Silver Support Scheme – Your money or my money?

The govt has announced the Silver Support Scheme to pay a stipend to honour the pioneer generation and as a form of retirement benefit.

According to the Straits Times, “Seniors to enjoy payouts from 2016” (Aug 18) – “150,000 eligible Singaporeans, aged 65 and above, to get a quarterly payout of $300 to $750 from early next year.”

The details have yet to be published and theoretically all the pioneers will get something. There is something like 500,000 pioneers out there which means that more than 2/3 will not be getting this stipend.

Where is this money coming from? Is the govt dipping into the reserves or is it taking from the interests accrued from the CPF savings it has ‘tangkap’ from the pioneer CPF members?

The other question is that for the sum of the stipends, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, belong to the people, is it a fair trade off for the pioneer generation to receive the stipends? Should the pioneer generation be grateful, be thankful to such a generous govt, out of the blue offering to pay them a few hundred dollars every quarter? Or should they cry foul, and demand to have their CPF money back?

Some pioneers would be grateful, especially the older cohorts that have little in their ‘tangkap’ accounts. But for those with hundreds of thousands in jail house rock, I don’t think they are happy with the peanuts being returned to them.

Where is the money or where is my money?

Who do you think? Happy, grateful or angry, feel cheated?


Anonymous said...

If we voted out a few more PAP Ministers.
The savings in PAP Minister salaries (millions of dollars a year) will be more than enough for the Silver Support Scheme and to pay all of us a decent interest rate on our CPF money.

How many Ministers are there in a PAP government?
1) how many cabinet ministers
2) how many ministers of state
3) how many ministers in the prime minister's office
4) how many ministers without portfolio
5) how many deputy prime ministers
6) how many senior, emeritus and mentor ministers

Have I left anything out?
How many Millionaire Ministers are there in a PAP government?

Anonymous said...

Using taxpayers' money for promotions and pay hikes.
So simple.

Anonymous said...

Aiya your money is their money and their money is their.money

Anonymous said...

Like a husband and wife relationship. Your money is her money and her money is her money.

But you got to enjoy your wife, loved by your wife, not be screwed by your wife, not be threatened by your wife.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Say you get $750 every quarter, ok wat. For the old fellas---the "Viagra Uncles" brigade---can make one awesome dirty-weekend where all the young girls call you "daddy" every 3 months in Batam. 😂

Pre-election bribe. It is bound to have some effect ;-) Whta's more, they're not subtle about it....well done. Show some GRIT!

Anonymous said...

Here the government is trying its hardest to help the pioneer generation who need financial help, and of course Redbean has to pour cold water over this kind gesture. I believe in giving credit to where credit is due. I also believe the the PAP government is doing this just to buy votes from those Ah Pek and Ah Mah who are not shrewd enough to see through the scheme. Any financial help to the needy is always welcome, but that should not generate votes for the PAP in the coming GE. Shame of you L*L for not giving this help earlier but only when GE is round the corner.

Anonymous said...

Robs you of all your savings then acts like Santa Claus, throws you a few dollars and you are so happy. Daft anyone?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


>> Where is this money coming from? <<

From the post election increase in the GST.

Anonymous said...

You govt or IB, why you answering RB and know the answer?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that GST is increasing after the GE as Matilah has indicated? If that is true, I better stock up on everything before the GE. Got to buy milk powder for kids, new phone, new TV and lots and lots of condoms.

Anonymous said...

/// Shame of you L*L for not giving this help earlier but only when GE is round the corner. ///
August 24, 2015 11:16 a.m.

Only PAP and L*L believes they are on the side of Singaporeans.

agongkia said...

Of course you should be happy and grateful .
See? Those regular above 65 Ah Peks suddenly missing and quiet here.
Higher interest from Cpf and quarterly payout.
Can go batam hug every 3 month FOC.No need Cpf withdrawal la.Be thankful and learn to appreciate .

Anonymous said...

Daft sinkies got hundreds of thousands of their savings robbed and very grateful to be given a few hundred dollars.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say:

The scheme will be permanent and will apply to “both current and future generations” of elderly people.

WOW! Jackpot! This pre election bribe gets better. Baby boomers, gen x y whatever all "qualify" for FREE (??) MONEY forever and ever....

WELFARISM IS HERE! It'll cost you ONE LOUSY VOTE only lah.

patriot said...

Where is the Money from?


Anonymous said...

"Where is the money coming from? "

From Singaporeans lah!
Do you think PAP government and Temasek can generate enough profits to give to Singaporeans meh?

Anonymous said...

PAP government and Temasek don't anyhow lose money is already very good liao.
Still expect them to make a profit to share with Singaporeans.
Tan ku ku lah.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Such negativity all of you. Think positive, be thankful for crumbs from PAP table and take the money given, but still VTO.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean Patriots Respond To PM Lee's NDR