GE2015 – The million dollar question

The high ministerial pay will definitely be a hot issue in the GE. While some may still harbor the thought of higher pay for the ministers, since they have not have any increase for many years and in fact suffered a decrease, while in the corporate world the honchos are getting more millions, how can the situation be acceptable? It would be sad if the ministers resign all at the same time in protest that the lifestyle of their families have been affected by the stagnant millions they are getting. Then Singapore will become a headless chicken, with no able leaders to run the country. It is indeed a frightening thought.

Should the ministers be given a pay rise after the election? Maybe it is too early to ask such a question. Maybe the question should be, have any of the ministers done something to show that they deserve to be paid millions over the last term in office? What have they done, or anyone of them has done to justify being paid millions?

For offices like the PM, Defence and Home Affairs, Finance, these are big jobs and it is very difficult to dispute why they should not be paid in the millions. The counter argument is that Obama has a bigger job than anyone in the whole world.

What about the smaller jobs like Environment, Social and Families, the Trade Union Chief, Manpower or even Education, what have they done to justify the million dollars? I am sorry, I am ignorant and still scratching my head and still asking, what have they done to justify being paid in the millions?

Can anyone fill me in on the remarkable million dollar decisions being made and worthy of the million dollar salary? Sending children for leadership training, creating a Singaporean core, changing insulators in train system to improve public transport, training out of jobs PMEs to work overseas, cleaning roofs of hawker centres, making housing affordable for Singaporeans, bringing down medical cost, having the old folks to do well, helping the Singaporeans to be rich by protecting them from squandering away their CPF savings,….? Oh, helping other countries children to get a university education, providing millions of jobs for foreigners, building more universities for foreigners to get employed?

These must be it, million dollar decisions, to create a Singaporean identity and build a hotel, oops, a nation of 10m people, or was it 6.9m?


Anonymous said...

What about the smaller jobs like Environment, Social and Families, the Trade Union Chief, Manpower or even Education, what have they done to justify the million dollars?


Because they are willing to come forward, perhaps very reluctantly, to sacrifice their privacy, and open themselves to public criticism and even ridicule from folks like RB, in order to do such a smaller job! If not, who will do the job since the opposition is not even ready to take over, let alone do a better job?

So basically they also must be well compensated in order to get them to take public criticism and ridicule, and for their tremendous loss of privacy.

Understand, RB?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder why some people are even willing to be porn actors and actresses. Don't they feel embarrassed and shameful?

But now I understand.

Anonymous said...

What is the total annual salary bill for all our Ministers, Generals and Admirals in government, civil service, government-linked companies and in parliament?

Anonymous said...

AHPETC is so lucky. All the ministers have done their jobs so well that they can now spend time helping AHPETC to run as well as their GRCs.

agongkia said...

Not interested in whether others collect millions of dollars as this doesn't affect me.
I always hope my towkay earn more so that he is happier.He is suffering so I oso suffer.

A hungry man is an angry man.So I hope he earn more so that he can be happier.
Once happier he will be busy looking at his bank or cpf statements and will not kacheow poor khakia like me or restrict my privileges.
Same logic .Those who need to earn a million so as to have dignity, let it be.
If they happier you suffer lesser.
I am suffering in silence so I wish our leaders can have their salary doubled so that I can suffer lesser
, free from debts and hug more of my you know who..
Double their salary n let me have more freedom n less suffering.

Anonymous said...

They are also paid alot to engage pests controllers to rid the Rats near MRT Station and anywhere complaints are received.
However, two legged white rats are loved like pets and well fed.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ out-of-touch, RB:

>> The high ministerial pay will definitely be a hot issue in the GE. <<

No, it won't. High super duper pay is already INSTITUTIONALISED, it has become CULTURE.

Sure, people complain about it and try to make an issue. Also, many others make light of it and it's become almost "a National inside joke" the citizens giggle over now and then.

But as a "hot" election issue. No chance.

Redbean fancies himself too much as a "hip" blogger, but he can be way out of touch with "reality". This is one such instance.

Anyway, RB, carry on lah. You are free to be wrong :-)

Unresolved Grievances said...

Singapore police is not that great after all. What you expect from others? Little India riot cant handle.

Anonymous said...

Singapore police is staffed by your sons unless you are not a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

WP has also proposed million dollar salary for the ministers inside parliament.

The Opposition have legitimised and sanitised the issue. So it is no longer a hot potatoe for PAP.

Anonymous said...

"What Is The Future For ME!?"

Whether the masses vote against/for because of the $,$$$,$$$.$$
the ministers are getting excluding bonuses and allowances and
etc etc etc.....will very much depend on how they view the jobs
of ministers. Do they deserved the $,$$$,$$$.$$?

But I think the deciding criteria whether a person decided to vote
against/for the ruling party or oppositions will be "What is the
future for ME!". Yes! "What is the future for ME!".

No amount of kpkbs in the social medias will change this..........
"What is the future for ME!"

Don't U think so?


Anonymous said...

Very simple question;
How does it benefit me to vote PAP?

I don't see any benefits for me and my family to vote for Pro Alien Policies.
In fact I see only benefits if I vote Opposition and their Pro Singaporean Policies.

Unresolved Grievances said...

There is prison officer with malaysian background also. Not really 100% son of Singapore. Unless they totally has no house at all in Malaysia. How did Dinesh die? Is Dinesh son of Singapore?

Unresolved Grievances said...

My dad not son of Singapore? Why he sleep void deck and no one help him? Dont hide as anonymous and talk big.

Unresolved Grievances said...

is there malaysian in cisco or aetos? how come they can hold fire arm? What is the law? spf dont have? prison dont have? other country people can hold fire arm in our country?

Unresolved Grievances said...

those saf volunteer. got c4 expert? werid ah? defend country pm lee? 10 years reservist? no one will attack singapore. saf volunteer already tell you. so many diff people from diff country here. who will attack singapore. reduce reservist.

Anonymous said...

At one time Singaporeans believed that the PAP was filled with super talents that had the abilities of demigods and immortals. When this myth is removed as they fumbled and stumbled with mundane issues while serious problems were created but denying their existence and consequences, the multi million dollar salary is standing up like a SORE thumb.

People start to question the wisdom and appropriateness of paying millions for people with nothing more but average intelligence and average abilities.

It was no issue. Now it is an issue.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

WOW! I must say it has been sometime since I've visited a site with so much SADNESS.

You're all really uptight. Are you getting enough sex or not?

market2garden said...

A Nation of 8.56 million.
Year 2011: 5.32 million / 87 = 6.1149
Year ????: 6.1149 x 140 = 8.56 million
Where I get 140?
Existing Parliament Hall could have enough space of at least 140 MP.