MH370 – Grasping at straws from a man made straw man

The confirmation of the flaperon found in Reunion Island does not come as a surprise to anyone. It is just as good to confirm that the plane is gone and the passengers as well. What is funny and definitely uncomplimentary is the ongoings to confirm a farce that was a farce from the very beginning.

Let me quote a few paragraph from a Bloomberg report dated 6 Aug.

‘The absence of debris from the crash has confounded investigators. Previous crashes in water have almost always left floating debris, the bureau said in a briefing note on its website on Wednesday.
Much of that debris could have sunk by the time the surface search began in that area nine days after the plane disappeared.  

"By this time much of any debris left floating after the crash would likely have either sunk or have been dispersed," the bureau wrote. "The opportunity to locate and recover debris from the sea surface diminishes rapidly over the first few weeks from the time of a crash."
Investigators scanned 4.6 million square kilometres of ocean surface, with 29 aircraft carrying out 334 flights and 14 ships on the sea as part of the operation, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said at a press conference in May.  

The search "initially, briefly, targeted the correct area," the bureau said on Wednesday, adding that this was the best chance investigators had to recover material….’

The search parties searched 4.6m square km of ocean but could not find a single debris and they said they targeted the correct area? Oops, they qualified by saying initially. For such a huge aircraft to crash into the sea, there must be plenty of debris floating around. When they could not locate a single piece it obviously said they were looking at the wrong area. And they even tried to convince the world that they did simulation of current to confirm that the wreckage originated from where they were searching!

When would they admit that someone had told a white lie and conned everyone to search in the wrong place? And Australia would stand up again to tell the world that they knew everything.

The appearance of these few pieces of debris is just as mysterious as the disappearance of the aircraft. Nothing fishy? No one smells anything amiss? Or was it concocted, just as planned and executed like the disappearance of MH370  to throw everyone into disarray for another year?


Anonymous said...

RB, I think you have a very suspicious mind. You are always so very negative. Now that they have found debris and can now confirm the crash, why don't you give it a rest? Why sow doubts and suspicion as to the cause of the crash. Let the relatives and friends of the unfortunate souls mourn in peace. I think you should stop writing about this and let the whole unfortunate matter rest. OK RB??

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why PM Najib could even 100% confirmed flaperon was from MH370 when experts doing the analysis did not, and could only say very possible only.

There is a world of difference between very possible and 100% confirmed.

By the way, do the Matlanders, let alone outsiders, still trust Najib? Is there any motive why he so sure and so soon confirmed 100% is from MH370, just like the billions deposited in his personal bank account is confirmed a donation?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:17, there are people that chose to sweep everything under the carpet and say, see, so clean. Let's move on.

When an abominable crime was committed against so many lives, can you live in peace that it is best to forget about the incident and let it rest? The criminals to this crime must be brought to justice, no matter how long it would take.

For that matter, is Singapore is taken over by foreigners, and Singaporeans become third class citizens, would you say, let's live with it and not to create trouble, not to talk about it. Peace, and life goes on?

The said...

So, we have a man made of straw grasping at himself........

Red Dot Heartlander said...

If I am not mistaken, there are only three Boeing 777 crashes in the last 20 years. One of them is MH370. The other two (one is MH17, the plane that got shot down) crashed on land. The flaperon belongs to a Boeing 777. Where else could this piece of metal come from other than MH370?

Furthermore, Malaysian Airlines confirmed that a maintenance piece done on the wing is found on the flaperon.

What more do sceptics want?

Anonymous said...

MH370 was hijacked by CIA / Pentagon and flown to American military base at Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean . The plane was parked in an underground hangar and later stripped off in pieces. The motives for the hijack were because there were few tons of gold to be delivered to China and quite a number of top rate Chinese scientists in the plane as well as two or three Chinese major shareholders in a big American electronic company own by a family of prominent American politicians. With the death of the Chinese shareholders , their shares which are worth a few billion US dollars were grabbed for free by the vicious and wicked existing American partners. The passengers were unflinchingly and cruelly gassed to death and the gold was removed before the plane was hacked into pieces. Subsequent events were all just drama as a cover to hookwink the victims close ones and the world.

Truth shall eventually triumph. Death to the Evil Empire


Anonymous said...

August 08, 2015 10:46 a.m.

What utter rubbish. Do you have the slightest proof? or is this a figment of your very morbid imagination? Please do not spout rubbish unless you have proof for what you have written. Nobody should have the right to say things they cannot substantiate. The family and friends of the unfortunate passengers f flight MH370 have enough of speculations. Please be kind.

patriot said...

Both the Australian and Malaysian
Prime Ministers are acting like clairvoyants in the Flight MH370 Trajedy.
For PM Najib, he may have the
Coconut Bomoh for information.

As for PM Abbot, could it be that being an abbot, he posseses spiritual reading? Or is he having privy informations?


Anonymous said...

I sense there are some who are anti Americans, including RB. To each his own. No right , no wrong. But be objective. If a plane is hijack and flown to an island, not only someone nearby the island will see it, such info cannot be kept secret. As I said, NO President in this World would Dare to order MASS Murder for personal gain. Even Najib dare not do that. No wonder until today, some extremists still said Americans are the ones who crashed their planes into World Trade centre.

Anonymous said...

Are you that blind to the evil deeds of the Americans? What is 400 people? They murdered at least 70 million Red Indians, enslaved millions of Blacks, killed hundreds of thousands of Arabs, Latin Americans, Vietnamese, Africans, you name it they have done it.

Please remove your blinkers. In the 21st Century and there are silly people that are still so blind. Unbelieveable!

Who sank the Choenan?

Virgo49 said...

And the stupid South Koreans believed the northerners did it

Easily manipulated by the farking Americans