Political manipulation of the unthinking mind

How to raise property prices? So simple, don’t build or don’t build enough. Then blame the people. Blame those who earn a bit more, not million dollar salary type, for competing with the lower income to buy public flats. Yes, blame the higher income earners. And the lower income will be stupid enough to believe you and also blame the higher income earners for not getting their flats.

Ok, daft sinkies, you see the logic and the moral of the story? Con the stupid, they are very easy to be conned and to do the fighting. See how angry they are when the higher earners, not million dollar salary type, who try to be prudent to save for retirement wanted to buy public flats? They get cursed and cursed when the people that should be cursed should be the people that refused to build more flats. So simple, can understand or not? If not, blame your own stupidity for being misled.

How to force people to use expensive hospital wards like A and B1 wards? Don’t build C Class wards or build only a few for show. Then make it difficult for those who want to go to C wards to wait long long. Tell them queue very long, not enough C Class beds. Let them wait in the corridors.

If this is not enough, do mean testing so that the ‘gian png’ type, got a bit more money, but not million dollar salary type, would be forced to use B1 or A Class wards and pay more. And let those lower income unthinking people to scold them and blame them for wanting to stay in C Class wards. And when they spent too much on higher medical bills in A or B1 wards and not enough for retirement, blame them again for spending beyond their means. Tell them must be prudent!

See, so simple. Don’t build C Class wards and blame those higher incomes, not million dollar salary type, for creating demands to deprive the lower income from their C Class beds. The problem is passed to the higher income, not million dollar income group type, to bear the brunt of the anger of the unthinking lower income group. Just say not enough C Class beds and point the finger to the higher income, not million dollar income type, for taking away C Class wards.

Does the lower income group understand who caused the problem for shortage of C Class beds? Can understand the logic of supply and demand or not? What is the moral of the story?

Think, think, think. Don’t be deceived and conned into believing that the higher income, not he million dollar income type, is the problem. Can see who is creating the problem?

It is so simple!

PS. I used the term stupid not because I think the people are stupid. They are made to look stupid, not by me, to blame the higher income, not million dollar income type, for all their woes.


Anonymous said...

Those logic can apply to cars and COE too

Anonymous said...

Yes-men leaders, produce yes-men followers, reading yes-men media, believing in yes-men world until it hurts. This is normal blind crowd behavior from group-think leadership. Always joining the herd and buy high and sell low, just like Tummysick leaderess Mdm Hole. Gain wisdom and understanding (study Proverbs) and escape from this delusion.

Anonymous said...

Expose the PAPies BLUFF; There is no heavyweight in PAPies now except One, that is standing in Tanjong Pagar, the late LKY.

GCT is not a heavyweight. His non deliverance on his promises of Swiss standard of living and giving Sinkies the blue-black eye of Swiss costs of living, as the most expensive city in the world and the world highest paid politicians has lowered him many rungs. His past popularity with Marine Parade citizens was long gone history. MP residents' PMETs jobs like the rest are at stake. His GCB bungalows at Namly and others has detached him long ago from his poor RI days. He is very rich capitalist posing as a socialist only during election, suffering from self delusion. More citizens are seeing the bluff.

There is no heavy weight in Papies. The Paper Generals performance and characters have confirmed this. Poor planning and execution of policies have hurt many many Sinkies. When a Paper General suffered a little setback they quit like Georgie, or Tuck Yew, etc. Where is their calling despite the million dollas yearly compensation?
No spirit. Very weak in character despite all the academic achievements. All prospered in paid themselves very highly controlled monopolistic environment. But the world and its markets and economies are dynamic. What a way to train, pampered and spoilt and waste little Red Dot talents! A weak legacy of the late LKY that is not seriously examined probably until too late.

Anonymous said...

PAPigs have done very little to help Singaporeans.
Just look at all the old people collecting cardboard boxes.
So it makes no difference if we voted out PAP.

Let's see who needs who.
Singaporeans need PAP or PAP needs Singaporeans.
Let's give PAP a HoLee Fucking.

patriot said...

How did Sinkies get to be called by
the Most Horrible Man as DAFT?




Anonymous said...

Members of Parliament are not Estate Managers.
PAP wants to use their PAP MPs as estate managers.
But at $16,000/month, that is a very expensive salary for an estate manager.

I want my MP to represent me in parliament to discuss and debate national issues.
And it looks like PAP MPs may not be able to function at this level.
They seem to be a bunch of nodding parrots (example would be the Population White Paper debate).

So my vote will go to the Opposition.

Estate Management is the job of MND.
Not the job of a Member of Parliament.

This is what a Member of Parliament should be doing:


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

After reading redbean's HYSTERICAL narrative about society and polity; and the EXTRAORDINARY CULTURE pervading through...

I can't help but affirm my belief that the people truly get the government and the cuntry they deserve.

Also, I am rest assured that the UGLY aspects Singapore culture, at least for the time being, can be relied upon with reasonable certainty, in particular that Singaporeans have NO PROBLEM with being TOTAL ASSHOLES to each other---especially when there's a perception "I have a bit more power than you, so I'll just use that to squeeze you a bit....maybe move you out of the way....". You get the picture. That sort of occasionally passive-aggressive behaviour, designed to fuck with your mind as well.

Got random act of meanness ?

Anonymous said...

Matilah is right on "You get the govt you deserved"...but as a Group.

Anonymous said...

That is the only thing he knows.

The rest of his ignorance is covered up by vulgarities and personal attacks.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ sing song very wrong, 142:

>> The rest of his ignorance is covered up by vulgarities and personal attacks. <<

Fuck you lah. As a beach bum with PSLE as my highest academic achievement, I have never tried to cover up my ignorance as it would be very foolish to do so. I warn people all the time that products of my mind are probably specious, and that if you take me to heart, I promise you, you will suffer ;-)

Also, what others may consider to be "vulgarity", I consider to be high-prose or poetry. As for "personal attacks", they are the most fun type of activity. Please lah, this is the internet ANYTHING GOES :)

Anonymous said...

I tell your mother.

T said...

Vote mitilah new director of MDA. If everyone got the last point we'll all live better lives.