Reform Party’s Dream Team for Ang Mo Kio

I saw a photo of M Ravi canvassing with Roy Ngerng and Kenneth at a hawker centre. And it was reported that Amos Yee was there as well. And so was Han Hui Hui. Kenneth has yet to announce his team but by it would be interesting if Roy and Ravi are  in the short list.

As I was rooting earlier for a combined team with SingFirst, the addition of Jee Say and Ang Yong Guan would make the team quite formidable. Now Reform Party is going to fight it all alone and for Jee Say to back out from the contest, I suspect Kenneth must have given him a peep into his cards and that could have impressed Jee Say to let Reform Party have a crack at Hsien Loong’s steamboat.
Other than Kenneth, Roy and Ravi, who would Kenneth field to strengthen his team? Would the controversial maverick in Amos Yee be added to make it more dramatic? Amos and Roy have their own pulls as victims of the system and could draw a lot of sympathy votes. Ravi as a human rights lawyer has a strong appeal among the young. Kenneth of course has been gaining more credibility with his outspoken pieces on the social ills.

Would the financial expertise of Leong Sze Hian give the team more ballast and weight? Or would Kenneth come up with another big catch to surprise everyone? A team comprising Kenneth, M Ravi, Roy, Leong Sze Hian, Amos Yee and probably Han Hui Hui or another big wig, would be a serious proposition for Ang Mo Kio GRC.  Controversial though, the mix is not a push over and has a lot of appeal to the voters .

Ang Mo Kio GRC is going to be closely watched and full of drama and surprises in this GE. The result is going to be very unpredictable. The sad part is that M Ravi has announced that he would not be using his $1m war chest as he would not be running. Leong is still very mum and not saying anything. And in the case of Amos, he is still underage and would not qualify to stand. There will be no Dream Team.

What is Kenneth’s game plan? He better comes up with a good team after Jee Say had graciously gave way to his Reform Party. If he is unable to present a good and credible choice to the voters, this would be his last call and no one would take him seriously anymore. He is given a chance to take Ang Mo Kio. If he can’t do a good job, the voters would be very disappointed with him and his Party. He would be blamed for spoiling the chance of SingFirst to put up a good fight. This is the least expected from Kenneth and not rising up to the challenge is inexcusable.

The ball is now in Kenneth’s court. Any opposition party that is given a chance to fight a straight battle but not putting up a decent team and expect the voters to blindly vote for them is a sign of naiveity and incompetence, and the voters are going to be very suspicious of their intent. They will not have a chance to be back in the next GE. They will be dumped for good. 

When the people are desperately looking for change, do not be a spoiler. You will not be forgiven.


Anonymous said...

Stop looking for a Dream Team.
Just vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

"Any opposition party that is given a chance to fight a straight battle but not putting up a decent team and expect the voters to blindly vote for them is a sign of naiveity and incompetence, and the voters are going to be very suspicious of their intent."

Aiyo, it is not that Kenneth doesn't want a dream team to fight straight battle in AMK lah. He can only put up a "best available to him" team. How to field a dream team if the best is not available to him, u tell me lah? Are u asking him to do the impossible?

Anonymous said...

Kenneth will be the dream in his team!

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you do know that Amos is 16 years old, right? Is your article a joke? And if you watch the last few videos by Amos, you would conclude that he could not have any intentions of joining any team, whether dream or real.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:56, Are you serious? You really think my Dream Team is meant to be serious?

Anonymous said...

But why Kenneth's RP even want to exist? Didn't he earn any lessons after the Punggol East by election? If I were him, I would have committed harakiri already, politically speaking lah of course.

Anonymous said...

Well, look like nothing much exciting for these 2 Giant GRCs in this GE2015 until now . Lets focus back here again with Elephant OPPs at next GE2020 . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

I saw my PAP MP for the first time in GE 2011 during a house visit after election date was announced.
A few days ago, I met him for the second time in my life.
This time, election date not yet even announced and he already make a house visit.

Why ah?
ha! ha! ha!

That's why we need a strong Opposition in parliament.
It's the only way to get a chance to meet our PAP MP.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a dream team is just building castles in the air.

Forget about who's who in the contest, Just vote in the believe that a stronger opposition will bring a better tomorrow for us and our children. We already made a small start in GE2011. Let not go back to square one. There will never be another chance when total victory is given to the PAP in this coming election. They will make changes to the election rules to further tighten the noose around our necks.

A change is necessary if our hopes are to be fulfilled. Nothing will change if we just believe that only one party should be the government forever.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The Reform Party (RF) is essentially a high-brow university debating team. They have many intelligent and well-spoken "intellectual" types who can win any argument, but I don't know whether they can cook rice or iron their own clothes....because such mundane tasks are more suited to those whose intellectual capacities are much lower.

The RF is very good for cock talking, blogging, intellectualizing...chit chatter in wine bars and cafes, and pondering the mysteries of the universe. If there was some ganja present, they'd all be HIGH, and start writing novellas, poetry, Lettes to the Strait Times editor, and theatrical works with titles like "The Struggles Of An Average Singaporean--Reform Now!", which they hope to stage at Jubilee Hall the Raffles Hotel...

...Ah yes, the RF has plenty of "brain power" but nary a shred of ability to govern the fucking cuntry.

Anonymous said...

// The ball is now in Kenneth’s court. Any opposition party that is given a chance to fight a straight battle but not putting up a decent team and expect the voters to blindly vote for them is a sign of naiveity and incompetence, and the voters are going to be very suspicious of their intent. They will not have a chance to be back in the next GE. They will be dumped for good. //

Not really lah!

Probably no sensible swing voters would want to see the incumbent PM voted out!

The objectives are for more checks and balances, more and stronger alternative voices ( current First World Parliamentarians roar like tigers and lions during election rallies but whisper and whimper like very soft spoken, timid, reticent, shy, sleepy koala bears contented with their peaceful siesta and monthly free lunches on the tree branches ), more alternative ( and constructive ) policies tabled, possibly a small but functional shadow cabinet to push the incumbents to be more hardworking and think out of the box for solutions to sinkieland's current and future problems and finally perhaps 2nd co-drivers to wake up ( slap hard ) both drivers and current 1st co-drivers from their deep slumber and counter their "unorthodox out-of-wedlock co-habitation".

Voting out the incumbent PM is a risky and destabilising act to sinkieland that majority of sinkies are unlikely to subscribe to.

Roy's contest may make the PM "feel awkward and an irritation" and nothing more. Even a hypothetical dream team of Mr Teochew, Silvering, Aung Juan Soon Chee, Sonofadud and Temporary Tahan is unlikely to unseat an entrenched incumbent PM.

Majority of swing voters most probably won't want to see it happen. And by almost 100% probability it is unlikely to happen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please vote for PAP.
Proud Aristocratic Party.
We need more Aristocrats in Singapore.
Because we don't want Singapore to be reduced to the lowest common denominator.
Who is the lowest common denominator?
Matilah in particular and all Singaporeans in general.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

wish-fool thinking @200:

>> we don't want Singapore to be reduced to the lowest common denominator. <<

Singapore--the cuntry--won't be. But many of its current locals---Singaporean Sheeple---are so fucked in their heads that they can't even make it to "lowest common denominator" status.

Best Solution: Replace these embarrassing entitled loser cunts with much better foreigners, who have the attitude, drive and persistence to engage and embrace MERITOCRACY.

Can you make it? (I doubt it)

Got Social Darwinism? (I'm a big fan)

Anonymous said...

At 1.14 am on 14 Sept 2015?

Whether AMK GRC goes to PAP or RP had already been
decided by HIM.

No point talk talk talk talk and talk.

No one can change it!

Relax! Relax! Relax!

Have cans of cold beer and chicken wings, watch the
result announcements at weeeeeeeeee hours 14 Sept 2015
in front of your tv set.

You will be very very very surprised with the results!


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.14

Right, Kenneth gonna have steamboat at LHL ex constituency. let's put steam and sweat into pinky loonie's face.

Dead pan face oops no more that dean pan face will announce this result last even though already knew hours ago.

Let him cry a bit and composed himself before led away in humiliation.


The said...

Wet dream team..... just the kind of dream for MS.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

LHL just promised more "upgrading".

The "bribery of the constituency" (election promise) has just begun. Let the fun begin.

Anonymous said...

The unknown killing factor is the FT new citizen planted in the GRC, especially those have dual citizenships, come here to exploit our flaw PWP policy for rapid windfall.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

We have been invaded and stupidly going about our lives without knowing it.

Sinkies cannot understand the concept of invasion and losing a country to foreigners.

We owe it to our young that they are still owners of this island and not as a minority to be bullied by the new and hungry foreigners.

patriot said...

I take it that the Coming General Election is NOT TO LOOK FOR A DREAM TEAM AS POSTED BY THE FIRST COMMENTER.







patriot said...


corrected to


Anonymous said...

Teo Chee Hean warned the people not to weaken this govt.
He thinks the govt must be doing all the right things and the best govt for the people.
He must think the people are stupid, or is he insane?

Virgo 49 said...

This big nose thinks Singapore belongs to the PAP

Whatever candidates we choose just endorse them you peasants

Anonymous said...

In life, many things are about balance.

Giving absolute power to the most benevolent dictatorship may have unintended and apocalyptic consequences if absolute power is in the wrong hands. There is 101% no guarantee that absolute power will be wielded 101% fairly and equitably in the people's interests.

On the other hand, to throw caution to the wind and wager everything in a show hand may be too tempestuous and risk practically everything still in possession.

Swing voters can maintain status quo in the kingpins such as AMK (6), PRP (6), Jurong (5), Semb (5), CCK (4), WC (4), YH (1) and a couple of others giving more than an absolute majority but support level may be varied to ensure that they are not taken for granted.

Swing voters in other "borderline" areas can choose to give significant consideration to the quality of the alternatives presented and assess the suitability to "entask" these alternatives to act as 1) checks and balances, 2) greater alternative voices, 3) provide alternative solutions, 4) form a mini-shadow cabinet as an insurance policy, 5) provide some competition to bring the best out of a ruling government.

The maturity of a nation's populace in political awareness and cultural enlightenment ultimately determines the political choice they made that will decide their future paths in life for themselves and their future generations.

Nonetheless, at this critical crossroads, it may have reached a stage where it is too perilous to put all eggs in one basket.

Swing voters in certain areas may have a hard choice to make!

It may not be about simply choosing one side or another.

It is about their future, their children's future and their children's children's future. It is a grave and serious choice that may not have much buffer for the wrong choice and the consequences most likely may not be known till years later.

In the end, the eventual outcome in life could be more fortuitous than deterministic. Without some luck, without a confluence of factors such as the sudden surge of the wave of globalisation in the early 1970s till 2000 etc, Sinkieland and consequently old man might not have achieved what was arguably an amazing economic miracle. The significance of randomness in almost everything is greatly underestimated. Thus, the share of randomness in any election outcome cannot be totally disregarded in place of presumed faith and belief in determinism.

agongkia said...

Not interested in whatever party but the party that I am interested really dissapointed me while watching news this afternoon.
How can one go around meeting residents with those pig tail .At least 2 of them I noticed.Man with pig tail? Walao..seow liau...Only pig do that.

With so much effort put in to get the best, it is a let down with male candidates or helpers going around having pig tail hairstyle.
These are the jokers that will cause loss of votes.
I am starting to worry that they intentionally want to give way to see whether alternative can do a good job .Beware of these people who are out to cause loss of votes.
I hope every party can fall in for inspection, check for turnout or haircut before meeting resident.
Election is a serious matter.The world are watching. Arthur Ah kow who need keep long hair to fall out .