More typo errors

There was big embarrassment when the Jubilee Notes were rolled out when a brochure printed the first President's name as Yusok Ishak instead of Yusof Ishak.

Read the first Presidential decree above on the dissolution of Parliament, the one on the right and look at the date carefully. I read it as 29 Aug 15. The one on the right is 25 Aug 15.

Oh the copy in the Straits Times has the correct date. So is the above copy a doctored copy?

What is happening?

PS. Picture credit from TRE.


Anonymous said...

For some elites mistakes are the new norm.

Anonymous said...

So what? Typo only what. And will this make WP able to contest 100% seats, instead of 28 only, on nomination day?

If PM Lee could win GE 2011 talking mee siam mai hum in 2006 National Day rally speech, what is this little typo for GE 2015, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Can't even get the date right.
How can we expect LHL's PAP government to be able to give Singaporeans a better future?
Unlikely right?
And yet they still want million dollar salary.

Better we let other people have a chance.
Looks like without LKY, PAP is a not a very good party.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ rb

>> What is happening? <<

Human error lah. Relac.

Small matter like dat also kow peh? WTF?

Anonymous said...

If cannot run town council how to run country?
If cannot get a small thing right, how to run country?

Anonymous said...

If cannot get a small thing right, how to run country?

If cannot run country, how to run town council?

Anonymous said...

If cannot keep promise to return our CPF back to us at 55 years old, why still want to be our Prime Minister?
How to trust you?