I worried for the PAP ministers

I am sure all of you have heard what they were saying. Were they coherent? I would not want to be rude to say that they sounded gila or in medical terms more like bi polar. I can’t believe that they are normal for the things they said were simply delusional, and they are the best talents of the country worthy to be paid in the millions, fit to run the country for the next 50 years. My only conclusion is that their drinks must have been spiked.

In the last couple of days you have heard Chok Tong’s famous quip about ‘chasing after meat’ thrown by the opposition parties. The people were furious. We are not animals or dogs. And Vivian’s wisdom quote that people who are working but not asking for incentives are either very wealthy or corrupt. Why would he make such a sweeping statement that could offend so many good people who really do community services out of goodness, not for incentives or money, and definitely not corrupt. And all the not wealthy people working for free must be corrupt or what? Maybe he has never met anyone in his life working for free, to serve the community without being corrupt.

Tharman said his half past six team in Aljunied GRC stands a fighting chance against the heavy weights of the WP. When a PM potential minister like George Yeo plus a minister plus a minister to be, plus a Parliamentary Secretary were not good enough, this team of minnows got a fighting chance? He really believed Singaporeans are so daft?

There were many other funny quotes even from the PM and DPMs that bordered on disbeliefs. But nothing beats Chok Tong’s call for the people to give the PAP a bigger mandate, to do what?

To bring in more foreigners to replace local PMETs?
To sign more CECAs?
To control what the people can read, see or say?
To keep the people’s CPF money longer, forever?
To force the people to buy Medical insurance until they are 110 years old?
To continue to give billions to foreign students in scholarships?
To buy affordable public housing and pay for 30 years at half a million or more?
To pay the ministers millions and the people living from hand to mouth?
To get beaten or bullied, discriminated or replaced by foreigners?
To bring fear back?
To pay millions to the elite?
To increase population to 6.9m, 10m or more?

Does Chok Tong and Hsien Loong really believe that the people are so daft and would vote the PAP to be the govt with a bigger mandate to continue doing the above?

What have they been eating and drinking? I am really worried for them. Or are they suffering from Bi polar Syndrome? They don’t seem to be their normal self and talking incoherently to themselves?

What do you think? Would you give PAP a stronger mandate?

PS. They have ascended to Maslow's 5th Level of Needs. They have surpassed the 4th Level of Self Actualisation. The 5th Level is Self Delusion.


Anonymous said...

Does Chok Tong and Hsien Loong really believe that the people are so daft and would vote the PAP to be the govt with a bigger mandate to continue doing the above?

Actually hor, nobody is daft.

Look at it this way.

If the people could vote the PAP with a 60% mandate in GE 2011,

when times were just as bad, if not worse, for most Sinkies,

and under a worse PAP,

and also less new Sinkies

than now,

what makes you think the people will not vote the PAP to be the govt with a bigger mandate this time, u tell me lah?

agongkia said...

Please lah uncle.
I would like to see our leaders talking in these ways so Sinkies can feel less stressful .
Sinkies are not daft but they just lack sense of humour.
Nothing offensive to say chase after meat lah.
Why need to think u r dogs or animal when someone say that.
I oso say chase after Charbo.Does that mean i cheekopek, goh kee chew or goh pek see?
Glad to see my leaders getting more friendly and talk like my la kopi kakis.Thats the way I like it ah
Have some sense of humour lah.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, agongkia.

Most important is Sinkies have a good life with lots of meat, and whatever kind you can imagine lah. With that, why would they want to care what the ministers, opposition or even netizens say, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

If a few more Ministers do not lose, I will be worried for the "Lee Kuan Yew Say So" Party.
- maybe they should reflect why Singaporeans do not trust and support them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, I know you are tintong. And that is perfectly alright.
I cannot expect my leaders to be tintong and talked like you, like tintong.

When leaders are tintong, we will be in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

I am a visitor to Singapore. Over the last few days I have watched some people in white speaking on TV. These people must have been involved in the coming General Election of Singapore. I do not know which party or organisation they belong to, but the background had a blue circle with a red lightning bold through it. These people were speaking to their audience or to the press. What surprised me was that MOST OF THEM COULD HARDLY STRING TWO WORDS TOGETHER CORRECTLY. Their command of English was poor. I think they were not the people fight to be MPs. If they were, how can they speak and be understood in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia backside is itchy lar and need to be serviced lar. He needs to be be fucked to regain his senses mah. Hehe

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB

>> They have surpassed the 4th Level of Self Actualisation. <<

No, they haven't.

>> The 5th Level is Self Delusion. <<

No, that's the 0th (zeroth) level. (A the actual beginning of life itself)

Hey Singaporean asshole motherfuckers, LIGHTEN UP LAH.

GCT talks shit. Vivian talks shit...So what lah? Why you all getting offended?

I'll say again and again Singapore is still not ready for FREEDOM of speech. Becasue everyone at sometime will get "offended" by free speech, the govt needs to SQUASH free speech whenever necessary.

Therefore, the best reposnse is to install a new dictator ASAP, it's for the good of the cuntry. The people need to be hammered into line lah!

Dictator NOW!

Anonymous said...

'I'll say again and again Singapore is still not ready for FREEDOM of speech. Becasue everyone at sometime will get "offended" by free speech, the govt needs to SQUASH free speech whenever necessary.'

You tintong or what? GCT and Vivian were exercising their freedom of speech and you said no free speech? LHL, Tharman and all the men in white are speaking freely and often talked nonsense. When did the garment stop them from talking? Where got people sue them?

Yew seow!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans need a very strong and strict hand to rule them. Any slack n the rein will result in chaos and more dissatisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yew shall take over.

Anonymous said...

Tintong people love to be ruled and controlled. It is second nature to them. They beg to be led by the nose. They would return the PAP to power with bigger mandate.

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES, we need a strong, no nonsense, strict government to rule Singapore. More overseas workers to help Singapore grow and GDP to be high. Go PAP.

Anonymous said...

We need to keep your CPF for your own good. Or else you go Batam how?
Singapore belongs to everyone here.

Anonymous said...

This Agongkia is a meat lover, he takes raw uncook meat, madcow disease or pig disease that shrink the bird or bird flu do not deter him.
With door open big big for mei mei from everywhere for him, he gets his meats. He is not alone.

He is one tintong acting like a pig to eat tigress. Chinese call it pan chu chi lao hu.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Eh, you opposition cum guzzlers,

You all don't know how to take advantage of a "free kick". If the PAP knuckle-draggers say stupid, offensive and inappropriate things you should be ENCOURAGING THEM TO SAY MORE SILLY THINGS so that they'll be confirmed as "insensitive assholes" who don't deserve to govern.

Cheebye, use your blain lah. You are fighting a sneaky adversary. Be sneaky too.

Eh PAP arse-felchers, keep on expressing your innermost feelings, don't self-censor...let it all hang out! Broadcast at least one "offensive" remark everyday lah. 😂

C'mon people, up the game...I wanna be ENTERTAINED! 👏 👍 👊

StephenOng said...

They dun speak in parliament. . They sleep in parliament. . If they happen to be awake, they will nod their heads & say "Yes, yes." to whatever their leader says. ^^

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi StephenOng, welcome to the blog.

Patriot called them nodding parrots. And these are supposed to be the best talents we have and that is what they are made to do in Parliament.