Professor Paul Tambyah – An endorsement for SDP

SDP has for years been the party associated with Chee Soon Juan, or Chee Soon Juan has always been the face of SDP.  The appearance of Paul Tambyah as another face for the SDP comes at an opportune time. Paul Tambyah is likely to be a key member of SDP leadership and his face is likely to give SDP a refreshing new image.

From the responses and comments in TRE, Paul Tambyah is most welcomed and has brought along with him a lot of goodwill and promises for SDP. Just to be able to attract such a strong candidate to the party speaks a lot about the potential of SDP. For professionals like Paul Tambyah and his likes, they would be big catches even for the PAP and would be touted as ministerial material. For him to pick a controversial party like SDP and Chee Soon Juan as comrades in arms must not be an easy decision and many things must have gone through his mind to make this bold move. Paul Tambyah and other professionals joining the SDP is a sign that SDP is not a whimsical and notorious party but a credible and respectable one. They must have seen goodness in the party to move out of their comfort zone to endorse SDP and Chee Soon Juan. The thinking are thinking and showing the light to the unthinking.

As the GE draws closer, if SDP is able to unveil more professionals and credible candidates, and so would be the expectations for other parties like the WP and SingFirst, the opposition camp will be very much strengthened and be seen as a formidable force to reckon with. If each of these parties could parade a few big guns, you can imagine what a coalition govt would look like and place their faces in the shadow cabinet.

The voters would love more of such surprises from the opposition camp especially SDP and WP and other more substantive parties. The voters would now not only think of Chee Soon Juan as SDP. There is Paul Tambyah, and hopefully a few more in the next few weeks to come.

The good men and women are standing up and coming forward to be counted. It is about time.


Anonymous said...

Professor Paul Tambyah?

Please lah, if Prof Paul wear the PAP badge, then I say, no problem, he will win for sure.

But SDP? Then I can tell u he will have a 93% chance of losing in the coming GE.

I mean, if even Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko under SDP can lose in GE 2011, and got only less than 40% votes some more, what makes u think Prof Paul can win, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I think Professor Paul Tambyah is not really smart by joining SDP. He should have at least join the WP to better his chances of winning, although best is still to join the PAP.

Look at it this way, if even PAP Ting Pei Ling can win, why not Professor Paul Tambyah, or even SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek, assuming he were to stand for election, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a good man, hard to find one with a pure heart, this is the man.

If you are looking for people with pure hearts, go to the PAP. They have immortals oso.

Anonymous said...

Who can say his heart is pure?

Anonymous said...

I know who.

Anonymous said...

// The good men and women are standing up and coming forward to be counted. It is about time. //

How about nominating the BIG GUNS of MSN?

Any seconder and 4 more assenters?

Any Suggestion for the BIG GUNS in MSN?

Suggested list:

*** 1) Ministerial material: Ahem ...... Who else but 红豆先生, right?

2) Mr Heartland: Our MSN TanjongPagarite u know who ......

3) Missile Patriot the One and Only MSN average self made Joe.

4) Mr Mei Mei Casanova 师奶杀手 to pull in the heartland's aunties' votes ...... hopefully. ....

5) Mr Minority candidate ...... oops dunno any regular MSN Malay, Indian or Eurasian big guns here ...... Dun suppose PR or quitter can qualify as a candidate. ....

Will the good men and women and big guns in MSN come forward to be counted ......?

One way or another ......

Mb they already did ...... by KHAW PEH KHAW BOO in MSN and help in the social media discourse and debates of the well being of sinkieland and in particular sinkies ...... all these years. ....

One big salute to them ...... on SG50!


Kee chiu!

Virgo49 said...

WP chenna cheena, after JBJ no more
SDP more eng kok

Many letters of policy wisdom that even PAP ministers unable to Churn up less WP

Anonymous said...

The bad image of DAP is created by Propaganda.

Many Sinkies believe just like they believe
that GST is to help the poor.

I have never have doubts on CSJ. He has the
stamina to be cowed by his opponents both
inside and outside of the establishment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah would put up a good fight if they could pull in a couple more good men or women to join them, and would likely win. Notice I never say pure hearts but good men or women.

Go for Bukit Timah/Buona Vista and give Vivian the shivers.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah would put up a good fight if they could pull in a couple more good men or women to join them, and would likely win.
RB 1:46 p.m.

Not really lah. If they win and PAP is accidentally voted out of govt, then how?

Can Chee Soon Juan, Paul Tambyah, Hainan Ah Ko and Teochew Ah Hia work together in the same cabinet after winning when they are not even seen talking to each other before the election? And not to say Hainan Ah Ko had even left Chee Soon Juan's SDP some more?

U see, opposition being like that hor, the 60% will be very scared to accidentally vote PAP out in a GE, u know? Maybe better chance in BE for Chee Soon Juan and Paul Tambyah but then WP Ah Hia will also not give chance, like in the Punggol East BE.

Anonymous said...

Do you need a rocket scientist to run this island? A top scholar or someone with a pure heart or a born noble?

I think any decently intelligent person with a good heart in the right place would be good enough to run this island with the full support of the civil servants. We have the best men and women in the civil service and all they need is a good leader with a good heart to lead them. Someone who would spend money prudently and on Singaporeans. And not to sell out the country.

Be very wary of a too clever man with a bad heart. Not sure about pure heart.

Anonymous said...

So far this is the best man to appear in this GE. None of the PAP hopefuls is near him.