SG50 Jubilee currency notes – Once in 50 years!

I went to the bank to exchange my old drippy notes for the crispy Jubllee notes. At the exchange rate of one to one it was a steal. I was so glad to receive the new notes and the two folders that the teller apologetically told me dad a printing error in the name of the President. In the folder it was spelt Yusok Ishak instead of Yusof Ishak. I put on a frown to show my displeasure for receiving the folders with typo errors and then asked the teller if I could exchange it for a new corrected copy. The teller replied that it would take some time but as an interim measure they would be issuing stickers to stick over the error and I could go back to collect them when ready. Quite a clever idea, paste over the error and no one will known.

I pretended to be very disappointed and would come back for the stickers.  Quietly I was telling myself how lucky that I could still get the copies with errors in them. For collectors, such errors are not easy to come by and the value of the folders, not the notes, will fetch a much higher price. And this error is not just a once in 50 year error. It may not happen again with this experience. Next time they would get a computer to double check to make sure there would be no human errors in any issue.

For the collectors, they must thank the MAS for this little miracle to enhance the value of the collection. It is a kind of gift to all Singaporeans, the folders would appreciate in value much more than the notes. Come to think of it this could be a kind of Jubilee present for the people, an intended error.

In the kopitiam I was sitting next to a group of regulars all getting so excited about the Jubilee notes. Everyone was so happy with this windfall.  ‘Mo tin tin fat tat’. More votes for the govt for their ingenuity. Thank you, thank you, they echoed.

Then another regular came running and planted himself on an empty seat, panting and looking all excited. ‘I got the stickers, I got the stickers’, he exclaimed. ‘Oh good, show us, we are dying to see the stickers.’

‘Wait, wait, there is a new sticker for the picture of the President.’

‘What?’ Everyone was taken aback.

“Let me explain. They discovered the picture of the President was wrong. 50 years ago, the President was younger and no moustache. So now they printed new photos of a young President to stick over the old ones, no moustache.’

Wow, this is really ‘bee tang’. Everyone jumped up and started to clap. ‘Huat ah, huat ah.’  Now the notes would surge in value many more times than the covers.

I congratulate myself for queuing for 3 days for the notes. Now I am looking at a small fortune.  5 sets of notes, all got wrong photos of the President.  Thank you, thank you.

PS. Hope the dumb asses don’t accuse me of spreading rumours. I must state in advance here that this is only a joke, not true ok. Can take joke or not?


agongkia said...

Another Teng Ah Gee wasting 3 days just to queue for new notes.Spend this 3 days working part time you can be richer by hundreds of dollar instead of wasting time at the bank.
Your action only tell people like Bala that Sinkies are rich becos they got spare cash to change new not.
Bala please take note.These babatai uncles are just a minority , tingtong and chia par khar eng.
I no spare cash to change new note.My time are meant to slog for 3 meals.

Anonymous said...

For collectors, such errors are not easy to come by and the value of the folders, not the notes, will fetch a much higher price.

Hahahahahaha. So many sets, if not all, got errors, how can fetch higher price, u tell me lah?

So many Sinkies are rich, so what is the big deal being rich? And with so many rich Sinkies, what so difficult for PAP to win at least 60% votes again this election?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, on a Sunday morning I would refrain from calling you khongcum or tintong. By being an ignoramous in the hobbies of collectors, you sure spout shit through your mouth without knowing they smell.

I would have changed for many more sets if they allowed me. I got money what.

These notes are exchanged at the rate of one to one which means you do not lose a single cent. And the quantities may look big in this island, but to the whole world, it is a trickle. At anytime the notes can be sold for more than their par value. Ok, for those ignorant khongcums, there is still time to get hold of the notes.

Just a simple example of collecting the collectibles. I have collected quite a number of Park and Ride tickets that I bought and used. I have sold some of the 'not so good' condition used tickets at $25 a piece 10 years ago. I have not asked for the prices today and I am still holding on to the 'good condition' tickets for now.

I have a small collection of silver dollars as well and all have appreciated. The khongcums will laugh at the collectors paying millions for a piece of painting called art. But the collectors of these arts have millions to pay for them. Is that a problem?

You still have time to exchange the notes

Anonymous said...

How about a series of $1 one dollar currency notes?
All with a different photo.
Photos of all the useless Ministers that Singaporeans accidentally voted into parliament over the last 50 years.
Collectors item.
Resale value likely to be $10 if resold as a paper liner for your spittoon.

agongkia said...

My late mother keep telling me GKS orchid dollar can be sold for high price.After her death I bank in the 7 k of 50s and hundred brand new unfolded notes which I discover she really kept it.Went bank in UOB but 7k mean 7 k.Where got extra? Lost of interest nia.
I no need exchange but inherit 2 boxes of old coin including silver coins back dated hundred years back , from China and during Dutch rules in Medan etc.
I have to pay my most trusted friend to keep elsewhere just in case it invite burglar.
A burden la.

Can take joke or not?

Anonymous said...

What about this agongkia's face on it?
He will be getting his medial for public service after the GE.
You think got people want to pay for it?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia,

Calling you an ignoramous is the right word to use. You don't bring collectible old notes to the banks to exchange for new notes. The banks will exchange them on 1 to 1 basis, nothing more nothing less.

You need to go to the collector's shops if you want to get value for your money.

Now you learn something from me. If you spend more times to read up on this instead of chasing after mei meis, you will be much richer.

Anonymous said...

RB, many people said they would keep the new notes for their grandchildren. The collectors will not sell them straight away unless the price is right.
So what is left for foreign collectors would be very small. The longer the collectors hold on to the notes, the higher would be the value.
The daft would use it in the market or put it in the banks.

Anonymous said...

"The longer the collectors hold on to the notes, the higher would be the value."
August 30, 2015 9:27 a.m.

Sounds like our CPF and National Reserves.
The longer we hold onto to our belief, the higher would be the value.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The value of the currency notes will be its face value and you can use them any time you want to or sell anytime at your call. The money is in your pocket and you are in charge.

For the CPF savings, you can kiss them good bye.

agongkia said...

Yes.Thanks uncle.
1 week after I bank in, read from Sin Ming that that 50 note can fetch about few x like 20x more .Abit Tui that time ...
But ...money cannot be brought along when I kick the bucket.Dun be lui bin.
Hugging more meis meis is more meaningful than to keep these roots of evil which can cause disharmony for descendents if not fairly distributed.
So..hugging different nationality of mei meis is definitely more worthy of keeping currency of different countries to me.
Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like our CPF...The longer we hold onto to our belief, the higher would be the value.
Anon 9:46 a.m

It's a fact lah, not just a belief. And provided your bank account already got a lot of money, so you don't need to touch the CPF money.

Too bad lah, if you need the CPF money, but can only see and cannot touch. So it is understandable you are angry with PAP. And too bad also lah, not enough of you to vote PAP out last GE. Hope got enough to do it on Sep 11, despite the many new citizens added since 2011.

agongkia said...

Again RB...
Luckily I not cheng hoo.Else I cheongkong all to make sure Sinkies are not burden by medical bill.
Cpf is contributed by our employers so rightfully its a tax to ensure the employees has enough to pay their medical bill.
Giving out 5 k at age consider lucky enough.

Who ever got charge in Court , shamed, fined or maybe jail for late or non payment of CPF?Its our employers.
Besides self employed who pay?
Want to return must rightfully return to employers.

Anonymous said...

There is a lack of serious notes collectors in Singapore.

The J notes that you had exchanged with typo error WILL
remain the same value even at SG1000!

Don't hope that the J notes will appreciate in value.

There is really just tooooooooooooooooooo many!

Anyway, it is nice just to keep them.


Anonymous said...

Keeping the Jublilee Notes have no down side, only up. The only time it is going to be banana currency is when all the Singapore notes become useless.

What is there to lose if you have the spare cash to convert to the new ones?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> For the collectors, they must thank the MAS for this little miracle to enhance the value of the collection. <<

Thank you Ravi Menon! Let's buy the man champagne. WAH. Free kick from MAS. Once in 50 years error!

Anonymous said...

It's is the printed folder which holds the monies that has the mistake
and it is worthless.

Anybody wonders how much was saved on bank interest payout on what has been
issued or can be used by MAS. A total of 20 million pieces of $50 notes and 75 million pieces of $10 notes in collectors personal safekeeping - untouched for umpteen years.

Better than selling bond which matured in 5 years.