NSP – The fallout of Hazel Poa

Hazel Poa, the acting Secretary General of NSP, resigned from the Party last night when the CEC reversed its earlier decision not to contest MacPherson SMC. Steve Chia, the Treasurer, will be the likely candidate to stand for NSP in the first confirmed 3 corner fight in this GE. Hazel said she opposed strongly the decision to be involved in a 3 corner fight that the opposition parties had agreed not to do so earlier. For NSP to breach this agreement and to start a brawl in the opposition camp would not speak well of the party. The foxes are showing their tails.

This development has taken the voters by surprise, an unpleasant one as no one would thing NSP would stand a wee bit of a chance to win MacPherson. The question is why throwing good money and to negate an undertaking that would raise doubts about the credibility of the Party? The happiest person would naturally be Tin Pei Ling and you could see it written all over her face. She welcomed more contestants, the more the merrier, to MacPherson. Someone must have found MacPherson likely to go to the WP and something must be done to avoid this fate.

This move by NSP has thrown the opposition camp in a little disarray. The unity that was forged earlier and celebrated is now in question and cast a dark cloud on the opposition. Would it now be free for all, a state that would be very welcomed by the ruling party. The opposition camp needs to tread carefully and not be distracted by the NSP to go for each other’s throat. It is best that they stick to what they have agreed earlier and let the foxes unmasked themselves.

With NSP now hanging by a big question mark, there must be thoughts of counting NSP out from the agreement and opening up Sembawang and Tampines for 3 corner fights as well. The four major parties may want to close rank and not be ruffled by this event, to maintain course, and be wary of the foxes. More nasty surprises are likely to come as GE approaches.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, sorry disagree. This is one of the better things to happen. This expose who are the moles and spoilers, and who are true serious alternatives with characters. Sinkies can now see better and not be deceived.

Clearly Steve Chia has character flaws based on his history. And the current leaders in NSP, like Desmond Lim & Goh Meng Seng have shown the tails of like Harban Singh of old.

Kudos to Ms Hazel Poa. She keeps her words. Got substance. I think like many others, I want her to be an MP.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for nsp in the constituency they represent. They have proven themselves to be a no substance party. I dont believe they can increase their % let alone win any seats. Loosing their deposits will come at no surprise.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree with you. Like my earlier article on watching for the devils and the saints.
When people are desperate, they have no choice but to compromise their positions by exposing some cards.

Anonymous said...

NSP is the real proxy for PAP.
After these series of bizarre of candidates losses, they are throwing int the towel for 3 corner fights wherever possible
The people can write them off forever.
We should be happier there is one less Oppo to worry about, amd just concentrate on the worthy ones worth supporting.

Anonymous said...

Between NSP and PAP, I will vote NSP.
Between NSP and any other Opposition Party, I will vote for the other Opposition Party.

I think Hazel Poa has acquitted herself well.
I shall remember her name and will vote for her if the opportunity presents itself.

Anonymous said...

I am even beginning to think, given the situation unfolding, indeed there are PAP "moles".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why like that lah? Why? Why? Why?

If "Eat-Full-Very-Free", go n wash charcoal lah!


Anonymous said...

I hasten to add that PAP "moles" may not even necessarily be paid by PAP. There may be some who, out of their love for PAP, are even self appointed and at own expense "moles". They are "sleepers" most, perhaps all, of the time, and will wake up only during election time.

Same for the so called PAP IBs lurking in RB blog comments.

agongkia said...

Next time if any NSP will to visit n cheeko with me in Tampines kopitiam, I will only ask to see my idol Hazel.
I dun think Hazel is a mole planted to back out at this moment but see her as a gentlewoman.
No Hazel no talk.

Anonymous said...

This case exposed what NSP is like and completely destroys the party.
NSP is history now. No one is going to trust this party.

This is really a very good thing to happen.

Only 4 good parties left in the opposition, WP, SDP, SingFirst and SPP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40 Yes. Agreed

Anonymous said...

my humble suggestion.........up to you.........

please kindly donate the $16,000.00 plus say another $10,000.00
campaign funds to children cancer society.......

please please please don't waste the money on coming GE.........

no chance no chance, your votes will be very very very little.......

so waste money no more......put money to good use............

understand or not.......


Anonymous said...

Likely, Deposit sponsored by Ah Kong or Ah Kong related moles. Not from own pocket. No problem. Sorry cannot donate, as it more for self interests.

Dicolinus Dex said...

NSP is run by a group of towkays. Because they have the money, so they can talk big in the party. Unfortunately, like the old breed towkays, they have this ego problem similar to that of PAP.

They also felt that their big ego was hurt when WP refuse to let go of any ward that they DEMANDED! To them they felt that WP must give them face like how the typical old days towkays behaved. I know many people dislike Goh Meng Seng for his tao-hong remarks at times, but it was him who brought fresh blood like Nicole Seah, Hazel Poa & husband Tony to NSP.

The new comers had very little say in how things should run in NSP because the big towkays and their kakis always have the last say. I think most of the 'fresh blood' in NSP had dried up and it is going back to the days where they send their own kakis like Steve Chia kind of calibre to contest in the election.

I am not surprised that Hazel will leave NSP as I am sorry to say that at least Woody is not wrong to say that NSP is a 'No Substance Party'.

Anonymous said...

As long as it's a straight fight between NSP and PAP.
I will vote NSP.
I will not spoil my vote.
Anybody but PAP.

Say NO to PAP.
Say NO to pro Alien Policies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Dicolinus Dex, welcome to the blog.

NSP is more than just owned by some towkays. Cover blown.

Dicolinus Dex said...

Oh sorry, din know that you are a NSP Kaki.

Anonymous said...

Temasek-linked Glencore - share price is crashing.
- Is Temasek still a long term investor in Glencore?
- Do you know how your CPF money is being invested?

"The Next Leg Of The Commodity Carnage: Attention Shifts To Traders - Glencore Crashes, Noble Default Risk Soars"

"Glencore float to have backing from sovereign wealth funds
China Investment Corporation (CIC), Temasek of Singapore, and Korea Investment Corporation have agreed to underpin the Glencore IPO, say City pundits"


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I don't know NSP. Just heard from little bird about them.

As for Glencore, the standard pattern of trading, at first one is a day trader. When price falls, become mid term trader. When price falls further, become long term trader. If price falls further, keep it for the grandchildren.

This is how long term trader comes about.

Anonymous said...

"Temasek ends fiscal year with record S$266b assets"


As I had suggested earlier in July when Temasek/Lim Boon Heng boasted that their assets are at a new all time high
- it's time to short-sell Temasek's share portfolio
- the Temasek contrarian indicator
- when they buy, it's time you sell

I am not a qualified investment advisor.
Do you think the above is true and fair comment?

Anonymous said...

If they are that good, our CPF would not have been in jailhouse rock.
They would be blowing their trumpets and splurging on the citizens which would be translated directly to votes.

Just watch them grabbing at the people's money and you will have a good indication of their performance. This is the hard truth. Where is the money?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know NSP. Just heard from little bird about them.
RB 2:28 p.m.

But it was even reported that you ever attended NSP dinner.

U know what happened when a potential PAP candidate attended a WP dinner? He was dropped!

agongkia said...

Not interested in these wayang here n there.I am more concern on my lau hero here.
Where's my idol Virgo 49? 50 dollar about to fly away. Should have save to enjoy maoshanwang.Now bay chia bay khoon.Dun worry lah.Still got hope :-)

Anonymous said...

Some opposition politicians are a joke. They do not seem to be able to agree on anything. Most are just unbelievable. A little difference of opinion and 'I no friend you'. Full of egos even before they are able to win a seat in Parliament.

Harban Singh used to be the biggest joker, but at least he remained loyal to the last. Not like the current bunch of merry-go-round type that are simply out of this world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 3:31, I attended several party dinners, including PAP. What are you trying to say? Do I know any of the PAP leaders or NSP leaders?

Anonymous said...

Some opposition politicians are a joke. They do not seem to be able to agree on anything. Most are just unbelievable. A little difference of opinion and 'I no friend you'. Full of egos even before they are able to win a seat in Parliament.
Anon 3:39 p.m.

That's what PAP "moles" will behave mah, so that majority voters, much as some may even hate PAP, but they also do not want to vote for "moles" lah. So PAP will win by default lah.

So can u see the whole picture now?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, you may want to check my file and see what else you have on me.

Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say?
RB 3:49 p.m.

Oh, if that is the case, nothing. Sorry for my comments which were made due to being "un-informed".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is ok if you are doing your job. But you must always remember that the interest of Singaporeans is supreme, above all party interests. Your loyalty is first to Singaporeans, and you are also a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

A Singaporean must always be thinking of the interest of Singaporeans. When one forgets this and serves sectoral or party interest, one can become anti Singaporeans. When that happened, one day the person may be charged for being anti Singaporeans, even a traitor to Singaporeans.

Whatever you do, put the interest of Singaporeans ahead of everything.

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, steady poon per pee' just one grc what's the fuss ??

What's 50 Dollah ?!

Opposition gonna win at least 30 seats

Pasir Ris no guarantee win by pap

Anonymous said...

Where MS n patriot ?.

Anonymous said...

@ August 20, 2015 2:22 p.m.

In case any daft Sinkies care;
Temasek seems to have bought into Glencore's IPO.

At current market price, Glencore is down 70% from it's 1st day of trading price.

See the stock chart price in the link below:

Hopefully Temasek is not a "long term" investor.

CPF money. Do you know what the PAP government is doing with our CPF money?

Anonymous said...

Glencore's IPO price = 530 pence/share
current share price = 164 pence per share.



Anonymous said...

After so many years, it still very expensive to train this Tummysick Trader Hole Chingay...Buy high sell low.
Mr. Dhanabalan said she is the best and most suitable. Dhana please explain?

Anonymous said...

When buy high sell low becomes a pattern, something is obviously very wrong.

Anonymous said...

"But you must always remember that the interest of Singaporeans is supreme, above all party interests."
RB 4:17 p.m.

Hahahahaha. If that is the case, I think there is at least a 93% chance that RB will be a very disappointed man after the last results are announced by the returning officer.

Wonder how or what he will blog after that? Will he even throw in the towel and shut down his blog?

Anonymous said...

RB is talking to people that still have some sensibilities and conscience, not to traitors that would not care a damn bit about sinkies as long as they are paid as informers.

Are you one of them, devoid of any conscience?

patriot said...

Hi Folks;

I heard Hokkien Song few days back and today I heard Teochew Pop Song before the Teochew Dialect News came on at FM 9.58.

The CNA 10 PM News started off with DPM Tharman and his PAP Candidates hogging the Screen as though they were doibg pokitical campaigning telling viewers what got them interested in the General Election and what they intend to do for Sin.
So sweet of them!
Much sweeter than the Incumbents.

Sinkies must ask themselves why the Political Leaders are living with MULTI-MILLIONS INCOMES AND THE PEASANTS ARE STRUGGLING WITH SURVIVALS.








Virgo 49 said...

Now Lta going to have SAF to crowds control as marshals.

First step into military junta??

Welcome to Singapore, land of frowns for all

Allowed refugees all over the world and cannot manage so many social ills.

Now got to have water rationing soon

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, President Yusof's name also spelt wrongly.

That's what you get for foreign talent.

If LKY still around, sure chaik ka kee

Anonymous said...

First world mentality but with third world abilities. Talents in name, but not in substance. I can see all the top talents - lawyers, doctors, CEOs, generals and ex-civil servants coming into the picture for the coming GE. Can they understand the language on the ground?

All these years I have been hearing about inflation being on the way down and down, but nothing seems to be the case. Those who ate at hawker centres, coffeeshops or shop at supermarkets will know that prices have gone up so much, it sometimes cross my ming to ask whether we have a Government that knows the meaning of inflation.

Anonymous said...

Only lawyers, doctors, generals and police commissioners can run a govt.
Other professions 'buay heow'.