The Evil American Empire continues to provoke the North Koreans

It was reported that the Americans and South Koreans were conducting a large scale military exercise, the Ulchi Freedom, along the North Korean borders simulating an invasion of North Korea. The number of troops involved, 50,000 South Korean soldiers and 30,000 US soldiers. A military exercise of such a scale is hostile on all counts and the North Koreans had condemned it as ‘Such large scale joint military exercises…are little short of a declaration of a war.’ And the North Koreans are threatening to strike back.

And the silly pro American allies and nations would condemn the North Koreans for reacting and shaking their fists. How biased are the Americans and their allies not to condemn the American provocations but put the blame on the North Koreans as the hostile party? Such exercises are held regularly, several times a year, and are claimed to be peaceful, for defensive purposes.

Imagine if a neighbouring country is conducting such a big scale exercise against another country, with the target country be Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or the USA, would it be acceptable?

The Evil Empire is doing it with impunity today. Their turn will come when they will be on the receiving end one day. What you throw out will come around. It always happened, only a matter of time.

The world must condemn the real provocateur of aggression, the Evil Empire, for provoking the North Koreans and other countries all over the world. The American people must rise to oppose their evil regime from starting wars every where. If they continue to do so, war will come to America, in American soil, to give the Americans a taste of their own medicine.

PS. Thank God the Koreans are not duped into killing each other.


Virgo 49 said...

Kim Jung Ii3 already posed their troops near the frontiers.

Just give order and fired the first artillery shot into the Americans.

Wah, exciting. Live to this age still can see another big scale war.

Must re subscribed the CNN, BBC see, Fox news. Etc

Got live broadcasts.

PAP waiting in anticipation for the daft sinkies will reelected them 99 percent when Big nose said living dangerously.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Thank God the Koreans are not duped into killing each other. <<

Actually for me, I will "thank god" when they do ;-)

>> The world must condemn the real provocateur of aggression, the Evil Empire, for provoking the North Koreans and other countries all over the world. <<

Good luck on that one. I can just imagine: redbean, at the front of the protest march with loud hailer calling on the people of the world to "condemn the Evil Empire!".

Redbean, you are missing the point lah: America can run amok with it's doctrine of "American Exceptionalism" because the most of the world SUPPORTS IT, politically. I'm talking SOVEREIGN support(i.e. entire states and their governments)---not "support" from a bunch of drunk decrepit uncles at a kopitiam boasting to each other what fantastic "fighters"/ "fuckers" they are, and how they can kick the asses of men half their age.

patriot said...

North Korea threatens to strike back.

Threatening is not good enough.

Strike when there is good reason to
do so, why just posturing.

Like the Koreans to be united,
no matter how that is achieved.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The South Koreans and Americans have been provoking the North for a fight. The North are more sensible and rational than what the Americans would want you to believe. Why would they want to fall into the American trap and kill each other? The South too know the American game and are just playing along with the Americans.

If not, the false flag sinking of the Choenan would have been war. So many innocent South Korean soldiers were killed in that explosion. I believe the Koreans are not that stupid after all.

Virgo49 said...

The real objective of the Americunts is to provoke the two Koreas at loggerheads and accidentally throw cold water at each other face initially.

Then, in a fit of more temper take golf sticks and hits each other. In meeting, temper arises, take ash trays and throw at each other.

These are what happening in Korean Dramas.

Final stage, cannot tahan, fire each other. Americunts involved, PRC also involved as North
Korea's fall, too uncomfortable for China.

Stocks and shares round the globe will free fall. Greece be very happy. No need pay creditors now.

Brokers/remisers all put their hands on their foreheads.

Why so stupid, the Americunts when their shares FALL and FALL due to China's said to be worsening economy wants to get China into a War that everbody also die die in losing billions/trillions of dollars???

Cannot understand their mentality, better go and have a check up in IMH Ward 7.

Doctor Hyde waiting for you there.


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

You should look up this guy. He's right out of the mould of your "evil empire".

>> "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business," << --- Michael Ledeen, Biggest Swinging Dick at http://www.defenddemocracy.org/

See? It really helps if you can claim your cuntree to be "exceptional". Then you can just bomb, burn and bankrupt some brown and yellow fuckers now and then, and then go onto make BILLIONS from the content out of Hollywood and TV-land.

I like the yanks because they put on a great show. They're masters at creating "value' by widespread "destruction".

Got creative destruction? ;-)

Also dun forget: America not only prays to Jezus (aka The Jewish Zombie---he came for your soul, but he'll eat your brains), but generates a lot of money for him. Being Jewish, Jezus likes money. Therefore he cast a "magic spell" and made America "exceptional".