Good intention, not dishonesty, only lapses

A little bird told me that AHPETC case was all good intention, no dishonesty, only lapses. And with the transparency, they have accepted all the auditor’s recommendations and the house is not collapsing. On the other hand, many organization’s houses are collapsing due to lack of transparency and bad intention and of course dishonesty. I thought this news sounds about right.

Then I read the media and found out that little bird was wrong. It was the other way. Does it mean that AHPETC does not have good intention and the lapses were not lapses? Or is it fair to throw wild allegations that maybe some money was lost? I said I trust all politicians and political parties. In this case I trust that the WP has not been dishonest and they have good intention to serve the people of Aljunied and Hougang. If they have been dishonesty or if they have committed any wrongs, I dare tell you they would have long been charged in court and be behind bars.

So I dare say that they are honest people and there is no dishonesty, maybe some lapses in the procedures due to being new to the job. And this is going to happen to any new party winning an election and would have to start anew to learn how to run town councils. Is this not a big flaw in the system, when such essential services are subject to lapses but with good intention after every GE? I think the idea of having MPs running town councils is very unsound. Tiok or not? As for the intention you judge yourself.

And to make matter worse, when a new town council takes over, all the surplus funds must be transferred to the reserves, which means they have to start with an empty cash box. So how to transfer to the Sinking Fund should there be a slight shortfall while other existing town councils could fall back on their accumulated surpluses to do so?

Is this one of the reasons why AHPETC is caught having problems transferring funds to the Sinking Fund? And to make things more difficult, their entitled govt grants also kena tangkat. How to transfer?

Fair or not?


Anonymous said...

Depends on how one qualify good intentions. Some people qualify good as good and some qualify good as bad. Recent events says it all. You decide.

Anonymous said...

Our PAP Millionaires are becoming more and more incredible.

Anonymous said...

AIM, Conflict of interests, Toxic bond investments & write-off, Businesses to members, etc.....Can all be found in PAPPIES GRCs and SMCs.

Anonymous said...

Good intention, no dishonesty.

patriot said...


Anonymous said...

In Singapore everyone is honest. Not sure about the foreigners whose culture is anything but honesty.

Anonymous said...

Honest until proven dishonestly dishonest. I wonder how long those Government agencies were at fault before the AGO told us so. People in glass houses should not throw stones.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Red Bean

Isn't it about time for you to step up and come into this election....perhaps with WP.
You definitely have my vote.
Do something for the people, rather than blog about it.....come in to the lime light.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha. I don't think any party would want me : )

Anonymous said...

Its obvious there is a coverup, because if you don't have a receipt, the vendor will keep copies wit dates, and if a check is used the bank will have records. It is so easy to followup IF the government wished to. Moreover, $56k for 3 offsite trips? Use your brain, its waaaaaaay to much. But then maybe I am used to humbler travel arrangements:-(