The Koreans on the verge of war

The South Koreans claimed that their soldiers were killed by landmines planted by the North Koreans and blasted their loudspeakers across the border. This led to the North Koreans firing at the South’sloudspeakers, each set consists of 48 big loudspeakers and with 5 or 6 sets in 11 locations facing North Korea claiming to reach a distance of 24 km. Do the South Koreans believe that it is a friendly thing act, blasting propaganda across the border? And with that excuse, the South Koreans fired more artillery across the border.

And the South Koreans blamed the North Koreans for provocations. Who is really provoking who? Who is conducting annual large scale military exercises to simulate an invasion of North Korea? What about regular monthly exercises? What about the loudspeakers and balloons with propaganda to incite rebellion in the North? No, these are not provocations. The provocations came from the North when they reacted  angrily to these initiatives from the South and the Americans.

Come on, who are you kidding? How many more provocations would the South do before the North hits back? The latest crisis has reached danger point and the North Koreans have started to deploy their troops near to the border. And their fleet of submarines have left their bases and their positions unknown and undetectable. With the attack submarines out in the sea, war is imminent.

Since the South Koreans are so eager to have war with the North, the world might as well give them the blessing and encourage them to go to war with the North. After all they have been provoking the North almost daily and preparing for an invasion of the North.

Good luck to the Koreans if they manage to wipe out each other out and leave the Korean peninsula as a war zone, no man’s land, as a buffer between Japan/USA and China. Leave the peninsula as a waste land with no Koreans.

Is that what the South Koreans want? Is that why they are constantly provoking the North to a fight?

Fortunately the North Koreans are more sensible than the South and would not be drawn into a suicidal war to destroy the Koreans as a people. The North has initiated high power talks to defuse the tension. Would the South Koreans be wise enough to back off or would they be ordered by the Americans to take a tougher stand and to provoke the North into an open war? The South Koreans deserve to be annihilated for their provocations. The North Koreans do not deserve that. They have been the victims of the South Koreans and Americans plot to go to war and are avoiding it like crazy.

On the other hand the western media have been on a campaign to paint the North as the provocateurs and the war mongers, the demons, and the South Koreans were the victims and the Americans were the angels.

Go, South Koreans, go and kill all the North Koreans as well as South Koreans. The Americans and the Japanese love that and will be very happy to be on your side, to see the two Koreans kill and destroy each other. Amen.

This Asian tragedy is waiting to happen if the reckless and stupid South Koreans continue to be manipulated by the Americans and Japanese to want to kill their Korean brothers and sisters.


‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

Nobody takes these petulant outbursts seriously anymore. Now all calm again. But fear not, there will be a next time when one side will accuse the other of playing fuck, and then finding some small thing to blame them on....fire a few rounds, let go a mortar or two, start doing the war dance and name-calling.

These fuckers can fight at anytime. They are still at war---Asian style obviously. Asian style is based on holding grudges for several generations: India-Pakistan, China-Japan, and so on. The longer cuntrees can get their subsequent generations to hold onto "sovereign grudges", the longer those dumb Asian cunts can remain hostile to each other.

Anonymous said...

North Korean planted landmines in
South Korea or South Korean soldiers incurred into North Korea and got blasted?
The United Nation should hold the aggressor responsible.
On the other hand, whichever party got violated should seek justice by punishing the offender by inflicting as much damages as possible.
It is best to have ab all out war culminating in the unification of the people who are of one race. This done, it will be like Germany, no more infighting.

Koreans should be united even if it has to pay a high price for it.

Anonymous said...

North and South Korea are the sideshow, with leaflets and loudspeakers, just like the seventh month ghost festival. I love the entertainment value of the outburst now and then from fatty Kim. People can't be serious to take him seriously.