no skill sets to compete with the fakes and cheats brought into this island.

And they are encouraged to go overseas to compete with the rest of the world’s talent armed with a certificate from the Trade Union to boot. My god, if they can’t make it in home ground against the dirts and shits, can they make it elsewhere? Maybe in some god forsaken places, in some little villages probably.

The second point, knowing that the competition is unfair against crooks and cheats, with many local PMETs dumped or sacked and ended up unemployed or underemployed, instead of protecting their livelihood with legislation like other countries are doing, even the countries of the cheats and fakes are doing it, they are fed with illusions and delusions. Sinaporeans are expected to compete with the fakes and cheats on a level playing field in home ground. How stupid can this be when the foreigners are cheating all the way?

Never mind. Since Singaporeans cannot compete, let’s tell them to try to do good in other trades like hawkers and crane drivers. There is no need for a university education. Tell the Singaporeans that these are great jobs. Set up institutions to produced degrees for hawkers. Now this will serve two purposes, getting a degree and a good job. You can’t beat this kind of ingenuity.

For those PMETs who can’t get a job anymore, tell them it is a very good thing to be their own boss by driving taxis. And they can paste their degrees, masters and PhDs on the back of the driver’s seats to show their passengers, the maids and foreigner workers and the fakes that took their jobs, that they are highly qualified.

Now the latest, brag about how good it is to be bus drivers.  Oops, they called them bus captains! The aspiration for undergrads today is to be bus captains, a dream job. And the qualifications for a bus driver, first get a diploma in molecular science and follow up by a degree. Then go and apply for this dream job, especially the girls. They can drive something since car ownership is out of reach and see the world.  Little bird said many girls are applying to read molecular science in the polytechnics and aspiring to be bus drivers after graduation. Oops, pardon me, I mean bus captains. They have a very bright future ahead of them in their dream job.

How silly has this country become? Is this where you are going? Is this where you are being led to? Is this the future for our young graduates?

You have a last chance to decide your future, your fate, in the GE, in two weeks time. Think very carefully. Read the message of the Sultan of Johore over and over again. It makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Is this the future for our young graduates?

Yes, I am afraid. As long as even the strongest opposition party can only contest 28 out of 89 seats, and hence majority (aka 60%) voters are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out.

So always think about this when u anticipate the final outcome in the early hours of 12 Sep 2015. So that you will not be surprised or even shock, especially for those with weak hearts.

jjgg said...

I was wondering why our highly paid..highly qualified ministers make periodic visits to JB..it is indeed to gather these regal pearls of wisdom. Unfortunately..we have our own natural aristocrat who has opposing views..so how?

Anonymous said...

L*L said on TV that FTs are here to help provide more jobs for Singaporeans. RB says the opposite. Who is tell the truth? Who to believe? GE coming soon, so better be sure who to vote for the better future of Singapore.

Virgo 49 said...

Bus captains are usually the next door cousins who are here at 2 to 2.5k sin and convert to ma pee 5k. Or our PRC comrades.

Singaporeans only army captains. How can bus captains???

Only the PAP made them jaban inspectors.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB

>> My god, if they can’t make it in home ground against the dirts and shits, can they make it elsewhere? <<

No because their attitude SUCKS. And so they really earned their suffering and tile of "loser".

As usual, redbean is behind the times. In recent times there have been many studies and to determine what "qualities" are necessary for individual human success. After control for the usual (more obvious) attributes like: education, health etc. the ONE predictor which kept coming up was GRIT---i.e. you're attitude of: "yes I can do it, and I will do whatever it takes"

You see dear readers, spoilt, entitled, asshole Singaporean LOSERS lack "grit". However the "new arrivals" to Singapore from China India Vietnam Eurozone Philippines...these folks have GRIT: they will do whatever it takes to succeed in Singapore. Given the numbers---a few millions---it is to BE EXPECTED that some of them will try to cheat and "game the system".

Like redbean, who complains incessantly about this, if you do the same, you really don't understand MATH very well i.e. in a cohort of these "foreigners", some of them will be "bad apples" who managed to get through the vetting. Math, motherfuckers, math. Go learn some. Improve yourself. ;-)

I wouldn't worry too much about these asshole Singaporeans. In a few years, in one decade they'll be about gone...out of the picture...extinct...forgotten.

Got grit?

patriot said...

I like to suggest to Redbean aka Mr Chua Chin Leng to




Anonymous said...

A loser who couldn't make it here coming here to call Singaporean losers? What a joke.

Can't make it here, can't make it in Australia, come crawling back here.

Go and play with your mama's...

Anonymous said...

Foreigners can't make it in London and Hongkong, ended in Singapore.

Singapore garment telling its Singaporeans can't make it in Singapore, go to the world. Where? New York, London or Mumbai and Manila?

Anonymous said...

Politicians who can't make it in Hougang or Punggol East can make it in GRCs with skirts for umbrellas. And they are called top talents of minister calibre.

What applies globally also apply to sing-a-pore.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I love the "logik", it's got some "magik" in there:

1. The foreigners are flocking to Singapore from their dying 1st and 3rd world home cuntrees because they are too "useless" to "make it over there".

2. Therefore we can all agree that there is some truth in the derogatory but HILARIOUS acronym F.I.L.T.H P.I.G.S., translated to Failed In London Try HongKong Perth Impossible Go Singapore---yes, our Singapore is generally accepted as "the place to be".

3. So Singapore is so shiok, and you can see that as you are awestruck by the sight of the modern city and the happenings all over the place.

4. But the lazy entitlement-minded LOCAL ASSHOLES all complain that Singapore is fucked and destroyed and no one can make it there, it is too expensive, yada yada yada kpkb boo hoo hoo cry non stop like baby with colic.

Fuck you Singapore. People come from all over and do better than "ok", and you local assholes complain on how fucked up your own cuntree is.

I think you motherfuckers are nuts! (Yr logik dun make senz lah)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. If you cannot "make it" in Singapore---given all the "free kicks" and advantages like top educational and public health standards, clean city, easy to live and get around....all these "free" head starts which places the average Singaporeans WAY AHEAD in starting life than counterparts not only in Asia, but many western democracies too.

....and you still complain that you cannot "make it" in Singapore because of.... "discrimination". As if there was some conspiracy against locals.

WOW!!! The famous "discrimination card", as played by redbean et al.

Do you also believe in fairies? ;-)