The Evil American Empire continues to provoke the North Koreans

It was reported that the Americans and South Koreans were conducting a large scale military exercise, the Ulchi Freedom, along the North Korean borders simulating an invasion of North Korea. The number of troops involved, 50,000 South Korean soldiers and 30,000 US soldiers. A military exercise of such a scale is hostile on all counts and the North Koreans had condemned it as ‘Such large scale joint military exercises…are little short of a declaration of a war.’ And the North Koreans are threatening to strike back.

And the silly pro American allies and nations would condemn the North Koreans for reacting and shaking their fists. How biased are the Americans and their allies not to condemn the American provocations but put the blame on the North Koreans as the hostile party? Such exercises are held regularly, several times a year, and are claimed to be peaceful, for defensive purposes.

Imagine if a neighbouring country is conducting such a big scale exercise against another country, with the target country be Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or the USA, would it be acceptable?

The Evil Empire are doing it with impunity today. Their turn will come when they will be on the receiving end one day. What you throw out will come around. It always happened, only a matter of time.

The world must condemn the real provocateur of aggression, the Evil Empire, for provoking the North Koreans and other countries all over the world. The American people must rise to oppose their evil regime from starting wars every where. If they continue to do so, war will come to America, in American soil, to give the Americans a taste of their own medicine.


agongkia said...

Bloody ah tok ah shd be condemn.Trying to provoke the You Know Who.
My wish is to see the reunification of Korea one day.

Anonymous said...

North Korea, China and Russia should conduct a similar exercise simulating an invasion of South Korea or Japan.

The only risk is that the Americans will trigger a false flag incident during the exercise and start a war.

Anonymous said...

The evil empire continues to provoke AHPETC

Anonymous said...

I thought the south koreans are smart people, they have Samsung, LG etc. Why they want to provoke N Korean. If war were to break out, they are the losers not the americans. In fact the americans will benefit from it. Are they so stupid!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. The Americans would want the two Koreans to kill each other in Korea. The Americans would sell them more weapons to do so.

And if no war, the tension would allow them to sell weapons and to station their troops in South Korea to make South Korea a semi colony, with the Americans in control of their soldiers.

Anonymous said...

another double standard by our "beloved" free western media

if china stage such military drill
US media call such drill as provocative - try to send message to their smaller neighbor about CHINA military power

US official call such drill are not beneficial, not helpful to reduce tension in region

you must understand the intention of US regime
US regime is using north korea to gain support from south korea to form their alliance with japan

imagine there are no threat by north korea ( in reality, such threat dont exist)
south korea wont not work with japan.

south korea would spend more money to build their defence in the south to prevent the repeat of invasion by japan - imjin war, japan invasion in 1930

south korea is making those mistake again and again

they had ignore the possibility that japan might invade them again .

korea never learn from previous mistake in IMJIN WAR

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Singapore government stand in all this? Why is The PAP government so quiet? Maybe USA is also a very good friend of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you read all the anti North Korean articles and reports in the msm?

Anonymous said...

So long as exercise was conducted within South Korea, it might be for South Korea's own defence.

Surely any country should have the right to have military exercises within one's territory.

Anonymous said...

Tomoro your neighbour stands outside your house carry a parang and practise swinging it, telling you it is for his own defence.

Or better still practising to attack you.

Ok or not?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39 pm

Is Your Example right or appropriate?

Please call the Police for
Your Case if You ever come
across one.