Lui Tuck Yew resigned

Latest news, Transport Minister LuiTuck Yew has resigned and would not stand for election in the GE. He has served two terms and in the hot seat of public transport with frequent failures and stoppages of the MRT. Though not entirely his fault, he was the minister in charge and cannot escape from being blamed for it.

His resignation was not due to his performance as the Transport Minister and Hsien Loong has revealed that they tried to ask him to stay on. He resigned for personal reasons.


Anonymous said...

"His resignation was not due to his performance as the Transport Minister and Hsien Loong has revealed that they tried to ask him to stay on. He resigned for personal reasons."

GST is to help the poor.
We are on your side.
Aliens are here to create good jobs for Singaporeans.

Do you think this is a Singapore fairy tale?

Anonymous said...

A Stunned Wall Street Reacts To China's Currency Devaluation


Does Temasek and GIC have any investments in China?
China's 2% yuan devaluation.
Did the value of our investments just also go down by 2% overnight?
Where is the money going to come from to make up for these loses?
Will our CPF money ever be returned back to us?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

let us salute Tuck Yew for begin the lackeys and sycophant of one of the world's most corrupted Party with three cheers of
"Tuck YOU !", "Tuck YOU !", "Tuck YOU !"

Anonymous said...

Remember to invert everything in Singapore. The more money you lose, the more citizens you alienate, the faster you move up the ladder.

patriot said...

A smart and wise move.

Maybe migrating oversea
would be more wise.

Why stay in Sin and get
swears and curses. Even
the cold stares can send
chills down the spine, if not
wet the pants.


agongkia said...

Sad to see that TM Lui chose to resign at this moment.
This is the most critical time that he is needed and shd stay behind to help .
Leaders must show they are dedicated and willing to sacrifice for the sake of our future and not stay away especially during this critical moment.Let citizen feel safe and know that money spent to groom our talents is worthwhile.
No need to bother about those swear n curses.
Being swear n curse upon prove that you are doing your job well.
A sad day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, what the fuck are u smoking today? He resigned because he wanted to avoid the humiliation of getting kick out. At least he resigned and leave with dignity. That is why for woody, it's better to retire than face the humiliation as the first ex pm to be kicked out and destroying his legacy. Why should he take the risk with history? He does not gain anything being a mp and money is peanut to him.

Virgo 49 said...

Bet you, now his next strategy to con the daft sinkies in top of lorry at Fullerton Square is to put on a very sad face like Abe.

Next, LHL will said if no capable people were to stand for office and great ones resigned then Singapore would be poorer by it.

You all buggers don't hurricane my good people so much or I get ahgongkia to fix you.

Take out handkerchief and wipe tears.

Daft sinkies like seeing LKY photos likewise cried misding PAPA.

Anonymous said...

The hot potatoes of "breakdown", "defective new flats", "Parents of 12 YO HELPLESSLY griefing for the souls of their precious babies wondering around Mt KK and bullied, tortured and tormented by the demons and mountain evil spirits there", "worsening dengue problems spiralling into a full blown crisis /epidemic", "brothers and abang just get shot and some bludgeoned to death by foreigners at first day of work in construction site", "foreigners terrorising and taunting sinkies in mrt trains", "deteriorating hygiene standard in food courts, coffee shops, etc", "oil prices crashing but bus fares shooting through the roof with worsening arrival time and service standard", "3-star general salary went higher with each breakdown from 500,000 to $xxxxxxx", "comic characters such as zorro in charge of sinkies labour movement and ministry", "unlimited free labour mobility FTA between Sinkieland and 3rd world country in South Aisa", "Little India Riot", "Bus Strike", "rising suicide and attempted suicide ", "illegal sardine apt dormitories", "HDB neighbourhood sudden and endless constructions, drilling, hacking, noise pollution during exam period without any notification to residents", "endless rounds of shopping centres, supermarkets, food courts, hawker centres upgrade followed by steep price increases ", "endless inconvenience, downtime, inefficiencies disadvantaging the masses with endless upgrades, digging, drilling, hacking .......", "food outlets operating right in front of massive hacking and drilling in shopping malls and buildings" ....... overall the standards are deteriorating each passing day ...... many voters cannot imagine what would it be like if given another 1825 days or 5 years .......?

The score card for the past 4 years could be just 3 marks out of 10?

What score would YEW give sinkieland since May 2011?

Mr Ang Tau 红豆 Red Bean, suggestion for YEW to start a post for readers to post their score card for sinkieland for the past 4 years .......

Some old aunties gave 7 or 8 or even 9 out of 10 ...... wonder whether they are also staying in cloud scrapping 1000 storeys Ivory Towers?

Anonymous said...

The "lao jiao" is "bailing out" ...... "realising how gargantuan the oncoming category 4 or 5 typhoon is ......."

Some "newbies" still very "happy and in cloud 9" wading in ...... "still haven't got over the tea and fantasising wet dreams of being the chosen ones ....."

Yes, they are the "chosen ones" ..... "the chosen daft kong cum to be the (future) scapegoats of countless planted problems during 1990s and early 2000s by lao goa cohort and surfacing endlessly going forward. ......"

The best time to be invited was during the late 1980s and 1990s. The low hanging fruits of labour by the PG cohorts all harvested by lao goa, kfc, tcb, jayabalan, danakumar, Yeo jiat Hong, Li BOOM 痒, Ma Bao Jiak ( think 茅扇亡 ), ..... etc etc

Now only left the unripe high hanging fruits and party over trash, rubbish and lao goa's cohort shits to clean up ......

Come come, we clap for YEW for being the (daft, kong cum) "chosen ones" ..... for the "incoming newbies " ........

Anonymous said...

MR LUI should not be the one to resign!

Mr LUI is the most hardworking minister.

Why only him? Why him only!

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Whatever views you have and reasons of Tuck Yew's resignation, let's not get personal. At Least give some respect to him as an individual. I respect his decision to take the rap which is very rare in today's politics. Tuck Yew could do the same by firing a middle management staff and put all the blame to the scape goat and continue in his job like the MRT problem was not his business. He did the honourable thing.

And don't forget, this move means many millions were blown away, provided his colleagues would offer him a job with similar income. It is a multi million dollar decision. Many others should have resigned for their foul ups but chose not do.

Let's wish him well.

Anonymous said...

// Whatever views you have and reasons of Tuck Yew's resignation, let's not get personal.// CHUA CHIN LENG

Many are wondering bloggers themselves ever commented anonymously . ...?? ???????

Did they ever get personal. ....... anonymously?

Did they walk the talk anonymously of what they say when they post under their real identity. ....? ? ?????

Another million dollars question?

Dun think any blogger will ever "swear" they din post anonymous comments and they din "get personal" in their anonymous comments......


The kettles (bloggers) calling the pots ( politicians ) black ......

Sinkies are NOT daft lah ......

The more hypothetical YEW are, the more IT stick out like a "GIGANTIC SORE THUMB THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY" !

Anonymous said...

Tiok, let's fuck yew anonymously.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Smart move. Take the money, and run! Who win or loses the election, now no need to even give a single fuck!

Anonymous said...

With LTY gone, I will miss the part that whenever the MRT break down, I will scream "Tuck You !" LTY is just destined to manage MRT regardless as his name seems to fit the angst when the train is not moving.

Beside why are you so kind to PAP ? History has shown tht PAP can simply shelve those clowns into ivory tower of GLC and enjoy even better pay and nonsense without the public screaming "Tuck You". A good example is Lim Boon Heng becoming chairman of temasek.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When we discuss local affairs, it is better to talk about policies and issues rather than personalities. No one can fault you for disagreeing with govt policies or angry with govt policies. Only dull assholes cannot see the difference and get angry about disagreements.

No one is God and thus what they think or do cannot be perfect or always right. It is human to err. Of course if they think they are Gods and infallible. That is a different matter.

Just stick to issues, that is only reasonable. It is everyone's right to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Old man's First Year Anniversary is still more than 7 months away and so many cracks already appearing ......

When the number of leaking holes in the wall of the dam exceeds 20, it will need more than one person's fingers and toes to stop the leaking becoming a flood .....

When Sinkieland was ejected in 1965, many in the world were counting how long it can last but old man proved everyone wrong and succeeded beyond imagination.

After old man's passing in 2015, some people may be doing the same.

Can the present cohort do the same and prove the naysayers wrong by outperforming their enumeration and sustain the success of Sinkieland?

Or are they not made of steel as old man proclaimed in the past and some choose to take the money, cut loss and chicken out?

The old timers stood the ground in 1968 when it poured cats and dogs during the NDP ......

It din pour this year, so the men and women on the podium weren't tested .....

The coming (litmus) test will show whether old man had made the correct decision with his choice of men and women to carry on the torch ......

His once high praise, complement, appraisal, assessment and faith of an ex-admiral has gone kaput with this latest event......

Who else will chicken out?

As real leaders and the chosen ones ( by old man ) to shoulder the hope of an aspiring diaspora (albeit not a very populous one ), one should not treat it as masak masak and go in to enjoy the goodies and party but parachute out at the first sign of trouble.

Real chosen ones will dig in like old man and the PG cohort and prove their detractors wrong with the steel in their will and fire in theie bellies ......

Seems like strawberry is not only applicable to those born after 1980 but also the baby boomers generation and some quit when the going gets a bit tough ......

Hope old man had left Sinkieland in good hands and his chosen successors will be able to hold their heads high when they go meet old man eventually. Otherwise the system he left behind will be proven unsustainable and Samuel Huntington will have his last laugh and go to old man to collect his winning bet, wherever they are now ......

Anonymous said...

3 Star should be the one to quit and not this One Star Minister. Cannot undersatnd how this One Start must apologise to the nation when the 3 Star just keep mum. Thought the fault lies with SMRT?

Anonymous said...

"When we discuss local affairs, it is better to talk about policies and issues rather than personalities."

You can have the best policies and issues but if the arrogant assholes are still running the show regardless, does it really matter if it is about policies or issues ?

Hello, at the end of the day, it is about the people running the country not the policies or issues, if you have the right people, the policies and issues can be improved, if having the wrong clowns running, no matter how great the policies it is , it will be forever wayang and bullshit. PAP is the best example now.

It is like a wolf trying to convince the lamp how great and how their policies can improve. Seriously with wolf ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This PAP is not the same PAP of the past. Period.

I think Tuck Yew was very hurt when his GRC was erased. And very likely he wasn't consulted. He probably read between the lines and thought the message was clear for him to do the necessary.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely feel very sorry for Mr Lui and his family.

It is just not fair! Not fair!

Being a family man myself, I understand his feeling.

Be strong. God is with you and family.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

"I think Tuck Yew was very hurt when his GRC was erased."
- what about all the Singaporeans who lost jobs to Tuck Yew's Pro Alien Policies?
- You think these Singaporeans are not hurt?

"And very likely he wasn't consulted."
- Do you think all the Singaporean PMETs who lost their jobs were consulted before they were sacked?

"He probably read between the lines and thought the message was clear for him to do the necessary."
- Maybe Lui should listen to Khaw and hara-kiri in front of an MRT station.
- it's the honourable thing to do

Do you think Traitors can redeem their honour if they hara-kiri ... preferably with a blunt knife?
Hitler hara-kiri by swallowing a poison cyanide capsule. And also shot himself in the head to double confirm that he will die.

Anonymous said...

Here is how to perform the hara-kiri ritual.

Do you think Khaw Boon Wan expects defeated PAP candidates to hara-kiri after an election loss?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You not going to give him or them any way to back out quietly.

Anonymous said...

"You not going to give him or them any way to back out quietly."
August 12, 2015 4:33 p.m.

Crawl in front of JBJ's grave and beg for mercy.