MH370 – Is there any mystery?

The bits and pieces of MH370 appearing at the Reunion Island are quite expected if the conspiracy theory holds true. It fits into the theory that everyone had been talking about since its disappearance. Diego Garcia anyone? Where is Diego Garcia and who are there operating this secretive military base?  MH370 was never in the Southern Indian Ocean as the Australians would like everyone to believe and trying to mislead, wasting precious time and effort searching in that area. It was just a diversion to take all the attention away from the real location of the aircraft, Diego Garcia. For the moment the theory is still fiction until there is confirmation one day in the future.

How could an aircraft lost in the South China Sea ended with some parts found in the eastern sea of Africa, in the Indian Ocean? Alright, no one has any proof but many are quite sure that their theory of what happened was exactly what happened. Just like the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, there is a message to say I can do whatever I want to you and you can’t do anything about it.

The circus should end soon. But the non mystery would remain a mystery and waiting to see the light and scores to be settled. What you sowed you shall reap. The Japanese sowed the murder of American seamen in Pearl Harbour and was repaid by two Atomic bombs. The invasion of Asia and South East Asia was paid for by being semi colonised by the Americans and the death of its citizens and soldiers in the last stage of WW2 culminating in an unconditional surrender to the Allies.

So far only one nation has reaped its evil and continued to prosper, from the killings of the native Indians in North America, black slavery, the Korean War, Vietnam War, invasion of several African and Middle Eastern states, murders, assassinations, regime change, Belgrade and this MH370, ...the score sheet is very long and would be settled one day. The debt owed and to be repaid is huge. Unless God is American, white American, the glee and celebration for committing evil must come to an end.

Who did it? Who took away MH370 and all the lives in it?


Anonymous said...

RB. Forget about Delgo Gracia. The aircraft was flown into the water by rouge pilot. All pax dead. Aircraft takes in water and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Waves continue to shake the aircraft parts. This piece was dislodged. It floats because it was made mainly on honeycomb material. The barnicles growth suggest a lenghty time frame inside water. No conspiraion theory. Suicide likely.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. The aircraft could have been flown by a rogue pilot to near Diego Garcia without authorization and also did not heed warnings and so was rightfully shot down by the Americans.

And look at it this way. If the aircraft had flown towards Singapore without authorization and did not heed warnings to stop, I am sure Singapore would have shot down the aircraft too, tio bo?

So given the above plausible scenario, nothing sinister at all, RB.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, there was a mad pilot who got insane after flying for an hour, decided to turn to Diego Garcia and plunge the aircraft into the ocean. And all the passengers were sleeping soundly without knowing what happened.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyah, did not see james bum shows??

Plane kidnapped because many prcs on board. Ameeixunts wanted to stir shits.

How this Australian pm can say this say that.
All Pak kat. Now just take one cut Part and put there. Later another part will surface

Matter of time another Snowden will reveal truth

Anonymous said...

RB, why are you sooooo anti-USA?

Anonymous said...

I am not anti USA. I am just telling the other side of the USA that they would not want to talk about but kept demonishing other people and countries.

Please go and read the Doctrine of Discovery. This apparently innocent doctrine is not as innocent as you think. It is the origins of sin and crimes against humanity.