National Day – Food for thought

Watching the National Day Parade and reflecting on how far we have come gives one a sense of pride, a sense of achievement against all odds, and a sense of doubt of how long can we party before it is over? It took us 50 years to build this country by sheer drive and determination. Everything was so daunting, so defeating when we started. It was dark clouds all over, every endeavour was a challenge, a step into virgin territory. Everything was a new experiment, we had not done it before. With perseverance and dedication, and a big of luck, we built what we have today. The pioneer generation grew the trees, the children of today enjoy the shade and the fruits of their labour. 

It is so sickening to hear the Johnny come lately telling true blue Singaporeans that they are here to help us build this country. Who spun this silly myth? It is the greatest insult to our pioneers who sweat, cried and bore the burden on their backs with measly pay, to set the foundation and putting in all the right stones for the later generations to keep climbing higher, standing on the shoulders of the pioneer generation.

Some of the foreigners who are new citizens today even claimed they built this country. And no joker dares to dispute this kind of silly statements to put the newcomers in their right place. How to emigrate and take over a country without firing a bullet?

Many of the pioneer generations would shed tears of joy and contentment to see what Singapore is today. Many have benefited and left behind the early days of struggling to build a country and a nation. There is contentment to see the young enjoying all the good things in life of a prosperous city. Let’s celebrate more good years, let’s party. There is nothing wrong with that. It is our privilege to celebrate the good life. We worked for it. Our parents and forefathers sweated for it. I am sure the young are thankful to the early builders of our country.

Why worry? What is there to worry? Relax, and go and have a good time.  When everyone is in such a happy mood, that all is well and going forward everything will be better, tomorrow will be a brighter day, it is time to worry.  It is moments like this, when the guards are down, that things will start to go wrong. Too cautious, too paranoid?  We did not get here without being paranoid.

We used to have a govt that was paranoid over our survival as a city state. Has anything changed? Is it time to change, no need to worry anymore. Things can only be better. Sometimes one wonders why the head of a family is always frowning, with a perpetual unhappy and doubtful look on his face. The head of a family is always worried about the well being of the family and how to provide them with continuous wealth, security and well being.  He is the last one to party.

The tanks rolled yesterday to show our might. The fly boys and their sophisticated mean machine screamed through the sky to say they meant business. This is our country and we will do everything to protect it for our people, the Singaporeans, the children of the pioneering generations.

Would this country with its wealth, be given away to foreigners one day? Would it be taken over by foreigners one day, taken from the children of our pioneer generation? Or it has already been taken over by foreigners, or on the way of being taken over by foreigners? The foreigners are here, living among us, taking our jobs, our homes, our space, enjoying the fruits of the labour of our forefathers. Would they turn ambitious and vicious and want everything for themselves? We are very kind to the foreigners. Would they be kind to our children to reciprocate our generosity and hospitality?

Would our young let their guards down and lose the country without knowing what happened? Would our tanks and mean machine be taken over by foreigners and turn the guns at our own people instead of defending them? The foreigners are here, in hoards. There are more foreigners here than true blue Singaporeans today. Is that a comfortable and safe equation? Don’t ask the fools please.

Why worry, be happy. Today our govt does not need to be paranoid about our security like the first generation leaders. We cannot see any danger and know no danger. Beware of the gift bearing Greeks! The Trojans celebrated and got themselves drunk while the Greeks were in their city preparing to take over. The rest of the story can be found in history books.

Have we done enough to give our homes and country away without knowing it?


Anonymous said...

Is the PAP government same as the stupid Trojan government?
Did PAP bring in the Trojan Horse (Aliens) into Singapore through their Pro Alien Policy?
Is this true or is this a lie?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

There is a very serious and urgent need to rebalance the population and jobs to favour Singaporeans or we will be strangers in our homes. But beware of traitors issuing pink ICs to call foreigners Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

But how do we stop traitors from issuing more pink ICs to Aliens?
Do you think voting Opposition will stop the Alien flood?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

So don't do anything lah.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I agree when RB says that Singapore today is the result of blood sweat and tears of the pioneer generation. 50 years of hard work has resulted in Singapore today. However, please do not forget that over the past 10 to 15 years many FTs have come to Singapore to help and contributed to the wealth of this country. FTs are here to help build Singapore to an even better place to live for the generations that will follow. This is a country of meritocracy. FTs who are in Singapore have every right to be here, just like Singaporeans who venture overseas have rights to be there to compete on the world stage. The fact that some Singaporeans get displaced by FTs on a fair competitive arena is unavoidable. It happens everywhere. Just like there are Singaporeans who have displaced local in their home countries. This is the 21st century and where employment and jobs are concerned, only he best people get the reward. Being a true blue Singaporeans does not entitled to a head start. Sorry to say, FTs are here by invitation for the government, so as guest to Singapore, they should be treated kindly and not get abused. Of course, there are some locals who feel displaced and unfairly treated, then it is up to themselves to upgrade and compete. At the end of the day, the best person will get the reward.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> National Day – Food for thought <<

1. An absolute waste of time and money
2. Inconveniencing to workers who already have jobs but have to burn weekends in ridiculous rehearsals
3. Ridiculous weekend rehearsals clog traffic and inconvenience everyone
4. No one gives a shit about your tanks: other cuntrees also have
5. No one gives a shit about your airforce: --- ditto ----
6. No one gives a shit about your marching military --- ditto ----
7. Non military personnel should not be saluting whilst marching. Why the fuck are they marching in the first place?
8. Stop making people do dances which make them look like idiots
10. Stop promoting national songs which sound like shit. What happened to good old rock n roll?
11. NDP may have been "acceptable" back in the days of the Cold War (1960's) but now the NDP is completely anachronistic and a fucking National Embarrassment for a so-called "First World" cuntree to emulate NAZI GERMANY---yeah Singapore...wave those flags! Singapore Über Alles!

Went to the airport last Thursday night to pick up friends from Singapore who took advantage of the super-long weekend to fuck off and enjoy a mini vacation. I thought I's see a few "AWOLs"....to my surprise, nearly the whole plane full of Singapore fuckers who obviously think the same as I do: National Day is a piece of shit waste of time and money!

But don't just take it from me. Let young Amos have the last word:



Why can't the govt just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE on August 9th, for them to decide for themselves how and with whom they will spend their National Day holiday? Luckily, many Singaporeans are not waiting for the govt to take the lead---these Singaporeans will simply fuck off for a holiday every year when Aug. 9 rolls around!

Let SG50 be the last of this NDP nonsense

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


FUCK THE PIONEER GENERATION ALREADY LAH!. Eh, you 臭屄s, you already got extra money, cheap dental and subsidised medical, FOR LIFE (i.e. until death...muahahahha...), some more want to blow your own trumpet and make like Singapore will be fucked today if not for your "contribution"?

Fuck you lah. How much fucking glory you want meh?

Anonymous said...

GE 2015.
A time to vote out the Aliens and Millionaire Traitors.
Return Singapore back to Singaporeans and Patriots.

agongkia said...

One of the few inconvenience that I feel shd be fine tune is that Friday holiday.
Dun know whose idea to have a last minute extra friday off or holiday before NDP. Even if it shd be given, it shd be ideally be given on tuesday after the NDP .
It cause some poor towkays not knowing Fridays bank close and have to borrow last minute to pay workers as friday fall on 7th on the month which they are supposed to clear salary.
Workers may face difficulty to be paid on time if poor towkays got no ah rong friend to turn to.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, u damn free is it? Knn talking nonsense again. The Friday holiday announced many moons back lar u motherfucker incompetence fucker. Hope you boss will fire u!

Anonymous said...

Was in Marina Bay area to celebrate SG50 yesterday. As swing voters, celebrating SG50 in the Marina Bay area, singing many ND songs together in chorus and unison with many other sinkies during the parade, watching the state of the art mean fighting F15SG jet fighters roaring pass in the sky and Top Gun style air combat maneuvers, the rumbling pass of the formidable German manufactured Leopard Tanks columns etc etc, the heart and pendulum tended to swing towards the incumbent.

However, less than 24 hours later, this morning after surfing MSN and reading the latest posts and comments, the trajectory of the pendulum seems to hit some headwinds and being diverted in the opposite direction again.

As they said, "a pen is mightier than a tank"....... How true!

Unlike the formidable HARDWARES in the form of the F15SGs, German Leopard Tanks and many other mean war machines, the coming "battle" very likely is "waged" to win the "HEARTS & MINDS" of sinkies, very much a domain of the "SOFTWARES" than hardwares.

And the "main battlegrounds" are the swing voters in the heartlands than the sky, the sea or the distant battlefields. ....

Winning the swing voters battles could very likely mean victory or vanquished. .....

Happy SG50 Singapore and ALL Singaporeans!

Good luck to all "impending combatants" in the coming battles to win over the swing voters of the heartlands!

agongkia said...

Many la kopi bortartcheh kaki dun know and caught by surprise.Who cares.I stand to benefit.2 yummy chicken for me next week for helping them.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Let's rename "National" day "Singaporean" day.
The word "National" is too closely identified with PAP and their new Alien friends.

Anonymous said...

Have we done enough to give our homes and country away without knowing it?

Not at all. Because if we, or rather the PAP, did not do enough to get more foreigners here, our home and country will become extinct in the long term, simply because Sinkies no enough and fertility rate also no enough to replace old, going to die and dead Sinkies.

And this PAP knows, because getting more foreigners, just like voting for PAP instead of opposition, is the lesser of 2 evils. And this the 60% knows.

So RB, do not worry. PAP knows. 60% knows. They know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

How much money did our PAP government spend on fireworks for SG50?
What is the name of the company that supplied the fireworks?
Is it a $2 company?
Who are the owners and directors?
Do you know how the PAP government is spending our money?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just went thru some of Amos Yee's video. I am glad that he is alright and as normal as before. Many will disagree with me, but this boy is a genius in his own right. Forget about the little vulgarities, Matilah is ten times worse or more and still behaving like an adolescent wanting to be different and suffering from identity crisis. We are not in paradise where everyone is playing the flute and the harp and wear a halo over his or her head.

Let this boy be himself. Let him grow. It would be better to tap on his talent. He would be a match to many of the American TV talk show hosts. He is still blossoming and the best of Amos Yee is yet to come. This is a talent that we are so blind to see, our very own talent.

As many would want to see Amos grow up, I think many would have to grow up themselves to appreciate the goodness in everyone and not be paranoid and hypocritical. Amos Yee is an individual and has shown great potential in the world of showbiz.

PS. How big is a population will be considered enough? 10m, 50m 100m? We don't have enough of a population to be enough?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, when we had 2m some said too much. Stop at Two. Remember, a solution today is a problem tomorrow. Stop at Two was a solution that became a very serious problem

Our 'grow the population' today is a very short sighted solution that would turn the country upside down in the near future. It will be hundreds of times worse than the Stop at Two policy. It would be too late to cry over spilled milk by then when it exploded.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Matilah is ten times worse or more and still behaving like an adolescent wanting to be different and suffering from identity crisis. <<

WOW! Bull's eye!

>> Stop at Two was a solution that became a very serious problem <<

Not really ;-) The number of women getting contraception skyrocketed. Less children, but more FUCKING! My goodness, there was cum shooting everywhere man!

Anonymous said...

How to get Singaporeans to produce more babies?
Simple lah!'
Vote out PAP and their expensive system of government.
This will reduce stress on the Singaporean families.
Less stress equals more Singaporean babies.

Anonymous said...

Amos Yee is not only very talented.
He is a very courageous Singaporean.
He got slapped by a pig.
He got verbally threatened by pig sympathizers on social media.
He got jailed.
He got put inside a mental hospital.
He was sleep deprived while being incarcerated.
And yet he is back again.

Do you think any of our PAP Millionaires would display similar courage under such circumstances?
If not, then why you still vote for them to (ha ha) "represent" us in parliament with a million dollar salary?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must protect Amos Yee from his haters.
He is a rare talent that we have produced in recent years.
Do not let any asshole demonise this young man.
They fear his talent and are out to destroy him.

Anonymous said...

What "Kueh Twee" will be "on the table" in 3rd week of Aug?

1) Education ?
2) Social program ?
3) Health care ?
4) Rebates ?
5) Housing ?
6) Transport?

"Kueh Twee" galore?

Anonymous said...

Should be 4th week of Aug.

ND rally on 23 Aug 2015.

"Kueh Twee" galore before GE ......

How about after GE?

Tax galore?

Siao liao!)

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, Knn u mean your boss if u two chickens for doing work that u should be doing? What kind of chickens? Vietnamese, Thai, Pinoy or Indonesian chickens?

agongkia said...

@anon 6.44pm
Korean chicken.My preferred favourite chicken is in Tg Pagar in one of the many Korean chicken restaurants there.
Yummy yummy .:-))

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, u sure the chickens are from restaurant? Don't tease us lar. Tell us the truth. The Korean chickens if two should cost your boss at lease $400 for one hour lar

Anonymous said...

Knn Agongkia

You sure yr chicken not hens
that had stopped laying egg and
only good for canning into chicken

Anonymous said...

The end 2015 inauguration of AEC may be the most pivotal, decisive and definitive blow to the sinkieland's labour force in this long, arduous process of "trojan horsing" ...... simply "horsing" around.

Anonymous said...

Wait till they sign the TPP, a secretive trade agreement that no one outside knows but with hints of compromising the sovereignty of nations, a new form of colonisation. It could be worst than CECA.

Notice they are not renegotiating the CECA to remove all the unfair terms against Singaporeans. They are happy to continue with the silly and anti Singaporean terms that would lead to the dilution of our Singapore Identity and jobs from our PMETs.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 853:

>> Wait till they sign the TPP, <<

Err...Singapore is an ORIGINAL SIGNATORY to the initial agreement, TSEP. Which means, Singapore's signed it.

>> that would lead to the dilution of our Singapore Identity and jobs from our PMETs. <<

Yep. The "identities" which will emerge are commercial BRANDS. BRANDS and TRADEMARKS will replace nation-states (YIPPEE!). the names of cuntrees will just be for geogrphical purposes and location. As far as sovereignty goes, that would be weakend. National Flags will be replaced by Corporate Logos.

As for jobs---don't worry. There'll be NO barrier. You lose your job here, no worries, apply for one in New Zealand or Australia or Canada/ USA...the world is your oyster, look for the pearls!

Anyway the TPP is not just about your job or loss of your job or unstoppable corporate power, backed by govt. jurisdiction...the TPP is a massive game changer for China.

The USA and China will continue to make each other the other one's BITCH, so we can rest assured that life on our beautiful blue-green planet will get extremely entertaining in the coming decades.